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well it turns out he was able to purchase his weapons because of errors in the f.b.i.'s background check process and then there's no adele his sonne he shot up a u.s. military post in texas back in two thousand and nine. the f.b.i. was fully aware that he was online in communication with top al qaeda leaders they still didn't bother to investigate i think we've seen time and time again over the last he is our intelligence agencies across the west dropping the ball in terms of getting tips being aware of potential threats and not following up on those threats and you taking out the sense of measures it seems lessens not being learned they need to have a proper view about you know what exactly are the threats what are they trying to do how can they best protect the people effect on tree to protect against these
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threats and that doesn't seem to be done it's not like these federal law enforcement agencies are lazy just recently we heard from the f.b.i. that chinese foreign exchange students are a threat to national security we also had federal agencies urging us not to buy chinese brand cellphones and more recently congress renewed the power of the n.s.a. to wiretap and spy on american citizens some might come to the conclusion that it's not incompetence or a lack of effort the issue is rather the type of threat these agencies are choosing to focus on caleb oppen r.t. new york. a palestinian school teacher has been scarred after being moved by an israeli army dog a word of warning you might find some of the following scenes upsetting. was assaulted during a west bank raid by israeli defense forces they listen in for another man the alleged killer of an israeli man who begs the same center. there are hit we can
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start to show the extent of the interview sustained during the morning the school teacher is expected to require further treatment including a skin graft to one of his arms and he's also been left with a leg injury so cut that on the salt i woke up when i heard explosions i looked at my house door and it had been destroyed by an i.d.f. bomb and after that there were several other explosions that destroyed the windows and damaged the house i went immediately to my children's room and we gathered after that there was another explosion that destroyed the bedroom door i saw a dog it started to attack me and bite my shoulder and then it started to bite my leg and i was screaming. the palestinian schoolteacher was allegedly attacked in front of his children and his wife in the us. this incident has had a psychological effect on my husband my children and myself i am staring at this hospital with them and i see him waking up at night shaking and trembling and the
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eldest son also wakes up screaming about his that and the little one is waiting the bad it was a terrifying experience the dog attacked my husband for over seven minutes and i try to help him defend my husband by grabbing the dogs had what i could and get away from him we all see i.d.f. for a comment on the case responded by saying general had previously threatened civilians in jewish majority areas of the west bank they also told us the raid was conducted in accordance with standard procedures in that role was immediately given medical treatment however he disputes that saying he had to wait for any treatment. that's just an illness afterward i was bleeding for more than two and a half hours and they took me to the hospital note that i only got treatment at the hospital itself not from the i.d.f. author and journalist mike's blumenthal says these have dogs is standard i.d.f. policy this you know is being cast by the israeli military and government as kind
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of an isolated incident but as any of us who follow the situation in the west bank know this is far from isolated it's part of a clear policy of using dogs as kind of an advance team during home raids of palestinians there is also a high profile case in twenty fifteen of a sixteen year old from the southern town of beit omar also a town that's under pressure from from jewish settlers where he his home was raided by an israeli dog unit this is a sixteen year old named him he was badly mauled by a dog you know these dogs apply two thousand pounds of pressure per square inch and israeli soldiers were taunting him on video there's actually video of this incident and now he. and the palestinian human rights group al hock are suing not israel but actually the dutch company for winds canine which supplied those dogs and has
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supplied what it calls biting dogs to the israeli military for violating u.n. conventions on companies operating in conflict zones so this is a very significant lawsuit and it speaks to a wider policy of what the israeli dissident journalist gideon levy calls lynching by dog. the ice hockey team from russia has one for one nail against the u.s. and progress to the quarterfinals of the winter olympics auntie's and if a change in feeling shall enjoy the build up to the match with the fans. tonight's the night of the biggest event so far of the young tang twenty eight seeing it if you don't know what that is just yet and a second it will be written all over my face. seen usa versus tivo we are and are.
