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tv   Going Underground  RT  February 19, 2018 10:30am-11:00am EST

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the streets of london how is westminster continuing to feed terror right across the arab world we talked to iraqi born british professor summing ramadan his violence defacto backed by the u.k. continues to be like the minds of millions and after last night's u.k. version of the also because we speak if you would really love them in a creator a fictional british secret agent kingsmen who explains why he thinks everything from the state mandated b.b.c. to neo liberal hollywood has been ruled by scandal after scandal but this new figures show the children are at more risk from a conflict now than at any other time in the last twenty years we speak to save the children about what needs to be done to protect the next generation noticeable coming up in today's going underground but first to more of b.p. the multinational oil company once owned by the u.k. taxpayer releases its energy outlook report detailing its predictions for long term energy trends and projections b.p. the fact it has a long history for instance overthrowing a democratically elected leader in the middle east mossad dect in iran in nineteen
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fifty three also direct was the president cia and others got rid of them to protect british petroleum interests the shah of iran came in a brutal dictator and he was thrown out by the islam a revolution and that is where we are in iran today but in britain that once taxpayer and company is remembered for it being floated off by a tory government looking to do just what's in the paper is only an piece of the station. it's britain's biggest chat on. the part of it. he would go on to be courted by labour's alleged iraq war criminal leader tony blair that led to the alleged b.p. deal over a look at the prisoner abdel baset on the ground he convicted of britain's biggest ever terrorist atrocity how did he get itself to get these contraband that is the question. the british deny any quid pro quo between the release of mark and their
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contracts b.p. denies it i'm sure so what's the evidence well look in two thousand and four when. he came in from the cold then gave up his nuclear. tony blair paid a number of british prime minister paid a number of visits and on his second visit in two thousand and seven in the libyan government an oil exploration deal well this month marks the fiftieth anniversary of the biggest ever demonstration in britain against the war in iraq and b.p. is now the biggest foreign player in the iraq's oil sector just one of their fields in the south produces almost a third of iraq's oil output and the iraqi government has just invited b.p. to raise production in oil fields in kirkuk recaptured from the kurds joining me now to discuss what has it times been like a nato civil war between the u.s. and turkey and syria is iraqi born british academic reza sami ramadan and he said
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we haven't seen you for quite. some time just before we get on to some of the more grim matches you were up the war of course and this month marking the fifteenth anniversary the biggest demonstration just as a reminder maybe specially to some on the labor benches voted for the iraq war. what do you say to them when the apologists still say saddam is gone the base should just have a quick trip to baghdad actually to see the outcome of that terrible war of aggression against the iraqi people how iraq's infrastructure was destroyed how it's this has been nullified almost the education system in collapse very high levels of unemployment poverty people actually collecting food from rubbish dumps and so on this is iraq one of the richest countries in the wall that by its own resources arguably a president hillary clinton would have been even worse for your country some
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sympathy with trump who says the united states taxpayers wasted seven trillion dollars in the middle east why should it be involved i have no time for trump or not that far ahead nor for a war monger clinton. both clintons so really u.s. policy in iraq and. all the clinton would hide it in my much sweeter words that after the oil in iraq after its resources and it was clinton who exposed the fact that the united states more or less created al qaeda forces whether. so why does the present iraqi government allow the continued so-called occupation james dimaggio has been emphasizing the dangers of a semipermanent force it shouldn't just be the united states. presumably protecting the oil or whatever as he would contend why did the iraqi government what is baghdad do with it i think the iraqi government is handicapped let's put it this
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way it is facing enormous u.s. pressure the united states has proxy forces in iraq more or less but as i need special forces and iraqi kurdistan allied to the united states and the united states has just announced they will continue fun. doing to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars peshmerga forces and iraqi kurdistan so there are actually patients of iraq created on the ground both u.s. presence and iraqi forces which are allied to them or our proxy forces to them so any iraqi government is subjected to this massive u.s. presence they still have the biggest embassy in the world by the way and baghdad so there is that u.s. employers are obviously the other countries have influence in iraq as well through . all our neighbors if you like ok but if he's president or term hasn't acquiesced to tory's amazed to say bomb damascus in the border in iraq would bring syria well
