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tv   News  RT  February 22, 2018 11:00am-11:31am EST

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and centered to build but build rabbits without jew checks and very few cation what with their and speedy stunts and tabloid routes even the email tributed to kevin kuhn or was fake he couldn't have sent anything from it other german publications saw the exchange and realized it was specious but as to tally it explained bill that was just too excited an anonymous email to all three calls and bill prints everything that piece his agenda remember the drinks name me oh me oh. well that's now trending on twitter as germans online ridicule build.
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kevin coon out in the star of the show is suing billed for libel and slander but judging by these pictures and he's posted he's also enjoying the show or maybe seen the funny side of it but as more of mention the social democratic parties the youth wing leader named in the prank isn't happy about it really even says c. would have flatly refused any offer of this kind that it really comes through. but of army have to see in this book i don't know but this group. would refuse any of these offers to do work with social mobs i don't have information that even received and yours was in the. satirical magazine behind the hoax meantime posted this triumph of photo online he shows one of his employees posing with a transcript of the fake e-mails and the build article the price is that titanic also turned a bit on kevin couldn't for dismissing the story is a clumsy fake they weren't happy they say that assessment some fair they said took him an entire three hours to dream it all. we had to turn it over to record
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magazine we worked with the same. methods as built so we knew how to think like and build editor and what we did was we came up with a story that was techie like in the spine and we had a good feeling that this would work when there's a story like there for four built they don't care about details it's only interesting if the story is good and it was a good story indeed it was. like a good movie i hope it will be made into a movie sometime the readers of built just like the editors i build there are hopeless cases so you can't help them i don't think anyone will learn anything. new we turn ignore the people at build our german politicians or the german people but it was a good laugh now. and i think that's worth something. meantime top
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u.s. democrats seem to term to keep the focus on russia they say they want additional three hundred million dollars now from congress to help prevent meddling in future elections the call was made by senate minority leader chuck schumer and former speaker nancy pelosi in a letter to the senate they say that the additional funding would help to counter the influence of potential hostile foreign acts is generally upcoming midterm elections or more specifically the russians major ellis leinil told us though that it would all be a waste of money three hundred million dollars. we get this straight from the f.b.i. to battle russian interference the same f.b.i. that's been trying to investigate russian interference that has netted nothing we cannot point to anything other than buying an ad and as was indicated last week in the indictment sewing discord now we want
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the f.b.i. to continue this investigation which netted nothing they could pin you trying to find nothing. to prove or to expose or to ferret out examples of russian collusion where cured of war have proved nothing the democratic party are vowing more money more money earmarked not to stop real crime where the real victims and real pain in real sadness i know they were to go after who rushed in collusion. well with so much talk of russian meddling around some people the public eye picking up the language to.
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the previous administration kicked the russians out of their dots as we have kept them out of their top chess. piece an old k.g.b. colonel after i checked. russia had engaged in attempts at developing culprit a minute. syllabi t. this sort of inner circle of their business interests have remained fairly stable. for the top of the pyramid of what's known as the resident tour which is where the f.s.b. the s.p.r. and the g.r.u. military intelligence guys are. escalating violence is serious boots from russia now to call
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a un security meeting tell you about right after the break. what holds us do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be preached. to the right to be press that's what the before freedom or can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should.
