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tv   Sophie Co  RT  February 19, 2018 5:30am-6:00am EST

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what can make these reticent palestinian restarting earn this process towards peace and what fresh ways can be found in the process out of the dead in. nasser al could well former palestinian foreign minister and you're an ambassador welcome to the show it's really great to have you with us now master of palestinians don't trust a u.s. led peace efforts anymore and want to establish a multilateral format of peace negotiations talking about moscow hosting the future talks but israel said it would only call parade if the americans leave if the americans that if this process so how do you expect your multilateral format to work if israel isn't part of it well we don't think that it should work with without israel but we think that it's the duty of the international community to push the israelis to accept certain things including to establish a multilateral format as you said a mechanism that that mechanism and i want to mind should be responsible for
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putting together the basis for negotiations and for following up the negotiations and sponsor them. donald trump has recently said that he's not sure both israel and palestine want to move forward peace towards peace at this point and he then said let's wait and see before things can move forward do you agree has to us let peace process stopped in its tracks for now. well we don't think that the statement was a fair one we think that the palestinian and the palestinian side has always proved beyond any doubt its willingness to to not only to negotiate but to actually reach an agreement something that the israelis have never done and in terms of the talks and of deeds as well let's remember that there's a government went on on a campaign of settler colonialism causing all kinds of problems which which
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actually negate any possibilities for reaching a peace agreement so again the statement is not is not and we think it's the israeli side to take the blame but also i mean can you discard it asked me to mediation completely not just israel but many arab states in the region would do what the u.s. tells them. this isn't we don't we don't we don't pick and choose who should be in the international mechanism after all it's the responsibility is over those parties themselves to decide and to coordinate and to come to come together. within a framework of such such mechanism we. war against the united states of america we said that what the americans themselves have said done to have done this qualify them from playing the role of the co-sponsor of the peace process and that's why we need the international community needs different different
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mechanism but it's the business it's something that. comes together the u.s. plans to cut financial aid to palestine in hall fact would abbas advisor said that it's less wouldn't do any serious harm to the palestinian economy but i mean how can that not be a big deal for palestine if the u.n. is repeatedly warning that gaza is on the verge of total collapse with entering couple water medical supplies running out the color outbreak looming. well to start with the u.s. assistance is limited and of school. and in terms of goal is to be to be achieved through this this assessment and as such maybe some of my colleagues suggested putting goal reducing that it would not cause huge damage or. to the palestinian people nevertheless let me let me tell you that any assistance
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to the palestinian people any part of the palestinian people is something that is important and that's why i do believe that that we need to but the less noise can come at the expense of the independence of the palestinian decision and no assistance can actually influence our direction and the decision making process on the palestinian side now with no full independence in sight palestinian officials are thinking about dissolving the autonomy as government which was supposed to be the temporary anyway and handing all the work and burden of governing palestine back to israel directly this sounds pretty much like capitalisation to me does it make the decades long palestinian struggle for statehood nolen void. no i was actually i don't have the same the same thinking i believe that the establishment of the president of the o.t. was an achievement for the palestinian people who we need to keep and we need to
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struggle for going forward and not not back backpedaling go going forward means to achieve the national independence of the state of palestine on my ideas successive seven borders and with his use of them as its capital so maybe we have some disagreements here on among ourselves as palestinians but again i think that the palestinian authority should continue should not give up our responsibilities the wars our people but what this is being discussed what the current officials will any does aleutian of the p.a. mean the end of fatah and the p.l.o. as well because i mean how can there be a government representing the palestinians which doesn't actually govern anybody know an end to the palestinian authority would not mean an end to fat or the p.l.o. is an independent political party and the p.l.o. his an umbrella organization national amber logan has ation that the that is that
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composed of many political organization the president of the four it is something else that came as a result of political agreements between the palestinian and israeli sides and as a result of direct election by the palestinian people and again in spite of all its shortcomings and there are shortcomings nevertheless i personally believe that we should keep the authority and we should push hawgs in a very serious way to move forward specially with regard to the achievement of our national independence and our state so how is strong's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital going to change state israeli palestinian dispute. well first of all let me let me reiterate once more that that. a violation. of international law of the relation of security council resolutions to which the
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united states itself was a party it was a departure from and established to his policy it was also a violation of international agreements again to which the united states was was a party it was allied it assault on the palestinian people on on the rights of the palestinian people to jerusalem as its capital and also i think it was a huge challenge to muslims to to to christians around the war those who believe that this city is holy one to all of them and not only to a particular religion or to particular side. now this is only one country's voice the rest of the world isn't moving their embassies to jerusalem so why such a strong negative reaction to that from the palestinians no listen i agree with you that it's only one country and they agree with you with that in reality that
