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what. a way to be and that's the way but wash another way amplifier. a way it was only important. enough to read it. because here in senegal is comfortable. to standards of beauty competes against each other while not true beauty is of course a general standard why. bleach plays a big role in the beauty process. he. saw will need. to be. because. the first call out of
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business is due to begin to shoot you see video in fiction just this one is going to lead to death because you have septicemia and you did it. during dhaka fashion week models spoke out against skin bleaching. these goals dreams. strutting down european capitals so they came from natural
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beauty because europe demands it but in senegal standards of beauty a somewhat different. look at these posters. no matter what their advertising. all the models in them have lighter skin than the target audience the message is clear only those with my to skin are beautiful and can achieve success. word means that. the right to be beautiful. but it is not a kind of. inferiority complex no they don't want to be white people. who are. quiet about their walk. really but.
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why do more but never and quite often most of the. songs on what it is forbid. lives with her mother her brothers and sisters she is the family's forced child and has a young daughter. to become a hospitality manager she believes that reaching makes him look more beautiful. here from you in the reality of. what she just wants to do more on her coming we. can be. more than a decade i do. get a real. get so what if you're on a budget. if you. go out there will some won't.
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didn't. pull up. a. bit on the free. cosmetics store two minutes wolf from his home in residential areas beauty shops are as common as grocery stores. but. you. think it will yes. you will you know i. should get paid yeah but. it's also nice to. be. out by a remark i was born wadi you know i.
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know you want to there because it's in your own moment that i was wrong and i'm not going to look up i'm going to feel what i mean. this is evil by way yeah you know it's. not only going to be walk about oh. that will never come again i. will never do it q. . and she doesn't use preaching products she believes the beautiful loving yourself. she lives with her mom. on the finished house the father died when she was little. and she works in a fog and dreams have. becoming
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a supermodel just like naomi campbell. said i do. a lot. for myself. i knew that me. a bit better yet i. just. was missing the business sense and. you know. it was a new movement it wasn't even the. reason for you. me going to me so much as. i she lives in a fishing village near dhaka it's a bustling area with construction sites all over the place. because.
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she and her friends but taking a stroll along the beach. at the primitive would have to come back to the buccal of. the british public. school but you can look at the books in my time. simplified and some of. the reason the strong slow slow growth no not to some troops from tablets really drink it started to stop it from united states from a girl in the name just because. something. one me was going to hear one day. i want to do is just show. what is it just so you will do what you know is this welcome film here i said if i do it would be very free or like. the mr. for free. because. he's impressed by the message until
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it begins to gain us the this isn't that i mean you're losing the down what if it. misses you skills you need to be a good month after a welcome us in the could be my last year. but i'm not a vision. of wanted people to prevent enigma men who seemingly want to be the good and you have to stick consequence for example. the fingers become black or mentation around eyes become blood. from the world because they from their family knew that if this was their face i would. say you them or more are being who. i mean if you their first south african like the florist. am i that why you never them i mean if you knew more about
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this i dunno if you knew over there from the killer face of. the double. you won't see any. rest. of the concert. hall or how the day this will. be numbered this will be half what you have. a major. if you ask for us. just getting usual on file is on my list thank you leave. some of you conflicts but if you saw someplace it intellectual. you were in. try
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a few months at the cia and see if i don't approach in one oh you know this implies you see some issue of yeah well how much this will be done off says i see i just want the silliest kid is a free os if it's in the fight the complexity it will do to let you have a woman you have. and you see that husband is looking about me don't we me. i'm going to have a. kid i think that. by. and by i met. a beautiful. beautiful is beautiful you know you see so few good food good those are beautiful there prefer we want to see if you're bald is light skinned it's good to follow got you see fall it is. like skin. so. it's easy.
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to get. sad i. like feeling that. x. arena lives in dhaka with her mother. father left them when she was little and. mom works at the markets serino also has a small business but she dreams of becoming a top model one day.
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q. so just remember this is. just because you didn't see. one of the twelve. right. there still just down on the famous. well fed. level that. might eat. broccoli it will. get.
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serenus road to fame stomps on the roof of the house. where she works on how catwalk skill. serenus place is right thanks to the international employee the sound of planes taking off from landing is always in the background. but she's never been on one has self. flying away somewhere serena's dream. it's.
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hey everybody i'm stephen bob. taft hollywood guy you know suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and intervene to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru well he's a little bit different i'm not a one can find i know no one knows about with all the drama happening in our country and i'm hitting the road to have some fun meet everyday americans. and
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hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money kill the narrowness and spending to do the twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else on to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game played great so what chance with. the thinks it's going to. so
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your policy is and israeli practices they are precious oppressive measures being deployed against the palestinian people everywhere on the set of colonialism that have told our land and the many many. diverse stating things that there are many years of doing of course began cold. and uprising.
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but i was in the last minute i can walk the last. quarter no more most you should you know the. only fear in that year and throughout. the course. you know. you're going to still to know more. because. sales of whitening products thrive in african countries including senegal. imports of the sales billions of dollars in revenues. id advertising agency that specializes in outdoor ads we asked to see at least one
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natural. graces it's google it's. the designer shows a soda. she's the epitome of natural beauty. and then we all skim to show us his favorite celebrity names until the skins bleached. you know. they were right. there. yeah. yeah. yeah. oh mind your own. p.r. if it go men men it's also in. your blouse well jenny. we want to cry but
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yes you see my feet six now. i. know when i've had what it. when i've had too much. but i know what i did in that and everyone want that. but i definitely i mean if enough but. if a man then you might have and i know my family might have that one. as a curious theory about skin might not say that she believes that exercising in the open it off since the thing. that.
