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tv   News  RT  February 22, 2018 6:00am-6:31am EST

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don't piss off. from exotic toxic decades of environmental damage on a portuguese island in the atlantic leaves locals fearing for their well being as they continue to suffer increased cancer rates they blame the u.s. air force for the contamination. coming up to this hour leading german tabloid publishes what he thought was indisputable evidence of russian meddling only to realize the building cracked by satirical magazine freedom. we knew how to think like an editor and what we. came up with a story that was tacky and like inspiring it was a good laugh. from a conservative commentators in the us claimed that it makes sense it now by twitter after a wave of accounts suspension. rather
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like the r.t. to send to moscow two pm here thanks for watching my name is kevin i would bring you this after i was nice round up and start with this the exotic portuguese island in the azores in the middle of the atlantic ocean is in desperate need of a di can terminations decades of u.s. air force activity of allegedly left polluted with hydrocarbons and heavy metals and islanders say they're really worried about the prevalence of cancer and other serious illnesses that have been cropping up. we're back to twenty thousand the course is not constant it's also lights rule is
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another constant we're now it eighteen twenty twenty two thousand dollars month two thousand planted now since. and it's time to run away from here as we've already stay too long. but we have a series of locations with a stream of high levels of pollution caused by heavy metals hydrocarbons there are very high levels of lead in some say copper zinc molybdenum base all of them having metals in certain concentrations can close to reality cancer arrhythmia and neverending amounts of problems associated with an excess of these substances. all my family lived in that area both of my parents died of cancer my mom of breast cancer and my dad was
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a different kind of cancer when i was thirty three i was diagnosed with breast cancer. but musk and insisting that the more cancer cases there are the more the pill ation asks why is this happening and why if the pride of its oriya wrote that on one side all houses have a had at least one case of cancer and on the other side it's almost every other house that is not normal yours. pretty place too isn't it well the u.s. has maintained a presence on the island since one thousand nine hundred forty three to serves as a stopover indeed for transatlantic military flight safe houses the sixty fifth air base group although it's not known how many personnel are currently stationed there are hundred sixty one houses to accommodate them anyway one former employee told us
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about the health risks that workers at the facility say they also have been exposed to called conversion of you going to admit there was also a senate commission that came to sarah to check a quaint illegal proceeds from some members of the american military who are dying of terminal cancer and were exposed to radioactivity into sarah island they were here for about one week and during this time i found out what they were doing here they were here to confirm the existence of radiation on to sarah island radioactive contamination the dar environmental situation on the island was first acknowledged in a classified report written in two thousand and three which has since been leaked it details seventeen major fuel spills in one fifteen thousand gallons of oil released when a pipeline was unintentionally activated that was in one thousand nine hundred four and there's been no cleanup since the report stresses of the island's inhabitants are at risk from contaminants in the soil in the air and in the water is what local
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experts have been telling us. well there was we found in the data that was published referring to the two thousand and seven two thousand and eleven period a higher number of certain cancers in the prior divots or area than the rest of the source especially regarding the rarer cancers for example i can see with thirty three percent of those or cases being in prior difference or while the area has only eight point five two percent of the story and population think with the. way this is l. the repeats itself on various islands they're occupied by the americans this is almost a scorched earth policy where the problems accumulate and the local government doesn't react the population has no capacity to take a stance maybe as a result of scientific illiteracy or a lack of knowledge on the cause effect relations well i can tell you we've contacted both the u.s. and portuguese governments so far no responses back to the specific questions we
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asked the us did though afford us a press release from last december stating that the two countries are aware of the situation and is seeking expert advice on how best to proceed to try to sort it out . next germany's best selling newspapers published what it thought was smoking gun evidence of russia's meddling in the country's politics but and its rush to break the sensational story seems the tabloid failed to check its sources and its backfired spectacularly as more gadgety of explains. bild thought they had a bombshell the makings of an international scandal here's the meat of it bill the published a report about how the socialists the s.p.d. was trying to buy the services of the mythical russian troll factory it's a huge it would be the first direct evidence of russian meddling in german politics here the actors kevin kuhn are head of the s.p.d.
