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tv   News  RT  February 19, 2018 8:00am-8:30am EST

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investigators say sudden days of church shooting in southern russia which left five people killed may have been an act of terrorism. syrian pro-government forces are reportedly preparing to enter the northern city of afrin to help repel a turkish offensive that softer washington failed to deescalate the month long conflict between its two allies. and a former cia director admits the u.s. does interfere in another country's elections when it is quote for a good cause the comments coming in the wake of the alleged russian meddling.
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it's four o'clock here in moscow and you're watching all t. international live with me and. welcome to the program investigators are looking into various potential motives including terrorism for sunday's shooting atrocity in southern russia a gunman killed five women at a christian church during a circus. says that. those of us who. live. within our own. well the investigative committee at this stage is looking into all possibilities and overfishing you can fly today that terrorism is also one of the leads they are looking into the attack took place in the town of qusayr in the southern russian province of dagestan on sunday the attacker was identified as a local twenty two year old resident by the local authorities he targeted christian
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church goers leaving an orthodox christian ceremony marking the beginning of a fast of a christian festival here in russia now bystanders managed to film this how ring footage as the gunman took shots at bystanders with a hunting rifle. much. so well you should only does the school more looks it clear. he's doing record good as he was doing. as we said earlier five people were killed in that attack four injured two of them critically were police officers as well we managed to hear from the priest who was actually taking the church service at the time who described how the churchgoers barricaded themselves inside the building to avoid being targeted by the attack on the ranch and this is there was a woman here she was begging for money all the city knew her she hit the shooter with her bag and he shot her in the chest another man tried to stop the attacker
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but was shot while this was happening we managed to close the doors of the church like the victims were such kind people one of them had taught her children and another who tried to stop him this is just the victims were such kind people one of them had taught our children and other who tried to stop him. yes if it wasn't for her people would have been dared all because she managed to hold him back all of us to gators and i'll look into any inspiration links the gunman may have drawn from terror groups islamic state of course was quick to claim responsibility on their website for the attack as they often do after such incidents in the meantime the attack of course i was drawn condemnation from both christian leaders. in the region as well as the detectives continue their investigation we spoke to independent journalist luke a very in brussels a city that suffered numerous terror attacks in recent years he says that the security services don't exchange enough intelligence on suspects. there is not
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enough connection between the police forces the should be more done to get information to collect information collectively also with russia of course we are not shipped where we should be in trance of difference that is a great fear among the people that we will see more of the terrorist attacks that we had to paris brussels and other places we are of course very close to the areas where these people come from what i see from them we need to do more in terms of connecting our police force. syrian pro-government forces are expected to help kurdish militia defend the city of afternoon that's according to syrian state media it follows an alleged deal between damascus and the kurds under the agreement truce will help kurdish fighters repel turkey's offensive in the region obviated ruptly has filmed some of the preparations.
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middle east correspondent joins me live with more details paula has there been any reaction from turkey to these reports. there has been no reaction from turkey what we can tell you is that in the coming hours it is widely expected that pro damascus government forces will enter the northern syrian region of afrin we're hearing that according to syrian state t.v. now there they'll provide assistance to syrian kurds who for the better part of a month have been trying to repel a turkish military offensive this latest development follows a deal that was allegedly sealed on sunday between damascus and the syrian kurds now the turkish foreign minister has responded saying that anger has no problem with pro-government forces into an afghan but only so long as those forces are there to eliminate kodesh groups there to turkey con soldiers terrorist groups if that's not the goal then certainly does have
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a. if regime forces enter the city to eliminate the way the terrorists then we don't have a problem with that however if we go there to defend the white b.g. nothing and nobody can stop our soldiers. now that's part of the region has been embroiled in better violence for at least a month ever since and can launched its military operation called olive branch against could it with guards as terrorists. was. was.
