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we must try and take preemptive action to destroy them before they become even better what are they going to do or are they going to say well we have to just come to terms with the reality much as we dislike it that we have lost. a lot of the break accepting it it doesn't seem part of their d.n.a. . i think culturally almost impossible to accept i think they would try and find some means to avoid exceptions i think you know one of the let me jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on the middle east stay with our team. played for many years so i know that. the ball isn't only about what
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happens on the beach school it's about the passion from the it's the age of the super money. and spending twenty million. it's an experience like you know. i want to show you the beautiful. we used the war from gaza it was a lust in which we dismantle the settlements what we got good neighbors we got to tell organization except launching a look at still our villages to go i will keep them safe and dug tunnels and so instead of having good neighbors we have a mustang which is a film stay. tuned
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. to me feel in the heart very very dearly of a bottle of saudi in china six oir here in the. area. an estimated eighty two thousand since under-age refugees are now living in greece. you know just don't want to go. to your home in there you go food bring. many sell their bodies just to make ends meet. with them the second or the one the second on the all the sins in the hope all of this is in their lifetimes but it. also has turned to dealing drugs to make a living. justice in your lives and love god loves a little. game of it been given.
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to me. stein is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos a member of the commission living like you know. this is my compass the easiest going out to study hall meeting ended there. if you. tell me she's the only palestinians who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there's some of those who are under that vision to look at this. and. to this lady of the. i know what you call tedium muslims you know do more movements. but there's also. a.
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welcome back to our interview with als to quote we're talking about the middle east policy and before we went to the break we were talking about the a cultural shift and maybe a strategic shift in israeli thinking because of what's going on in syria but it's always about iran it's always about human well and i know that you know it's an expert in the region. there's a lot of bluster in the rhetoric that comes out and you know you have to kind of decipher it but we know that prime minister netanyahu is in trouble politically domestically because of corruption charges and allegations. and then we when we had this shoot down of this israeli plane the israeli media and the military talked about you know these. iranian depo is in supplies in syria as if syria really isn't even a sovereign country here how much is with this shift that you were talking about
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and we have the hawks in the pentagon in the white house when it comes to iran is there something coming together right now that iran is always a target for these people is as it moved up to another level yes i think it's change in a sense what i mean what you're saying about israel is absolutely right but it's not a consensus in the security establishment of israel the prime minister and his father before him have been iran holds them everyone knows it but there are the the security of the. don't forget many of them said afterwards and have said subsequently when trump became president they said listen the j.c. piro is an israeli interest is our interest so it's not absolutely black and white in israel but where it is black and white is in the circle of the white house where you have iran folks from the head of the cia to the national security country i don't know how it's happened but is surrounded by people who believe iran is the
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source of all evil and of course netanyahu feeds us and is capable of using less and of course we have in saudi arabia another for iran for the person and something happened before this u.n. security council sold meeting in in in new york this summer because there was a meeting and netanyahu had a meeting with mr trump and the next day he produced that extraordinary diatribe against north korea and against iran and labeled iran is the source of all evil i imagine that somehow that netanyahu promised him and israeli support for action like this and then what happened saudi arabia tried to contrive the circumstances for an attack on hezbollah by forcing saad hariri the prime minister of lebanon to unwillingly ritter and the security and the army of israel the
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dog didn't bark in the night they didn't go as a lot of neighborly michael is going on here a lot of them and it's a very toxic mix when it all comes together you talk about. trump and his generals he seems to have just kind of abrogated his responsibility to this and that's the impression i have because we can we see rex tillerson the secretary of state he's overruled even publicly quite as. often when it comes from north korea to syria and maybe even towards iran here i mean it seems like a very much a a military foreign policy because we've had these posture reviews come out security defense but i'm not expecting any diplomacy with you to come out anytime soon you know i mean people have talking talking about caging the president and containing him but in this respect i think i don't think it was so unwilling i think he likes