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proclamation did not actually create any any any new facts on the ground nevertheless it is also an important country and our position relates to that country it's not related to the the whole international community we believe that the action meant certain things and that is why we believe that the united states itself has disqualified itself from playing any significant role in the future so why do why do you think they did it if that is the consequence is that the decision. well that's a good question but it's not for me to do two hundred frankly it's four that ministration itself people speak of the order speculate about certain things including the influence of certain political pressure group in the united states or they speak of other reasons as well but in all cases there is no doubt that the
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decision did not come. of the interest of the united states in abroad or to the interests of the peoples of the middle east definitely not to the cause of peace and that them to reach agreement between the two sides does it mean that united states isn't really interested in peace outcome no not necessarily saw it it could be interested nevertheless it could be influenced by certain extraneous elements or explaining as consideration again it's not it's not really for me to speculate and on this on this front the clear thing for me is is that the united states made a big disservice to the people of the middle east it did disqualify itself from playing the role of the mediator between the two sides and the sponsor of the
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middle east peace process and now the israeli settlements in the palestinian west bank are growing in number and they are spread all over the territory what happens to palestinian statehood aspirations with all the settlements dotting the palestinian man i mean can there be a palestine minus the territory given to israeli settlers. absolutely not listen so typical is in is. illegal under international law it was a grocer violation of. geneva convention i.e. war crime compounded actually a war crime it's something that has no pattern in our ward especially in the twenty first century such it has to stop the war that has to come together to prevent it and to divert actually so sad so the man's illegal there is no room for them to stay the fact that they are not given any additional
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legitimacy they have to be dismantled and settlers have to leave our territory all right ambassador we're going to take a short break right now and when we're back we'll continue talking to knots or all could well former palestinian your ambassador and the country's foreign minister to talk more about their prospects of finding a solution to the palestinian question stay with us. hey everybody i'm stephen bob taft hollywood guy you know suspect every proud
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american first of all i'm just george washington and intervene to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru well he's a little bit different i'm not a one can find i know no one knows not with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun meet every day americans call me and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people which. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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i played for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just kill you narrowness and spending to get the twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else on to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so what chance with. the base it's going to. back with the nasser all could well former palestinian foreign minister and u.n. ambassador talking about the prospects of palestinian independence and middle.
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america masses are now planning a law that will basically annex the solons and make their territory the territory of israel proper as israel's government had it towards the destruction of the idea of a palestinian state. i think they are unfortunately we have witnessed a very serious the of the main trend in israel towards the riot extreme right i would say unfortunately in all in all fields not only with regard to the middle east peace process or the conflict between the israelis and the palestinians so this is this is a reality what the israelis are trying to do know is to proceed to continue with settlement colonialism to establish more settlements to bring more settlers to the occupied territory hoping to create new facts as they call them and then from the
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clyde two to one is an exile in a creeping way and a gradual way of of this territory and the ultimate goal of course is to prohibit or to prevent the palestinian people from exercising the right to self-determination and national independence and to take over the whole palestinian land that's that's the horrible political fact which we need to to face and the whole international community needs to be aware of now that trump has backed israel as a long claims and with the prospect of settlement annex ation by israel what are palestinian options. well we might be the weaker to the weaker side i don't deny that but it's it's a weaker side that has the right that has international law on its side that has the positions of the whole international community and its support so as such if we
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just maintain what position and state fast in our demands without any hesitation without any change of all of those positions and i think no ball in the world would be able to defeat the palestinian people and to but event them to to to deprive them from the natural and natural rights hamas after the jerusalem affair has called for a new intifada against his route can there be a third general uprising in palestine any time soon of course that again be because the israeli policies and his only practice is the oppressed oppressive measures being deployed against the palestinian people everywhere and the settler colonialism the theft of our land and the many many. you know the stating things that there is a veil is a doing of course the cause of the intifada or uprising that were less let me let
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me indicate that this does not become. the decision of any party this is not something that political forces can get and plan and gun decided stymie this is something that should be and is spontaneous if it comes and hopefully. the israeli side will stop those policies and practices or actually the palestinian side the palestinian people who will decide to go in a new uprising against such policies and practices so that's foster the party of your uncle yasser arafat's support the idea of an intifada. no listen policy has fled to his is is clear i mean now we we do support the popular the popular resistance that that is to say peace is a stance that the detection of the israeli policies and all of the israeli measures