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terrorism may obviously what they sometimes do successive british governments actually is is really behave more royalist time they came to feel like if that is a metaphor or a back could that i could use when it comes to us foreign policy they often have us policy they go beyond these very badly to justify it this has been unfortunately britain's role over the decades they tag along with us aggressive policies across the world not just in the middle east and on syria they have always egged on the united states to commit further regulation and there are the moment even militarily involved with u.s. forces in syria which are increasing their presence inside syria there is a huge shift in more recent shift because the united states succeeded in creating a new proxy force unfortunately ice and fortunately and sadly of the kurdish forces
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the y.p. g. forces which the united states itself insisted on be branding into the syrian democratic forces and this proxy force has allowed the united states to strengthen its presence in syria and to take a much more active direct military role in syria the sexy. defeating various terrorist organizations al qaeda elling tice's linked organization in syria has been if you like. by the intervention direct intervention of the united states they have forces now twice and the past week or so before we get to that i mean at least the united states even though it's been supporting. groups against its nato turkey it's not explicitly supporting to the level britain is a looser link groups like the white helmets. the white tulle much are supported by supported by both britain and the united states and fact of the there found there
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is a call it was a call another and the british army so the you know britain is committed to the to the white house and saw as the united states which has now pledged the renewal of financial support to the. rate as a civilian defense force what really impact is and with a lot of eyewitnesses that embedded with al-qaeda linked forces and we have we have a statement from the white helmets but at least in iraq there are no aiding extremist groups in iraq if indeed britain and the united states are doing so in syria i think u.s. u.s. record in iraq clearly showed from two thousand and four five until very recently couper quite a lot of evidence accumulated that the united states was in league with some of these terrorist groups will be groups and this was in korea a coordination with the saudi regime who is by the way prince might be visiting
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britain from seven to nine for march and there is now a committee in britain to oppose his visit and there is and early days of motion in parliament opposing the visit of man who was commenting war crimes in yemen and again i think you know this is another subject about. the mainstream media in this go. he's offering us up about saudi arabia telling us that women can drive and and so what do you make then of the way that certainly the statement a to b b c is clearly saying the threat is from iran in the whole of this context as they continue to arguably. support the only democratic country in the region as they call it israel. since nine hundred seventy nine since the iranian revolution of one hundred seventy nine iran has broken links with the united states and the united states hasn't forgiven iran for ports pursuing an independent foreign policy no matter what we think of the political system and iran this is
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a fact that iran has become an independent sovereign state while before that it was . tough u.s. policy in the region and british policy as well and this independence of the united states and ever since then they have been trying to damage iran to hit. to unsettle iran to send terrorists into iran this is all very well documented as well as an attempt at a direct attack on iran and scared to release the hostages some years ago so iran has become this if you like very powerful force if you look at the map of the walls of the global south you'll see that this is a very rare specimen there are very few countries that manage to break away in terms of its foreign policies from from the united states and in the middle east such a strategic region in the world with israel of the forward base of u.s. military base and of the united states in the region they see iran as
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a threat in that sense and iran is policies have been really if you examine them very carefully self defense they want to avoid being hit by israel on the united states and israel is on the record officially they want to attack iran under the pretext of stopping so-called nuclear development in iraq and the united states has been backing this policy for many many decades now so really this preparations to hit iran have been ongoing for a very long time and they are putting them in practice now and when they hit lebanon when they hit syria when they strengthen their presence in iraq. they have also iran in mind. thank you after the break we'll ask the president of the world consultant john marvel's next man in the fantastic four alleged recall macbook create a mug why he doesn't trust the state mandated b.b.c. as his new monthly kick out call me maybe you around the globe tenth anniversary of
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his donors pledged thirty billion dollars to iraq what will happen to the three hundred fifty seven million children who are currently living in the conflict zone once they grow up we speak to our own shakra from save the children currently in iraq to listen more coming up about doing going underground. where americans were smooth but one that's not us americans are crude ruthless huckster golf playing sharks that's who we are and that's. why i don't like to go barack obama that's what they learn from.