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it and you know he keeps talking about my generals and i think he actually i'm commander in chief and these are my generals i mean the something that feeds into trump's ego he literally feeding them with the only seem easy a men's defense huge immense and they feed him by saying america has got to be respected and america's got to be powerful and he says absolutely right you know this i agree with so i think i think it's voluntary what is particularly significant is the move we've had from if you like the steve bannon circle which we're in a different philosophical view who said america has to be as america is culturally cultures drive the example truly america but it also implied that russia could be russia and russia as it was and that was a basis where you could have a foreign policy we have now a group of generals that are
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a vision as generals who believe in fighting the vietnam war to prove the vietnam war was never lost by the americans in mostly what we have nikki haley is there as their bullhorn on the world stage i mean when it comes to israel when it comes to iran i mean this is this is this she just perpetuates this this echo chamber you have to see the language was very important in the second statement to begin with russia and china were competitors and rival the second statement their revisionist past now that. has a very specific meaning it has a meaning that those powers will do use military force to undermine the status quo of the world order after the second world war in other words is saying russia and china are seditionists against the except that global order war or just challenging american hegemony and it's seen a polar moment i'm giving a different interpretation i will tell you that the argument there will be quite different and then they go on to say so these seditionists have taken advantage of
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us so we're going to have to rebuild the whole nuclear deterrence submarines missiles new weapons and we're going to build the whole ending of the monitor of mutual assured destruction is eroded more than it's worth in a road is more than that because what we're seeing is the blurring of the borderline between nuclear war and on nuclear war i mean when they talk about you know using tact kasia using tactical nuclear weapons on iran bantering conventional setting then the border goes it becomes blurred and even they've just given a contract to for having cruise missiles with nuclear weapons well if you're a state and you know people fire cruise missiles how do you know whether it's going to be nuclear or going to be conventional it's a big blurring of the whole president's surgeon there in that posture is if you read it rationally detached in a detached way it is
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a justification for the united states to use these provide weapons but it's not a deterrent to russia in china it's explicit right it's explicit in it that it will use it and even the preemptory action is is possible where against they might be likely to acquire nuclear weapon let's say with this pastor here because it focused on russia china of course north korea but it it almost in a dismissive way start talking about. and remarkably considering how these two words the war on terrorism that has been degraded and it's a term that was invented by the united states to read havoc unbelievable havoc in the middle east in and beyond and now they're walking away from it they are and were and this is really i mean what you're pointing to is really significant because what we have in its stead and they are very explicit about saying it these
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are forever wars generational wars our enemies we will fight them by coin which is any means information wars cyber war any type of walled regime change over a generation or more and so russia iran is they don't really feel it's theirs and i guarantee that there will be perpetual wars and he just it will be it's really quite circular of course of course it does yes you're i mean and of course we're already seeing russia reading this china reading it i'm not you know i don't when i say war when it comes to iran i don't think there's going to be hot for i think we're going back to twenty fourteen and there'll be financial sanctions will be attempts to undermine it by counter-insurgency messages and then they'll be financial war on russia sanctions and on china no will be tariff wars china is the one thing that they can bring everyone together with in the democratic
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the republican party airlines agreed we must have economic war on china we must cut china down to size and of course it means that there is no foreign policy debate at all in the united states is willie quite remarkable in two thousand and three when the united states was about illegally invaded iraq there was a huge anti-war movement now it's gone that change gears. during the cold war it was a open agreement between the united states and the soviet union the you don't kill each other on the ground you can use proxies all you want that's changed in syria and i don't think a lot of people understand that because there is every reason to believe that the u.s. out of self-defense that's the new just occasion for regime change now targeted russian contractors and killed them that's something that didn't happen during the cold war so i think it took a you're right it's
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a very serious escalation and i think that it's likely to. continue because. iran and syria i think both made it certainly iran has made explicit that if the americans do not leave voluntarily they will be made to leave syria they've said the same about the american presence in iraq i think that in the northern part of the middle east there is a clear determination i don't mean. this is a conspiracy i'm just saying as a clear consensus of view that the american presence in syria and in iraq is going to be disturbing to the stability of the imagination it's upcoming in this temple we're going to have the the russians the turks in the iranians now those three parties had their differences when it comes to syria but they are all united on
