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the twenty eight tina winter olympic games. are officially the drama continued right to the very end of the games. for the first time in twenty six years ice hockey stars from russia olympic gold beating germany for. the win gives olympic athletes from a total of seven medals. the u.n. security council unanimously votes for a thirty day ceasefire in syria urgent humanitarian assistance to reach civilians. publish. evidence of russian meddling in the country's politics
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realize it was embarrassing. stories from the past seven days on right up to the moment developments as well this is the weekly on r.t. our top story the twenty eighteen winter olympics inside korea came to a sparkling close on sunday a stunning fireworks display rounded off the night as well as the traditional to the next winter olympic games will be held in the chinese capital beijing in two thousand and twenty two. reports from. time really does fly and i can't believe that it's already and young chang twenty eight ng we've seen the closing ceremony and the nations parade at it and i'll tell you what it
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was much warmer than the opening on february ninth quite literally and the fans didn't have to freeze themselves that much to see the spectacle something that hasn't changed though is the thing a of the russian athletes who weren't able to march with their national colors there had been a glimmer of hope that they'd be allowed to do that but earlier on sunday the i.o.c. decided not to lift the suspension of russia's national olympic committee after two of the all way our athletes tested positive for doping although the i.o.c. president has said that these two cases appear to be isolated these are cases off of negligence and there is no indication. i want to so ever for a systemic or systematic. doping affair
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here the astley's who failed the test though claim it could have been a result of salva tas or some sort of mistake they say that they have never taken banned drugs on purpose to improve their performance back to the final day of peeling chang twenty eight ng i guess if you asked the russian fans would they rather see their national flags at the closing ceremony or would they rather have their men's ice hockey team win gold for the first time in twenty six years most of them would still choose the second option and that is exactly what happened inside the gandhi ice hockey arena on sunday the red machine b. germany for three and a gripping final and then at the prize giving ceremony the olympic and them was. played instead of the russian anthem obviously but guess what the winners and the stadium sang then the national anthem of course and that was quite
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a scene to watch this was the second gold at these olympics the first one was won by fifteen year old alina as it gets in the figure skating and i'll tell you what these winter olympics were really games of hope for russia with many more experienced star athletes having to sit out yung chang twenty home the o.e.r. still won a total of seventeen medals that is of course by far not the best performance but still in these circumstances it deserves a huge round of applause asked for the whole medal table norway came first with fourteen gold fourteen silver and eleven bronze and that's of course a spectacular result. well as ilya mentioned sunday marked and historic win for russia's men's ice hockey squad competing as a limb pick up leads from russian who took goal with victory over germany in a gripping final the decisive goal was scored in overtime for
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a four three scoreline but it was the first time in twenty years russian players had reached the final but you have to go back to reveal the france in one thousand nine hundred two for their last goal in men's ice hockey was also under a neutral banner the team didn't have its own flag at the time following the break up of the soviet union. this is today's elated exhausted hockey stars taking their bus back to the olympic village we spoke to one of the key men in the russian team vulture. when margin was the game was very tough germany didn't get to the final for no reason it's great that we won but we levelled the score and then the final point in overtime i think this goal brought joy to millions of russian fans everyone is celebrating today. well after a less than smooth buildup to the games that i took all very troubling russian fans getting to celebrate their country's second gold of the tournament was clear to see
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their go at them when you were going most lost it but anyway things turned out ok it was a super match and a super victory russia is the champion and we did it the it that the germans were playing very well it was a beautiful game many thanks to the german team and their russian team for such a wonderful final we're so thrilled. so we inside korea have wrapped but it appears that the spirit of goodwill is continuing north korea has said that it is ready for talks with the united states that was announced after the country's officials met with korean diplomats at the games finale. but not everyone was happy to see the north korean delegation there were protests at a site. against the visit scuffles also broke i between some protesters the police in the pen in china specialist long to listen by the controversies that could shadow any north korea u.s.
