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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  February 28, 2018 7:30am-8:00am EST

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coalition airstrikes in fact the intercept reports that roughly sixty five percent of all civilian deaths recorded by air wars since the air campaign began in two thousand and fourteen have occurred over the last twelve months you know my fellow you have said to us citizens remember each one of those numbers is an innocent life killed snuffed out loss to our government's foreign policy adventures and taxpayer funded weapons of war now let me be clear no one here is arguing that media coverage of the outrage and political fallout from the park and school shooting isn't important it is but if we are truly going to have a conversation about violence in america especially gun violence let's stop ignoring. those giant elephants in the room and start watching the hawks. it looks like. it's with. the bottom.
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like you that i got. with. linux or. rather the watch of your heart is always our entire world with her and as always on tap along we'll see what happens tomorrow as soon as the laurie yeah well six hundred shows the six hundred fifty shows and you know as always but there. is no there is i believe a serious disconnect in not only media but also in culture and it might be country to country you know i've traveled a little bit i don't know but all the countries of the world but especially here in the united states there's
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a disconnect in how we cover violent tragedy and i wonder why why does that disconnect exist that's the question of my blood why do you think that domestically why why do we overthink things here or why don't we look at war deaths and war the same way as we do make that's on the street in baltimore. i mean are we i mean i understand tragedies tragedy doesn't matter where it happens or who but at the end of the day we should be getting just as outraged over the shooting in markland as we are we should be getting just as outraged over the deaths in chicago as we are with the shootings and part parklane just as outrage over the bombs dropping and civilians killed in iraq and syria as we should be for you know the young men and women killed in chicago. and part of another school sure but that's the thing we don't hold all life equal otherwise black lives matter wouldn't have to search through we wouldn't have to say these low lives matter these lives matter feminism
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one exist equality we would need the patriarchy if we didn't have that woman you know everything would be great if we did saul under this the auspices of all being equal but they're not because you know a black male being shot in baltimore is under the auspices of he must have been doing something to deserve it he did something wrong he was in a criminal act so that's how that works so that's that's different that life is a little different. you know parklane shooting these are kids well until they start saying you have feelings or thoughts of their own to remind everybody that you know some of them are eighteen and could vote in the prayers just told chord or not it may go ok what's actually do that's different but war is noble. war is noble we are never supposed to question it's it's tantamount to treason to question the war of that you or that lit least the united states everyone else should question why their governments at work but we we've been taught very much don't question it's always noble it's for
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a good cause we've heard it recently it's always patriot how we meddle elections because it's for a good cause and that gives us this idea and this privilege that those deaths. are somehow don't count as much or they must have been bad or they were enemy combatant it brings up a really interesting point about that it's a great point is that we also lived a war so it was all the time about the deaths because the u.s. led coalition says it conducted about twenty nine thousand if you can believe this thousand strikes between august twenty fourth the mid january twentieth according to the official word but the government says only about eight hundred forty one civilians were killed but during that stretch of time five that doesn't jive at all with the data that airborne got in from like just for one year right i notice in one year and the numbers are right based on the pentagon released stats that significantly reported the twenty seventy and it was the deadliest years there for
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civilians in iraq and syria you know where we are doing these things a rack in syria so kill totals falling between thirty nine twenty three and sixty one hundred civilians that's the fact that maybe three to six thousand civilians were killed in air strikes that the united states with iran and our tax dollars essentially paid for a good portion of coalition forces our tax dollars are still probably paying for a lot of those weapons that's on all of us as taxpayers the same way when someone gets shot in chicago or any other city that's on us because that's part of the culture that we have to change with a madman goes into school shoots up kids that's on us as a culture to change we can't keep writing it off as the actions of something beyond our reach that we just can never fix that to fix. in twenty fifteen a man walked into the new hope minnesota city hall and shot two police officers with a gun he had purchased legally from the dilute police department but that's not the only case of guns sold secondhand by law enforcement ending up being used in
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a crime most states allow or even require law enforcement agencies to sell confiscated firearms and many even prohibit them from disk. drawing the weapons a recent a.p. investigation found that washington state has sold dozens of a k forty seven era fifteen's and what most people would consider assault weapons since two thousand and ten most sales are done through and houses pawn shops or gun dealers who in turn either trade the weapons for equipment the department needs or is there bought for cash to supplement budgets and while some states like michigan specifically have language in their laws stating that the law enforcement agency selling a weapon is not liable for injuries or damage to property arising from that sale or disposal of the firearm but there isn't that language to that effect in washington state where some six thousand guns have been sold by law enforcement since two thousand and ten which is convenient since guns sold by washington state have popped up as evidence in other criminal investigations more than a dozen times the yakima police department used to sell their confiscated weapons
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but now melts them down to destroy them captain jeff schneider is reasoning was quote we didn't want to be the agency that sold the gun to somebody who uses it in another crime and while there is an almost unlimited supply of firearms out there we don't need to make the problem worse the n.r.a. obviously sees things differently criticizing law enforcement for expressing distaste in the program and i respect many times why. the police use maybe i could sleep better if they went out and apprehended the criminals behind the guns and didn't worry about destroying perfectly legal firearms that are no more easy to purchase than a brand new firearm at a firearms dealer so should our local and state law enforcement agencies in the government be in the business of selling guns or is that something better left to private industry but there are so many different layers to the question because of one hand as we all know you know. the way we confiscate people's belongings the way the wall confiscated people's pull logons listening to the very fact that they took
