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tv   Sophie Co  RT  February 22, 2018 10:00pm-10:31pm EST

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ok. only now. for me i did what i loved in there. that's why i started to work for wildlife animals in greece in the in the study. when i started. with the right tools to make it as what. we thought it was no no do
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you want it to six cases and all designs. and all these kids all rolled into this site and all the work zoo is changed so i start. to change and this is all. but. how to improve this will. reduce the minimum standards. it's neither of those things.
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there is now three hundred trillion dollars of a little wealth in the world today but i look at how much money we spent in the world the military. we just talked about a few more billion. save the lives of people around the world in doing is such a way that doesn't create you didn't it was that much wealth in the united states that much well. the rest of the. joan is
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a nice usable for any person in the world today to go up to the other end of the fitness and. the bar. pleadingly. in this particular tone because you know my job was a fixation
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a little to. be a bit isn't a telephone and. i had a clue how i was going to do them and she had. the how to spend a few how much you know what he's. talking about i think you know to think you know . if you did misattribute. is i mean to tell if you're looking for the skinny is a little bit hot to be. sort of almost any sort of the fellas to me see the super slowly. out of the i want to see shocking millionaire cream on top of the no. help us of them. must have. even responded to slowly been more often
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and it up when i looked at what books are fairly sure you. follow seeing how the five hundred one he had a little cocky and how to move to the colleague how to talk a little. mean be in the air and make a little out of the. to tell and some additional kind of militias here just to live and when a. minute or two behind me you get quite a body and know that i was. seeking. out a lot of em to hell yeah and here. yet in my head it was a man of. ox look at the sweet looking man i'm going to come up and do a lot of will to fall the hell and get me at the end of. it as it hasn't in ten years in many a house i'm in kenya if i needed all the stuff you don't mean i want to be bad. ok
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looking. to look. like. i know but here's the basic you can have a machine please don't listen to nothing as a listener then. excuse me yeah. yeah i don't know. if that was about to look at that. but
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not that. if you were a little girl you know ridgetop. keeping a little of the family purely going to be we saw you didn't you need out of something for the drinks yes channel i'm sure you'll. still have it over. but over here your words here. have been going on before the look of the basic thought it was a man because there was place share the blame that susie for a feeling anybody from the bush people. in your life then i
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go into look the sabiha maybe and it gave me yeah old shots no doubt just hoping they should make you question that you do is to get. to know what is there and you know it and that plans to expand their job this will remove orders that do not fog county cams from the a.t.o. this week and it looks at them and said you know and very design for this room as. you want it with them can you fill us for months by i don't know to whom you'll may just get your outlets out to. look at your house if you. really should do leave the city feel your feet below wasn't what. he became even maybe if it was what it could be that you know maybe ms
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told me to get a seat ok a member will fit off the committed to do it for you like image and this is in my capacity as selfish to him first the idea is i'm not sure and tingles we can only. if you leave gets filled with stool so good that i still. if you believe the. police because they are so belongs to culkin of dollars from. your own seat yet. here it's because that's what it's also. about it i'd be surprised if we have some influence but. i can fly i can fly. and they. should be. very happy to get into the thought. that with the will to get me to work. there
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yeah we can make these three floods yeah but you can't go down didn't come there is a possibility to tell you this is broken maybe you can get it no it's impossible to avoid but the money that the sound in my view educated you know that. the public can give that's what i know that's when we can deal with these bulk and you're going to make places to make those loans and you don't need to know it's not for. such. maybe if these two paths could take on the they don't need me to come there for the robotic goods big chair slam should become. part of. the you just make you.
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feel. the first. i believe something with. the we have. the plans for your show resume. in my career was for delicto change just. for millions. sixteen years. can divide. but money just come from very fast and go very fast. indeed go over and. saw. this is liberal and. if people start to
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understand you start to understand you're not understanding. believe so then the other bieber. said he was. very good man who understand what i need but the minute i mean for the do not for me. but some of the gun. death. how difficult was. the fourth.