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that. so they're going to want to do things that show everybody is going to be very clear like. oh i go through. and they have nothing. ask him you need to feel. something and then what do you how much. do you. want to come from the next time.
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you're going to be. welcome back of last night's british version of the oscars the bafta is anything to go by awards in britain are not going to creators of moving images that truly challenge power one such creator has always had power in his mind mark miller is responsible for work on the king's men films iron man x.-men and fantastic four and
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he's the creator of the kick-ass franchise which this week celebrates a decade with a new monthly series debuting around the globe and he joins me now from glasgow mark thanks very red joining us before we get on to your latest releases tell us about your company miller world which has been taken over by netflix you don't really say that's what it's actually is they are totally smashed you know like this is the least corporate environment i could possibly imagine you know they actually do these really don't really know actually genuinely i have a job i'm not going to the joy that i always had a t.v. in the store here when i saw the company i was the exact of the company had to present another world and. continued innocent another year or two up in there instead of calling books and movies and t.v. shows and so on and i just these the guys like me you know it's like men or women who would hang out with that remember us in such scenes really do exciting and because we think a lot and seeing lanes going to the same banks you're lucky you can ask a lot can spend a lot of the work i've done an hour and
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a little properties most valuable thing in the world trade aspect you look at the amount of t.v. channels and there are just a lot of concepts and that's so lou they just wanted to buy up something that was akin to the machine you know i don't know what else has got ok well i want to get on to that in a second but let me just before we get on the yet those the very important ip matters that what is magical order because aside from all the other ones that they brought there's a new one right magical order yes it's the final are going to get us all up done there is actually and has and that's my first ever since the sale of the partner thing actually it's so since they got a company since i've become an employee of my parents and what what is it exactly wanted to do something that was a can of they care a doctor the magical thing you know that imagine that that's how the parts or something that's appealed to me the idea of doing something if you grew up laking these magical things a lot of that i guess now are all that stuff imagine doing a nazi version of but really you know so. someone said to you what it's about whether or not lots of it feels moral it's so going to be
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a bit in stream sure very adult there you know if he did a funny you know i says if you like acidulated and this is you know whether that's using that. because of course they were kick ass kings and wanted and reborn i mean the controversy over netflix is obviously the amount of data that they pull from everyone's viewing habits i mean how do you know whether they're going to algorithmically does nephi your vision for these books you know is wonderful actually is there any i'll give you an example as to not distribute us twenty hours of material a year just in terms of minutes netflix as doing a thorough search of the digital means you know it's the same as droid so we care you don't take it to micromanage they just let you go and that's what really. u.s. military do something a studio there will be really are as tight as interesting better than this beat us funny but less funny less heat with a silence the answer and you know without us netflix is just a craft are you notice just how big it's aimed and the f.e.'s which i love you know this the us you shouldn't like everything when you're struggling and you know else that there's something wrong because you should appeal to a bit of
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a dog and you should actually just something that everyone on that so just let me do i do best and so i will get to know that you can sometimes ask and you really think it marks as seismic a change in film production as the end of the old hollywood studio system when corporations took over there's now another stage which is that they're playing stage as a sort of safe to say to me as it's more radical than i actually think it's the difference between theater and sudden i mean this feels like a change you have one hundred years ago as opposed to the one sixty years ago this feels like an entirely different we're going to give you a couple examples of how it's a great piece but later than a movie that has a fantastic there was a masterpiece but because it costs a lot money and that need a lot of money and it's all in a couple of these is even the fear so i had the buzz of the earlier and you know with us netflix doesn't operate under that model that movie had been made from netflix nobody has seen the sales out of the double temperature and i think it's all secret and it is just being judged on its artistic merit and the buzzword being this is a great movie in order to pay more and more people would have seen it and as a as a rate as just so that's the most exciting things me that i didn't even have to think about up which you just actually do the best possible work out and all the or
