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dimension get down off the. british the little murder victims insist that they were denied a fair settlement. found that the german come together foundation was formed under the circumstances. two ways first will the physical damage itself. but as well there's a constant reminder that the people who actually perpetrated this crime as never been brought to justice and there has been a couple so you spend your whole life trying to find the answers to those questions and death put blood sugar systems and this is happening to all the to the mud to. the british for the murder victims look to brussels for support to reopen the come to gun case. time is running out. many of them have trouble paying for their treatment and the costs keep rising as they get older. and make twenty fifteen
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next go break have the opportunity to speak to members of the european parliament about the issues faced by some of the mind victims. i would now like to hand over to and make break and we did the research into the german archives and we came up with astonishing information which would be shock us and made us realize what had happened and i want to just make street comments about this investigation we did into the criminal trial the first thing we discovered there was secret negotiations between going intel and the german federal government whilst the trial was taking place secondly the german federal presence at the time. granted into torchwood couldn't tell a contribution in return for the trial being terminated despite the fact that the prosecution office in zero five or so you want and he must not do this this is
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illegal the net result of this the third point which is the most important for the four countries here is that all the evidence was suppress. the european parliament again discusses the come to go increase in march twenty sixth. in may twenty fifteen nine months ago any piece of a pre-planned group here in the parliament insisted that a solution be found to the scandal of the lack of action on the urgent needs of it might make him a solution to a problem that the pro-choice sixty years old. during those sixty years the german government system and the pharmaceutical company. have deployed every possible prepare a case pro question. to addressing those needs thank you very much. because . the light inside.
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the archives contains documents detailing some of the mine victims stories in other countries. in spain there are currently three hundred people who claim they have never been compensated. to book by. experts. and. the industry. is in four months you need. to ask.
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the. entire. market now. but politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to be rushed. into going to be the person with the like them before three of them or ten people. i'm interested always in the waters of our. first sit.
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joining me every thursday on the alex i'm unsure when i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sport this list i'm showbusiness i'll see that. closer to new york when you don't. see the teachers. did they could put it. to me not through only ten spaces. maybe. left alone they. said. no servant
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is mostly left to. alex you speak french. those of us who. send them floats a new. sun is busy cutting up the old stuff to call. for decades spain never publicly discussed the fact that a little might cause deformities. of the drug continued to be sold in spain long after county gun was taken off the market in germany none of this was addressed for a very long time in twenty ten the spanish government officially recognized springs to little mindfuck tems a spanish coordination he ruled against going in tell them the judgment was
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reversed pediatrician class clap lives in madrid and campaigns for spam is to limit victims. spain continue to sell the drug until nine hundred seventy five but under different names. is sean indulged in the. wool he'll know. or then will the mother. fish one of the scooters for the noun does all vile he does of the small both and then he or. left. the shrimp on buns and medicament under please don't. anything feel a little back. from your former.
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spanish victims formed an association as well. they held a conference in madrid in february twenty sixth in. the participants say that none of them has ever received compensation from the german country gun foundation or from going into. and four k. near. isn't tied spit it on t.v. isn't that spirit of our news only meant they did it and it all is that kind ministerial. aunt jane have. just begun stalls as of this is you have either missed trying to skate gun and you think you don't know it's a b.b. well be an incredible believer the only problem it is in the. groin and tell stresses that the company has nothing to do with the spanish the little mite victims. that denies responsibility for the fact that the drug continued to be sold
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in spain. not all articles are yodeling that is to. put on. her mill eagle and also i don't and it's funny we're not. below the russell relocated there will be more noise. and. not someone and knew that they were in response sounded rather. sad again model they must yell about it doesn't actually just come of that what i want is what you say you must return to but i guess i gotta be as interview. manuel knew and yes i asked the german come to gun foundation for help and was turned down. there's no hope of financial support in spain. no news was born in the wrong year. this you know nothing nothing from same message sent this. kid laugh it's just just dumb posters and. into says.
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nobody oh you got an accomplice actually on. my feel fully other minority interfere when they move in he is rarely a good or our guy is the same task as a simple yes. some are too old for compensation and some too young and only those who were born within a five year time frame have any chance of getting support. more than if a normal. we are no longer there he. goes into the new system that is his and they think oh. now you know how it is a little game of. yes in an absolute them in the english and the others in the oval games by the name of the woman does they get on your feet when they see it that is if you there is on your hand there's just either you mia. for. years and you said
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then that one must have a data or a wild. deal better or. one of spain's youngest the little mite victims lives in and i go to a village in the basque country he suffers deformities in his arms and legs. marianna got him india is thirty eight years old. as a child doctors couldn't explain his disability they were looking for a genetic disease. only much later did it become clear that his malformations were the result of the solidified his mother had taken during pregnancy as we. knew i don't seem to matter. how many who don't get up move in a matter they're not really very. happy and saw by this. means don't. you know we are missing
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this. to this day mariano a governmental has only ever received help from his family he never received financial support from the spanish government from the continent foundation or from gruen until. last week he had to give up his architectural studies because of his worsening physical issues. if i'm not going over the. i love them the most and then they make one others are no no. no no no money for tomorrow. but i'll make a woman follow. the woman. said as one of those groups. and follow. missions as it is which are most.