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well donald trump and vladimir putin watch this game yeah i think so what do you think donald trump will do if he sees a goal being scored by the o. a our team read about it. because you know russia will write this girl see why you know what she's talking down guys will you hate russia tonight i love for sure i'm actually looking for and i'm not she coming making my first ever visit to russia for the world cup this summer while that is great even though the u.s. are not taking the not really taken to heart i want to russia the game is sold out and even though it's just a group stage match the talents online outside the stadium are reselling tickets at
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exorbitant prices he think john supporting one of the sides in this one. if i had to take a guess what is he the u.s. russia i believe russia do you think donald trump and a lot of my opponent will be watching that i really hope so got out like what else are they doing. come on what happened this is so much fun you know you say yes. you know you have a try go r.c.t. right outside the ice hockey arena and be young chang right before the number one game of the week. staying with the hockey this saturday the women's team four from russia beat their swiss rivals on for the first time in history and to the semifinals of the winter olympics despite the fact the four key team players didn't receive an invitation to the competition from the i.o.c. actually the russian players had to overcome a wave of criticism back home especially after they lost to the u.s.
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however they put the defeat behind them and have set their sights on a podium finish. it will take decades to clear the iraqi city of mosul of unexploded bombs according to a new u.n. report story animal after this break. so i have all the seasons as i look back to says they are precious oppressive
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measures being deployed against the palestinian people everywhere the settler colonialism the theft of our land and the many many. you know there's a stating things that the police are doing of course began. an uprising. back to the proud al a u.n. report says unexploded bombs littered the iraqi city of mosul for decades to come and could in danger civilians the complexity of clearance works are because many of the explosive the buried under an estimated eleven million tons of rubble the u.n. mine action serves a senior program manager compares the situation in the city to that after world war
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two. become so explosive a house it is very and it is of the unseen previously on the sea and proportions in terms of the contamination that we experience it is a mixture of coalition ominous and that has been fired and that has failed to function we are still made at least ten percent of the domination. that has five been fired has failed to function we also find that isis are going to shun that has been fired has failed to function but with higher failure rates in addition to that we also find improvised explosive devices different types of explosive improvised explosive devices with different fusing systems all in common a combination with rubble high degree of rubble we estimate eleven million ton of rubble in western model at least and in general a very difficult conditions to work under. it is
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a situation very similar to after the second world war of course what we are doing right now is that we are clearing we serving and we are clearing critical infrastructure but still after ten maybe twenty years maybe even longer there will still be explosive contamination. it is almost impossible to say we haven't got the school of contamination in mosul yet we haven't been to all locations but it is a question of years and until everything has been cleared it is probably more than ten years the vast sums needed to restore and rebuild the country is estimated at eighty eight billion dollars according to the iraqi government but at a global aid pledging conference and kuwait only thirty billion was raised the u.s. led coalition started its anti eisel campaign in twenty sixteen but it's been
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embedded in the country since two thousand and three washington's pledge just three of the eighty eight billion dollars said to be needed in reconstruction aid and this was not direct financial help rather the money was loans and financing to help american firms invest in the country. let's work to rebuild iraq and modernize its economy the signal is strong. and iraq went through a five. three billion dollar memorable and metallic then the announcement by the us government representative in the kuwait conference was clear they will not provide anything except perhaps some investment in iraq we believe that the iraqi government with all these political factions should have joined forces and demanded to pay the money. that the u.s. military plans to radically boost its stockpile of artillery shells by eight hundred percent that's an increase of almost one hundred fifty thousand units.
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the order includes one hundred fifty five millimeter artillery shells the use of which are widespread among nato as naval forces and g.p.s. guided excalibur rounds are also on the list that isn't for danger close situations we all security on this child's shoe what's likely to be behind the move. almost certainly one can say that these are used these are heavy weaponry they are used mainly in conventional conflicts what we're seeing here is a very large increase that i think can't be completely explained by replenishing used resources the what's being attempted i think it's a gesture it's
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a symbol that is saying we are massively increasing our defense expenditure in the areas that are likely to be used in a possible combat scenario with states rather non-state actors and invariably of course they're talking here about russia possibly china iran and others and that would be consistent with the new stated u.s. security policy of confronting those states by any standard this isn't a very great increase in the number of shells being ordered a powerful stockpiling which again means that the army is effect three preparing for war. now crossing a frozen siberian lake on a pair of seventy year old skates might not be everybody's idea of a daily commute but it is for one russian grandmother.