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point it is really. to do this effectively gaming. people. yeah it's meaning general down the pub you count international relations office some kind of pm municipality in palestine. is so close no good. to feel because i was q of the allegations of do even with the bulk of the loot is the news of our ability to shoot. your.
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yes yes you see out how we will be used by this visit. allow me to thank you for your influence in following. all i ask you give. you a secret so far so good you see on fortunately everything good in palestine is a little too politics. but all this is my sympathies and those are muslims one of those we'll miss him does a little of us all the good i'm going to have
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a lot better visit none of them are going to go some futile. to describe this that. i was. last. ok i'll say. i think. she probably. had both of them and so would have done so well. in the. gym i it is something a lot of on and i said ok and he said you know that i said i was i mean how long the question of the pool would do the same for. the host of the. show and it will
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go how do you. say we how are you i think if you have those who have closure how difficult. is it going to ship you know how do you have a good but when you know with the book you know is he just move on to the canal to some kind of i don't know understand what i'm to something how about you plead with him to some time couldn't he has i'm not clucky able to you could kind of illusion worked up the local look we've all conflicted on this and a good mood look if you feel i mean him and i have to jump in ok i'm going to hang it and i'll call me do what i think he made a comment i made in the back. here .
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or similar from exposure to the early. you know the most snowboarding one of them is one. beautiful yes good new bush people are going to push. you put him over them close them this material to move him i do you know because you know my mom goes with the you know sometimes the. surfing you know some guy in some is a woman you can split the video for the dog to the u.s.p.s. so useful.
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to consumers and you to go meet someone in the field some of them showed some cool tools to the police ideations people still most of them so just with people well not you to you that we just moved look up as one nation as we see would you do you see just staff members telling me of something that you know the police will diminish will someone to be something. america has an economy that's been created by financialization of everything and outsourcing manufacturing to countries like china totally out the ignore ation that just made that word up means to ignore something that they duration of your local infrastructure bill now trump saying we want to do infrastructure we've got to go borrow a trillion or two trillion dollars from who our biggest creditor that would be china and china is owning all the cars in the twenty second century in america can't even get from point a to point b. .
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this hour's headlines stories russia urges the u.n. security council to help result the conflict in the eastern good sort of district. pops syria and accuses foreign powers of creating havoc terry because we have. the u.s. military is blamed for a health crisis on a portuguese island. residents say pollution from our bases boost the rates there. when i'm thirty four years old and i lived my whole life to the right by the entrance of the american base both of my parents died of cancer when i was thirty three i was diagnosed with breast cancer. storms out of the german
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parliament i was a member of the anti immigration a after the party launches. and elsewhere. from moscow to the world this is r.t. international good to have your company mining's in and only our top story this hour the russian ambassador to the un has called for urgent a action to result a humanitarian crisis in the rebel held region of eastern in syria addressing the security council he criticized the way the media and foreign powers have been influencing the situation. there is a massive psychosis in the mainstream media which is spread in the same room as day after day it doesn't help to understand the situation at school they put forward the idea that their only hospitals in eastern guta which the syrian army are
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fighting against will continue to work to bring peace and stability to syria and calls on other countries to do the same rather than creating havoc supporting the hardest and so in the region apart. now what we just heard was the russian ambassador to the united nations responding to what he characterized as a smear campaign now the meeting was called in response to the situation in eastern do. now this is a suburb of damascus located to the east of damascus and at this point it's an enclave of rebels and terrorist forces now there's been increasing hostilities in eastern guta as the syrian government is fighting to retake the city from terrorist russia was responding to some of the very heated words and accusations we heard from other countries in the chamber in the lead up to his remarks systematic targeting of civilians in disregard for human life the last twenty two years old with a wife who is five months pregnant a louse as we are waiting our turn to die attacks against health care and hospitals