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if the list be got good delish. for decades spanish the little victims on t.v. an acknowledged. since they started to finally have one and then last trials. now they want to cooperate with the british the little my trust. the recent research in germany gives them renewed hope. the findings have uncovered new information about the little mind cases in spain. tobias on present a discovery that could be useful in court for spain's to the to much victims. this is a judge i missed this to look sharp i suppose over the speech the document docs just files and it's time i know it's not i can say this if i feel i need a bone knock them out. that's ok i'll find
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a woman. not. going to skate yachts you and me just not being in touch with this far call strobes in formula one and i'll finish that this fall but it's. not and it. doesn't still commented they are. legal. to knock them out. in munchen phone. in spite of phone call. not there mark. here. it's just on top of the list of. victims in germany have now been informed of the findings. of the british study the my trust campaigners have come up with a plan if they succeeded in getting the european parliament on their side the
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german parliament will have to respond to what we're going to do with about to launch a massive campaign in the german parliament when the help of the bush embassy now as it is usually in germany to find out the truth here i am being read by the gods of the guns. with the guns like i got to see the boys. as an educated cook definitely does. fit in our mold kelly would we have just started with the bill that is london. gives it up. or doesn't stop does a place known. by admitting that not everything was handled correctly back then the north rhine-westphalia state government intends to use the apology to close the file on the counter gun case. the victims are not
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satisfied with just the results of a dissertation and an apology they don't believe the scandal has been fully resolved. really feel betrayed and demand a new investigation. they want an investigation that includes their own personal experience and considers the files they discovered in the german archives. of logs on start that actually came from some distant absolute often about sort that he had been a documented yet. indeed does so also because the student does it's biased one to be a good one to get the body of a given game listen the whole body will be diggins india come to you but when taught what young does you know spend all of the he will spend the entirely dressing wounds on this kind of lot of us guns in sponsor shall not want to be a muslim doesn't want to show him i'm finished now you know as much as much else i'm home on both sides much time follow my guns the muslim feel i'm sure someone if
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i meet any amish most people will follow him as much defeat as up the muslims want to get outside the bank and so muslims from the heat was the door to go i felt real father hope and feel. apply to many flips over the years so i know the game inside guides. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion
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from the fans it's the age of the superman to just kill you narrowness and spend be true to the twenty million one fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else only because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so well paul transfer. and thinks it's going to. feel enough ginia bottomless saudi china six oyur. area. an estimated eighty four cents under each refugees are now living in greece. you know still more go. to your home in there you go food shopping. and many sell their bodies just to make ends meet.
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in the second and all the sense in that. nothing's. turned to dealing drugs to make a living. in . the least. that.
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terrorists have shelled a humanitarian corridor in syria's eastern ghouta shortly after it was established preventing civilians from leaving the war torn district. israeli soldiers arrest ten people in a raid on a palestinian village it includes a fifteen year old boy with a severe head injury. allegedly inflicted by the i.d.f. to bounce back. at a computer recycling expert in the united states faces jail and a hefty fine for pirated microsoft software but he insists he was only trying to refurbish old p.c. . i think it was helping people extend the life cycle of their electronics to combat planned obsolescence and to make sure that we keep as much working product out of landfills as possible.