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one issue they do not want american presence illegal under international law presence in syria is that enough to keep them together no i mean it's more complicated but i think the relationship between russia and iran. although there are a long history of disagreements but it is a real strategic interest partly because of the financial war the. they need both russia and iran need if you like commercial depth in order to survive any sanctions sort of put on them so both of them benefit from that and china as part of that axis turkey is more complicated more complicated sometimes it seems to do what was agreed in. sometimes things don't seem to work quite like that sometimes it's not clear what their ambitions are in syria sometimes there's
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a cooperation and at the moment when you read the turkish press you see they're angry at the americans they're angry at the u.a.e. the angry angry i mean i don't analyse isn't really just playing it on the fly because i agree with you i mean what's turkey think today you know i don't know we don't know because i think one of the great difficulty i mean i don't want is not predictable and you know ottoman language in autumn one sentiments are rising and the people who are with him let's make no. doubts about. he's got to and that's one of the court and that's what worries me is because this operation of branch of all names in meaning in northern syria he can pitch it as being anti-american and he's his his base loves it yes yes and also he's somehow actually in a way managing to bring some sort of togetherness between the secular base and the
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religious pious base of the here that he believes killed in creating a gilded cage for himself as well because he has to succeed that's all the time we have that was wonderful having interview thank you very much harking with our thank you for inviting me thank you. or similar for the spurs to the east because in most of the snowboarding one of them is one. beautiful yes good good new bush and gore bush will spin you put him over them close them this month to move him idea of the oh my friends with the starry neocons. surfing to me now will some day and soon the muslim be the spawn of the video the dog you'll see us so
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you'll slow. to go soon as you put yellow would someone put in the field for me to show cynical bulls to the police but yes the people still the most of them so just truth be told what you could say yeah. that would usually beautiful the nation as we see would you do you see each of us knows told me of something good to tell you the boy it will be me is a symbol to me so. this is charlie munger has approached economics lobola blow bubbles from wells fargo wells fargo bail out the turn charlie munger i want buffett. that.
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silver i want to do things that show me very soon we will be very clear i like. the way you go to. management. and they don't they they when they have them they have nothing. ask him you need yeah you feel he is very. soft yeah and then what do you how to become of us often look at what he looks like i'll just ask you one then the biggest one month come on if this was not to make a helmet available to measure the talking or negative.
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world powers failed to agree on a ceasefire. for syria's rebel held district after two days of talks at the u.n. also this hour. people begging me don't do it don't do it don't do it and we did the right thing the u.s. president names the date the american embassy in israel will be moved to jerusalem despite global condemnation. and russian lawmakers tougher penalties for child abuse as harrowing details emerge from an orphanage. broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our two international
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i'm sean thomas certainly glad to have you with us now world powers have failed to agree on a possible ceasefire for the rebel held district of eastern in syria the u.n. security council has postponed a vote until saturday with russia pushing for several amendments to an earlier draft resolution artie's came up and has the latest from new york. well it's been a tough two days of rhetoric and negotiations now it all relates to the district of . that east of damascus a suburb that is currently under the control of rebels and terrorists it's an enclave and at this point the syrian government is trying to retake the city in an anti terror operation now at this point the terror operation is being widely criticized by western leaders there reporting that civilians are being killed recently we even heard from u.s. president donald trump i will say what russia and want to read and what syria
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have done recently is a humanitarian disgrace i will tell you that we're there for one reason we're there to get isis and get rid of isis and go home. we're not there for any other reason and we've largely accomplished our goal but what those three countries have done to people over the last short period of time is a disgrace now we have heard from the russian officials regarding the situation there and they have talked about concerns for civilian life not wanting people to be harmed but also pointing out that this is a fight against terrorists and that these terrorists are essentially using the civilians in the area as human shields so we've also heard russian officials point out that it's very interesting to hear such harsh criticism coming from the people who recently leveled the cities of raka and mosul.
