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turns out they deemed him not to be dangerous but don't forget about dylan ruth the self-proclaimed white supremacist who killed nine churchgoers in south carolina. well it turns out he was able to purchase his weapons because of errors in the f.b.i.'s background check process and then there is no adel hassan he shot up a u.s. military post in texas back in two thousand and nine. the f.b.i. was fully aware that he was online in communication with top al qaeda leaders they still didn't bother to investigate him i think we've seen time and time again over the last he is our intelligence agencies across the west dropping the ball in terms of getting tips being aware of potential threats and not following up on those
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threats and you taking out defensive measures it seems lessons not being learned they need to have a proper review about you know what exactly are the threats what are they trying to do how can they best protect the people of their country to protect against these threats and that doesn't seem to be done it's not like these federal law enforcement agencies are lazy just recently we heard from the f.b.i. that chinese foreign exchange students are a threat to national security we also have federal agencies urging us not to buy chinese brand cellphones and more recently congress renewed the power of the n.s.a. to wiretap and spy on american citizens some might come to the conclusion that it's not incompetence or a lack of effort the issue is rather the type of threat these agencies are choosing to focus on caleb oppen r.t. new york. about a study and schoolteacher has been left scott after being mauled by an israeli army dog in a case of mistaken identity and would have warned you may file. in some of the
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following scenes upsetting the victim dzhokhar was assaulted during a raid by israeli defense forces in the west bank they were searching for the alleged killer of an israeli man who has the same surname as juror you can see the extent of some of the injuries he sustained during the morning the school teacher is expected to require further treatment including a skin graft on his arm he also has a leg injury so covered on the sort i woke up when i heard explosions i looked at my house door and it had been destroyed by an i.d.f. bomb and after that there were several other explosions that destroyed the windows and damaged the house i went immediately to my children's room and we gathered after that there was another explosion that destroyed the bedroom door i saw a dog it started to attack me and bite my shoulder and then it started to bite my leg and i was screaming. well mr girard was allegedly attacked in front of his wife and young children. a third earlier this incident has had
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a psychological effect on my husband my children and myself i am staring at this hospital with them and i see he will waken up at night shaking and trembling of years as the eldest son also wakes up screaming about his that and the little one is waiting at the back it was a terrifying experience the dog attacked my husband for over seven minutes and i try to help him defend my husband by grabbing the dogs had what i could and get away from. where we are is the idea for a comment on the case they responded by saying girard had previously threatened civilians in jewish majority areas of the west bank they also say the raid was conducted in accordance with standard procedures and europe was immediately given medical treatment however he disputes that saying he had to wait for treatment. that's it didn't last a word i was bleeding for more than two and
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a half hours and they took me to the hospital note that i only got treatment at the hospital itself not from the i.d.f. . genest my experience all says the use of dogs is standard i.d.f. policy this you know is being cast by the israeli military and government as kind of an isolated incident but as any of us who follow the situation in the west bank know this is far from isolated it's part of a clear policy of using dogs as kind of an advance team during home raids of palestinians there is also a high profile case in twenty fifteen of a sixteen year old from the southern town of beit omar also a town that's under pressure from from jewish settlers where he his home was raided by an israeli dog unit this is a sixteen year old named him he was badly mauled by a dog you know these dogs apply two thousand pounds of pressure per square inch and
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israeli soldiers were taunting him on video there's actually video of this incident and now he. and the palestinian human rights group all hawk are suing not israel but actually the dutch company for winds canine which supplied those dogs and has supplied what it calls biting dogs to the israeli military for violating u.n. conventions on companies operating in conflict zones so this is a very significant lawsuit and it speaks to a wider policy of what the israeli dissident journalist gideon levy calls lynching by dog a new u.n. report claims it would take decades to clear the iraqi city of mosul of unexploded bombs more on that story after the break. but politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or
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rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want. to go right to the press it's like before three in the morning people are. interested always in the waters about how. they sit. looking at value surveys russians also different from the european neighbors when it comes to individual rights and freedoms however they do have a very low tolerance for uncertainty in politics that translates into a strong electoral advantage for the incumbent making power transitions rare and precarious what would it take for russians to stop playing it safe politically.
