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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 20, 2018 2:30am-3:01am EST

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president today with presidential historian from boston university professor walter month tunnel and while u.s. markets are closed nationally banks looks like global markets plus we look at the japanese steel industry is response to the u.s. commerce department proposal to impose curbs on steel imports into the united states all of that coming up but first let's get to some headlines. as the olympics continue in south korea south korean president moon j.n. said on monday that the general motors company decision to shutter a plant south of seoul in the city of gun sin would be a big bust for the nation and has asked his administration to take measures to increase economic activity in the region the plan is applied as employed two thousand workers g.m. operates three other plants in south korea totaling fourteen thousand workers and a decision on if they will stay open is expected by may of this year.
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carnival corporation the world's largest cruise operator says they are investigating the response of its security personnel to a large fight which took place on one of its south pacific cruises that resulted in twenty three passengers be taken off the vessel much of the brawl was captured on video and posted on social media those involved were removed from a cruise a day early in the australian city of eden in new south wales for committing disruptive and violent acts before the ship returned to melbourne this past saturday several passengers told local media that the security staff actually made matters worse carnival is a joint american british company and said the excessive behavior experienced on the cruise was unprecedented and has offered passengers a twenty five percent discount cruise credit on future trips. face to.
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incorporated will begin sending postcards later this year using the old school us mail service to authenticate the identities and location of people who want to purchase us elections related advertising on its site according to a senior company executive the postcard idea effort is in response to increasing criticism that facebook failed to detect a respond to the use of their platforms to spread divisive political content during the two thousand and sixteen presidential election. the u.s. congress appears ready to consider new rules to impose firm federal oversight on the emerging cryptocurrency asset class news reports indicate that there is a bipartisan support for considering the effort in both the u.s. house of representatives and the u.s. senate the move is said to be in response to the growing size of the digital currency capitalization which some say could have an impact an adverse impact on the u.s. economy a senate banking committee member republican senator mike rounds said quote there's
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no question about the fact that there is a need for a regulatory framework crypto currencies are currently regulated by the u.s. securities exchange commission before the commodity futures trading commission my old agency the department of treasury and the u.s. federal reserve and individual states. japan's deal industry said on monday that the a proposal by the u.s. department of commerce to president donald trump would impose curbs on steel imports and that it violates the principles of free trade for more we're joined by r.t. correspondent dan cowen dan thanks for being here so what's the latest on on these on these still import potential quotas good to be with you bart the japanese steel industry is up in arms over the commerce secretary wilbur ross his recommendations
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to the trump administration to curb the import of steel and aluminum from not only japan but also china vietnam venezuela these would be implemented through tariffs and import quotas on japan and the japanese iron in steel federation chairman coast said tariffs are a violation of the principles of free trade and of course japan is a major trading partner of the u.s. very important one there is opposition in the u.s. in the republican party from trump's very own party the tariffs could actually have a negative impact and spike prices in products like automobiles electrical wiring and even beer cans. ok now we've seen with the administration just really in the last two weeks dan that they are not shy about imposing import tariffs they did it on solar panels we discussed it here on the program in some detail and they also did all of washing machines so what's the timeframe on the president making
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a decision on secretary ross's proposal or president trump has until april eleventh to accept or reject the recommendations so i think in that period until april eleventh we can expect to see a massive lobbying fight over this issue and. comes at a particularly interesting time in terms of foreign policy as u.s. and north korea trade barbs and threaten war there are elements within the trumpet ministration that are pushing for a so-called bloody nose strike namely chief of staff h.r. mcmaster and japan hosts twenty three u.s. military bases so this would serve as a major point of attack for the u.s. if it were to actually happen but isolating japan pushing japan away like this could have adverse effects on u.s. policy as japan may end up looking to regional partners trade partners like china and russia which the u.s.