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i. mean i. i found. out. was fantastic that's the roundup now off on top stories now harvey will be here at the top of the hour with do stay with us.
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a bite for many flips over the years so i know the guy even so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just killed in a loneliness and spending two to twenty million flying. it's an experience like nothing else on. because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game played great so what more chance for. peace is going to.
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come. what is described in the west as a russian invasion of crimea is a fact the presence of russian soldiers in crimea can you clarify that got us discuss all about they've. got to give it a barely spoke all of the quote but the most of the most go floatable couldn't. as long ago as eighteen zero four sevastopol the naval base became the main military port of the russian empire on the black sea. during the second world war the heroic defense of sevastopol lasted almost a year and took hundreds of thousands of lives. therefore the naval base in crimea has
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a legacy of historical pride for the russian black sea fleet as well as being of huge strategic importance. those of us alive back then remember when there were soviet missiles put into cuba how frightened americans were and how angry and how we almost went to a nuclear confrontation over having weapons of that kind of destruction placed that close to the united states. just so if the united states considers cuba to be in its backyard. then crimea plays at russia's doorstep. the consequences of a u.s. seizure of the face or a nato base which and usually. the most some of us india has and ensuring is natural to it which you have taught me to and i can us put you on with that. was three and zero unless you are showing us not just
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a quick practical putting it into shape. opinion is. so it's not just in the military uses into this that but there was no willingness that ended up with the old me the only leader and that's to shut it down look carefully you will. it was a piece of the school board. just in a party when i get there but only in the way but as it used to but they both say no that in the context amongst the windows near whittier seems easy but if you make one time you're in a state but a lot of the national system got put on national news stations at the moment as a supposed to think that if we are attacked we would start in the response. to me because you knew seemed up in yuma i can only influence you just out of here in the us those fish listen to news and news that you play in the in your in the lead you disappear you know the same so someone. is up in the back of the and plenty still
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a good little news and when you see what i pay for seo by saying you can get on the net and your shit can. die i am concerned about the expansion of nato nato has expanded into thirteen countries up to the borders of russia thirteen countries at the team up watching up at the team away in the shit way not near as good as d.c. did you in the midst of them what should the busy mean. in early spring of two thousand and fourteen eastern ukraine was also buzzing with protests against the new authorities in kiev this region with the population close to russia geographically and culturally feared that the ultra right leanings of the newly formed government would bring meal nationalism to their lands. and they have their reasons. the status of the russian language in ukraine has been a stumbling block for many years implementing russian as
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a second state language was one of the main campaign promises of president viktor going to fulfill in two thousand and twelve the un a covert government passed a law making it the second official language in the southern and eastern parts of ukraine the areas where the russian population speaking. elation makes up a majority ukrainian nationalist groups initiated massive protests opposing the law and observing viewer might see some familiar faces there on the front. part of our march. on february twenty third two thousand and fourteen the very next day after the regime change the new government voted for an a no meant of the official status of the russian language and even though later this decision was vetoed by the acting president alexander turchynov it still sent a message and a powerful one this alarmed the russian speaking cities of eastern ukraine and people took to the streets to show their disagreement. in response. is
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conducted their own demonstrations when the two parties would meet it was always tense and eventually it led to tragedy. one person died and over fifty people were wounded in clashes during a pro russian march protesting the new government in kiev. on april sixth the crimean scenario began repeating eastern ukraine where protesters seized government buildings. and the next day it will seven day proclaimed don't yet see people's republic kiev replied by announcing the beginning of an anti-terrorist operation in eastern ukraine. by that time the international media was screaming about a russian invasion in ukraine russia could now be on the verge of invading ukraine but strong words state only in the media the ukrainian authorities never announced
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a war like situation why i.m.f. cannot give money to countries in gauged in ongoing war pets roboto shank zero zero was as a commercial pilot that you assume when you go to your show will go to geneva too much money was already invested in you. craned to stop halfway i've invested over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these and other goals that will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic train. democratic rights in a city you know well it will slowly new democracy just go it is among young most of the work across filters and couplers is just most of that some of them but obviously the funds had to keep coming and the conflict had to keep going. for and more bloody in deadly. earnest. as parties from both sides were using more sophisticated and lethal weapons.