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now this fierce fighting has resulted in multiple casualties as well as civilian deaths on both sides of the conflict talking about civilians those who live in the afan region have hailed their potential entrance of pro damascus government forces into the area. as a citizen of our friend i do not find fault with the syrian forces entering some points on the border as residents of our friends we never wanted partition and i would think that there is a duty of the syrian government to defend its borders and protect a friend which is within syrian borders. now and launched its military operation after the pentagon announced that it was helping to establish a kurdish led government a kurdish led security border force along the turkish syrian border and co responded with fury accusing the united states of essentially setting up an accord a terror. army since then the united states has tried to backtrack but essentially
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it's too little too late and the situation on the ground is really beyond the point of being able to change the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov who's been following these developments carefully has said that america's involvement inside syria has resulted in this bloodshed. we are concerned about attempts to partition syria some of the grounds that the u.s. has already started to realize on the ground. the u.s. claims that their only goal in syria is the fight i sort of preserve the country's integrity but i think that washington needs to brackets works with action because right now it's actions look provocative the u.s. should use the codes to pursue its own ambitions and that's led to a major conflict in africa. now tensions on the ground continue to escalate despite the fact that in the past month the united states has tried on various occasions to try and deescalate the situation what remains now of course is to see
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how this latest development escalates tensions even further. middle east correspond their policy thanks very much for that very overview on the situation there we're going to continue the discussion there with syria commentator done it. danny let's start with the development what does it mean what does this mean. for the conflict in the area. well it means a lot because there has been a series of of events which of escalated the conflict between the kurds and the turks and and the culmination of today where syrian government forces or a state television called them popular forces set to enter freen told to many defend the kurds and to bring a presence back of the syrian government within that city now the response of turkey will be very interesting because the presence of syrian forces will probably intel the presence of of russian forces perhaps
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a russian protection so turkey may be willing to think twice about re escalating the conflict now ankara stated that if the syrian government is coming in to deal with the kurdish groups in the white b.g. then it it definitely encourages that but if damascus is set to defend that could strike a big problem for turkey and turkey is use this power play for the last month attacking what is essentially undefended kurds because the united states used them for a political purpose of fighting isis and other different radical groups and have now essentially betrayed them the left. and they're essentially now it under the will of turkey who can strike them at will and the forces damascus wants to send is probably an attempt to deescalate the situation and further prevent turkey from encroaching into northern syria if you look at the forces turkey is using to attack the kurds these are made up of former f.s.a. regiments of current so-called moderate islamist groups who are now fighting for
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the turks who have previously defending eleven month ago so there is a lot of geopolitics and power plays from regional countries magnified in the events we're seeing today in of rain yeah i mean you talk about the power play. we have to look at the situation and the u.s. has been very vocal about its opposition to the syrian government and yet we have a situation here with this in. it's in the syrian pro-government forces how is that going to affect washington's support for the kurdish groups to think. well it may alter it to an extent but washington is essentially left to themselves the allow the kurds to be put in a situation where they're now essentially being being attacked by turkey on a day to day basis and they have u.s. weapons so the washington isn't really going to do much about the syrians intervening in our friend because firstly it's an issue of sovereignty it's
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a syrian city and it should be under the protection of damascus and second of all there's not much washington washington can do because they have this fear of the gun in the turkish government which is why they have backtracked for the last month after making those statements of of creating an essentially kurdish border force which would be a huge threat to turkish national security the role of russia here is very interesting as well because russia has has acted as a peace broker and a power broker in syria of late so there must be some sort of a corporation at least between the kurds and the russians because there is a deep mistrust of the syrian government from the kurds and that has been something which has been present for over two years now so if a syrian forces to enter free in there must have been some sort of some sort of discussion which would have allowed that to happen now the reports just now coming in that the turks are to actually attacked areas around freen potentially wanting
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to deter syrian forces from coming in but it seems that the syrian troops will enter free in today and what that could do is put an end to this turkish assault on the kurdish areas we could see the turks either going to to potentially defend a lost rebel in caves or attack other areas but as long as syrian troops are present enough rain it will act as a very big deterrent for the turks who have stated today that they will not stop even if syrian forces are there but in. in hindsight if you if you look at the situation on the ground which is developing the turks would be wise not to enter a conflict with what is a quite jubilant and stronger damascus today than it was perhaps one or two years ago. syria commentator terry mackey thanks very much for your thoughts on this latest development thanks. a former director of the cia has admitted the u.s. interferes in other countries elections and domestic affairs when it's quote for
