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why a. book it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy my great so will transfer. and thinks this minute. i. gave him a solution a misplacement them. to sneeze or to stay in the room with the stuff which was missing on the top of the new clothes as it. was my apartment. in a business up and it was just almost a trial of. a put down by a promise to gather some odd from all this. i
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. cut off. that just. seems. certain i want to do things that show me very easily with children being very clear they go away go. mad at me.
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i'm a young they they when they have them they have the fattening. skim you need to feel this very. soft yet i'm numb what do you how much they have become a soft look nobody looks local just out do you wonder. if this new document all mean that with the new stuff that's a constant or negative. join me every thursday on the alex island chill when i was speaking to get off of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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because all the way they were literally lost there are lots of through that going to. be a pile of true in for months to store naturalised really it's like during the years as it was more subtle consider what order. the police will surely be aware we still . of control and will see you might come and here again we meet our old acquaintance from not old new andree part of me who was at the peak of his glorious self proclaimed commandant of my gun. which basically means the leader of the radical opposition. but i believe not that so my done most of that is the days i think he usually does it when the buses were broken on your.
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functional by a host nor do you feel of course addition your bills into silverton still both houses astounds. the protesters were filmed leading a long line of riot police away it's not clear where they were taking them sixty seven officers are currently reported to be missing fourteen policeman and forty three one hundred bullets or you've shifted to what social. security and of a mystery pneumonia. those are built up and. what's the what's the bureau if you want to know. natural so what is wrong. because from inside the protest camp the opposition leader vitali klitschko urged his supporters to stay put each of you here should stay strong in spirit he said because we're not going anywhere. we believe with the video put him in the
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video what us up as it's he or she just the have what it is. khaki a poor support also at the. top as it's a cut or and you put in the malo chest or pity or water and i think yes i'm not a shell of anybody in you know when a social. aboard. like in two thousand and four during the orange revolution international leaders felt it necessary to intervene and bring both sides to the negotiating table but he. asked and then you leave immediately so if. fabius. front valter steinmeyer. bratislava sikorsky. i mean you. must. be in so you know quick she had friends it was the noise of the would put a union desperation they were going to. move through it to. see if.
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the ukrainian president and the leaders of the anti-government protests there have agreed on a truce the truth was to give talks between president challenged on the opposition's challenge just like in two thousand and four the opposition or at least its radical faction the right sector headed by dmitri yarrow she had no intention on fulfilling its part of the bargain. to double what they could but yeah but you made it but if they clash in public around you know. what i said yes top f.b.i. but i respect book they have a couple strongly is the job double look at it but if we cannot play all of the shots we will stop at other corps which at. celtic we put up a cool. new hope was really a porno store. when you put this scenario is that what that will last
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us a lot of. suppling you know on your own blue news because i'm. at the news. with my view on this. with the opposition leaders left saying they may a found a way to end the bloodshed but they want to take the conclusions from that meeting to the people. it was soon apparent that the people were not happy you know. what's going on they would have thought it. was a. good minister not see this is. because it was a. little. you got to look at them. we didn't know it though and you know. yes well it is
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a deal. that is the muslim bill of. luxury below. the totem bill up us though in the eyes of the news of what the what is it the. rest of it yeah. president to put. on real media. yeah. he. said yes that's the short of. yep apology to to do this. at the same time was saying it's last goodbyes to the victims of the massacre. it was also welcoming those who came to power at their cost ukraine's parliament
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has voted for the new speaker of the assembly to become interim president oleksandr turchynov called on lawmakers to form an interim government by tuesday for these latest developments out follow the dismissal of president viktor again the corvette's on saturday and they remove unico bitch not following the constitutional procedures for impeachment but. let go of those a little bit but only because it's all is so if the whole is sold the other one is the yellow so much for the lime into those three issue of the deposit up of the parliament of ukraine consists of four hundred fifty deputies the constitution of ukraine requires at least a three fourths majority to vote in other words three hundred thirty eight votes in favor of the impeachment but only three hundred twenty eight deputies voted yes there is sure to take. the u.s. state department i mean almost immediately said this was a legitimate government and that was part of this effort to get regime change in.