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thanks for joining us this hour. this is artie and. i will start this hour with syria where terrorists have shelled a humanitarian corridor established to allow civilians to leave the war ravaged district of eastern ghouta just outside the capital damascus this is according to russia's defense ministry which helped to set up the route before it was attacked just minutes later now here are pictures from the cover a door checkpoint on the side of government controlled territory but due to terrorist shelling not a single civilian on tuesday was able to use the opportunity to leave that area r.t. arabic correspondent. is on the ground for is in damascus she visited the checkpoint . at the had no civilians have come out of the corridor yet minutes after it was built in the area was challenged five times and several syrian soldiers were
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injured snipers have also been firing at those patrolling the corridor that could be why civilians are in use in this route out. east and located just outside of the syrian capital and it's been occupied by various rebel and terrorist groups for years now you can see it here in the area we've marked in red violets as recently as both sides of accused each other of targeting civilians to the north that's where the humanitarian corridor was set up by russia. it's located in the our district now the humanitarian efforts to provide safe passage for those desperate to escape they're being coordinated with the syrian red crescent buses and ambulances are on standby to help evacuate civilians people inside the rebel enclave are being notified about the location of the corridor of leaflets text alerts and loudspeakers first aid points have been set up near the exit to help those in need of urgent medical assistance but despite all of those efforts it's feared that civilians will be prevented by rebels from leaving the war zone with
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more is a correspondent. civilians dying they're dying from rebel shells from government bombs from bullets shrapnel and crossfire in damascus and in east ghouta the u.n. cease fire is dead on arrival no one stops shooting so the syrians are trying their own way humanitarian corridors backed by russia thousands of these leaflets being dropped over east ghouta by syrian helicopters there are instructions for civilians on how to get out of the war zone maps with arrows follow them if you dare women of all the jews and children reportedly going to need to be forbidden by local armed groups from leaving the area for security reasons they've done it before in aleppo is limited rebels wouldn't let anyone out
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they shot at civilians trying to feed to government held areas they shelled humanitarian crossings and if you made it out that punish your relatives same story in ghouta this is being going on for years the evidence indicates that non-state armed groups in eastern guta and in particular josh islam are also responsible for inflating the price of food and other basic necessities they're arbitrarily restricting the movement of civilians wishing to leave and the ducting and arbitrarily detaining people. you'd think this is important right all those pundits and activists screaming about gouda and not once have they asked the pertinent question. we welcome the security council's decision regarding a ceasefire because of the burden on our families and he said this suffering must be lifted the decision to stop the bloodshed caused by the regime in eastern guta
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for many alarm. when the regime is not abiding by the un resolution i cannot stand still and watch and defend myself and our families in good time why are they still there despite their access to the spokes person of the army of islam the jarvis group that holds east ghouta they have not asked him why his group is blocking woman and kids from leaving a war zone it's good press for him to stand there and complain that innocents are dying while meeting that they're dying because his own rebel fighters won't let them leave the armed groups inside east ghouta will not allow those people to leave simply because the little they will be the next target after that it will deprive them from a very strong media arm because those civilian deaths among the civilian actually
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create a sympathy all over the middle east and all over the world i think human are you almost as you know a propaganda tool these bloody war in syria so with it will continue i don't believe it will stop but definitely with this according to your human humility included or actually could do it use that human casualties among those people. killers cross live now to the syrian capital damascus we can discuss our story with political analyst taleb ibraheem very good evening to tell that according to. they stimulation not a single civilian was able to exit eastern ghouta through this humanitarian corridor or what can be done to change that can anything be done. i think this is a real tragedy our civilians not only. inside damascus have as we know that our terrorist groups are fighting for both sides inside they are preventing
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civilians from getting out of good because of they are using them as a living and secondly if civilians will go out with a good this will make the battle. much easier and fair if those civilians will have a very good i think should not be able to accuse the syrian government and syrian army of targeting civilians and the should be transferred from battle between army and civilians and there is to groups to be with the army and some to receive groups so they do not plan civilians to go or they are preventing them to go out and they have confidential reports of the model of all of that they are arresting any young man who is between eighteen to forty years and him to go to fight with them against me so this is a part of the greatest tragedy in syria i think russia tried to make that humanitarian corridors to avoid
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a very big my second thought avoid all this tragedy but i'm fortunately of that decision even if the judicial system which is a terrorist group if it will decide to break you at their. civilians i think that this is a are we are and as our vision and those which if they want. this war and to make it as long as possible to achieve their political political goals in syria ok many thanks have to cut the city short i'll explain in a moment why many thanks. joining us live from damascus. thank you. explain now why because the british foreign office is invited to russia's ambassador to discuss the humanitarian situation in the syrian enclave of eastern ghouta occupied as was said by rebel and terrorist groups just outside the capital damascus leads to say we can now speak to the russian ambassador himself alexander joins me on the line good evening to you mr ambassador i would like to know first
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of all what were you asked to discuss with your british counterparts today. well basically the key question was the fulfillment of the real solution of the u.n. security council twenty four one we. of course you know will be disappointed with the statements of the secretary johnson when he spoke yesterday at the parliament and he blamed russia for humanitarian situation and we said this is directly straight straightforward to minister duncan but. the key question was of course the the situation on the ground because it's the whole of course there was allusion is adopted and we subscribed on that but the key question is how to fulfill it because last two days if you take for example eastern ghouta we witnessed around seventy strikes against the muskets thirty
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people were killed two hundred injured and the jihad immobile. into the damascus you know thinks there were no casualties but this is because that was the they say attacks of the terrorists a jihadist whatever you call them and of course it has to react and this is one story the other story is united nations is waiting to send the humanitarian aid to eastern ghouta but how to get it there because for example the routes are full of mines you can to go there the terrorists holding the is the life shields of the people they're not letting them out we tried to i mean the syrians and of course the russians to try to reach an agreement to make a safe passages from from east in goods.


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