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youth wing who is running a campaign against forming a coalition with angular merkel no grow cold campaign yuri a mysterious russian agent offering the services of an online army under his control to spread the message what build got their hands on was the email exchange between them it reads wonderfully cold words mistrust secret meetings like something out of a spy movie dear killed him i'm yuri i'd like to talk to you about supporting your new group who campaign thanks for your mail jay already told me to expect a mile from you but just to be sure could you name me g.'s favorite beverage as you can certainly understand this is a delicate matter me oh me oh marty ginger oh dear yuri perfect that's a relief so what can you offer me basically we can offer you everything an opinion
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campaign with bazza gates schultz social bots on twitter and facebook or even a targeted facebook advertising campaign. front page stuff but that was on friday by wednesday germany's satirists from tadic magazine revealed that it was all a prank they had written the entire exchange and said to build but build rabbits without jew checks and very few cation what with their and t. s.p.d. stunts and tabloid routes even the email tributed to kevin kuhn or was fake couldn't have sent anything from it other german publications saw the exchange and realized it was suspicious but as to tally it explained bill that was just too excited an anonymous email to all three calls and bill prince everything that fits
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his agenda remember the drinks name me oh me oh matty ginger well that's now trending on twitter as germans online ridicule build. given kuhner in the star of the show is suing billed for libel and slander but judging by this picture and he's posted he's also enjoying the show. but as more of mentioned there the social democratic party's youth wing leader named in the really happy by this at all he insists that if he had really been made such an offer he would have flatly refused it but of i mean it's because he has but i don't know about this group but of course we would refuse any of these offers we don't
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work with social mobs i don't have the information even received and you off was. and as a footnote to this the satirical magazine itself behind the hoax posted this triumphant photo online he shows one of its employees posing with a transcript of the fake e-mails and the build article the price is that titanic also turned on kevin kuhner the bit dismissing the story is a clumsy fake they say that assessment unfair because quote it took an entire three hours work to make it we had to turn it over to record magazine we worked with the same. methods as built so we knew how to fingal i can boot editor and what we did was we came up with a story that was techie like in the spine and we had a good feeling that this would work when there's a story like this for four built they don't care about details it's only interesting if the story is good and it was a good story indeed it was. like
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a good movie i hope it will be made into a movie sometime the readers of built just like be editors a builder but there are hopeless cases so you can't help them i don't think anyone will learn anything. new we have to turn ignore the people at build or german politicians or the german people but it was a good laugh now. and i think that's worth something. of one good story to another angle growing among right wing twitter users following an apparent boat purge on the social network a number of prominent commentators have claimed that their accounts were wrongly targeted and that the site's crackdowns actually part of a sustained attack on conservative speech they say the hashtag twitter began trending on the site shortly after the suspension a number of right leaning users claim indeed to have lost thousands of followers as a result of the initiative to remove accounts that automatically post tweets some
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believe the move is linked to a pledge that twitter made in january to combat the kremlin's alleged interference in u.s. political life. it's been claimed that russian bots have been used to amplify and spread divisive views on the network including those voiced by right wing commentators when we spoke to one of those pseudocode the deed was suspended back in september she was surprised to hear about her connection to the kremlin been on twitter since two thousand and ten basically when i realized it was permanent i was a little shocked they were actually cuse in me being a russian operative. being worried. that i was somehow working for russia part of the russian bots that were. sending out negative information during the election. in the past as well a team of investigative journalists known as project veritas have cast doubt on how twitter determines who should be blocked or.
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like. the probable cause. separately to top us democrats are calling on congress to provide the f.b.i. with an additional three hundred million dollars to help prevent meddling in future elections call was made by senate minority leader chuck schumer and the former speaker nancy pelosi in a letter to the senate they say that the additional funding would help to counter the influence of what they term hostile foreign actors particularly russian media on this line all told us though that would be a waste of money three hundred million dollars and we get this straight from the f.b.i. to battle russian interference the same f.b.i. that's been trying to investigate russian interference that has netted nothing we
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can point to anything. other than buying an ad and as was indicated last week in the indictment sewing discord now we want the f.b.i. to continue this investigation which netted nothing they could pin you trying to find nothing and to prove or to expose or to ferret out examples of russian collusion where curative or have proved nothing the democratic party are vowing more money more money earmarked not to stop real crime where the real victims and real pain and real sadness you know they were to go after who rushed in collusion. those lines over the specter of kremlin meddling continuing to loom large in the public consciousness in the us
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right now it seems russia is also having a major influence on the english language to. the previous administration kicked the russians out of their doctrine we have kept them out of their touch. the same old k.g.b. colonel after wretched. russia had engaged in attempts at developing compromise. that's still a devious sort of inner circle and their business interests have remained fairly stable. for the top of the pyramid of what's known as the resident tour which is where the f.s.b. the s.p.r. and the g.r.u. the military intelligence guys are.
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coming up here to meddle with a russian curlers who's been stripped of their bronze medals at the winter olympics would live update from our correspondent south korea when we come back just eighty seconds away. join me every thursday on the alec simon show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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apply to many flips over the gays so i know the guy i mean so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the superman to kill you narrowness and spending to do the twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful game but great so one more chance for. thinks it's going to. get into the big athletes from russia straight to the bronze medals and killing by the court of arbitration for sport after one of them tested positive for a banned substance reporting to south korea and it could try and go so cas is officially saying that the first ever russian medal in carling that was won by the
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oh they are mixed deal well now have to be taken away from them the announcement comes just about fifteen hours after alexander crucially ski hose both doping test samples turn out to be positive formal dhoni chose not to proceed with the court of arbitration for sport hearing that was planned for thursday afternoon. it's silly to do don't they don't pee rules violations when the presence of a prohibited substance was consumed by to doping tests i'm ready for the verdict which is predictably the same in all cases and i weigh the pros and cons and decided to withdraw from the cas hearings and i think in this situation it's useless and senseless so the washing curler has admitted that there was an anti-doping rule violation formally but he maintains that he is not guilty and that he has never taken the pills on purpose today we found out that alexander crucial
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needs and his wife are not giving up the legal battle completely the russian curling federation will be looking to help them through trying to prove his innocence eventually and also they will try to get back these medals for now they haven't been able to obtain the c.c.t.v. footage or any other possible evidence that could play in favor of the o.a.r. half lee but if they do so the court of arbitration for sport provides the opportunity to relaunch the arbitration later the concentration of mill dony and these two don't bring test samples pointed to a single use and we heard from the man who invented the drug that taking the pills once or twice is absolutely useless besides this we've spoken to the coaches experts other curlers who had suggested that there may have been some sort of sabotage that someone could have spiked alexanders food or drinks although if
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the curlers want to get their medals back they will obviously have to prove that and that is a very difficult process. his strange story that is no longer like to know they've called each other names i threaten each other with nuclear war and now they've finally met albeit only as doubles donald trump and kim jong un's impersonators have paid together in pyongyang earlier on these cruises with them special something for you in the making czech a report on that tomorrow. next it's not a verse or a it exactly four years since ukraine's president coverts was overthrown in a popular uprising that began in kiev in november twenty third team the protests which were initially peaceful began in response to endemic corruption of the government's decision to abandon economic deal with the e.u. and it then of course history spells quickly spiraled out of control.
