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russian efforts to introduce a humanitarian corridor in syria's eastern criticized by the u.s. . making accusations similar to those during the liberation of. the german chancellor. for the very. existence of. the country. the belgian government faces up. to make it easier for the police to conduct raids on migrants a woman whose home was raided. international
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news team here thank you for joining us. shortly after a russia sponsored humanitarian and poor's came into force in syria's eastern ghouta the u.s. state department. and the syrian government. russia is certainly not its hearing to this cease fire they are not adhering to the cease fire because they continue to sponsor and back but. government violence and the rubble on terrorist held damascus suburb escalated earlier this month with both sides accusing each other of targeting civilians the u.n. security council unanimously adopted a month long cease fire resolution across the country additionally russia has also spawned sort of five daily truce to help civilians escape the fighting in the east and. however terrorists shelled the humanitarian corridor that's according to russia's defense ministry which helped set up the route before it was attacked just
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minutes later not a single civilian was able to leave the enclave on tuesday the u.s. state department though accuses rusher of paying too much attention to one of the last terrorist hot beds in syria. i find it ironic when russia calls for a humanitarian road a humanitarian zone you know what the humanitarian zone is it's the entirety of syria not just one little area that russia acutely tries to carve out it should be the entire country because that is what russia and those fifteen other countries agreed to in the u.n. security council resolution united states has actually made a very specific failure in syria and gating the grounds there and we've lost a lot of the ability to speak about that and so now it's just become on whoever's whoever's in charge or whoever might have something so playing the blame on russia for the thing it was their fault because russia had the power they should have known it to tell us to put its forces that are to have militants stop doing that they're basically saying that russia is now in charge of syria rather than trying
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to find a solution as to why this five hour or any any hour seven hour any amount of cease fire won't work this is not up to russia this is not up to any one nation it's up to all the nations that are in syria to agree to the cease fire and i think it's just unfortunate to see this continued pattern of really. almost immaturity childish behavior i'd be happy you have a department that is trying to blame russia or some other power when they really have their football in syria and ability to do anything about the humanitarian reason or to protect people and comparisons and are being drawn between the ongoing liberation of eastern ghouta and the former militant enclave of aleppo last year. takes a closer look at the tangle of violence in east go to these morphing into lippold two point zero watching the mainstream media's coverage is almost like traveling in a time machine back to twenty sixteen the president and his russian recused of
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unleashing all out war against the people of ghouta russia and the syrian government are launching an offensive these children have lost their relatives to war the images of suffering children in aleppo up to four hundred thousand people are believed to be trapped in eastern quarter the city of aleppo right now suffering a horrific humanitarian tragedy national exam there's hundreds of missiles and mortars on civilian homes and hospitals hospitals are targets in syria and the regime has been bombing them ruthlessly among all things eased goatees one of the last bastions just like aleppo it's been a long time den of the nusra front and the likes here is the terrorists flag hanging off the wall during a meeting you need to go to a few years ago and since then. have only been getting cozy of their militias a nice to have a record of forcing civilians to sit tight amid the fighting and the worse it is for them the better the evidence indicates that non-state armed groups in eastern
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guta and particularly josh islam are also responsible for inflating the price of food and other basic necessities that arbitrarily restricting the movement of civilians wishing to leave and abducting and arbitrarily detaining people. human shields is a tactic favored by all terrorists including those who were in aleppo hardly a surprise that minutes after russia and syria opened humanitarian corridors out of those paths to safety came under rebel shelling humanitarian corridors for the passage of civilians are still blocked by terrorists and being shelled militants continue to use mortars and rocket systems against residential neighborhoods including areas with humanitarian corridors in the western part of aleppo. and just like any still oppose there are no western reporters in rebel i'll go after all with those groups you never know what you're going to get a story or
