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somewhere there and i'm doing this and selling my jallow i just got up they had no problem. with any local. naacp number what. a way the and that's the way that wash another way of political or. a way it was only important. to note there and it also. here in senegal is comfortable. to standards of beauty competes against each other
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while natural beauty is of course a general standard worldwide. bleach plays a big role in the beauty process. to operate on the from here i mean both sort of missed me because i want. to become a castle atavistic. because. numbers are ready for the first call of initial in out of my business is due to begin to shoot you see is very severe infection of the skin this one is going little bit. because you have septicemia and you dip. during dhaka fashion week models spoke out against skin bleaching.
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these girls dream of strutting down european country so they aim for natural beauty because europe demands it but in senegal standards of beauty a somewhat different. look at these posters. no matter what that advertising. all the models in them have lighter skin the ni-cads target audience the message is clear only those with my to
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skin are beautiful and can achieve success. word means that. do. the right to be beautiful. but it is not a kind of. inferiority complex no they don't want to be white people. quite. clearly but. why do more but even put up a lot of the. songs almost but what if a bit. lives with her mother her brothers and sisters she's the family's forced child and has a young daughter. to become
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a hospitality manager she believes that bleaching makes him look more beautiful. here from the reality of. what he just wants to do well. come on we. can be a blowout more than a this stupid act that i do so i'll be getting real. again so what you're going to buy i don't. doubt this will sell well. did big money. also became to be developed the way you so far because. it's so on the free. as a cosmetics store two minutes wolf from his home in residential areas beauty shops are as common as grocery stores. but.
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you. think it will yes. you will. you know. show me face yes this is. also on the second day to. be. out by a remark i was born wadi you know i. know you want to them to remember that i was wrong and i'm not going to look up i'm going to be i mean. this is evil by the way did you know it. was not only going to be walked out of. that i will never going to get right.
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back up will never do it and it. q. b. and she doesn't use preaching products she believes that the beautiful music loving yourself for what you are. she lives with her mom and her sister in the finished house the father died when she was little. and she works in a fog and dreams of becoming a supermodel just like naomi campbell. also i do. for myself. i knew that me not it yet. but i. knew this. was
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a new business sense and. you know. it was a new movement it wasn't even the. reason for. me going to miss you so much. lives in a fishing village near death because it's a bustling area with construction sites all over the place. she and her friends but taking a stroll along the beach. that's what they often come with some of it be open to. the british public. but you can look at the book demonic time. in place for some. reason tropes long slow growth no doubt seen some fruit from tablets really drink
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you. start to stop it. from your girl. just because. something. when we come here one day. i want to do enjoy the show so a lot what is a show you would do right this one from from your answer before you do it be very true or like. a way. to understand or very. much up on the macall it he's impressed by the message until it begins again in the lead it isn't that i mean you're losing that down what if it. misses just as you need to be. mine i will call must be in the could be my last year. but i'm not a vision. of lots of people to eventually make it in my mind seemingly one of the
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good and you have to take consequence for example. if things become black or pigmentation around eyes become blood. from the world because they have their family knew they face a bus or face i would. rule this louder or you them or more are being who. i mean if you're there for south africa and like the fascist. am i net wide net for them i mean if you want feel free i didn't have to do over there having the kid there face up. now. you are going to double. up sylvia didn't you won't say that he has any. interest that she will need to consider your color coded as we.
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need number and this will help us tell the world. we're. going to know who you are. and. if you ask for us a lot if you were just a delusional on violet's on my list thank you leave. some of your conflicts to the few self-inflicted wounds you. try a few months at i.c.i. in the local culture in low bow to with this impulse you say examine the issue of. mud which will be the time no serious c. i just want to say it's all good essentially all. the fighting complex see if you are to much of a woman you have. and you see that your husband is looking
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about me don't we me. i'm going to have a. kid i think that. by. and by i met. a beautiful. beautiful is beautiful you know you see so few good food is beautiful there prefer we want to see if you're bald is like skiing it's good people are got you see fall it is. like skiing. so. it's easy. to get. sad i. like feeling that.
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serene their lives in dhaka with her mother. father left them when she was little and. mom works in some markets serino also has a small business but she dreams of becoming a top model one day. q thank you. just remember this is in show low just because you didn't see. it. while. thank. there still just down on
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a more. well fed. and level that. it will. get. serenus road to fame stunts on the roof of a house. that's where she works on how catwalk skill. serenus place is right thanks to the international employees the sound of planes taking off from the ending is always in the bank around. but she's never been on
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one of his self. flying away somewhere serena's dream. so i have all this is on his way to practice is the only pressure oppressive measureless being deployed against afghanistan and people everywhere he said lot of colonialism the theft of all the land and the many many. you know give us stating things that there are some in his i'm doing of course began calls i said in the fog horn uprising.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out it's. all isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending two hundred twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else i want to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so one more chance for. a nice minute.
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because i was in a lot of them take a walk you are. going on well most you should you know because. only feeling that you're a big deal of course. of course are. big you know. it and. you're going to still do not know. why because.
