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hey everybody i'm stephen bob taft hollywood guy the suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v. and two cents to this is my buddy max famous financial guru just a little bit different i'm not. going to. no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm hitting the road to have some fun meet every day americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great
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american people. see. like to many flips over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the fun of school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just billionaire owners and spending two to twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else going to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game like
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great to win for transfer. and the next minute. election rigging collusion fraud and a full frontal assault on the foundation of our democracy to any regular viewer of c.n.n. and m s n b c that might sound like the tagline of russia gave a list of reasons that donald trump is now the forty fifth occupant of the oval office but to america's progressive left that is also the out summary of the two thousand and sixteen democratic primary when hillary clinton and the d.n.c.
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machine succeeded and relegating the nation's most motivated and hard fought movement in decades to a pre-determined second place finish and a humiliating lesson in true democratic obedience many bernie sanders among them have accepted this stinging loss and learned to stay quiet and carry on but many have not one person who insists on continuing the fight for transparency has started litigator jared back author of what happened to bernie sanders joined us earlier today. the bottom line in my opinion is that bernie sanders and in a system that was specifically designed for candidates such as him in other words progressive candidates in the mold of george mcgovern to not get the nomination it was a rigged system and it was rigged from the start and it was rigged in a number of different ways and what i try to do in the book is put the pieces together and synthesize all the evidence that's out there in the public
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domain in order to explain and clarify how this system operated and in my view one probably the most critical factor in the rigging of the primaries against bernie sanders was the role of the media and the role that the mainstream media played in connection with the d.n.c. in rigging the elections against bernie sanders i couldn't agree with you more of the bearer of their role it was was agreed just across the border and just sitting back and watching it you know. from a viewer and those sort of part of the media you could see that absolutely and that was one of the issues that a lot of bernie's supporters had they were frustrated a lot of people that they saw what they saw as a sort of reluctance on bernie sanders part to call out the full six its extent of
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the of the rate primary that he sort of acquiesce to the hellery coronation having studied this election so extensively do you think critics those critics have something to go on do you think they're right that part of that oh absolutely yeah absolutely in fact we are at a historic unprecedented. time in our nation's history because we are we have been afforded an unprecedented opportunity to look behind the scenes at the workings of this rigged system because wiki leaks. really a revolutionary publisher has released so much documentation into the public domain for us to study and so what i try to do in this book is go through that documentation and connect the internal. documents
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from the d.n.c. s. own servers and connect those documents into what exactly happened in the mainstream media. through the network that exists between d.n.c. operatives on the one hand and mainstream media operatives on the other and so what i charge in this book is exactly how the mainstream media worked at the behest of the d.n.c. itself to create false narratives against bernie sanders from the very beginning of the process including perhaps the most famous of false narratives which i called the myth of the bernie bro. that was a big one of that was a big. special because everybody out there that about election i think you know everyone out there has people who are who you know they wish wouldn't speak for them or if you know i mean a lot of it is startling ultimately though there's still the extent of it is still
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that kind of like smoke and mirrors of the. now i understand you were during the process you know you were in the process of a lawsuit yourself over this matter. where where does the lawsuits that day is this something that we can expect to see come for to fruition or you know were the idea of this lawsuit you know i need to make this political statement because you know for the historical records because somebody had to stand up and kind of do something amidst all of this evidence flying around and then i'll ask is there any way to actually hold the d.n.c. ad in the clintons accountable you know for this rig at the end of the day. right so we filed the lawsuit very shortly. after the first documents showing the d.n.c. s fraudulent intent were released into the public domain and that actually wasn't
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wiki leaks that was good for two point zero which released a number of internal d.n.c. documents and i believe june of two thousand and sixteen which showed how the d.n.c. was strategizing to. elevate hillary clinton to the nomination and how exactly it was going to pursue a very specific and discrete media strategy among other things in order to achieve that outcome and so we filed our lawsuit very shortly after gucci for two came out with those documents that that lawsuit there were two hearings held in the district court in fort lauderdale florida where the lawsuit was filed which is also happens to be debbie wasserman schultz's district and of course she was named as a defendant with the d.n.c. as the former chair person and so the court held two hearings. of eventually the court dismissed the lawsuit and said that our clients who were
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donors to the bernie sanders campaign didn't have what is called legal standing to pursue claims against the d.n.c. and debbie wasserman schultz for rigging the primaries but in the course of. these lower court proceedings something very very interesting happened in open court before the judge hearing the case and what happened is that the d.n.c. is counsel got up and said that the d.n.c. had every right to go into back rooms and select the candidates like they did in the old days smoking cigar. hours and he said those precise words and there is absolutely no. nothing no legal resource recourse for that in fact the d.n.c. has every right to rig the primaries that way and this was a shocking statement i was shocked at the time i heard this and i'm still shocked