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trackless story is going to make headlines a few hours' time russia's call for u.n. security council meeting thursday to address the situation in the terrorist held eastern go to a region in syria the u.s. has already proposed a resolution to establish a cease fire there to try to deliver humanitarian aid where that plan sparked concern from russia didn't you but explore the fear of the civil war the truce in eastern is surrounded by increasing tension and wording on what is happening there the real goal of the west brokered u.n. security council resolution on syria is to put the blame on the massacres for
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everything and provide cover for militants. he is an area close to the syrian capital that's controlled by terrorists and some opposition groups violence there is escalated in recent days reports of emerged saying the government airstrikes on the rebel on clay have killed at least one hundred the syrian government says its strikes on the militants are in fact in retaliation for shelling attacks that have killed civilians over in the capital the area was among the deescalation zones that restart pushed by the warring parties last year. filipina story keep an eye on what's happening in belgium belgian police of lockdown a suburb in brussels amid reports of a possible gunman manhunts been launched under way after a local resident reported a murder in the neighborhood let's check out lives pictures you see chopper in the air there there is a large scale operation underway helicopters and snipers are involved they say so far they haven't found any evidence of a killing but there is some disturbance there is they're treating it as an emergency situation they say and we're also hearing police have raided the second
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building try to get a handle on what's going on the instance not thought to be terrorists must say that at this stage to the area that's been searched is near a sensitive area of primary school and that was the scene of a shootout back in twenty sixteen when three police officers were injured no connection i just interesting where that is to say no thought that is a terror incident at the moment people are in it for you know next to him pick our fleets from russia have been stripped of their bronze medals in curling it was a curious story this where the court of arbitration for sport after one of them tested positive for a banned substance reporting from south korea. so cas is officially saying that the first ever russian medal in curling that was won by the o. a are mixed deal will now have to be taken away from them the announcement comes just about fifteen hours after alexander crucial lead ski who's both doping test
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samples turned out to be positive formal dhoni chose not to proceed with the court of arbitration for sport hearing that was planned for thursday afternoon. it's silly to do don't they don't be rules violations when the presence of a prohibited substance was consumed by to doping tests i'm ready for the verdict which is predictably the same in all cases and i weigh the pros and cons and decided to withdraw from the casts hearings and i think in this situation it's useless and senseless so the russian curler has admitted that there was an anti-doping rule violation formally but he maintains that he is not guilty and that he has never taken the pills on purpose today we found out that alexander crucial needs and his wife are not giving up the legal battle completely the russian curling federation will be looking to help them through trying to prove his innocence eventually and also they will try to get back these medals for now they
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haven't been able to obtain the c.c.t.v. footage or any other possible evidence that could play in favor of the o.a.r. athletes but if they do so the court of arbitration for sport provides the opportunity to relaunch the arbitration later the concentration of the mill dony i'm in these two don't being test samples pointed to single use and we heard from the man who invented the drug that taking the pills once or twice is absolutely useless besides this we've spoken to the coaches experts other curlers who had suggested that there may have been some sort of salva taj that someone could have spiked alexanders food or drinks although if the curlers want to get their medals back they will obviously have to prove that and that is a very difficult process you know one strange story indeed on and on and like to
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know there are at least they called each of the names of the nuclear war another finally met bit is doubles. they came and you can't quit or what are you going to be. nobody used to it anymore he won the stigma donald trump and kim jong they impersonate is ok a paid together in p.r. . crew is there with them we've got a special little something in the making for you check it out tomorrow. we'll get back to today more doubts he don't call us stories there and so much more than got time to show you here. to say more for me kevin though it is thirty minutes the next live update this. international. is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos and dismiss it like you know. this isn't my cup of tea is
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going on sunday oh maybe you know john. the only palestinian gets the most help from his jerusalem counterparts i don't think some of those who were there were under the oak vision to look at the this. and that's. the heart of this lady of the. i don't want to compete in the customs you know do more in the middle don't put this off. or similar to this but there are these yes and most of the four of them would. be over yes couldn't you both think they were going to push. him over the enclosed but i miss my timothy and i do you know on the on the grounds of the star and you know something just. surfing to me now will some day in
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cinemas in this part of the. you'll see as the newest little. book of susan g.p.l. i'm with someone in the field that showed some cool pulls to the police but yes the speed was still the most of them so just to think oh well what you could say yeah you put me in step with your solution for the nation as we see when you do see chests no solace to me and some of the best universal to me is a little simple. paper but if i'm stephen bob taft hollywood guy you'll suspect a very proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. i'm going to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru and well just a little bit different i'm not
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a. good one i know no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the road have some fun meet everyday americans come home and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which. bombs. are.


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