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a good cause artie's word ghastly evidence that where the double standards are in play no one likes a spoiler medlars interference especially when it comes to american elections there who really pure and spoiled and unsullied or they were before the russians got to them they say but judge not lest ye be judged especially when you have a fetish for getting your fingers into foreign elections when i just don't mess around other people. are only for the very good do that through vine video and those former c.e.o. for a very good cause. said the former director of the cia it's funny because when america does it when someone else's even suspected of doing it no not bad but did the russians break the rules or do something bizarre the
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answer is no not at all said a thirty year veteran of the cia come on the cia root the book on meddling. we've been doing this kind of thing since the cia was created in one thousand forty seven we've used posters pamphlets mailers banners you name it we've planted false information for newspapers we've used with the british called king george's calorie suitcases of cash add to that assassinations coups information warfare hacking and that's just the stuff we know about this the johnson that helped oversee the cia's exhibit g.'s he'd know the difference is they say when russia does it it's to destroy the woold even when that meddling has no actual impact on the elections as even the justice department just admitted when america
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doesn't so the greater good democracy and all that you could ask of course how on earth overthrowing democratically elected leaders such as the cia has done is helping democracy how sending billions of dollars worth of guns to gulf dictators is helping democracy but don't well the united states has been interfering in other countries elections since the one nine hundred thirty s. and in the caribbean and in latin america when i was in cia in the seventy's and eighty's in europe i would say that the that the cia and the us government basically were interfering in elections almost every election that was taking place in europe this was just routine that the us wanted a friendly government of a certain type and was willing to do certain things to enable that to happen if we're going to claim that america has the right to interfere behind the scenes
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in the politics of another country. it's a little hypocritical for then america to say oh yeah russian intelligence has been interfering in american elections. you don't get to have it both ways a cia whistleblower jailed in controversial circumstances when it's a story out until after this break. apply to many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion
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from the families it's the age of the superman each kill the narrowness and spending to get to the twenty million one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy my great so will more chance with. the base this morning to. join me every thursday on the alex simon show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics school business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back to the program former cia whistleblower jeffrey sterling has been released from prison he reveals cia mismanagement of
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a classified program to the u.s. senate and was later sentenced under the espionage act to three and a half years soling was freed after serving over two years of that sentence but sterling was not jailed for what he told senators instead he was accused of leaking classified information shared with the senate to a journalist his sentence was softer than the usual nineteen years minimum reported the that was because all the evidence against him was circumstantial aren't meant kone a former u.s. senate candidate who petitioned for sterling's release explains how we ended up being treated as a traitor. jeffrey was a cia officer he has a law degree spoke perfect farsi and he was hoping to work in the middle east and stead prior to his assignment in the middle east they said that it was a going to work because he's too big and and too black and he said to them when did you realize that so they went from one job to another job to worry was dust jacking
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in new york and he decided at that point this isn't what he was signed up for in the cia when he came in in one thousand nine hundred three he backed off he stepped down from the cia and he pressed discrimination charges those discrimination charges had to be dropped in the early two thousand during that time period or times reporter james rise and now with the intercept was having about fifty conversations back and forth with jeffrey and then james rise and released a book about two thousand and five called state of war in which he disclosed the cia's botched release of nuclear plans to iran even jeffrey tried to tell a senate intelligence committee about this information they tried to go after james rise and to find out who his source was just around that same time they arrested jeffrey they dropped the rise and case because obama did not want to go after a reporter because the heat was on obama in the obama administration because he was
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going after a journalist. a judge who sentenced a long start to law in the past i don't think criminal case would be decided using direct evidence often that's not possible on when counties have nothing but second functional evidence stemming. they went and took jeffrey to court the only type of evidence that they had was circumstantial evidence and cia agents saying that it was a disgruntled employee that released information because of his discrimination case jeffrey has maintained his innocence for almost seventeen years the new york times which evasion he published the story of sterling's suit against cia has not covered his beliefs on mentone says that many journalists simply forgotten about jeffrey study journalist are never asked about are asking about jeffrey sterling or talking about it and this is a man who has become an invisible man a forgotten man who is in my mind a hero the a.c.l.u.