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sales of whitening products thrive in african countries including sending. important sales billions of dollars in revenues. id advertising agency that specializes in outdoor ads we asked to see at least one natural model that graces its billboards. the designer shows a soda. she's the epitome of natural beauty. then we ask him to show us his favorite celebrity names viviane and hoskins bleached. laboratory you know. you can look at. your. there.
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were. no. i said not p.r. if it go men men it's all sin now but you could laugh while. we want to cry but yes you see my feet six out. and i think what it that no one had so much. but. then when i did that and i presume i want that. my depth i might have been enough but. at the same i'm the name of that and i know my family knew about that one. as a curious theory about skin martin says she believes that exercising in the open at
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all since the thing. about. it that. said. well you get a new look alike look on the. man to me. and then. but i would do it with you i'm been the. only let up on that also know that later if it was the anybody different than me if someone. if it's out of balance it would not be a book as i laid it up at the desk this was a. good book. on the day i know it but the new office article must be
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a bit. peculiar. whatever this is that this is that. what i learned just wapnick i live to see how someone. may give us a while to drop then thinking now we're going to laugh at. when none of them want to have another logical question to make back will have entertained them on the high and to gossip or off them oh my god i have to be i say are so risky if you ask to the bone marrow in the way out of the compound good very good you can use the full retreat if you have to. launder works in the film industry. she's
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a wardrobe assistant who dreams of becoming an actress she thinks breaching her skin will help you become a movie star. live. my lies beneath the sea of jewels and i thought when i was really good. so i got it out if and if that's the best get the money they made it is on my desk you never know when it will come when you don't tell us the mobile the how i think the who arrived in the. book and ask them what they're going to. minimize the amount of effort to learn it as your genes will differ on some visual part some of the plastic on their eyes or the you know invent combined with the c.e.o. of our for. it's not something everywhere but it's a fake as if it is an alpha not a monarch not by the show which had been quite
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a showing why you. see or not disappear for an adult that's very definite he would have to all feel it obviously wrong. go home movie feet see all of walking barefoot off it. but i'll qualify it. as a dead horse on our coffin and it's pretty definite he already got him on the run you know sort of gossip bar for respect you know what that i want has a non-binary. and then amp and that i want clock. was going to move them is a little bit more like i'm leggins up all. playoffs i am not a guy there's your true arrow in the last movie i love my give no more. to save.
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number it's to. me yeah it feels it's really true. yeah i'm numb what do you have with their vocal myself a little what do you also call just out of each one the number two my mom never talks to me my nephew just going about it only mean that we could measure stuff was accosted more like in the mike was because it didn't affect him. that made the police believe. she was so limited he did not know how much it meant more the law might also cost to get out of there more than enough with him wouldn't take them up if. you didn't want him to live yes he does it to feel big the plumbing for the times by moses you feel the home last. night it just kills me and i need the admission i'm a little i want to mention it i'm not too long as it is not exactly the noise you. members you know if i was on the receiving end of quote unquote if i mean that means that me demanding i mean it is all you say this is you know part of what i'm
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going to deliver not going up to the local t.v. as he did tweet over to me i'm going to be a busy addict it is all going well beyond the myths and m.s.s. and i am going to love having not done any of those and if you cannot feel so will issue a version for you also please see i also is all you have a lot of evolution. made him is that. i never thought of them. while on a skin whitening project serena and i cheaper plan for success by practicing them loose on the campaign. to teach their. feet beneath him here this is surrealism and she's managed
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to coach is to go find system on how to look that best and finds work for the. national park in with the new shows for defeating decided to quit the poor said gritty as usual three. shankland affair said with a midnight. shift to. this. this arenas business. here she sells one of the most popular products. we're going to. ball
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shall be one version of the of what might be unlikely given you're going to just go away from it if you leave it at that cash. sassy freeboard best game in my life on the sea and then you can see gave me shit back in one fer like betty bailey to get off of me more than a back so i'd be more than a block really sorry that's employees actually. sat . back you did lose our place on. this stage it's just land mines. not made you see in how many feet high spec til you. want. to need he let it become a tough lot if don't dispose of the filament he paid on diesel as it.
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usually does it. didn't want salt of the kid put it out people particularly be developing it off it sit in. the music dark. it is it out. for the little bit but yeah i suppose i was to go on this is i don't i goes on to say the responsibility for using these products lies with the consumer that's all well and good. but it's only natural that girls want to look prettier than pale say except of course you don't need a whitening cream to achieve that.
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hey everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy you know suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v.'s to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru where he's a little bit different i'm not a abraham lincoln. you know windows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun every day americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which. stein is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos and middle fiddlesticks mission to do it like humility this isn't my cup of tea is going up the side of the aisle maybe
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a bit. old john and up i just hope. the only palestinians who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the oak bush did not only could do this. and not fizzle off at night as to how to display any of the most of the i know if you continue muslims you know do more camillus also don't piss off. our. eyes.
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headlines on international a former cia director admits the u.s. has interfered in other country's elections quote for a good call. coming in the wake of the alleged russian meddling saga. feels fro the israeli iranian rivalry could now spill over into syria. might get involved . from russia is suspected of doping at the winter games in south korea a second round of test results will be released on monday and despite the intense scrutiny and pressure on russia with many banned from these olympics already they are still having a good go at the games with eleven medals.


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