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five people die and five are injured after a gunman goes on a shooting spree at a church in russia's southern republic of dagestan the attacker was later shot and killed. israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu slams iran and the nuclear deal calling for it to be scrapped and uses props to make his message clear to iran foreign minister. this is a real. recognize that. george. wallace passenger plane crashes in central iran with all sixty six people on board preview.
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on k. cartridge and you're watching the weekly headlines here at r.t. international thank you for joining us five women have been killed in a shooting at a christian church in russia's southern republic of dagestan five other people including a police officer and a national guardsman were also injured the following report begins with footage taken at the scene. much. so early she was talking to the school nurse looks clear. she's doing work or go drink she was doing. local authorities have confirmed that five people have been killed and several others have been injured after a gunman with a hunting rifle targeted crowds in the southern russian region of dagestan now it's believed the shooter targeted people as they attended a service that an orthodox church is the final day for orthodox chris. before they
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celebrate the great fast as a day in which families would usually attend a church service now it's worth mentioning that dagestan is a predominantly muslim region here's an eyewitness account. while the people were leaving the church a gunman approached armed with a rifle he started to shoot people started fleeing he started shooting people he ran outside to were shot within the churches grounds to just outside of those injured two are said to be in a critical condition the shooter who has also been confirmed dead has been identified as a twenty two year old local man the investigative committee are working to establish whether he had any links to any underground terrorist groups. israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu has lashed out at iran comparing it to nazi germany he criticized the current nuclear deal saying it's unleashed a dangerous iranian tiger. the nuclear weapons. iran's aggression
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will be unchecked. and it will compress the entire world the nuclear agreement with iran has brought the countdown has begun the countdown to a new reading nuclear arsenal little more than a decade in the sanction relief that they do provided has not moderated iran has not made them more moderate internally and has not made a more moderate externally contract it's unleashed a dangerous iranian terror in the region and beyond netanyahu has never been a fan of the way new nuclear deal that was signed back in two thousand and fifteen and on multiple times over the years he has caught iran a great danger well of course talking about a deal in which tehran signed off to limit its uranium enrichment in response for financial sweetness i think this deal is a bad. deal now what we hear today from the israeli prime minister is again
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urging the international community to slap more sanctions on tehran he has called the country the greatest threat to the world and he drew the parallel between the nineteen thirty eight munich agreement that failed in its attempt to appease nazi germany and the two thousand and fifteen iranian agreement he has also said that this deal did nothing short of unleashing the rainy and tyga and to support his point he used visual props here's a piece of that iranian drone mr zarif. do you recognize this. you should it george. you can take back with you a message to the tyrants of tyranny. do not just israel's resolve the iranian foreign minister zarif responded to prime minister netanyahu is comments by saying that they were nothing short of a cartoonish circus that in fact did not acquire
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a response and that they were probably motivated by in italy are whose problems back at home here he was referencing corruption charges that have been leveled against the israeli prime minister of course when the iran nuclear deal was signed back in two thousand and fifteen the obama administration was not supportive of netanyahu viewpoints but since then we have american president trump in office and he not only has supported netanyahu is views but he recently to certify the deal when the rainy and foreign minister was asked as to his response to this this is what he had to say i can assure you that the iran's interests are not secured iran would respond really respond seriously we not be the first ones to worry that an agreement will reach all of was true do you spite of netanyahu to attempt to achieve we achieved it in spite of him being implemented in spite of him
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and the world will maintain that the agreement in spite of his be delusional attempt. this was quite a tense exchange between iran and israel coming as it did at a conference in munich aiming for world peace it raises the tensions here in the region up another notch or difference in government analysts on the oregon says netanyahu is position doesn't reflect what a lot of israelis think. many israelis believe that the nuclear deal was a very good one for israel of course everyone always says i would have gotten the best a better deal but in reality if it would have been a better deal for one side the iranians wouldn't have signed it in israel people understand that the other parties to the deal that is russia china germany. the united kingdom and france along with the european union are not going to
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withdraw from the deal and if in three months time president drum withdraws from the deal the united states will be isolated rather than iran so netanyahu has of course the right to speak up to speak his mind but it doesn't reflect the opinion of many israelis. meanwhile a passenger plane has crashed in central iran with fears that all sixty six people on board have been killed grief stricken relatives are struggling to come to terms with the tragedy. but that the parents other to look at army are doing it to hunt doing this so that cylons are not. the only other bad signs a lot of those on the national gulf meters that did not. have that is available near the gulf now the designs are saying is that the longer. the plane took