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we hope that this this should be this will be enough to to to stop the. two chains it had to to. enable us both sides to these political settlement but nevertheless it's not totally and one hand it's it's actually dependent on what the israelis might or might not continue to do in the future so would you support a violent resistance if it broke out. over the three we would not we would that point we don't want bloodshed we don't want violence with violence we we want peaceful relationship we want to establish peace in the middle east but again it takes two to tango and it is largely dependent on what the israelis might or might do i would remain committed to popular resistance and
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peaceful ways and means to resist occupation and a master israel put aside fatah and hamas have little love for each other can there be an agreement made by israel and the west bank palestine and not gas or palestine . no of course any agreement to cover all of the palestinian territory including including does and while you might be allied to that is no more love lost between fatah and hamas we are both i think committed to the palestinian national interest and the necessity of their establishment of the independence of the state of palestine on ninety six to seven borders as who's written as its capital so this is something very important which is in common between the between the two sides so we have to struggle together to achieve this and we have to end the split to to achieve enough occasion of the palestinian territory that that is to say between
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gaza and the west bank but if the west bank let's say reaches an agreement and. how how do you work around that well the main problems we have. to relate to the west bank and settlements taking place in the west bank jews and of course is in the west bank. attempts to. settlements and the role the exact lines between the two states they lay so the west bank so. all the problems that exist between the palestinian and israeli sides during late to the west bank so in a sense. does not heavily appear in the picture in terms of actually reaching an agreement between the palestinian and the israeli side nevertheless for us the palestinians very important to be included in any
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final arrangements and of course the. integrity of the palestinian territory the unity between gaza and the west bank is something that's very important not only emotionally and then surely but also economically and in terms of the viability of the palestinian state to be independent now the founding arrah five generation of leadership based slowly you in a way to new politicians who shelby mahmoud abbas's successor i mean. when mr abbas chooses to retire well first first of all let me praise the leadership the historically the ship of the palestinian people generally headed by by. and other leaders including mahmoud abbas as well. in terms of who is the success of this is something that will be decided by the palestinian people maybe
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through the palestinian in institutions when the time comes and i'm sure that the palestinian people out of capable of of living up to such responsibility and to take the necessary this is in when when needed. would you accept the duty of the palestinian presidency if it was offered to you. well i think i'm not being offered this duty by the palestinian people at this stage so it's there's no there's no good question to. at this stage when when when when is that bridge we would see how to cross including the commitment of the somali duties that might or might not be in place a lot of palestinians from the refugee breck grounds are now fighting in the syrian civil war or talk a bit about that conflict by be all could spray gate in a lap or supporting syrian government forces does that mean that the palestinians in general are sympathetic to the assad cos no it means that the
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palestinian generally the palestinian general as you put it neutral in this conflict we didn't want to become a party we always the. peaceful settlement negotiations debate discussions among among. parties is actually the best way forward unfortunately we would not listen to most of the time but this nevertheless has been our our position and again a little bit that we are not taking sides in the syrian conflict we only wish. to see an end to that conflict and to see a peaceful solution that will. stop the bloodshed and enable the syrian people to govern themselves in the right way that they would
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choose themselves you were a un envoy to syria at the beginning of the civil war there right now some progress is being made in the peace process yet evidently the war is still raging when do you think it will peace in syria become a reality one near to never. well i was there as deputy to mr kofi annan the former secretary general of the united nations as the. as common envoys or joint invoiced to. the syrian the syrian conflict. that was a joint pressure between the united nations and the legal the arab states and to be frank with you i think the war done then was very serious war the most important of which was the. reaching of g.-d. of a communique at the time mr kofi annan and myself pushed hard to make it the basis
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for a political settlement but unfortunately some parties were not supportive enough so it didn't it didn't work then and i believe very valuable opportunity was lost since then we have seen ups and downs we have seen the improvement we have seen worsening of the situation now what is ours to see some dangers phenomena taking place the instantly including increase in the intensity of the fighting in some areas nevertheless we also see some positive elements so maybe. through cooperation among concerned parties we can overcome the remaining difficulties and actually achieve peace and that important arab country. all right thank you very much for this
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interview we wish you all the best masterwork been talking to nasser all could well former palestinian foreign minister and the country's u.n. representative discussing their prospects of palestinian independence they're up on our next program we'll hear what the other side of the dispute has to say as i interviewed a former chief of israeli mater at military intelligence that's it for. this edition of sophia cohen also.
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maybe you know john tell. me the only palestinian. counterparts i don't think some of those who. wish to not only do this. i know it is unfair. i know if you continue me doesn't seem to do more. but result. i. felt. i.
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syrian pro-government forces are reportedly preparing to enter the city of trained to help kurdish militia. to washington to deescalate the month between its. fullest cia director admits the u.s. does interfere in other countries elections but it is for a good course the comments coming in the wake of the alleged russian meddling saga plus. i mean what is this. untrue done to the majority of the countries in the middle east if you're an american i am i going to marry. an iranian american fashion blogger an american by a t.v. host for criticizing u.s. policy in the middle east.


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