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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 16, 2018 1:30pm-2:01pm EST

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on the game now the hit the big time. little quiz for you which could spoil all white kicks. which quote. from players to three separate. which inspired one of brazil's bright football clubs ladies and gentlemen i give you corinthian casuals. what actually happened was in nineteen zero seven there was a split between the f.b.i. and what we came to. and it was quite acrimonious to do with amateur or professional and the if i refused to allow any if i play as all clubs to appear on the pitch is over there so there was a complete split that split was taken just at the saw in the first world. after the
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first world war the two clubs struggled over one hundred players between the two sides were killed in the one hundred twenty two and a strong. into the f.a. cup. the first tonight entered a new competition. is a. romance around the club because romance doesn't necessarily. mean fact. most of the story's all true it is a wonderful story about the. penalty kick was introduced and we didn't accept it gentlemen with actually did they brought the files so we didn't think the penalty kicks were right and so to go. defend. if it was awarded to us we would kick with more right now but did actually happened. and you can catch the latest episode of the stan collymore show right after this bulletin and throughout the day on r.t. international. now russian meddling conspiracy theories have been dominating
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headlines in the u.s. for more than a year now but those pushing those series the hardest the mainstream media and now also finding themselves accused of inadvertent involvement in the meddling jacqueline vega explains. mainstream media in the us has been shouting from the rooftops for over a year that russia interfered in the two thousand and sixteen us presidential election and one of moscow's most dangerous tools is alleged to have been online trolls russia meddle in the twenty sixteen presidential election here in the united states russia interference went beyond the election russia was behind the election meddling if you thought the russians and stopped their active measures against the us they haven't it is a genuine threat to our democracy but according to an in-depth research project it looks as if those very outlets were the ones producing the news that was promoted by accounts claimed to have ties to the kremlin columbia university social media researcher jonathan albright went through thousands of troll tweets and looked at
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the news sources that the accounts were linking to in the run up to the election and the results are interesting to say the least a result from this sump of tens of thousands of tweets is that the most news in the six months leading up to the election isn't your typical hyper partisan news sure broad book ranks first but it's followed by lonely list of what many would argue are credible if not mainstream news organizations number two on the list is the washington post who is also joined by the likes of the hill reuters the new york times and irony of all ironies c.n.n. the idea that tolls were retreating real news not fake news as we were told before on hot topics in order to set the daily news agenda we have regional troll accounts consistently tweeting not only real but local news this pushes back against some of the more established narratives around hyper partisan media and fake news this headline from the washington post really says it all russia used mainstream media
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to manipulate american voters except it doesn't quite explain how sharing a country's own news articles can be seen as a sinister weapon used to change the outcome of an election. i mean micron is keeping the press at arm's length from his presidency with his plan to vic journalists from his official residence more details after this break. join me every thursday on the all excitement show and i'll be speaking to us of the
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world of politics for those of us i'm sure i'll see you then. welcome back to the program the french president has decided to close the press office at the palace journalists have been there for four decades but now they'll be moved to a new site officially it's for operational reasons although the speculation it's
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a way to keep the media away from the president shall it depends he explains. this is been the base of france's presidential press school for decades but the doors are about to close on journalists' tenure at the elise a palace president now called decided to break away with the press room inside here is a palace basically get away from the seat of power and now it's sort of putting them somewhere remote they will have to ask for appointments every time they want to speak to someone it is keeping them. at a distance and that's exactly what they want since his election last may mock close relationship with the press has been strained he's cherry picked the journalists who can cover his trips outraging multiple media groups he refused to give the traditional bastille day news conference as it's claimed his thoughts too complex and has suggested that journalists are too interested in themselves some say in
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this move is another way of controlling the press french media furious devaney furious because they were sent home during the electoral campaign the presidential campaign so. they now realize that it's not because you make friends with a politician i'm complaining that they're going to treat you well afterwards. but while many in the french media are accusing the president of giving them the cold shoulder perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise. if like the maybe you should take. up all about the whole thing that i mean if you don't we can if you talk to. a few. people tonight
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a new one on me in the city tonight. as r.t. knows too well my call has already bought some media outlets from the elisei in accordance emanuel micron organizes a briefing off camera just before his trip to cali he sent invitations to the media when i arrived there i discovered that i wasn't on the list of accredited media they said i'm not a journalist and that i had to leave so what impact does that have on your ability to do your job in manual mode emanuel macro wants to pass a law against fake news but refusing to accredit certain media you know the result is he blocks access directly to the real information and sources of information it's not as if the president who once famously compared himself to cheaper to the roman god is media shy he simply prefers to use social media platforms like this you tube page to make statements. although it seems not many
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a watching and it means there are no awkward questions from journalists to answer afterwards a government spokesperson said moving the press call from release a was made for racial reasons and would give reporters a bigger space in which to work. but many believe the only. person who needs more space is not cool and earns his pilot so i used to go. see paris. he went back to government of libya has reportedly formed a team to assess the damage to infrastructure in the war ravaged port city of sirte once and i saw a stronghold it was a place where terrorists shot some of them most agree some videos the city was liberated more than a year ago but local still fear for their lives as the threat of jihad is returning to the area looms large while residents continue waiting for life to return to
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normal. q. so this is. just this. is a big exam is there. is a review of the ground in in the complex and she believes fall it completely out of . mashed into the ground. it is impressive even though it's been destroyed. so you can see here is that the state flag is being drawn on the side.