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as well then. got border focused just going that's why you know. that the oil natural when you put your source though not all of. us i mean is the new deal. you naturally cooperate. the world seemed too busy welcoming this new democracy in kiev. to notice what was being done as it spread its wings over the country. many in southern ukraine had been viewing the revolution with concern. i and an anti mind on movement formed in the city of odessa in early january two thousand and fourteen the protesters set up their camp in front of the trade union house a building which would soon become a monument to
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a massacre of its own it's difficult to overestimate the importance of odessa it is strategically located on the black sea and it's ukraine's largest seaport it's not surprising that ukraine's new authorities were watching the situation unfolding there with growing alarm. more and more of odessa as people were joining the anti my don movement at the same time as events in eastern ukraine were heating up. the new ukrainian government didn't have the power to wage war on too many fronts if odessa were to join the growing uprising in the eastern regions it would seriously complicate the situation. this rebellion had to be extinguished immediately and at any cost and that cost was high. on may second two thousand and fourteen soccer fans flocked to the center of odessa city for the ukrainian championship match surprisingly a great number of these fans who descended into odessa just the night before also
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turned out to be fighters from the my don self-defense units along with members of radical organizations from all parts of ukraine that these. look at. these families and asked armed and shouting nationalist mottos began disturbances in the center of the city as they march to the end time i don tent in camp where they attacked the end time mind on protesters sought shelter in the trade union house but it was a track down supporters started throwing molotov cocktails into the building until it was engulfed in flames. people burned to death inside for trying to escape jumped from the wind as aldo a fire station was less than a mile away it took almost half an hour for firefighters to arrive when they finally did the damage had been done. but here's an intriguing fact just a few days before those dreadful events
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a messenger from my don andriy pair o. b. made a visit to odessa it's an interesting coincidence that some of the people he met with in odessa were seen at the scene that fateful day. but not everyone was mourning on the popular political talk show schuster live the news about the people burned alive in odessa was welcomed with a long round of applause for your choice for saudi what this it but lots of your i don't want to see you said yes but in your story you know what you see. on its facebook page the right sector announced the events of may second a proud moment in national history an official investigation into this sad event has been going on now for nearly two years and it's yet to reach a conclusion but it seems the experts and all the information they needed from the
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very beginning. you just get really cute you can put. it looks like a desa really is a very important piece of real estate as it was on earth with a very special new governor appointed on may thirtieth of two thousand and fifteen . mikhail saakashvili an old friend of the united states and born and raised in ukraine's neighboring country georgia hello there in georgia a quick look at his biography gives one an understanding that he's been groomed for a special mission she did you know as i did when i was i don't know if it never got to mr saakashvili received a u.s. state department scholarship and he worked for a new york law firm which represented the organization come on or a group that appeared earlier when we learned about the color revolutions we're
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dealing with democratic blood blister aleutian this is the revolution of roses and this is me kyle saakashvili with camara busy overthrowing the legitimately elected president eduard shevardnadze. but i. was feeling. soon after the rose revolution foley georgia announced its intentions to join nato and planned fresh nato military bases in the fertile soil right on russia's border never. never never will give any piece of our territory saakashvili is mission was accomplished at least with his friends and nato the georgian populace wasn't quite as happy though in two thousand and seven they took to the streets to voice discontent and mr saakashvili responded with force. the people's discontent the. release party lost parliamentary elections and the
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opposition took control. the president. decided not to wait for the results of the president's election and fled the country in october two thousand and thirty. five. thirty two inches. away.


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