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a price on your head instead reporters shoes are filled by young prodigies like bunnell abed from yes aleppo and a copycat from east good itself. this what happens is a shame that our country seat of the must both under suspicion and esther named water for serving is girl by the thoughtless assad regime. a heart rending image of a child there were plenty of those coming out of east aleppo to the mainstream media rallied under the banners of this blood curdling picture only to be corrected by the heroes of the story themselves this young boy. was because the symbol of the war. she's five years old that is a war crime so i didn't ask for anything with regard to no media no frame nothing
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they photographed him without my consent i brought him back here so that no one would exploited they talk about him as if he is there this is my son all i want is for them to leave him alone. the viral photo was taken by the white helmets a group marketing itself as a civil defense initiative their volunteers work a fight as diligently things as they have to see the hardest executive you know clearing up the mess. i. wherever jihadi factions first they bring their white helmets into all these like aleppo is no exception whether it's good. or any other
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hot bed of violence it's almost never just black or white but sticking a good versus bad label is so much easier especially when you have some stored away from the last time you. r.t. the british foreign office invited the russian ambassador to the u.k. alexander franco to discuss the humanitarian situation in eastern guta he told us that finding a solution to the crisis is a joint responsibility. politicians we're going to send. you some good stuff. to get. you close for example of the room full of mines you can go there the terrorists holding the life of the people there not letting them out so we discuss with the brits you know what the british could do in that critical terms and what kind of signals they could send to the whether it's a neutral position or whatever to the people in order to see what lives we need the
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british on board but we don't accept these statements like the russians guilty for the humanitarian situation we're on the scene both were trying to do our best in order to release syria from the terrorists there's been plenty of support for the syrian citizens living in eastern good or on social media that has with journalists and commentators sharing photos from the conflict zone however not all of them appear to show the real picture as caleb maupin reports two heartbreaking photos posted with the words this is syria except it's not actually syria one is from mosul in iraq and the other is from the israeli bombing of gaza now it's been raised in the comments that it's not actually syria but regardless this post by some guy in cleveland has tens of thousands of reach we decided to find out how many people here in new york would be ready to reach wieder share this with jury
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tweet that. i don't typically use twitter but. maybe you know it just seems very politically motivated to have any having any serious message behind it i definitely wouldn't i mean. just because there are horrors happening everywhere and i don't know if twitter is the proper form for it anyways yes i would and why i'm half palestinian and this is the same thing that's going on in my country interestingly and this is mosul in iraq. and that is gaza. so it's not actually syria you know but it's equivalent the same type of things are going on in syria it's kind of just inform and it might not be you know to a t. informative but it's getting the message across that even if these pictures are someplace else it's ok do you think that you by that i mean to some extent yes if you think that it actually it's like taking initiative then i feel like the pictures don't really matter i think the real issue is scary and sad enough that we
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don't need to you know misinformed people to have real journalism to have real information and verify you know contact with this be fake news the fake i mean part of why i don't use twitter is because of the information fabrication that exists and also has it in about facebook this exact reason you can't trust anything anymore and it's a sad state of the world now the saddest part is that some commenters say they don't actually care what they say people are dying in syria aren't they facts don't matter that's how things are in the post truth world caleb mop and artsy new york. the german chancellor merkel has a knowledge of the problem of so-called no go zones in the country for the first time during her tenure in office. are all of the investigators this. we've seen an unexpected change of tack from uncle burkle when it comes to talk of no go areas in germany and a no go there should not be any no go zones there can be no places where nobody
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dares to go by the zones exist and they should be named and something must be done about it. burkle had previously used the same injury phrase no go area to describe parts of the country with a high crime rate but that rate has been going up the government's own figures released earlier this year point to a ten percent rise in violent crime between twenty fifteen and twenty sixty ninety percent of which is attributed to young male refugees there was criticism of last year of the way the german media covered the refugee crisis in a highly respected group of researches said this editors acted as a public educators and that the whole refugee crisis in the arrival of hundreds of thousands of people was covered in too favorable a light. and our. lives.