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talks. swarovski sentients the concern of course the united states want to try and what the sanctions and use military coercion have moment for the national issues it depends on what kind of a deal the united states. with north korea the united states obviously want but not of koreans to abandon all of its nuclear arsenal at bandon or descriptive it used to develop nuclear weapons and long distance delusionist and that's something which building north korea would necessarily accept if that cannot be struck then we're back to square one and back to confrontation as elation but all the other hand it's quite possible that some agreement may be reached. moving on now that the united nations security council has passed a new resolution calling for a cease fire across war torn syria it's in response to
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a surge in violence in eastern which is occupied by both rebels and terrorists just outside the capital damascus now the truce must be implemented quote without delay and will last for thirty days it's hoped it will allow time for injured civilians to be evacuated from conflict zones and for a much needed aid to reach other stricken regions a number of terror groups chance islamic states al qaeda and the latest incarnation of al nusra are excluded from the agreement operations against them will continue killer martin has more now on the u.n. initiative. there has been a resolution agreed on by the fifteen member body that leads the united nations regarding the situation in eastern guta this is an enclave to the east of the syrian capital of damascus and it's a place that's under the control of rebels and terrorists that are working to overthrow the syrian government twenty thirteen it has been surrounded by government forces and the fighting there has recently intensified and we're hearing
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allegations against both sides about human life being taken about civilians being killed we're hearing accusations from the syrian observatory for human rights which is based in the united kingdom they're saying that that syria with the support of russia is hurting civilians and committing atrocities against civilians we've also heard reports from the russian center for reconciliation in syria they are pointing out that the area is essentially being used to shell civilians in damascus furthermore they're reporting that the terrorist groups in eastern guta are working actively to prevent the medical aid from getting to civilians and they're using these civilians as human shield now after the unanimous vote we then heard from various countries we heard from nikki haley of the united states and she said she doesn't believe the syrian government will actually comply with the cease fire all of this on this council must do our part to press the assad regime as hard as we can to comply we are deeply skeptical that the regime will comply but we supported
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this resolution because we must demand nothing less nikki haley the representative of the united states walked out before the syrian representative could speak under u.n. rules if the resolution pertains to you all countries have the right to address the security council we also heard from the representative of the russian federation now he addressed the security council and he emphasized that the fight against terrorism is not affected by this resolution that internationally delegated terrorist groups groups like al knows. i says that the fight against them is not restricted by this resolution that fight will continue he also had some concerns about how the fight against terrorism seemed to be serving some other goals a. game of battling terrorism can't become a cover for solving geo political problems of dubious legitimacy and that is exactly what the u.s. is doing in syria right now we insist that the so-called coalition and its attempts
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and occupation as soon as possible it would have among other things a clear humanitarian effect now the resolution has been passed so this thirty day cease fire that was agreed on by all fifteen members the council is going to be implemented the investigative journalist rick sterling believes the russian amendments to the ceasefire will allow terror operations to continue on unpaid. but i think a kid didn't get the resolution was the inclusion. fact that the syrian government can continue the fight against al qaida and isis in east ghouta and i think that was the reason that it did pass unanimously with the support of russia and the encouragement of the syrian government is one good thing in the resolution is that it specifically affirms the fact that the territorial integrity of syria needs to be preserved of course this is very relevant because right now the united states
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has illegally set up their bases and is occupying territory in eastern syria we've got turkish soldiers in in northern syria so this is a this is a very important to keep reaffirming the principle of territorial integrity well despite the cease fire resolution which encompasses the entire country turkey says' it is not going to halt its military offensive in northern syria claiming the decision does not apply to it i'm grasping carrying out an operation against kurdish m t i so militia fighters there which it feeds us terrorists and its push to dislodge the kurdish people's protection units from the border area the turkish military struck a convoy entering the city of a free on thursday night and chris a said was carrying fighters on weapons but the kurdish forces insists that the trucks were carrying only civilians food and medicine they say one person was killed in the incident.