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off from the capital tehran and crashed in san cross mountains close to its destination the southwestern city of yes suge according to media reports wreckage has now been found press t.v. journalist youssef jalali reports from tehran. due to adverse weather conditions due to foggy weather the pilot lost his vision and he was trying to find a place where he can make an emergency landing and according to eyewitnesses in the city of sydney room he was trying to land and make an emergency landing on a pasture but unfortunately on this process the plane crashed. while the plane was operated by aslam an airline's it's the third largest carrier in iran it operates domestic and regional services local media reports claim this particular aircraft had suffered technical problems in the past well the eighty our
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seventy two turbo prop is a french italian short haul aircraft the model was first introduced at the end of the one nine hundred eighty s. the last time assman airline suffered a fatal incident was twenty four years ago when the plane suffered a sudden loss of power sixty six people were killed in that disaster. on wednesday seventeen people were killed and a dozen were injured after one of the deadliest school shootings in u.s. history nineteen year old nicholas cruz a former student at the school in the florida city of parkland was arrested after the attack. way either on the floor and into it or on the floor how many people live on the third floor. it looks like students it was one teacher and four students. so they do call the fire drill we want to. go and i doze firecrackers
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but there is a large. amount. of. so i like to come in bring a gun to shoot at you like start taking your family i love you clean or no i guess shark your car is over there give me a script because at that moment you're wondering if my kid if your k.z. say i am. but as we saw there during the shooting many of the students were hiding in classrooms posting messages on line we spoke
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with telling the l.a. nick who was in the school at the time. world around blake about to leave school suppose to end years before the bell rang so poster and . it's hard to find a lot of and we're starting to a little clouds. down right the school. and high because it's not a fire drill it goes school grad and it's first like everybody still thought it's going to feel like. they do and it's course there you can but then we just leave here are the people second talking about life there isn't it sure down like in the next meal is younger than one of those go on last the holidays you got and he's like this is serious. world as it all those will be on the floor like so nobody can see us and all that stuff like not to be on our boards and.
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it's an amp like morse who when they realize this for you know they would just like it waiting at some point and they came in and they told us like like thirty minutes later they told us like everything was clear around but like we're not going to let you out like right now because we still do and like you know the school i mean michael was just trying to reach out to their friends and their family. world a much harm i just like feel very kind a lost cause like i don't know what so it will i call it sort of like it's all stuff because like it's just never happened so me and i just don't think that going to school is going to be like the same up there with fun. but as we said police identified the suspect as nicholas cruz and nineteen year old former student at the school he was expelled for disciplinary reasons he was also linked to a white nationalist group police said he was armed with
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a semi automatic rifle and had multiple magazines cruz has confessed to carrying out the shooting but he's since been charged with seventeen counts of premeditated murder the fellow students describe the suspect as troubled reports also claimed teachers were worried about him some time ago due to his enthusiasm for firearms while the f.b.i. and police have admitted they'd received tip offs about the gunman long before the attack but failed to investigate. we have on target at the broward sheriff's office that we got approximately twenty calls for service over the last two years regarding the killer the f.b.i. has a charm and their protocol was not followed. if the patient was not provided by me but. in no further investigation was conducted that. we've seen time and time again over the last few years our intelligence agencies across the west dropping the ball
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in terms of getting tips being aware of potential threats and not following up on those threats and you taking out the sense of measures it seems less as not being learned they need to have a proper view about you know what exactly are the threats what are they trying to do how can they best protect the people of their country to protect against these threats and that doesn't seem to be done. well in a tweet president trump slammed the f.b.i.'s mishandling of the tip offs about the shooter he suggested the blame lies with the intelligence agency as it dedicates too much time to investigating alleged collusion with russia which he's denied this week the first legal cases were brought regarding alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen presidential election all those targeted were indicted with conspiracy to defraud the us you have more details on this later. there have been two more medals for the olympic athletes from russia team at the winter olympics in south korea would of took brothers in the men's freestyle skiing
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while earlier the men's team took silver in the four by ten kilometer relay the young team were missing some of their leading ski is the more experienced members didn't receive an i.o.c. invitation despite having nest never tested positive for doping well accusations of drug use had prompted the i.o.c. to ban numerous russian athletes for life they appealed against the decision in the court of arbitration for sport overturned the bans for twenty eight russian athletes at the start of february the court then didn't occur and you turned deciding not to go against the i.o.c. we spoke with the court secretary-general matthew reed and asked him about the reasons behind the court and diocese decisions of all interviews on our website r.t. dot com but here is a preview. these athletes applied but were united access to the games because the i.o.c. decided not to invite them so it was not a sanction it was an eligibility issue that's a legal difference for us. only reviewed the question of the