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the only people who had been talking about no go areas were alternative for germany and they were bound mocked for doing so are common enough that's all guns are lying can you as a woman walk alone on vosh show streets on a weekend evening would you do it will cause those show on nearby streets and then they say and make it look like we're the aggressive ones they say bad things about the city no what we do is look at things. in perspective what we do is simply address facts and facts only leads them to intimate that. look here's the thing in order to secure a ruling coalition angela merkel has been trying to wean on the right wing the
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conservative oh my and so should try to secure the fuel to the chancellor she may well be thinking that taking a step towards the sunshine policy of alternative to germany could help get those hardliners back onside with peter all of a party. according to local media it's the bigger cities in germany that are worst hit with criminals taking over entire neighborhoods it's not uncommon for police to come under physical assault in such areas which are reportedly run by ethnic criminal groups political scientist says some neighborhoods are simply no longer recognizable it's not the longer the case that every person can move freely around just as he or in particular she wants because we're here for the neighborhood since it is leach look not like being in germany but like in a different country if you look at some cities it's the northern part of or of door
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to more like parts of deuced book like parts of the lead then for some neighborhoods it's really a problem and this truth is locked right they'll come to be frank on this point we're the same problem arising out of drug criminality but immigration is a part of the whole problematic phenomenon. a number of districts of brussels of call on the belgian government to reconsider plans to grant the police greater powers to target migrants a new bill would make it easier to conduct raids on homes thought to house migrants who have been ordered to leave the country however not all approve of this method shiloh to which he spoke to someone who experienced her home being raided. when the new tourist jungle camping cali was torn apart thousands of migrants got it many came here to brussels it was meant to be
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a pit stop instead for many it's become permanent as belgians have opened their arms and their homes to my currents though for some that's brought its own perils five o'clock in the morning i heard the door. was kind of a shocker with sleeping in so i wake up with a look and i ring flow in my belly and i can be honestly yes who is it it is appear that i have no idea where they really are they know throughout the over friendly and i saw seven man and one woman coming in the door pushing me aside going to her but asking me are you along yes i am a lot it was a case where three they went into the lobby when the the other side wanted to see if nobody was really had the impression i was a terrorist that something truly terrible happened sixteen year old mohammed migrant from sudan is the reason the police came around six months ago he was
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sleeping rough at brussels maximillian park if police going to park my somalia here only going to catch people based there. five o'clock that morning everybody sleep they all you will see police for want of you if you are. a dealer for the take you would deliver even just wait there wait there used to be you. because they want they want you feel very bad and they don't want anybody markets or media and so when i came i saw in such a state it was really really you know these sixteen and he was there at least already for two when knows where to sleep along this path with some friends and nothing so i say ok i'm home in august last year i spent the night at maximillian
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park it was clear it had become a transit point that thousands had already passed through fearing that a new callee could emerge the government began a program of raids and arrests well for now mohammed has a roof over his head it looks like the government is making a new play in a bid to evict migrants like him it's due to vote on plans to allow police to search private homes suspected of sheltering unauthorized migrants that's provoked outrage was yet some are worried that while many migrants are in need of aid others have more sinister looted some terrorists have used fake i.d.'s some terrorists have posed as michael and seeking asylum what concerns do you have about letting people into your home of course the
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risk of zero or there's nothing exists so i cannot tell you that i will be one hundred percent sure that they are not their host of course but the persons of make runs that are taoist so little. for the nuke hosting mohammed has so far been a routing experience for mohammed it's changed his life how different is your life now compared to what it was just a few months ago city a hundred sixty degrees. at the surface and like that. every so often now i have family. in the family and really familiar for me she do everything for me i have four a i want to school are and how fit in despite his good fortune mohammed says his family back in sudan always in his heart are alone while you are there will bella everleigh while there may never have
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a hundred luck a lot of oil or wash at our mother glow value not that our other guests in charlotte along with and she were. charlotte even ski r.t. brussels and news are still to come here on the program from israel and from yemen but also cancer may have met its match with a radical new medical technology and we are back in just a sec. manufacture consent to public will. when the room in close is protect them so. when the final. nor middle of the room sick. leave.