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and we and i said at the time if what the d.n.c. is counsel says is true then this is a very very sad day for democracy in this country because it means that there is absolutely no recourse that can be had legally to. ensure that there are fair elections in this kind country so worse on appeal in this case we appealed the judge's order dismissing us for not having standing and we are in the briefing process right now before the eleventh circuit court of appeals which sits in atlanta and has jurisdiction over the over the appeal so i absolutely hope that that. that the d.n.c. is wrong about this and that we do have legal recourse and we are going to pursue this case until the very end and try to get justice for all of the bernie donors
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that were harmed by the d.n.c. conduct because they paid over two hundred twenty seven million dollars to bernie sanders campaign based on the belief that this was a legitimate and fair demick credit process and all the evidence shows that it was not but i think we've already gotten this these facts out into the public domain through the litigation process of course we've been blacked out by the mainstream media but that is a good thing that has come from the lawsuit but i hope it's not the only thing. hillary and bernie supporters have harbored a pretty strong animosity for each other throughout the whole process of the primary. it isn't even through the election but most of them do seem to sarah share a certain reverence for president obama and the interesting thing about this this entire situation is this the fact that obama had a pretty big role in the primary he was a centrally the defacto head of the d.n.c.
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at the time or at the democratic party he's responsible for appointing debbie wassermann schultz at the d.n.c. and it seems that all all things considered he has avoided his share of the blame here why do you think that happened. well i i think you're absolutely right this all happened on obama's watch but i think all this is happened and all this is happening not just from obama but really from the very leadership of the d.n.c. right now which is swearing in till the end that the process. that there was nothing wrong with the process or that you know claims that that that the process were unfair are unfounded and all you have to do really is read the briefs that the d.n.c. has filed in our case i mean they're taking positions like. to the extent that
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we're threatening their first amendment rights by suing them for rigging the primaries which is just ridiculous to me so you know the short answer to your question i think is that. the d.n.c. and its leadership including president obama or former president obama has very much doubled down on the strategy that they pursued in rigging the primaries against bernie sanders and when you double down on the strategy you never back away from the strategy never apologize for the strategy you never give any ground and so i think we're just really at a historic log or heads right now. in terms of the democratic party and people who were formerly in the democratic party because i know a lot of people are leaving the party or have left the party in droves over what happened in two thousand and sixteen to bernie sanders most definitely jared and i want to say thank you and keep up the good work that you're doing out there
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definitely check out your book what happened to bernie sanders juror thank you so much for coming on today and definitely like to have you back on as we get closer to the twenty eight team primaries because i think that loggerheads you talked about is going to play a huge role in who gets on the democratic ticket and i think it's a good personal all the talk about that thank you so much for coming out and writing this book. well thank you for having me it's been a pleasure. this time of year the north pole or the arctic as proper scientists call it normally sits around negative thirty degrees celsius or negative twenty two degrees fahrenheit for my fellow americans but this year something is different see the northern most weather station in the world clock temperature is at forty three degrees fahrenheit six degrees celsius all because the lack of sea ice is making it easier for warm air to head north but it also sent frigid air south to europe we were seeing record cold temperatures the eternal city of rome saw
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a freezing errors snow fall for the first time in nearly a decade and then thirty years before that they call this siberian weather from the beast from the east and it brought four inches of snow to rome delaying public transport closing schools cemeteries and even bringing priests and nuns into the blizzard for snowball fights the police have even taken to detaining homeless citizens to protect them from the elements it looks as if our weather flips and dances through our expectations it might be a time to start a middling the climate is asking us to make some changes some that are most certainly years ago babies are amazing seeing the colosseum was slow around the well you're going to have rare enough and doesn't have lots of those potential to climb above but are that is our shoulder today remember everyone in this world you're not alone not so it's a wall i love you know times have
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a lot of people watching those sorts of. fifty years ago breaking within two cons again as a sleeping pill the dust this is what i believe because i just said this thought the scientific sweat terrible but not on the road as shown in dutch one football movie here not the warm welcome of across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation in something in two ways first
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will the physical damage itself as well that the consumer mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been pulled the justice and there has been a cup of. tea everybody i'm stephen baldwin rush in the task hollywood guy suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v.'s to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru where she's a little bit different i'm not. going to tell or not knowing no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the brood have some fun meet everyday americans come home and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which.