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has kind of identified as adversaries you know i wonder you mentioned that this isn't just on these import quotas isn't just on japan but you mention china vietnam and venezuela maybe a another one but vietnam and venezuela are small potatoes in the steel manufacturing business but china and japan are big japan is so big my recollection is they're only like we're like five percent of our exports is this more about a precedent setting you know thing with regard to the trumpet ministration or is japan do you think really worried about their exports well i mean i think japan is worried about it about its exports it's not an enormous amount but. you know japan is i mean since world war two japan has really relied on the u.s. after the u.s. restructured its economy. but i think you know the important thing domestically if we look at domestics is trump is going to rely on rust belt voters where basically
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he needs those voters to come out and vote in the midterm elections and then the two thousand and twenty election when a lot of those voters came from traditionally blue states where he narrowly defeated hillary clinton and so he's going to really rely on these voters you know in the future and little primarily we're talking about ohio michigan indiana pennsylvania my guess is that for some of those republican senators that you're talking about of problems with this are coming from also then cohen are to correspondent thank you for being here appreciate it thanks. well u.s. markets are closed today global markets are open ashley banks has the latest on global markets global equity markets saw their best week in more than two years this comes as investors continue to focus on corporate earnings and improving economic growth but stocks europe six hundred index was marked at point seventeen
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percent and frank bird and benchmarks in germany and france were also weaker falling point one percent and point fifteen percent even as financial stocks posted themes now the m. as c i world index woods tracks shares and forty seven countries was down point one percent it has recovered close to half of what it was between late january and last week slow because last week it posted again of four point three percent which was its best a weekly performance and system for two thousand and eleven here in the u.s. a few facilities were the biggest gainers in europe seeing gains between one and four percent the s. and p. five hundred index has remained below twenty for three days two weeks ago it spiked to a two and a half year high of fifty point three the strength causing massive losses among investors who bet equity markets what stays stable on a combination of solid economic growth and moderate and place known david madden
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said that investors and knew there be a low probability the market would turn for the worse at the u.s. and canada celebration public holidays and that weighed on enthusiasm and this part of the world dealers decided to lock in their profits from the week. over in asia stocks extended a six day winning streak m. as a c i report of the continent saw one point four percent gain heading into the closing bell and global oil prices were also on a rise today placing crude oil at a two week high as investors bet on stronger economic growth and worried about rising geopolitical tensions in the gulf region as it pertains to the u.s. a dollar it's edged up from three year lows against various currencies however it still appear to be weak experts say it's being weighed down by various factors which include widening u.s. trade and budget deficits and to speculation washington might pursue
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a weak dollar strategy there is also speculation foreign central banks may be reallocating their reserves out of the dollar concent reuters a lipper xpect fourth quarter earnings will grow fifteen percent from the same period and twenty six team reporting for boom bust actually banks art here. on this day in one nine hundred forty two another president franklin d. roosevelt issued an executive order which initiated the controversial world war two policy in the wake of the one nine hundred forty one japanese bombing of pearl harbor to round up certain americans primarily japanese americans many who had been in the united states for decades if not their entire lives and moved them in mass to what were called relocation camps for the duration of the war the japanese americans were ordered to take no more than they could carry on their backs with them the grim civil rights record of that action was litigated sir for all times including during the war by the us supreme court which upheld roosevelt's executive
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order twice. it wasn't until another president gerald ford signed an order prohibiting the reinstitution of such an executive order that he found reprehensible twelve years later in one nine hundred seventy six president ronald reagan issued a public apologies to the japanese americans and their descendants on behalf of the u.s. government and authorized reparations to the former japanese internist and their heirs. as we go to break here's a quiz question for you in rank order one to four who were the wealthiest us presidents in current dollars your choice is george washington thomas jefferson donald trump and john f. kennedy will have the answer after the break.
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leaves are the hawks that we along with our audience loves watching. hey everybody i'm stephen both. hollywood gun suspects. proud american first of all i'm just george bush and honored to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru when he's a little bit different. and well you know with all the drama happening in our country and rude have fun every day americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american.
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welcome back here's the answer to our quiz question rank order who are the wealthiest u.s. presidents in history they are donald trump john f. kennedy george washington and thomas jefferson despite the fact that donald trump is the first modern president to not publicly release his taxes he is clearly the wealthiest u.s. president ever he inherited a large sum from his father and invested much of it in real estate resorts and casinos his total net worth is estimated to be three point one billion dollars and like donald trump j.f.k.'s wealth has a cause in that he died before he received his large inheritance from his father had he received the inheritance along with a wealth of his wife jacqueline it's estimated that j.f.k. had would have had a net worth of one billion dollars and coming in third is the birthday boy george
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washington who earned one of the largest u.s. salaries in fact he owned more than fifty thousand acres of land bringing his well . to roughly five hundred twenty five million dollars and the fourth wealthiest president is one of the key authors of the declaration of independence and the third president of the united states thomas jefferson who made most of his money through inheritance from his father in which he gained the estate of monticello his net worth is estimated to have been two hundred twelve million dollars that's your presidential fun fact for today hope you did well. professor montana welcome to the show to talk about presidents thank you so much for being here it's going to be a part so when we talk about.


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