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the letter. earlier in the week proves syrian government forces arrived enough rain to help try and repel the turkish offensive that came after the kurds appealed for support but developments in the region have put the us in a difficult position. looks into. two of america's main partners in the region are now at each other's throats to put it mildly. and as the u.s. tries to avoid taking sides in the conflict they seem to be losing on all fronts turkey a longtime ally looks to be getting increasingly impatient with washington's inaction
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america has only dared to call for a reduction in civilian casualties in the fight prompting a vicious response from the turkish president. what disappoints us most in this process is the hypocrisy and even the levity of some countries which we consider allies and have deep political and military relations with turkey has had enough of lights false promises and delaying tactics and on the other side we have the kurds who have been essential to the u.s. led coalition's fight against eisel and the absence of support from their american partners against the onslaught of turkish forces the kurds have been forced to look elsewhere and that has pushed them into accepting help from pro-government forces this week militias loyal to the syrian government flooded afrin to bolster the kurds. which we have come to a kaddish brothers to fight together to protect africa. we
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are the popular force we came so that we could help our kurdish brothers because we are one people. now that surely ruffled feathers in washington where the syrian president comes only after i saw on their list of enemies the us has tried to shift focus to an issue that puts them back in the driver's seat battling eisel calling the situation in africa a distraction what is going on in a free and is taking away from the fight against isis it is a distraction as secretary mabus had called it is. certainly not helpful to have people take their eye off the ball of isis we've talked about that numerous times before but in reality many in the region have already recognized that arsenal is all but defeated despite that the us led intervention which is in its third year has no end in sight but they may be left there with no one to call a friend as they continue to alienate their allies more the week's top news right after this.
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what politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to express injury. or something want to. watch it right. this is what the street people are. interested always in the wrong. place.
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welcome back to the program germany's best selling newspaper has been tricked into publishing a fake bombshell story on russian meddling in the country's politics the report in billed details how a mysterious russian agent on bottom master called yuri supposedly offered his services to the head of the social democratic party's youth wing kevin hart hoping to sabotage a coalition deal between his party and america's conservatives here's a snippet of the purse suppose that exchange dear killed him i'm yuri i'd like to talk to you about supporting your new group campaign thanks for your mail j.
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already told me to expect a mile from you but just to be sure could you name me g.'s favorite beverage as you can certainly understand this is a delicate matter me oh me oh martin ginger oh dear yuri perfect that's a relief so what can you offer me basically we can offer you everything an opinion campaign with schultz social bots on twitter and facebook or even a targeted facebook advertising campaign. but here's the rub the whole conversation was fabricated by a german said to recall magazine titanic the editors behind the hoax posted this triumphant photo online it shows one of the magazine's employees posing with a transcript of the fake emails on the tabloids subsequent article the editor of titanic ses the hoax was all too easy to concoct less than an afternoon's work in fact. we had to turn it over to record magazine we worked with the same.