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russia has been reaching out for decades for years down under food and saying look we've got to trade more this more trade and america is like no no you're an existential crisis because we have to give these deadbeats in congress a lot more money if you're going to create a fake enemy called them with a man three hundred million dollars meanwhile you go to trade with china and on the east and create the news so. road to become much for join a five trillion dollars economy all america shrinks. feeling the trailer to nearly a bottomless saudi china six lawyers. an estimated eighteen thousand since underage refugees are now living in greece. you know still more to go. to get a home in the euro food drink. many sell their bodies just to make ends meet.
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in the second and all the sense in that. says in london's. transit dealing drugs to make a living. this doesn't look like. him and in. the.
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headlines terrorists have showed a humanitarian corey dillon series these two shortly after mr stablished preventing civilians the wall. also this hour israeli soldiers arrested ten people in a raid on a palestinian village including a fifteen year old boy the severe head injury allegedly inflicted by the i.d.f. in two months ago. and the computer recycling experts in the u.s. faces jail and a hefty fine tooth for pirating microsoft software the system is only trying to refurbish a six. i think it was helping people extend the life cycle of their electronics to combat planned obsolescence and to make sure that we keep as much work product
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out of landfills as possible. hello there are you watching r.t. you must start with syria where terrorists have shelled a humanitarian corridor established to allow civilians to leave the war ravaged district of eastern ghouta just outside the capital damascus that's according to russia's defense ministry which helps set up the route before it was attacked just minutes later when these are pictures from the corridor checkpoint on the side of the government controlled territory but due to the terrorist shelling of a single civilian was able to leave on tuesday and use the opportunity to leave the area r.t. arabic correspondent she bruni is on the ground in damascus and has visited the checkpoint. at the had no civilians have come out of the corridor yet minutes after
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it was opened the area was challenged five times and several syrian soldiers were injured. have also been firing at those trying to corridor that could be why civilians are in using this route out. what is located just outside the syrian capital has been occupied by various rebel and terror groups for years it's that area there in. red violence there has recently escalated to with both sides accusing each other of targeting civilians the north of it is where the humanitarian corridor was set up by russia it's located in the fifteen districts the humanitarian efforts to provide safe passage for those desperate to escape are being coordinated with the syrian red crescent buses and ambulances are on standby to evacuate civilians and people inside the rebel enclave are being notified about the location of the kauri draw fire leaflets text alerts and also loudspeakers first aid points have been set up near the exit to help those in need of urgent
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medical assistance however despite these efforts it's feed the civilians will be prevented by rebels from leaving the war so it's more a ghastly it explains. civilians dying they're dying from rebel shells from government bombs from bullets shrapnel and crossfire in damascus and in east ghouta the u.n. cease fire is dead on arrival no one stops shooting so the syrians are trying their own way humanitarian corridors backed by russia thousands of these leaflets being dropped over east ghouta by syrian helicopters there are instructions for civilians on how to get out of the war zone maps with arrows follow them if you dare women of all the jews and children reportedly continued to be forbidden by local armed groups from leaving the area for security
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reasons they've done it before in aleppo is limited rebels wouldn't let anyone out they shot at civilians trying to feed to government held areas they shelled humanitarian crossings and if you made it out that punish your relatives same story in ghouta this is been going on for years the evidence indicates that non-state armed groups in eastern guta and in particular josh islam are also responsible for inflating the price of food and other basic necessities they're arbitrarily restricting the movement of civilians wishing to leave and abducting and arbitrarily detaining people. you'd think this is important right all doobs pundits and activists screaming about good and not once have they asked the pertinent question i have nothing at the heart we welcome the security council's decision regarding a ceasefire because of the burden on our families and he said this suffering must