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constitute will crimes the regime wants to keep bombing and gassing these four hundred thousand people and the assad regime is counting on russia to make sure the security council is unable to stop their suffering now in his remarks to the fifteen member body in the bed he was very clear that situations in eastern guta are rather dire however the situation is much more complex than it's being made out to be that essentially civilians are being used as human shields by the terrorists and that essentially these are terrorists the aldosterone other forces that are in control of eastern ghouta and have set up shop there and isn't this what the international community should be doing should they not be fighting against these terrorist groups to point out the some of the more extreme allegations being made against russia and syria are being made by the forces that just leveled the city of raka. by the way the u.s. led coalition leveled syria's rucka this is in the recent post should be forgotten
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so the phone when it happened was known for some reason nobody did that internationally to observe the. let's just review what happened when the u.s. led coalition re took the syrian city of raka. was still a thirty year we were forced to leave our homes because of ice and when we returned we found everything we do used to rubble and look at all the devastation of rock is a ghost city ninety minutes when live in the midst of destruction we feel completely abandoned everything around has been destroyed. one life years horrible the city and rubble have to be to remove the debris with all money there's no running water so we have two boats in barrels and the us coalition caused the destruction of records and has
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a responsibility to rebuild the city we need to help with restoring the water supply in clearing the rubble. i found a mine on the streets near my house my friend and i tried to detonate it from a distance but it didn't go off we thought the mind didn't work and work towards it it's exploded my friend was killed and i survived. as the meeting went on and different speakers took the floor and addressed the un security council was very clear that everyone agreed that the life of civilians in eastern guta was was of top concern however there were clear differences about who is to blame and that certain countries felt as if the situation was just squarely on the shoulders of syria and russia there was disagreement on a centrally what what the russian ambassador characterized as
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a smear campaign against russia. the u.n. had earlier call for an end to the fighting in eastern calling the rebel clee near damascus hell on earth earlier i spoke to a representative of doctors without borders about the situation. so we have six we supported and. received. the nations in the last few days of overthrow markets and the number of wounded people has increased dramatically in the last. few days reported. over. two hundred. people. but the biggest problem for the moment the ones that still function. supplies are fighting just going on a medical supply so some sort of agreement that. these medicines and especially i repeat surgical supplies in
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a static can enter into the. place the surgeons. can do their my saving work artie's gas d.m. who has reported extensively from syria's war zones he takes a look now at who's in control of the strategic damascus. east ghouta is not a nice place to live in surrounded as it is under constant war zone within and without. islam the army of islam holds most of east ghouta as the name may imply these guys crusading for democracy and when they aren't busy killing each other
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they share power with nuestra while kiat in syria and a number of smaller groups. these are ruthless people they cage civilians literally put woman and the elderly in metal cages and hoisted them onto roofs where they left them and literal human shield made of civilians to protect themselves their fighters from strikes these same people jihad ists who say they're fighting to free the country from a sad then turn their guns on protesters when they day complain about the jihad ists themselves.
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these infamous incident being one of them a crowd of demonstrators fired upon by rebel fighters john kerry himself once called the rebels holding east ghouta a subgroup of isis and al qaeda remember what the u.s. . led coalition deeds to isis in mosul. well it's kind of as if you know. they leveled an entire city thousands of civilians dead yet they say there's no choice the terrorists were sponsible by using human shields a sad fact of war two billion casualties are a fact of life in this sort of situation do you agree that some of the the high
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level of i think ridiculous standard that we had previously is now created this behavior by ice is that they now realize that they take human shields are going to avoid being struck and that actually this is adding to the problem congressman i do believe they understand our sensitivity to civilian casualties and they're exploiting that and i do agree that as we move into these urban environments it is going become more and more difficult to apply extraordinarily high standards for the things that we're doing although we will try for some reason this time around they seem to be avoiding any mention of who it is that controls east ghouta all but the same job ists when these limits blindly shelled damascus every day and slaughter more and more civilians well that's war when the syrian army responds suddenly it's an atrocity remarkable isn't it how the rules change entirely depending on who's calling the shots.


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