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find a way to make it find an audience which is incredible and i think that's attracting a lot of people and because this model of the studios of course and seem like but in a state no or movies have to make a billion and it's the fields and i want to just feels like it's the saints are just about to fall over and that let's you know that international that completely they've asked that up for an hour which is so exciting and a creator also as a consumer look and say to the idea that you know there's something i would never find us and i complained on that netflix many so i think we're coming to the end of well you know and we're coming to the beginning of another one i think at i think you'll see two systems is going and they do it you know that's why this. he's like it's about fox or immunity your future i mean obviously you are already successful but a young up and coming comic book writer if you chose a south london youth as the protagonist of like you did in kingsmen it doesn't doesn't matter so much that it might seem so bursts of in some way a company like netflix and other streaming services put it up as this tested out
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yes i mean i've never had one conversation with. an affair thing out is anybody in france at their house a few weeks ago and the guy you know the company said let's see or feel you see it is says because here means that we're trying stuff that nobody's trying for and i just i love that actually just a coincidence like the wild west spread for it sounds like a netflix advertisement i want to say that streaming service is part of his lee available amazon hulu all bunch of them i just do want to say that we now know that it's been revealed that maybe two thousand films or t.v. movies were made in conjunction with the pentagon and with cia collaboration yet you think you'd ever write any comic books at all and create anything within a six collusion. of those iconic it's actually you know i guess of the cancer like a you know it's funny you get these rumors for years and you know what i think. is that old mostly ever heard of alternate to be true when something started these rumors where that it was you know the terrible things have been going on with the
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bad guys in hollywood the twins and you know all this you know all the cabo of all the down production good thoughts on movies and so it's like it's all true i mean that's the we're just enjoying it up until all of us would have the b.b.c. and there again there's a suggestion i think there's a chef coming in every county in sediments coming in television coming in there's look at i don't trust these you know it's not the first place i look for and it was only a little outsource some of the modernization of news coverage and. the you knew that when you start a comic book writing there's a in from is book allowed to read donald duck of our disney was used to say attack protests against the vietnam war there was no there were no authorities in fairness trying to say this mark millar guy is getting a bit powerful he's up the bestselling list maybe we can have our little character and tell him to write one in. there's never happened you know but like at you know is partly i think that's probably been going on a long time not even getting the subject delco with a plot lanes changed and what they would do is get used to get planes that jeeps
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and setting a jeep and a helicopter or something in it that i see so that hollywood's always had that relationship to going to save money i can see how the but luckily it's never as never actually came across yet but if you did a movie of the transformers or something like that it costs two hundred fifty million you're trying to save money anyway you can maybe do a deal with the military you know it'd do but wasn't it so the in motors and soldiers that are having extras and just finally when's the jeremy corbyn superhero comic book and of course blockbuster film coming out. i thought it was a little bit it was like only because of the hour i druther just this is up a little it's a hopefully twenty nineteen twenty twenty hopefully before the yemeni government seems these moments are over who can finish last thank you. well earlier in the show we heard from professor sami ramadani about the british and american role in fermenting violence right across the arab world but what about the children you released figures say that more than three hundred fifty seven
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million children are living in a conflict zone that means the children are more risk from armed conflict now than any other time in the past twenty years according to save the children we go to iraq now joining me from erbil two hundred twenty miles north of the capital baghdad as a ramshackle around the deputy director of the iraq office of save the children thanks so much around for joining us from your vantage point can you can you clearly see on a day by day basis the well in iraq for four of those three hundred fifty seven million living in the conflict zone. thanks for having me on this program and it's unfortunate. that it's old and have experienced violence of decades of violence especially in the last four years it has been really explain violence for children and their families across central iraq and take it out and what does it mean for your staff on the ground in say be a little though north of baghdad for as it is it is both as aid workers we are