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be lifted to the decision to stop the bloodshed caused by the regime in eastern my home and the alarm. when the regime is not abiding by the un resolution i cannot stand still and watch and defend myself and our families in ghouta why are they still there despite their access to the spokes person of the army of islam the jihad this group that holds east ghouta they have not asked him why his group is blocking woman and kids from leaving a war zone it's good press for him to stand there and complain that innocents are dying while meeting that they're dying big because his own rebel fighters won't let them leave the armed groups inside east ghouta will not allow those people to leave simply because they know they will be the next target after that it will deprive
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them from a very strong media arm because those civilian deaths among the civilian actually created a sympathy all over the middle east and all over the world i think human are you almost as you know a propaganda tool to these bloody war and syria so with it will continue i don't believe it will stop but definitely with this according to your human humanitarian corridor or actually could do it use that human casualties among those people. well russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov has compared the situation in eastern getting east in aleppo a little over a year ago where part of the city was also occupied by rebel and terrorist groups some of which held civilians hostage. the. bugs in the mass evacuation of civilians took place in order to destroy the terrorists who didn't want to leave and everyone said that it was
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a very risky operation because civilians could leave and never return you might even be considered ethnic cleansing and yesterday the governor said that two hundred thousand of those who lived aleppo have come back that's a third of all buildings damaged by war have been restored and this process is continuing so we should remember that it is so but awfully bore they did leave anyone to leave the job out of valuable new material or their same experience we are. we are seeing today they will try to profit for that civilian if one believes if the bulk of what are these negotiations which is going very day i think there will but i accuse the syrian government. of their of their always of the. of their vehicle waiting this to be their people from mr barak of what the . israeli soldiers are carried out a predawn raid on
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a palestinian village arresting ten people among them a teenage boy still recovering from an alleged gunshot to the head sustained at a west bank protesting months ago the raid was caught on video by one of his family members. well ten palestinians were arrested by the i.d.f. in a pre-dawn raid five of them were mine is and among those detained was mohammad khatami meat who was seriously wounded after an israeli soldier fired at him with a rubber bullet back in december and now he is currently waiting for surgery to help restore part of his skull off it was removed in emergency surgery following that december incident. gautam number two to learn with what i'm going to. go to
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the israeli army has confirmed that it a race to tell me overnighted says that the service was approved by an army physician now after being arrested he was interrogated and has been subsequently released during that interrogation it seems as if he was forced to say that he fell off a bike and when his head hit the handlebars that course the injury now his family has refused at this and in fact doctors have proven that the injury to his head was in fact caused by every other bullet he is the younger brother of tommy who is currently in detention awaiting trial off the slapping and israeli soldier who arrived at her home. now that was found back in december when soldiers arrived at the tommy home to a west mohammed naturally
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a who was extremely angry and her brother of regularly at protests and demonstrations with israeli soldiers there very often in confrontations. in other news tonight an investigation into one of the worst cases of child sex abuse in the u.k. is stalling due to a lack of qualified personnel the abuse scandal centers on the sexual exploitation of fourteen hundred children over the course of three decades in the northern british town of the room it was revealed that eighty percent of the suspected perpetrators were of pakistani origin artie's police boyko looks now at why the probe launched three years ago is still failing to make progress according to this senior officer investigating the scandal one hundred more police officers are needed to uncover the truth so far police have managed to interview seventeen percent of the possible one and a half thousand victims due to a shortage in specially trained to.


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