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trying to find some way to revive the for going twenty first agreement where maybe you could bring back in a coma in some titular way that became not a possibility anymore then you had eastern ukraine resisting crimea wanting to break away and things rapidly escalating. voters will decide sunday whether they'll leave ukraine enjoying russia the campaign with the slogan together with russia has the backing of moscow the crimea situation the referendum is also happening during this period very quickly. indeed. karim. up with q. but it. was through it. that the new still less in. syria the. crimean authorities sensing the mood of the populace fully supported victory on the covert his decision to postpone the two thousand and
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thirteen european union association deal and side deeper ties to russia. as the events in kiev took their course crimean authorities issued a declaration putting into words the fears of its people based on the will of the crimean who elected us we declare that we will not give crimea to extremists and neo nazis seeking to seize power in ukraine at the cost of the blood of the country and its citizens after the regime change in kiev rumors began spreading in crimea that the new authorities would be merciless to those that oppose them so i'll call you. this led to the pro russian demonstrations rejecting the new government in kiev. on february twenty seventh the government buildings in the capital of crimea were seized by pro russian protesters. the current crimean government was dismissed and the new leader surrogate acciona of was assigned as the leader of the crimean. autonomy's republic when you. deal with the below the list
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closely is go to war so you has this should be. on march sixteenth the crimean referendum morsi held and the people voted to leave ukraine and enter the russian federation. the situation in crimea is being presented as a russian invasion and again nobody looks at the serious way and looks at the poll numbers and some of the poll numbers done by the u.s. government agencies themselves showing that the people of crimea prefer being part of russia in the u.s. news media it's all been presented as the russians invaded they then station sham election with people with guns at their backs somehow they big the ballot boxes to get ninety six percent approval for rejoining russia idea of a referendum in crimea is just quite simply unconstitutional but it does raise questions on whether this vote really is free and fair especially given the heavy
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military presence in crimea right now errol so that's how it's been sold to american people the reality is very different yet it's fair to say if the electric thousands of people who have gathered in the capital crimean city have stemmed from apple all of this funding a referendum held last sunday in which the majority of people here overwhelmingly voted in support of being reunited with russia. there was but each to talk with the marketing. political slow in the end there was enough of this. you know it's a void enough. so even the media more disposable so it's. basically solutions you know it's about us and you so should you know but it's unfair though so it is a face in the question. who was wretched little bit earlier. today would. he. just.
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when you will be able. looking at value surveys russians also different from the european neighbors when it comes to individual rights and freedoms however they do have a very low tolerance for uncertainty in politics that translates into a strong electoral advantage for the incumbent making power transitions rare and precarious what would it take for russians to stop playing it safe politically. in america a college degree requires a great deal. paying a decades long debt. studying so hard it requires trust just.
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going through humiliation to enter an elite society. and paci to death sometimes quite literally. wants other true colors of universities in the us. everybody i'm stephen baldwin task hollywood guy suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different i've thought of. going up there alone or with no doubt with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road to have some fun every day americans home mom. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the
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great american people which. the other make they're talking back and a banker and fiduciary to fiduciary in other words are saying that bitcoin as even our lunch the returns on bitcoin of made everything we do is a bank look stupid a mature and a low performance even warren buffett has not kept up with bitcoin nobody's kept up with that call and so they're saying that oh it's a non correlating asset ok what does that mean that means stocks bonds and currencies are all in bear markets now and i'm going to continue to be americans and they're probably going to wipe out a whole generation or two that crypto currency is the only thing that's going to save these people and us from being fired so we're going to middle of the curve the currency market because even if we get a little bit of those gains we've had a last ten years of big going it will save us from having to report big red
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negative year on year returns on every single piece of money management business we touch. stein is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos the middle of the commission to do like you know. this is my complicity is going to go to sunday oh maybe. you know john just over there you see it the only palestinians who gets the most hope from his jerusalem counterparts i don't think this is of those ruined the open vision that only could give us. and that is all of us not just you have to this lady of the muscle that you have i know if you continue muslims you know do more commitments also don't put this on. a patch or so. in passing i've only just learned you were
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a south and taken your last to bang turn. caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry suddenly i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our archives and i secretly promised to never again like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different to speak to now because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. hey everybody i'm stephen bob taft hollywood guy you know suspects every proud
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american first of all i'm just george bush and our view to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru well just a little bit different i've got a neighbor who could earn a there are no windows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have fun meet everyday americans blah blah blah blah and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people. but. the funny. thing. was that they've done a little bit of this. stuff . someone said
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fred. thank you. the u.s. indicts thirteen russian nationals in connection with alleged meddling in the twenty sixteen election adding that their supposed actions had no impact on the outcome whatsoever. there is no allegation in the indictment that the charge conduct alter the outcome of the twenty sixty. minutes knowing about the danger posed by the florida shooter and his potential to carry out a school massacre years prior to wednesday's atrocity. and in a case of mistaken identity israeli soldiers stormed the house of a palestinian school teacher he's left with severe scarring after being mauled by
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an army dog. three o'clock here in moscow and you're watching international live from a studio with mina dear to you to welcome to the program the u.s. justice department has indicted thirteen russian nationals and three companies over alleged meddling in america's twenty six thousand presidential election the indictment accuses the defendants of waging information warfare against the u.s. indictment charges thirteen russian nationals and three russian companies for committing federal crimes while seeking to interfere in the united states political system including the twenty sixteen presidential election. the financial legibly conducted what they called information warfare against the united states with the
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stated goal of spreading distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general because meddling is not chargeable friends though i bet good money at thirteen will be the thirteen nationals and three entities have been indicted for first and foremost. conspiracy to defraud the united states one of the main defendants is the st petersburg based internet research agency and their alleged goal was to sow discord in the u.s. political system namely the two thousand and sixteen presidential election funnily enough a catering company can also be found on the list of the accused apparently they were used at least partially to fund the whole scheme meanwhile the allegations have not been left on the answered with the russian foreign ministry spokesperson calling them absurd tens out there with thirteen of them according to the u.s. justice department fifteen people were mentioning in the u.s. election against the billion dollar budgets of the intelligence agencies against the intelligence counted against the state of the art technologies upset yes but
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this is america's most political reality by the way why thirty apparently that's the only number with bad associations announce that. the parties in question are said to formulate a plans to bolster donald trump and disparage hillary clinton using methods ranging from organizing political rallies to posing as grassroots groups but some of the tactics listed are questionable and one instance russians are said to have fun of the construction of a cage aboard a flatbed truck and then to have paid someone to wear a costume portraying clinton in a prison uniform to sit in it defense also allegedly purchased advertisements on facebook to promote a rally titled support hillary save american muslims not sure how that fits in with the pro trump anti hillary agenda and let's not forget efforts claim to have been made on social media where the russians are meant to have use fake identities to push divisive hashtags and topics according to the document the fake accounts became the means to reach quote significant numbers of americans however when platforms like facebook and twitter were grilled about what part their companies
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may have played in the alleged meddling they testified that the influence was minimal. we determined that the number of accounts we could link to russia and that were tweeting election related content was comparatively small. aggregate these ads and post were a very small fraction of the overall content on facebook but any amount is too much . and. these videos mostly have low view counts.