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application of the law of the rules of the i.o.c. it reviewed only the process whether it was fair whether it was nondiscriminatory discriminatory. it found that it was not critical there was no. the rules were not unfair and they have complied with by the i.o.c. so it was only a legally stick approach again there was no review of every. for the entire case of the sochi case was not discussed here the report was last discussed here. the fact that you cannot establish the give evidence of the good of the doesn't mean that you have established the innocence of the athlete this is the other way around with the sochi case because the i.o.c. had to show that the athletes were guilty the fact that they are unable to show the guilt of an athlete doesn't mean that the athlete has nothing to do other with the
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case. we are not acting under pressure so it was not a pressure for us because we have different panel of arbitrators they work independently and they are not really. they are not employees of caste they are independent people. once they have been notified to the parties we will publish them. a controversial new law in poland that makes it illegal to hold the country responsible for the holocaust has provoked around with israel poland's prime minister my parish want to be at ski says jewish perpetrators were involved in the genocide as well as poles israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu calls the claim insensitive. it's not going to be punishable not going to be seen as creamy to say that there were polish perpetrators as there were jewish perpetrators as there were russian paper trail perpetrators as there
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were ukrainian not only german perpetrators but the usual church of the polish prime minister's remarks here in munich are outrageous there is a problem here of an inability to understand history and a lack of sensitivity to the tragedy of our people the president of the conference of european rabbis has also slammed the polish leaders remarks. by the polish prime minister is totally unacceptable to call jews perpetrators of the holocaust is unacceptable to any person who knows history knows you and wants a better future and we did not expect the polish prime minister to say such things but as mentioned the new norm akes it unlawful to attribute nazi war crimes to the polish nation specifically it prohibits referring to nazi death camps situated in the country as polish those violating the law could face up to three years in jail and adviser to the polish president defended the legislation claiming israelis are
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ashamed of their own role. and supposed sentiments in israel comes from the feeling of shame and the passivity of the jews during the holocaust more than three million jews lived in poland before the second world war most of them were killed during the conflict the actually it's birkenau camp which was built in poland under nazi occupation was responsible for the deaths of one million jews former u.s. diplomat jim jatra says the problem is both poles and israelis view history solely from their own perspectives. well look i think all we have here is a clash of nationalisms that obviously the israelis and the jewish people see the events of world war two through the lens of their suffering what happened to them and the people in poland have a somewhat different recollection of it based on their understanding and their suffering in the millions of poles that died during the war and i think this is rather unfortunate that they would be conflicting in this way how they recall things paul and i think i think the main point paul is trying to make is that they
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were victims of the nazis that they were not these were not polish death camps they were german death camps set up in occupied poland and even though there were obviously there were collaborators among many of the nations of europe of various sorts that poland should not be blamed for the existence of these these camps. the us is joining the chorus of growing concern in europe about foreign islamic state fighters returning to their home countries washington has opened its allies particularly britain to pay more attention to citizens who fled europe to join the terror group the u.k.'s defense secretary gavin williamson has previously said they should not be allowed to return. i don't think they should ever set foot in this country again they turned their back on britain our values and everything we stand for they are the worst of the worst we're working with the coalition on foreign fighter detainees and generally expect these detainees to return to their country
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of origin for disposition. currently i still terrorists of u.k. origin who return home face prison sentences while other european countries have tried to reintegrate the form of innocence into society in denmark x. she had this have even received departments and jobs to promote reintegration when we put the issue of how to deal with returning jihadists up for debate. initially britain said we're going to make them stateless remove their passports not going to allow them reentry other countries then said let's take a more light approach some of the nordic nations said let's try to repatriate them have cut radicalisation programs which in part have actually been quite successful in some areas at the same time then the u.s. is now taking the lead and the u.s. defense said foreign countries need to repatriate their own citizens and deal with them using the rule of law and i think that's a sensible way to go they should not come back here it's as simple as that because
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they've committed the crimes abroad so why should the church. foot the bill for all this rehabilitation and all the short probably they do in jail for quite a while that cost more when these crimes have been committed of course let the authorities deal with it under the rule of law in them. you know there are lots of different stories about what happens to these people if we make them stateless stand simply they will stay out there they will keep breeding extremism terrorism and radicalization and they'll keep killing and they'll keep hating us so we have it's a problem have to deal with you can't hide from it you cannot fall back on this british passport so you know i committed atrocities abroad but all for we british passport into the mix so we get sent back oh no how do we know people have committed crimes without putting the evidence in front of them and putting them on trial just assume people went out there so i don't want to go out of here and in london regularly on trial here i go i mean my own regularly well these are worried but obviously the un is so weak. the you again is so weak just nonexistent the should have.