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so. you get a new book on the fence obama not about hope but about mid image. and then i don't. know but i would do it would be in the style. let up in that last holiday and if it wasn't anybody to fit the bill from the face of balance it would not be a book as i laid it up in the dead this time to. be a good book if. not on the day i know the new office article might be a bit. curious whatever this is that this is that. what i think i learned to make i live to see how someone. may give us a what job then think now we're going to laugh at. one
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of them one after another just to make about one hundred three of them on the high and to a lot of them are going to have to be i say are so risky if yeah to the bone marrow in the way out of the can be compared to those who can use the excuse me for the difficult to. learn who works in the film industry. she's a wardrobe assistant who dreams of becoming an actress she thinks bleaching the skin will help become a movie star. live. must be a new. job and i thought it was really. cool new so i got a new practice and if that's the best be the one. the more of them it is for it is
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them i guess never the one in. the us the mobile the how one think of the who. does their good not going to ask them what they're going to. minimize the amount were there for them to learn that as your genes will differ on some visual process some of the faster. the non-bank combined with the c.e.o. of our fact there were but it's a fake if it is an alpha not a monarch not by the very sure to be quite a showing of why you. see or not disappear if it gets very definitely one of the all fairly obvious liberal. movie feet you see all of walking barefoot off a. duck duck i'll qualify it. as a dead horse and i'll come off it and it's pretty definite you got him on the run you
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know solo gossip bar for respect you know what that i want has a non-binary. then i am. that i want to walk people months i. was going to blow them is a little bit with league games of up. playoffs i am but i guess i better through l. l. in the last movie i love my give no more. to. cost me about. number of bits give me yeah it feels it really. sucks yeah i'm numb what do you have out there vocal myself a little what do you not so cool just as you well know nobody my mom never taught us to do whatever just think about it only mean that we could measure stuff was accosted more like any more the mike was it was a big effect and. they got me the police locally. she was so limited he did not
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know how much to me. when you act alone my thoughts accosted thank you that will be a mother in our fashion walk with them or don't take them up if just to these are the thanks a lot of us thank you if the force field before the problem for the time that i must see feel the more or less the thank me i needed the measurement image i'm a little i want to mention it i'm not too long after this i negotiated the noise you know members you know and their music and i would just laugh if i mean that means that me demanding and it is only says you know in the video not going up to the local t.v. as he did tweet something out of me i didn't see a diff it is wrong it will be under myths and d.m.'s us and i am going to love having not done any of this in fiji now he also will issue a version for you also please see i also is all you have let me on do made him is that i would be that. the number is not the number.
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while on a applies a skin whitening product serina and cheaper plan for success by practicing them so much for. taking each that. many people think this is serener them and she's going to chop the coaches to go find system on how to look that best and finds work for the. shop clerk in with the new shoes for a defeated decided to quit the poor who said bruticus usual three. and a fair class i said would think you should. this
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in this arena is business to be. here she sells one of the most popular products are. we going to. ball shop window and beat the one belt one version of the aisle my demonic and even you going to jump the gun away from it if you need it as a. moment of silence on big. john sasso of pre-born i ask him and i found that he in the new course he gave me shit back in one fer like betty by nature gal for me more than
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a back so i'd be more going to laugh but really sally that's employees actually. sat. back you did. this so the stage is the highest it's just land mines are. not made you see in how many feet high spec there are you. want. to need a particularly big one time slot if you don't have repeat for them in it andris all as it. usually does it does a. good the big one salt of the key put out people particularly beat developing it off and sit in there often so google needs will be the visit www dot . it is it out. there because of the little bit videos possibly still goes on this is i don't i goes on to say the rich. sponsibility for using these products lines
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with the consumer that's good. but it's only natural that girls want to look prettier than bale say except of course you don't need a whitening cream to achieve that. who would have thought thirteen russians three hundred and some cash could impact an american presidential election this is where russia gate stands today also more twists and turns in a messy conflict known as syria. where americans were smooth but what that's not us americans are screwed ruthless
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huckster golf playing sharks that's who we are and that's who john philip is that's why i don't like to go back to mama that's what a lunch all. palestine is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in bill fiddlesticks mission to do it lobbying for you like you know. this isn't my cup of tea is going up the study hall meeting to you know john i just hope that they should be the only palestinians who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who in the world under the vision know only could do this. and the earth is all of us not just the heart of this lady of the muscle that you have i'm going to compete in the doesn't seem to do more commitments also don't put this off.
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bonus grave for the victims of sunday stritch massacre in southern russia which may have been an act of terrorism according to investigators. the turkish president threatens consequences if the. syrian army enters the syrian city after unconfirmed reports that forces loyal to damascus were preparing to help kurdish militias repel a turkish offensive. the former cia director at mit's does interfere in other countries elections when it is quote for a good cause comments come in the midst of the russian meddling saga.


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