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and it looks like at the end of the day all of those efforts were in vain at least according to the us deputy attorney general there is no allegation in the indictment that the charge conduct alter the outcome of the twenty sixteen election now this development came out of nowhere and something worth noting is that all the accused are private individuals and companies the indictment is silent when it comes to trump kremlin collusion the goal of the whole investigation we discussed the indictment with a number of experts and they believe its timing could be significant is it beneficial for them all in our fridays and people have always thought that on a friday when this is done it'll absorb as much of the heat as possible but isn't that interesting i ask the question we had a shooting where the f.b.i. apparently and other law enforcement agencies were told repeatedly that very young
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man is exhibiting behavior which most probably is dangerous. one can only suspect whether that idea that the indictment was released today to take pressure off the f.b.i. i mean these indictments of course are prepared took a long time to prepare it could have been ready to go. prism time they could have held it there's no evidence for me to say that but i wouldn't rule that out i mean it's an interesting thought but they were going to maybe do it next monday and they pushed it up. the f.b.i. has admitted it the florida shooter posed a threat years before wednesday's atrocity it says it had been receiving intelligence on the alleged perpetrator of one of the deadliest school shootings in u.s. history prior to the attack. we have covered at the broward sheriff's office that we've had approximately twenty calls for service over the last two years regarding
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the killer the f.b.i. as the chairman of the protocol was not. the information was not provided by me. and no further investigation was conducted at that time. the f.b.i. had been given information about nicholas cruz's gun ownership and his social media post his desire to kill people erratic behavior and potential to conduct a school shooting also flanked one of those who actually won the security service about cruz has spoken about what led him to raise the alarm september twenty fourth two thousand and seventeen i sent a screenshot of a comment on one of my videos you know this comment said i'm going to be a professional school shooter and i knew that i couldn't just ignore that i had to report but report it to you. course they remove the comment and then i tried to email it to the f.b.i. . shooting in parkland florida occurred on wednesday when
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a former student fatally shot seventeen people and injured some dozen more a nineteen year old suspect was detained by police on the day of the atrocity his case and how the f.b.i. failed to recognize the threat posed by him is now being investigated. u.s. attorney general jeff sessions is now calling for an immediate review of the f.b.i. and the department of justice florida is not the first that the attack that could potentially have been avoided had more attention being paid as caleb maupin explains. nicholas cruz isn't the only mass killer to be on the radar screen of the f.b.i. before conducting their crime all marmot teen who shot up the post nightclub killing forty nine people in orlando florida was investigated by the f.b.i. twice before he committed his mass murder. turns out they deemed him not to be dangerous but don't forget about dylan roof the self-proclaimed white supremacist who killed nine churchgoers in south carolina.
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well it turns out he was able to purchase his weapons because of errors in the f.b.i.'s background check process and then there's new dell hassan he shot up a u.s. military post in texas back in two thousand and nine. turns out the f.b.i. was fully aware that he was online in communication with top al qaeda leaders they still didn't bother to investigate him i think we've seen time and time again over the last he is our intelligence agencies across the west dropping the ball in terms of getting tips being aware of potential threats and not following up on those threats and he you to take advantage of measures it seems lessons not being learned they need to have a proper view about you know what exactly are the threats what are they trying to
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do how can they best protect the people affect one tree to protect against these threats and that doesn't seem to be done it's not like these federal law enforcement agencies are lazy just recently we heard from the f.b.i. that chinese foreign exchange students are a threat to national security we also have federal agencies urging us not to buy chinese brand cellphones and more recently congress renewed the power of the n.s.a. to wiretap and spy on american citizens some might come to the conclusion that it's not incompetence or a lack of effort the issue is. rather the type of threat these agencies are choosing to focus on. r t new york. palestinian schoolteacher has been left scarred after being moved by an israeli army dog and would have warning though you might find some of the following scenes upsetting mabrouk was assaulted in the west bank during a raid conducted by the israeli defense forces they were.


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