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the moment we've had the period of fake the flame. engineered by all the central banks in the day don't have the control that they think that they have and one sees start to see this being picked up in markets like the gold market and others you know you've got to start to see it feed on itself in a big way. it is good to have you with us today yemen has become the world's worst manmade humanitarian crisis that's according to the u.n. special envoy for yemen more than twenty two million people are in need of
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humanitarian aid and more than eight million face serious food shortages according to the u.n. much of the country's key infrastructure has been destroyed and on top of that the country's cultural heritage is also being lost. that the human the whole of yemen and especially is historic cities for example pseudo all sunna or in the world heritage list they suffered severe damage during this aggression.
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and they get most of the historic muslim sino just with the deliberate out of yemen this was told it's it was a real error rates and severely damaged. its right to soldiers have arrested ten people in a raid at a palestinian village among them a teenage boy called mohammad who is still recovering from a severe head injury sustained at a west bank protest two months ago and the raid was caught on video by
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a member of his family the raid took place early on monday morning in the palestinian village of nappies salai mohamad and his older brother were arrested for taking part in an anti israel demonstrations back in december. at the time mohammed was hospitalized with a rubber bullet injury allegedly inflicted by israeli soldiers he then underwent surgery during which a part of his skull was removed he is still waiting for another operation after his release he told us his story and warning you may find some of the images upsetting but. when i was injured i climbed the wall thinking they were gone and as soon as i looked over i was shot right here and then i passed out and i don't know what happened. closely. with the key they arrested me for throwing stones and they hit me while they were interrogating me when i went to the interrogation place i heard people shouting and getting beaten and there were
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little kids there the officer started shouting at them to confess and also shouting at me. when they arrested me at my home at three am they put handcuffs on me and my brother then they took us to their camp when we arrived we found the other four guys and then they took us to the interrogation. they started asking me why my face is like that and saying you look funny and said many things about me i told them i fell off my bicycle and i just what's happened is that the israeli army arrested him and i too am going to put in the way they arrested him as hamas he was a child who suffered an injury from the israeli soldiers and it was difficult for his parents because he was injured so being arrested was aggravating to his health condition and what his health condition remained the same but he was psychologically affected for child being arrested at two am and being kept in detention until two pm the next day without any food or sleep was difficult. it's not the first time it's family's been in the spotlight his sister right the head
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and activist who is currently in detention awaiting trial for slapping an israeli soldier a video of that instead it went viral with some regarding her as a symbol of palestinian resistance. to wednesday while headlines continue and half an hour. everybody i'm stephen. task column with guy you know suspects ever proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v. to suggest this is my buddy max famous financial guru where just a little bit different. with all the drama happening in our country i'm
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shooting the good have some fun every day americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this. is the great american pill. book. seemed wrong roles just don't call. me. yet to shape out these days to come out ahead and in again tread because the trail. when so many find themselves worlds apart. just to look for common ground. from north korea to syria's president donald trump's foreign policy is literally
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all over the map north korea says it is open to direct talks with washington only to be met with preconditions in syria peace is within view but this is not for the trumpet ministration wants. i know you're going to. hear or are you going to hear. i do remember you are her life or your mr. or. your don't want. your more or. even more so if you're in a more or. better order. right then. ok in your home or the park or your home. or your or your.
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partner. this is a middle aged man bargaining for sex with a teenager chief from syria. according to unicef there are more than eighteen thousand under-age refugees in greece and one in five of them is here alone many went through hell to get here and that's helped continues for some teenagers in the heart of athens where they now sell their forty's to make ends meet so these are their stories. very nicely to our goal from says who knows all of the politics in syria. and my mom says she simply says it's just. seventeen seventeen sixteen and twenty one. ok so
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where do you live what do you think the show sometimes soon back among us all i hear oh i know it's us. shelter illinois and i don't i don't want to do some of the some of the. system in a good system system. and. i developed one of the most fun i'm on you know. down the field. who. i love your job it. didn't have a number. not be shot i hate mr nunn and i'm going to call the thing that lead you through to be a. bit. of a syllable. and then a plug. so generally she'll put your eye on the side of the sun i want nothing.


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