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there to save lives and supports for the obvious case from the conflict or that it turning out that the conflict is already in place is that at the same time our staff have got friends and family who i doubt it the affected by by the conflict thankfully you haven't seen the guy and of attacks we saw in jalalabad in afghanistan where understand fourteen of your people were killed or injured. i says to ash attack it was an unfortunate act on our friends and colleagues in jalalabad. that i care and that's why aid workers would be would be attacked and it's really. sad to lose friends and colleagues we continue to talk to provide assistance to children we need our assistance wherever in the world because there's been considerable good drivers in syria over save the children in alliances with possibly related white helmets and serve with you in iraq you know deal with is the miss wabi groups in iraq what do you have to for as we are helping children and
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wherever they are we are helping children and from this specially those who have been in conflict and why escaping from the conflict that is our main job but it's pretty hard to hit help children if they're in a i says day actual goodbye town. we have been able to help over a half a million children in need in the last twelve months especially those who are escaping from mosul from said that being from parts of can cook and lifesaving aid provided education and psychosocial support so we have been able to reach the most needy children across iraq we've been talking on this year about the fact that the iraqi government has invited b.p. to start up the oil in kirkuk which where is the money going from from all the oil of iraq to the burgeoning oil export program for as we hope whatever source this government can mobilize whether it's from international aid or from it isn't
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it and then want to sources education is priority times for children and especially this is this is going to be an investment in the future of children in iraq which is you know i mean and less education and i mentioned than live in safety. it will be it'll get really difficult to get and yes a future for iraq the iraqi government as expressed disappointment about the recent kuwaiti donors conference where only thirty of the eighty eight billion has been pledged to as far as foreign aid to iraq goes you or your relatively. sanguine that money is going to be at least in some way it's going to help the children of iraq we are yet to see how this money is going to be i don't get it. what i was in for three million children or been out of school in the last three years is a high priority we hope the government will prioritize providing education for the children as well as the millions of children who are displaced and have been or know. that their homes some of which are destroyed schools are destroyed and that's
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what we are hoping to happen what's it like for your workers because the british backed coalition of admitted to killing hundreds of civilians in the past months in airstrikes on iraq do you seriously send your people in despite warplanes bombing iraq right now saying that someone cares for this stuff and we do everything possible to keep our stuff safe but at the same time provide aid when it is possible to do so here in britain the charity sector is not in the news for helping children it's in the news because of alleged sex crimes have you seen any instances in your work in iraq of. allegations of sexual abuse by save the children any type of abuse where that again children or against our staff is not tolerate it and say that someone is doing everything possible to prevent and we have mechanisms in
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place to report and and i guess any concerns of. abuse against whether it's our stab or talking we are working with and just finally i mean you have an annual budget of four hundred million billion dollars a year one of the biggest challenges in iraq specifically has regards to children over three million children have been out of school at the moment nearly seven thousand schools need to be newly added built. health health facilities have been destroyed they need to be rebuilt. the roadside infrastructure that for us for children mainly education which is. which will make the. ground thank you and that's it for the show will be back though on wednesday when is arguably the world's largest open air prison camp has shut down its only power plant we speak to professor norman finkelstein about his latest book an inquest into its most of them children keep in touch with us by social media we'll see on wednesday one hundred seventy of the day for the publication of the communist
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manifesto by called looks and friday shingles. on his own he practices the oppressive measures being deployed against the palestinian people everywhere he said letter calling it isn't the theft to follow and the many many. you know there's a stating things and there are so many years of doing of course the gun cools the. uprising. who would have thought thirteen russians three hundred and some cash could impact an american presidential election this is where russia stands today also more twists and turns in a messy conflict known as syria. mourning
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for the victims of sunday's church massacre in southern russia which may have been an act of terrorism according to investigators. the president reportedly threatens consequences if the syrian army enters the syrian city of our friend that's up to reports serious pro-government forces were getting ready to help. kurdish militias . the former cia director admits that the united states does interfere in other countries elections when it is quote for a good cause coming in the wake of the alleged russian.


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