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with me even handled this case and so we have to reach out to other types of outlets unable to tell his story. now lympics athlete from russia has tested positive for doping at the winter olympics in south korea the court of arbitration for sport is now reviewing the case with the world anti-doping agency expected to announce the results of a second round of tests late on monday the athlete in question is mixed doubles alexandre he and his wife won bronze in china the first olympic curling medal ever for russian athletes ulti to leave a chunk of hospital. well right now it is all down to that second doping test and if it happens to be positive that will be a real disappointment for many people i can tell you that here and chang the crowds have literally fallen in love with the russian couple alexander crucial needs and in this this year brazil are husband and wife they won the country its first ever
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olympic medal in curling and to watch their family team work on ice was something inspiring the media went on about them for a few days in a row and they were even compared with mr and mrs smith but now alexander is suspected of taken the infamous drug that hadn't been banned until a couple of years ago it once costs tennis star maria sharapova a year of her career after her team had forgotten to put it on the do not take drugs list and honestly alexander scase if he had made the same mistake or had taken the drug on purpose that would just be ridiculous when the oh they are are under such a close watch here and peeling chang crucially that ski has said that he believes someone could have spiked his food or drinks with it in case the international
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olympic committee have promised to launch a special probe but that will happen after the olympics are over in the meantime the olympic athletes from russia are getting on with their quest for medals and despite all the pressure despite some of the main stars missing out the zero eight are have secured some bronze in silver and the cross country skiing squad who were teenagers just a year or two ago are doing particularly well with five medals so far no gold though. because reaction to the incident from moscow based sports radio host alan moore take a burst of energy burst of speed he could work hard because you're courting is a pretty olympic pretty pretty testing sport and self he will be supremely stupid to be caught for. though he has. said that his voyage of in spite of
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training camp. to see him on like he got he took it however worn little bit of information came out overnight that his former or his coach but said that's all he has he stopped taking the dog back in two thousand and sixteen when it was bad and we have to give him the benefit of the doubt we see a lot of the piece. as a positive we need to find out exactly what happened but again it goes back to you know it will be we we said last week sitting this you say that to get caught for doping the olympics you have to be very very silly and i don't think that crucially ski is really. also on monday it was anti doping offices interrupted an official rehearsal of champion russian figure skater lena to get off the reigning european champion had to leave the ice five minutes after the rehearsal started and passed a blood test earlier the same happened to the members of the women's hockey team from russia. and not the round up of our top
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stories for now i'll be back at the top of the hour with lol so do stay with us. when i'll show small seemed wrong on one old roll just don't call. me old yet to say proud disdain comes to educate and in games from an equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just of the common ground. the weight of all this is on his way to practice is they all brush oppressors
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measureless being deployed against the palestinian people everywhere on the set of colonialism the theft of our land and and the many many. you know give us stating things that they're going to his undoing of course the gun cools the unfolding uprising. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or somehow want to be rich. have to go right to be precipice like them before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. yes sure. when lawmakers manufacture consent to step into public wealth. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round the sun be the one percent. going all middle of the room sick. the real news is really. up to look at a. cut cut cut cut
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true beauty is of course a general standard worldwide here bleach plays a big role in the beauty process. their own boss to operate on the farm he i mean both of this song will need. to become a castle atavistic. because. numbers are valuable the first call of initial in out about my business is due to begin to shoot you see is very severe infection of the skin this one is going little bit. because you have septicemia. during dhaka fashion week models spoke out against skin bleaching.


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