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should have at the un peacekeeping forces making safe and so we could properly categorize these people rather than these people go in to fight for whichever side these people fight. against but now because they fight for the kids to be classed here it becomes a ridiculous situation. the u.s. justice department has indicted thirteen russian nationals and three companies in connection with alleged meddling in america's twenty sixteen presidential election . but as there is no such criminal offense in the u.s. as meddling the defendants were charged with conspiracy to defraud the united states were among the three enterprises indicted is the petersburg based internet research agency which is accused of conspiring to sow political discord another is a catering company which is suspected of having helped fund the whole scheme. well
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the thirteen defendants allegedly used methods ranging from organizing of political rallies to posing as grassroots activists however some of their reported methods were brother also docs for example driving a hillary clinton impersonator dressed as a convict in a cage on the back of a truck they also allegedly bought facebook adverts to promote a rally in title to support hillary save american muslims but despite the lengths they apparently went to it's been admitted these ploys have no impact on the vote. there is no allegation in the indictment that the charged conduct alter the outcome of the twenty sixteen election they wanted to quote so no discord by. breaking into elections no stealing the numbers no changing the numbers no voter fraud no but by merely providing information through advertisements are the listings and social media accounts that were shared by
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americans the mainly ends of dollars that have been involved in the russian investigation so far special constable council muller has indicted for people for that so that's all he has to show and so far nothing has been done let me remind you that we still don't know what russian collusion is we still don't know because deputy attorney general rosenstein today made it very clear that there was no evidence well for more on these on plenty of other stories go to our website. at the top of the hour my colleague rory sushi will be here with the latest headlines but for me i think.
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join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guest in the world of politics school business i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. it's not. just. the to. thirty i want to do it just show me face do with really be very clear. the way your. management. i'm going on they they have one they have and they have.
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a scheme you need to build. something yeah i'm them what do you how to become a soft. do you want to know what. i want to be in the book to measure the coffin or negative cash.
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flow in one. in the crossfire of things we considered i'm peter lavelle who would have thought thirteen russians three counties and some cash could impact an american presidential elections this is where russia gate stands today also more twists and turns in the messy conflict known as syria.
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cross talking those thirteen russians i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst we also have alexander me curious he is a writer on legal affairs as well as editor in chief of the duran dot com and dimitri barbeques a political analyst with international as always gentlemen cross-like rules of effect that means you can jump any time you want and i always appreciate let's go to those thirteen russians three entities and all that cash maybe not so much because i was and you've been writing about it from a legal perspective give us your major takeaway the first point is that of course none of these people are going to be tried so mr miller has prepared a very complicated portentously worded indictment which is never going to be tested because there is no extradition is an extradition brought the russians are not going to extradite these people they get to stay in russia so you doesn't have to prove any of the things that he has said what seems to have happened is that some of these people have gauged in trolling on the internet and they've done things
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which let's be straightforward of glee things mr myler but not unheard of the not unheard of and not just specifically to rush as if it were actually going to hear nothing you hear at all i mean anybody who goes on the internet comes across troubles what most has done is he wants to prove that there is this vast intricate dangerous conspiracy he's put all this together he's labeled as the internet agency in st petersburg is responsible and he strolled around to. various laws that he can stick offenses against these people essentially what this was if you read the indictment well this was a commercial market thing is what it was and and even the indictment itself admits that it was pro anti trump. hillary clinton and for everything in between i mean there's no specific political force to it there's no connections out.


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