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years on from the uprising now some of them either activists now see the protests in a very different light to they said their hopes of the time for meaningful change in the country have materialized we spoke to one of them about a change of heart. to get the students compassion for them and sharing their anticorruption and socially i ranted ideas which were sincere but were hijacked by the want to gox almost at the very start. using it as a i believe it was a mistake to fall for the slogans of the nationalists my personal mistake is that i should have realized that much sooner the people who started those spontaneous
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protests could answer the question of what they were against but couldn't say what they stood for that was the key problem they didn't have a plan and therefore allowed themselves to be used but i have no right to judge people for taking part in the protests. not but yes it's thought that people at my done to supporting so-called european values but can it come true because your appeal if it sits at the bottom of the least on freedom of speech if it's a country where journalists get killed in rest of the persecuted why did the revolution for freedom not result in freedom and if europe stands for multiculturalism why did the european revolution in ukraine result in the victory of nationalist radicals there mantises and became a smokescreen for extremist slogans which had nothing to do with the initial protests. check a story from germany this coming now one of the top representatives of the national
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day of day parties launched a scathing attack on times i call it all the parliamentary session on thursday morning that her party's migration policies have been a failure and that she's part of a push to impose multiculturalism not just on germany but other european states to pay her all over joins us now with more on this i paid a fair you listening in takes through what was a heated session as a saying at the able to start the. well finger pointing and a walkout by the chancellor of the new normal in german politics it's been a busy day on thursday already in the bundestag it was a session that was taking place to talk about the issues facing germany and its role within the european union ahead of the european council meeting it's going to be taking place angler merkel started off by saying that there was a need for greater security. union between e.u. nations also about what to do with the parliamentary seats that britain has post break that it was really. the speeches from opposition to angola
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merkel got the passions rising first off we heard from christian linna from the free democratic party now you remember he had wanted to try and go into a coalition with angela merkel walked out of those talks and as one of the reasons we still don't really have a government right now in germany he said that we can't in germany just follow france but we also can't follow the nationalists in what he meant by that was the policies being put forward by the alternative for germany party they're the new kids on the block. they've been making gains in the polls as it drags on with the country not having not having a functioning government at the moment we heard from alice vidler who's one of their joint leaders saying that the e.u. no longer represented german taxpayers in fact she called it pure socialism that resulted in groans and a few boos from other members within in the parliament she also called for
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a reduction in the e.u. budget post breaks that would also got a similar reaction but it was when alexander garland co-leader of alternative for germany took up his position to speak at the bundestag there we saw a different reaction from angela merkel mr gallant was saying that he couldn't germany shouldn't support the decision to make a. mandatory quota system for distributing refugees around e.u. states that would see the overhaul of the current dublin agreement he had this to say let's have a listen now. you know it's you know one that countries want to decide for themselves who they take in there is no national deal to with regard to multiculturalism and this last remark goes especially to the greens here. well it was mr gallant was making that statement i'm glad she had enough she got up and walked out and this is the this is say is this the new normal in german politics
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because like them all loathe them alternative for germany already the palm and they all making gains in the polls and not sure the chancellor can simply leave the chamber every time they say something she doesn't agree with. you know all the things for now for the update and thank you for watching as well more call more from me in thirty. was similar to this but there was no because in most of the snow one of the one of them. beautiful yes but couldn't you push the door to push you in but you know you don't close but i miss my timothy and i do you know but you know my mom goes with the star and you have to use them. so. i use in the middle of the this part of the. u.s.
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so yes it's a little. too confusing you with someone from the so you're going to show you cool bullets to the police and you should be busting them for them so she's two to go well not you yeah you don't usually do the nations we see when you. lose something. in the playful to me it's a little bit so. please let leak
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. leak. a global. elite.
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leak leak. that i'm out of an old kind of field thought i live down in the intifada long hours of the assault on the first floor doesn't get down to the floor and if you can piling up some stuff because i don't know most of the men that shouldn't have been there long please . please please please please her.


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