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welcome back the russian men's ice hockey team is strange to the quarter finals of the winter olympics after beating old rivals the usa four nil auntie's able to join fans for the build up to the match in pyongyang. tonight's the night of the biggest event so far of the young tang twenty eight seeing it if you don't know what that is just yet in a second it will be written all over my face. seem usa versus ti vo we are in on.
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that. will donald trump and lot of imprudent watch this game yeah i think so what do you think donald trump will do if he sees a goal being scored by the o. a our team read about it. because you asked. this girl see why you know what she's talking now guys will you hate russia tonight i'd love for sure i'm actually looking for and i'm actually coming making my first ever visit to russia for the world cup this summer while that is great even though the u.s. are not taking the not really taken to heart i want to russia the game is sold out and even though it's just a group stage match the talents online outside the stadium are reselling tickets at exorbitant prices he think john supporting one of the sides in this one. if i had to take a guess what is a the u.s.
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russia i believe fresh do you think donald trump and a lot of opponent will be watching that i really hope so got out like what else are they doing. come on what happened this is so much fun you. are saying yes. you know you have a trade go are see right outside the ice hockey arena and young chang right before the number one. game of the week. well meanwhile on saturday the women's team from russia made history thrashing switzerland sixty to go through to their first ever and in pick semifinal well that's despite the fact four key team members were kept out of the games by the i.o.c. well the russian players had to face a wave of criticism back home after they lost to the u.s. however they bounced back from that defeat and are now targeting a podium finish. now a u.n. report says unexploded bombs were looted the iraqi city of mosul for decades to
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come and could endanger civilians the carens work will be difficult as many of the explosives buried under around eleven million tons of rubble the senior program manager for the u.n. mine action service says the situation in the city resembles the aftermath of world war two. comes to explosive a house it is very it is of unseen previously on the sea in proportions in terms of the contamination that we experience it is a mixture of coalition ominous and that has been fired and that has failed to function with the maid that least ten percent of the domination. that has five been fired has failed to function we also find that ice is a mission that has been fired has failed to function but with higher failure rates in addition to that we also find improvised explosive devices different types of explosive improvised explosive devices with different fusing systems all in common
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a combination with rubble high degree of rubble we estimate eleven million tons of rubble in western model at least. and in general a very difficult conditions to work under. it is a situation very similar to after the second world war of course what we are doing right now is that we are clearing we're serving and we are clearing critical infrastructure but stay aloft maybe twenty years maybe even longer there will still be explosive contamination. it is almost impossible to say we haven't got the full scope of contamination in mosul yet we haven't been to all locations but it is a question of years and until everything has been cleared it is probably more than ten years well the last some needed to restore and rebuild the country is estimated
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at eighty eight billion dollars according to the iraqi government but a global conference in kuwait pledging aid raised only thirty billion. well that but the u.s. led coalition started its anti eisel campaign in twenty sixteen but they've been present in the country since the iraq war in two thousand and three washington has pledged just three billion of the funds necessary for reconstruction and even that was not direct financial help the money was loans and financing to help american firms invest in the country. we're known to rebuild iraq and modernize its economy the signal is strong commitment. and iraq's ministry of violence all sides of a three billion dollars memorandum of understanding metallic then at the summit there nouns meant by the us government representative in the kuwait conference was clear that they will not provide anything except perhaps some investment in iraq we
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believe that the iraqi government with all its political factions should have joined forces and demanded to pay the money and lot of. the u.s. military plans to radically boost its stockpile of artillery munitions by eight hundred percent that's an increase of almost one hundred fifty thousand shells. while the order includes a fifteen millimeter artillery shells which are widely used by nato as naval forces and also g.p.s. guided excalibur rounds are on the list they're designed for close dangerous situations security analyst charles shear bridge says washington's trying to send
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a message by bolstering its arsenal. almost certainly one can say that these are used these are heavy weaponry they are used mainly in conventional conflicts what we're seeing here is a very large increase that i think can't be completely explained by replenishing used resources the what's being attempted i think it's a gesture it's a symbol that is saying we are massively increasing our defense expenditure in the areas that are likely to be used in a possible combat scenario with states rather non-state actors and invariably of course they're talking about russia possibly china iran and others and that would be consistent with the new stated u.s. security policy of confronting those states by any standard this isn't a very great increase in the number of shells being ordered a powerful stockpiling which again means that the army is effect through preparing
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for war. now crossing a frozen siberian lake on a pair of seventy year old skates might not be everybody's idea of a daily commute but it is the one russian grandmother.