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the area is completely destroyed and there is no local or international assistance for the population there are fears that ice will return to this area again and be entrenched in it after the one year war. people were displaced from this area even after they returned the couldn't find their homes because of the mass destruction there is no house left in sacked especially because of the bald plains but almost never. any moment to the city absurd since then it's been the terrorist stronghold the city is surrounded by mountains and valleys in the noise of. the u.s. attorney general is being accused of fueling racism on twitter jeff sessions praised the quote anglo american heritage of law enforcement in the country his choice of words in a speech to a sheriff's association is being called insensitive at the very least the office of
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sheriff is a critical part of the i know american heritage of law enforcement however others insist anglo-american is a normal way used to describe the country's legal system also known as the common law the us department of justice responded by saying the term reflects shed american english heritage and former president barack obama has also referred to the anglo american legal system in fact the term was widely used by other members of his administration as well but it seems no one took notice of that in washington samir khan his reactions to controversial comments made by u.s. leaders and politicians. i'm going to say donald trump. as sounds like something he would say is actually obama says. he actually correct. if you
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find it offensive at all no. i just thought it would be based on the other remarks that he's made but i mean. i like president obama so i'm glad he said that. the. why do you think that because he is offensive towards immigrants. is actually bill clinton really. interesting but i wouldn't know because nobody will do his work. mike pence or jeff sessions. the first question you told me the dalai lama. you're correct a. bunch of which i do think gets no outrage so i guess it's all about the
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messenger and not so much about the message. hollywood star scarlett johansson apparently didn't know what she was getting into and she agreed to advertise a chinese mobile phone brand u.s. intelligence chiefs are urging americans to stop buying phones from china's biggest smartphone produces including way it's off to claims that secretly spying on u.s. citizens. it provides the capacity to maliciously modify or steal information and it provides the capacity to conduct undetected espionage raise your hand if you would recommend that private american citizens use one way or z.t. products or services none of you again are raising your hand thank you for that the brands mentioned in the hearing are some of the biggest in mobile communications worldwide said has the largest market share globally while it makes the top three
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but ironically in the last week a conversation between two f.b.i. officials in which they pointed out american company apple's tendency to spawn uses . and what makes me really angry about that apple thing the fact that tim cook clay such the previous year advocates year jerky your entire o. s. is designed to track me without me even knowing it i know hypocrite anything's possible in trump's america we just don't know but given the size of the trading relationship between the two i think they'd have to be very cautious about damaging that seriously electronics one of the of the biggest markets going back and forth intellectual property and this huge contractual tire speed chinese manufacturer is an american network provider so it would be incredibly difficult to translate these sort of statements into legal restrictions it's certainly ironic that they're putting so much effort into blocking the entry of these companies into the u.s. markets without making a evidence available because as we know the one place where there is great evidence
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of spying activity happening here is largely driven by the u.s. government we know that actually ironically they try to insert software into huawei devices to spy on people that way so it's a difficult situation maybe they have evidence they don't want to share for security reasons but right now the one party you have evidence is not people it's the people who are complaining about huawei. supremacy of the oceans isn't just about who has the biggest submarines and more ships it's also about who has the best navy seals quite literally.
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where all over social media if you want to look at our new twitter and our web site that's r.t. dot com other back at the top of the hour with more news so do stay. you mean you don't. see. what. they could to do. what they did not through only ten spaces you. may be. left alone they. said. no servant is messy that. you speak french.
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if north korea really believes we're about to conduct a preemptive strike of it's going to be significant in a serious preemptive strike that maybe. they may be motivated to make it to try to be just the guys have the bush white. house. so they're going to do things that show these very stupid to be very clear. away. and they have.