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methods as the built so we knew how to think like a boot editor there were no rumors about russian meddling and we thought this cannot be we have to make an alliance with the build tabloids and push a story about russian meddling a story that was tacky like in the spine and we had a good feeling that this would work when there's a story like this for four built they don't care about the details it's only interesting if the story is good and it was a good story indeed it was. like a good movie i hope it will be made into a movie sometime. when bill finally retracted the story what's more the head of the s.p. d.'s youth wing insists that how do you really been made such an offer he would have turned the tide of army have to see in this book i don't know but this group but of course we would refuse any of these offers we don't work with social bots i don't have the information that even received
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a new york was in this area. well whenever you do see meddling mentioned these days russia is usually linked to it in some way but it seems the united states is where head on that score a former cia director has admitted that washington interferes in other country's elections on domestic affairs when it's quote for a good cause taking a closer look this hour right. no one likes a spoiler medlars interference especially when it comes to american elections they're hooley pure and spoiled and unsullied or they were before the russians got to them they say but judge not lest ye be judged especially when you have a fetish for getting your fingers into foreign elections when i just don't mess around other people. are only for the very good didn't do
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a vine video on those former cia for a very good cause. said the former director of the cia it's funny because and when america does it when someone else's even suspected of doing it no no no no bad bad did the russians break the rules or do something bizarre the answer is no not at all said a thirty year veteran of the cia come on the cia root the book on meddling. we've been doing this kind of thing since the cia was created in one thousand forty seven we've used posters pamphlets mailers banners you name it we've planted false information for newspapers we've used with the british called king george's calorie suitcases of cash add to that assassinations coups information warfare hacking and that's just the stuff we know about this the johnson that helped
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oversee the cia's exhibit g.'s he'd know the difference is they say when russia does it it's to destroy the woold even when that meddling has no actual impact on the elections as even the justice department just admitted when america doesn't so the greater good democracy and all that you could ask of course how on earth overthrowing democratically elected leaders as the cia has done is helping democracy how sending billions of dollars worth of guns to gulf dictators is helping democracy but don't well the united states has been interfering in other countries elections since the one nine hundred thirty s. and in the caribbean and in latin america when i was in cia in the seventy's and eighty's in europe i would say that the that the cia and the u.s. government basically were interfering in elections almost every election that was
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taking place in europe this was just routine that the us wanted a friendly government of a certain type and was willing to do certain things to enable that to happen if we're going to claim that america has the right to interfere behind the scenes in the politics of another country. it's a little hypocritical for then america to say oh all russian intelligence has been interfering in american elections. in don't get to have it both ways. the windswept portuguese island of turks syria in the azores in the middle of the atlantic ocean is in desperate need of decontamination decades of us or a force activity have allegedly left it polluted with hydrocarbons and heavy metals and islanders say they're worried about the prevalence of cancer and other serious
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illnesses. the them freely and it's done so in a way from here as well ready to stay too long. we have is a series of locations with extremely high levels of pollution caused by heavy metals a hydrocarbons there are very high levels of lead in some zones of the reality of cancer arrhythmia and neverending amounts of problems associated with an excess of these substances. all my
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family in that area both of my parents died of cancer when i was thirty three i was diagnosed with breast cancer. the dire environmental situation on the island was first acknowledged in a classified report written in two thousand and three it's since been leaked and it's detailing seventeen major fuel spills in one fifteen thousand gallons of jet fuel were released when a pipeline was on intentionally activated that was in one thousand nine hundred four and there's been no cleanup since the report stresses that the island's inhabitants are at risk from contaminants in the soil air and water here's what local experts have been telling us. we found in the data that was published
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referring to the two thousand and seven two thousand and eleven period a higher number of certain cancers in the prior area than the rest of the saws especially regarding the rarer cancers for example i can see with thirty three percent of the cases being in prior divots order while the area has only eight point five two percent of the population. but we. this is the repeats itself on various islands occupied by the americans this is almost a scorched earth policy where the problems accumulate and the local government doesn't react the population has no capacity to take a stance maybe as a result of scientific illiteracy or lack of knowledge on the cause effect relations. or we've contacted both the us and portuguese governments but i've received no responses to this specific questions we asked the us government did
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however forward us a press release from last. it states that they two countries are aware of the situation and are seeking expert advice on how best to proceed. as you in the west bank has seen war intifada is on a wall built around it by israel but despite the dire situation a new life is finding a way part three of waiting for giraffes is next. united states is going. deep into mystic prizes chelan still a miracle supremest see the noise from the outside world from russia not from china but from the inside all sides what you see now all around russia and there is. no russians up to it is psychological to understand the full of times to find somebody outside the united states will is responsible for the while the real
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problem is this i. hate everybody i'm steven both. hollywood guy suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v.'s to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different. no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country on the road have to be every day americans. all over. the store to bridge the gap this is the great american.
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the question is. which in the video with this rule. it's about one hundred
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fifty eight questions. school. and let slip. that. i hold these people would help us if the accept us i think we would. change. what we like and if they don't. because for me. it was destroyed me. but you know this is. my big dream.


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