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amazing well for more on these and plenty of other stories called otherwise i'll be back at the top of the hour with the latest news event. i i. i. i. i. i
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i i i i i i . but i'm stephen pope. hollywood guy you know suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. news this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different on the abraham lincoln. center when those with all the drama happening in our country i'm rude have fun every day americans. and the store to bridge the gap this is the great american people. on. the other make they're talking back on
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a banker and fiduciary to fiduciary other words are saying that bitcoin as even our lunch the returns on bitcoin of made everything we do is a bank look stupid image shore and low performance even warren buffett has not kept up with bitcoin nobody's kept up with that point so they're saying that oh it's a non correlating asset ok what does that mean that means stocks bonds and currencies are all in bear markets now and i'm going to continue to be unfair markets and i'm probably going to wipe out a whole generation or two currencies are the only thing that's going to save these people and us from being fired so we're going to middle of the currency market because even if we get a little bit of those gains you've had a last ten years i've been calling it will save us from our going to report big red negative year on year returns on every single piece of money management business we touch.
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your actions during this show where americans in america covering american news are called foreign agents last week hero godsends took three years in jail. i'm not i'm not talking about one of the traditional heroes like the guy who gets so looted during halftime shows because when he was eighteen he went to a country i never heard of to shoot at people he'd never heard of who we are technically not at war with and he did it all together just to get enough money to go to college because college is too expensive we all know that's a real hero all right i'm not i'm not talking about that kind of talking about a climate activism hero michael foster is one of the five climate activists who broke through a chain link fence and in a grotesquely criminal act they shut off trans canada oil flow for a few hours. have been. looking
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at this so hard. pablo escobar levels right there definitely is first stopping the oil thank god three years in jail however for actually drilling that oil destroying our environment you get sentenced to zero years in jail you can send billions of dollars in private yet said young boys bathing you in a bath tub free range pony. that's what you get yeah but but but i bet those cocktail parties you have to attend if you're that rich are boring is all right so jokes on you bill you know. you have boring. this proves our society is backwards the actions that are either legal versus illegal or inverted from what they should be from and of bald culture a few weeks ago activists with no more deaths were arrested for leaving jugs of
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water in the desert to help migrants dying of thirst that's the legal they were charged with or would like littering or something but. it's not illegal to up all of our clean water even near fully michigan soon as there's going to have all of our water and we're going to bathe and coca-cola or something because there's none left have to fill our water beds with small stones that's not comfortable maybe at that point we finally get angry about it what does the legal for mean anymore in orlando the furring it's illegal to feed the homeless in some states according to the national coalition for the homeless for the homeless between twenty thirteen and twenty fifteen over twenty six cities and communities pass laws restricting the distribution of food to the homeless here's a ninety year old man being taken down to the station for the crime of baked beans
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all right. listen you know you may think this is ridiculous but if you don't stop them now what's next really for. then before you know you're involved in some sort of pickle to guy or situation and big old leads to guacamole and walk opens the gates to cheese right so long drove so you just thought you were going to want to go to be the cool cop right look the other way that a few being fly that's what you thought before you know you deal with burritos. and the salsa on your hands all right it's on your hands. also a legal. consultant so full also illegal housing the homeless as we reported on this show the police arrived at a chicago man's home recently with a warrant and threatened to condemn his property unless he closed his unlawful basement sleeping area but not to you legal taking blankets away from
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the whole list literally here is cops. taking blankets away from a homeless guy to stop him from sleeping there also not do you lead. destroying tiny holmes built for the homeless in denver the cops did that to me while the banks foreclosed on millions of homes making millions of families homeless that's not a legal we throw out forty percent of all food that's not illegal and this isn't just a what the matter with us kind of situation it's also a question of freedom if i were truly brings shouldn't i be free to give somebody whatever though i want should not be the way you could. prove. my sarwar of figurines is true broken umbrella's three nose hair trimmers my virginity mile border women collection of scabs from around the