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to feel that. it. sucks yeah i'm them what do you how they become us off of what your body looks local do you wonder. if this was actually mccalman that would measure the talking or negative cash. in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decade's long debt. studying so hard it requires trying to shift. going through humiliation to enter an elite society. and parching to dead sometimes quite literally. want other true colors of universities in the
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us. i. gave them a solution a nice but smelly thing. to sneeze at first thing in the room with this stuff which was written on the heart of the new courses a. small apartment or. a little business over there with just some awesome trying. to put down a script to gather some odd. kids just know. i
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. can. well come one an old town calling will show like mexico's drug squad oh but first we're taking you to perhaps one of the oldest in the world i can look my first game was a festival that i was one hundred sixty. and that was expanding tonight when i played there and advice and your friends took me along to what sort of. a fan and i was
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a. little quiz for you which quickly inspired all white kids which quote. from players to three separate england guy which quote inspired one of brazil's right football clubs ladies and gentlemen i give you corinthian casuals. what i see happening was in nineteen zero seven there was a split between the f.b.i. and what became the i. and it was quite acrimonious to do with imus a professional and b. if i refused to allow any and if i play as all clubs to appear on the pitch is over there so there was a complete split and then ruined in a fake match useful to currency because i had nobody really to play to see what i
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started in order to it which is what i went to brazil for instance that spit was. just a song in the first world. after the first world war the two clubs struggled and of course the first. we're devastated losing a lot of players over one hundred players between the two sides were killed in the one hundred twenty children strong cringing into the f.a. cup. the first tonight entered a new competition. and currents enormous crowds simply eighty thousand people turned up at the crystal palace grounds when they play people and you can also get on. great sheen the thirty second fight either way it was still a little bit of romance of when it was used to have people tell you got to watch the emirates has played a professional. professional for. christians last little. reason for the distance and so it was felt too casual which would always be
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in a league normally discreetly. unfriendly. said you know and again the more interrupted everything. arriving here and settling down in this ground we were no bads we never had a long full. corinthians and casuals men corinthian casuals playing without homes for. the existence of both tribes they were nomads until we came here which was in ninety nine when we had to settle the league through threw us out of the league because we didn't have a ground this is being built by volunteers at the club we can just. put your personal. casuals over a number of you. i mean the history one one adores that's why i'm here it's
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tremendous. of recent times apart from the brazilian soul and winning the socrates trophy which was put forward by socrates as we. it's a wonderful trophy to win. but big one was. bought a few years ago ten years ago and that's my pride of place for that for me for trying to stop it really is a lot of romance around the club because romance doesn't necessarily. mean fact in most of the stories all true it is a wonderful story about the. new penalty kick was introduced and we didn't except the gentleman with she did they were at the trial so we didn't think the penalty kicks were right and so to go. to defend the u.k. if it was awarded to us we would keep more of now that didn't actually happen but
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it didn't happen all the time but it did actually i think it is a really fleece continues until. we've been so lucky in this current manager be. willing to play the game for no faith. how long that will continue i don't know let's hope it does. brian this is a very famous red shirts of course corinthians originally very famous for their whites will go into about red shirts at manchester united so it's riggs ungraciously. of course many fans would know the cristiana rinaldo manchester united shirts why do you know it's come here and what was he celebrating it was to commemorate the most magnificent events in that we. the record. of manchester united i believe they used that as one. of
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facts in their programme perhaps they were a little bit unhappy with recruiting it and i think they've now got everton it's a record defeat in. the program is a standard thing. so the second offer is one hundred casuals against lots of options to rejoin boy cameron who's the reporter cameron like a very young much reports i wold all you sixteen sixteen so you doing your exams in the usual stuff that sixteen year olds do well you want to be a much reports. from a very young age. well i am. just. came down she was and put my love of pricing with my love of football and.
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secretary and she let me do it and i've been a nifty is and we will get dragged talking about liverpool around madrid a million or two then all this is the real soul of football yeah yeah i really think we should. more young people should be watching. you right now all right right next to it you can just get a feel you know rush when you all say in front of the t.v. i think young people. most clubs if you go. to liverpool lost all the big boys they've got a shock they've got a whole megastore that some of the bottom of the emirates stadium that's right kitty millions of times can you show us the corinthian casuals version place because you do have a megastore we do indeed and we're very proud of it is it's quite something. it's a shed and it's the emirates it's got that no need to read history it has
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a silo it seems even the finest brink of cool so they had you on that. note a couple of things first we have. they corinthians. yes. always in the world cup in brazil also this one around of course a lot one of brazil's biggest clubs that was directly influenced by i think football club as were several others so there is that one we've got the pink chocolates golf but the something in it and i'm going to boy to know that my cameraman locum wants to go i want to say well he's the dish it's cotton it's got the original corinthian well the corinthians badge crinkly in football that's what i. look at that be it's a going to come back i'm going to pay for it don't worry i don't want to be free but that is the original shirts which inspired him to give us the the the the great nines the great clubs that apart from corinthians. spoiled boy they sure are real
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madrid you know yes indeed los blancos. we toured out there and they were inspired one has got to remember that of course we was the principal probably of the world it's a big state but football was in its infancy so. we were the first and we were told ring and giving football to the world how proud are you to have a football club that many many football fans these days will not know about this is inspired so many people but also managed to keep its amateur. a close to the football club it's the be all and end all the way remember that we retain amateur status we have or allow that not to be you know of regrets in a day and i each where players have been played a couple of hundred times.


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