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we all pooled by the estimation of strikes me humanitarian disaster systematic targeting of civilians that is how on ongoing slaughter of trap civilians it's about the case of the syrian government as well and we cool on that one has been clear to russia to ensure that this violence stops. on the. cattle. in iraq and in syria people are much more accepting
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that because it includes their city being liberated they understand where they were suffering civilians will get caught in the crossfire civilians will get hurt. syrians will get killed if you want to liberate your towns and cities it comes at a price but unavoidable part of war and commanders have to press on despite the responsibility for civilian casualties in iraq and syria lies with isis we want to be good guys and munitions people on the battlefield know the difference now at this point leaders of the international community are in full agreement that civilian life in eastern is very important and that the conditions are dire all want to make sure that civilians are safe however there are clear disagreements among world leaders about who is to blame for the situation in eastern guta. according to the united nations more than three hundred civilians have been killed
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in eastern gooda since the airstrikes intensified the organization's secretary general has described the situation there as hell on earth now the assad government has refused to scale back the operation saying it is targeting terrorist groups that are using good as a base to shell residential areas of damascus three people were killed and fifteen injured in the latest rebel assault on the syrian capital on friday. political commentator john white says western powers reluctance to target terrorists in good air will only add to the suffering of civilians regime change propaganda as enter the realms of the fantastic queering groups such as nusra front and jash which is the dominant faction in eastern guta these groups which adhere to the same ideology responsible for nine eleven and a whole litany of terrorist attacks there are no green depicted there rebels partisans of second world war repute whereby the syrian army made the script
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soldiers drawn from every part of the multicultural and multi-religious of syrian society there are no being p.t. there's a lot of the waffen s.s. an army of occupation the than an army of liberation so this not of will continue syria comes closer to achieving its complete liberation and the suffering of the civilians which no one can deny is being prolonged by this continued attempt to undermine the attempts of the syrian government and its allies particular russia to liberate the country. is second russian athlete has failed adopting to the winter olympics according to the russian bobsled federation. said to have tested positive for performance enhancing drug in previous sample at the games had come back negative so he gave her a partner finished twelfth in the bobsled competition on thursday curler alexander crucial in its q. and his partner were stripped of their bronze medals after he was found to have
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taken a drug used to treat diabetes. along friday the olympic athletes from russia squad won their first gold medal at the games and another silver two teenagers took the top spots in the women's single figure skating event fifteen year old. edged out her teammate and close friend vedova in the final standings after their points from the short and free skate programs were combined the two actually tied in the free skate a rare occurrence but get the vote pushed ahead in her short program on wednesday we spoke to alina's father just moments after she won olympic gold. i was watching the skating performances out of the corner of my eye when lena appeared on the ice rink i stopped watching i don't watch a skating live only recordings of performances i watched alina's performance later and then. because i still couldn't believe it only began to sink in when i saw the results of the russian men's ice hockey team are also going for gold after beating
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the czech republic three to zero in the semifinals it will be the red machines first appearance in the final in twenty years the decider will take place this sunday with a way are up against surprise finalist germany who saw off sports powerhouse canada . well the winter games in kung chang have been partly overshadowed by the standoff between the u.s. and north korea president trump has just announced the largest ever package of sanctions against the north and you have trump and kim jong un have much more in common than most people think the two men were spotted by go taking a stroll around the olympic host city. where waiting for the two main sporting news makers at chang to arrive back in town for the final stage of the olympics. so.
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they're coming out. mr straw mr kim here again we here to go to some hospitality houses walk around i meet meet some people yeah i'm going to meet some athletes i've seen the good ones and kidnap them back to north korea all right guys let's go. did you start getting along any better i still have a bigger butt and then he does but we're negotiating the thing with the kids you know i got a bigger everything in your. i call atomic. theory . what are you going to get on the twitter game to be used to it anymore you want to instagram. i think the best place that we can so. let's hit the bar. here that was. the dumbest chick so we are just outside canada's hospitality house and the leaders
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say they want to try and get it. we would love to have you but sorry so mr trump and mr kim were told they can come inside the canada house and they're going to try somewhere else. man what the hell. oh my god. i'm the gentleman here. i'm cut up so we're inside the czech house with mr trump and mr cameron as you can see people are going wild about it. but they're taking pictures with the south korean flag doesn't matter which right korea should be unified on them i wrote. this song this song.


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