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globe should i be allowed to give away whatever i watched these illegal living off the grid in fact a lot of states consider living off the grid to be camping and in most places throughout the usa it is easy legal to camp on your own land for more than two weeks that's right under your own land what does that even mean what if i just put in my separate tanton my living room is that what what if i'm not camping i just happen to be alcoholic and pass out in my yard on a nightly basis. so macho that i start leaving a pillow and blanket in jammies out there and you know you may call it camping but i call it a regularly scheduled blackout. the sad thing is that you. could be legal to camp in this country but it's it's illegal to do that but it's legal
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for our military to camp out in the rock in afghanistan an easy period. to djibouti south korea and saddle. sattar a wave. of kampen oh all over the goddamn world and yet those same as have the nerve to tell me i can't get a piece of land and live however that how long i want if i decide i want to live on a forty foot plot of dirt wearing underwear on my sleep in the garage plug in my cell phone a george foreman grill into some sort of fecal matter power generator. what does it matter to you how does my life. the legal the crimes most secretly filming a slaughterhouse yes in some stage people were actually arrested for filming the abuse of farm animals not to you legal oh beautiful foreground of all.
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you can film that but you know what's illegal filming every human being in this country at all times cameras on every lamp post for you. to suit will have to face still recognition software we can't do anything anymore cavan expose ourselves to a bus full of young kids without we have you know without being on america's funniest home videos that night i don't want to be filmed i was just doing it for love or they gave right. our government spies on us constantly at all hours on all our devices and they tell you it's perfectly legal c. but you bring up a tape of a piglet getting treated like shit and somehow that's not permissible because it might harm the profits of the factory farm corporations same goes for war crimes right you were you reveal war crimes like chelsea manning did and they're going to lock you up for a good long time you commit war crimes like we do want to daily basis and you can
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become the secretary of defense. because he is gone you know you david bombed a wedding party and then. didn't lose any sleep over that decision if only he'd bombed the day care he could be president right now come on general mattis believe in yourself. laughing at jap sessions during a senate hearing. literally because that type of free speech is dangerous on the other hand it's completely legal to spout full on propaganda daily on c.n.n. fox news m.s.n. b c you can push for just endless war what being funded by weapons contractors and they don't know thing but you slightly go far to yourself added elfish look and racist. while he's under oath saying how much he loves black people and you get
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this cops lapdog just to stage a die in protest to call attention to people murdered by police but legal for police to murder three bowl that is that they can't exacts. kid. i kid i could go on with these for hours but here's one more i was a i was on a plane recently flying over the middle of the us and i saw something out of my window that stretch for miles as far as the eye could see and i was like what the for he's there what in god's name has torn apart the earth like that and then i figured out it's fracking that's what fracking looks like from above just totally destroying and moring up the planet and i was stunned of the ink well what was that image remind me of it looks like something oh i know of a virus it looks like
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a virus like the earth got smallpox or some our system is all played on the planet and if you try to stop that virus you were arrested maligned and repressed this is the moral code. lapse of our culture and our criminal justice system when the sociopathic rulers are this powerful they use the courts to continue their takeover and extraction they have captured the traditional fail safe mechanism is meant to defend against exactly this type of burrill encouraged. this week chris hedges said all those garces cynically view laws as mechanisms to legalize their fraud and plunder they also use those captured courts to arrest those who try to stop them while in a jail in birmingham martin luther king jr wrote one has not only a legal but a moral responsibility to a bad day just laws conversely one has
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a moral responsibility to disobeyed unjust laws. ok ok counsel pipeline to repeal the orthodox presidential picazo trial run through. our our. well judge i actually can now let's take the news from behind this week israel majorly escalated their involvement in the war on syria and now i think it's get a bit crowded but as you know before israel is.


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