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the gold in the first place could be brought into question right away was some of them second rate it was that n.c. and some major it wasn't ok so they just. because more into the presidency wouldn't just it was a little bit of it and the right word there's a lot of different factors that play into that question and just to be clear i don't want to argue as if those twelve guns make up this huge amount i'm not trying to oversize the problems you're looking at that would have put it into perspective i'm going to get out of the six thousand guns that the washington state various agencies within washington state so all those there is they will focus on these twelve but literally because a two point two percent of all the guns that were sold legally showed up in another investigation that we know now that's a great perspective but at the end of the day i think anybody in that department i'm sure and anybody else would say well that's twelve guns that's well there's just too many this right six thousand and you know a five thousand some odd nothing nothing happened but twelve too many especially of
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the guns coming from law enforcement if the chain goes back to haunt enforcement not a good circle when the everyone. yeah there's different views on this i mean does it really how i mean is melting them down going to make a difference i mean like it i mean it's true or not but i like we have the everybody has already decided that we possibly could need i don't think melting down a few extra guns is really going to change whether or not people have access to it you know now if the police took the gun from somebody and that somebody says oh you took this illegally from me or you overstepped your legal boundaries and you know acquiring this weapon for me then that's an argument to made a person should get back right to me if they decide to burn them down i think for my own personal opinion i would i would rather not have a chain of evidence some day be guns sold gun here it's black market police confiscate gun police then resell gun guns ends up in the hands of someone who then
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kills sales with a police officer and yeah exactly yeah i don't ever want to see that wild chant of events take place so why that just have them melt them down well there are literally last thing a lot of place this guy. that's incredible to me but a lot of with in the world where you can go to a wal-mart and buy a gun or somewhere store or a pawn shop you know and it's interesting that you bring that up because it was a sure of will write short of county washington only sells handguns and rifles that are designed for sport hunting or basic home protection right you know in the new era fifteen quote unquote fun guns and when he says these guns are going to be out there by destroy them all i'm just helping remington or winchesters. so what do you think is destroying weapons you know just going to help that's an interesting point i mean the really got bloggers are if somebody wants that they're going to buy a used one or they just go buy a new one of those boys make a lot of money you know i would say to that is that because the way these guns are being sold they're sold in large blocks by the police to as i said auction houses
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pawn shops and these other i mean these are registered dealers for illegal dealers but then you're getting a whole bunch and you can't truck and honestly if there's no way to track the gun through it a lot of these in these incidences what you find out is that it was bought legally through one of these sales or through from a pawn shop or wherever and then that person sold it the losing is putting things that are really being tracked very well least of trouble tied with tracking a figure that i use this fast. or whatever was stiffs but this is the one that really is just these connections where you realize as a as a law enforcement i can understand the p.r. perspective not winning the optics in one case in two thousand and fourteen amanda smith and wesson nine millimeter that he had purchased from a gentleman who had bought it from one of these sales it is shooting himself in the head. out the bullet went through him through the wall into the neighbor's
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apartment and the woman who was i think in a bathroom leaned over to pick up her young son and the bullet literally like got almost severed and that's why i say it's just it puts things into an environment where they can't be tracked we don't know where they go and they end up in that place i also think there's a better way for us swords into plowshares of anything are going to be doing is melting them down even symbolically saying we're here we are that's ok all right we're going to break court watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics recover facebook and twitter sarah poll shows r t dot com coming up former cia levels were government of the boxes to discuss the cia's fight to keep secret what they already leaked stay tuned to watch from the whole. sky just by the natural survival guide. when customers go find your supplier. didn't help well reduce some of our. that's undercutting but what's good for the
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market is not good for the global economy. by too many clubs over the years so i know the gunman so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch or the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the shaper money kill the narrowness and spend the tribute to the twenty million and one player. it's an experience like nothing else not to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game migrate to one more chance with. thinks it's going to. in some american cities the police have built themselves cling to refutation of people who walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk from the very
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people who are supposed to protect that were people are no more afraid of police than if. you didn't see something happening this is like i don't want to call the cops let that happen a resident call the cops in the mood those young black men lose their lives chasing the good with the team goes on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to die so yeah unfortunately around around here we end up killing our guns and they don't still from such preclusion this is true.
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for a number of defensible and perfectly sensible reasons the national intelligence community enjoys a legal right to keep certain information away from public eyes in the interests of national security yes you can argue that the classification process has been vastly stretched and misused in order to protect politically sensitive information or that the intelligence community hired some of its very own abuses by claiming secrecy but at the end of the day it's hard to deny that there are certain state secrets like our nuclear launch codes and the identities of undercover sa spies spent to infiltrate isis that are kept from journalists and bloggers with very good reason and yet and typically ironic fashion nothing has done more in recent times to torch that argument and the hypocrisy of the very same intelligence community which will valiantly fight protect to. the classification secrecy process while at the same time using perfectly time weeks of carefully selected secrets to achieve some very
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very political goals to discuss this double standard in the intelligence community self-regard above b. and beyond the rule of law we're joined today by former cia analyst ron mcgovern welcome ray thanks were you always a pleasure having you on especially to talk cia given your many years working in that wonderful family oriented organization a know a fascinating story that caught our eye recently focuses on journalists out of johnson's lawsuit against the central intelligence agency in which he argues that the agency does not have a right to claim secrecy over information it has already been leaking to carefully selected pro cia journalists the agency's response has been that by sharing some classified information with a friendly unauthorized journalist or two in order to kill a story does not necessarily mean the information should now be public radio is there even a promise of transparency at all in the intelligence community anymore we're not seems a little ridiculous to me well you got that right carol so what
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i'd like to do is give a little perspective on this so you mentioned that i was at cia for a lot of years ninety seven to be exact. and i watched the roshan of the ethos of intelligence in one way or the p.r. function that never existed when i started and is now a thriving thriving operation what i mean is the public relations person and people and the vision at the cia it's not only a matter. of denying people who shouldn't have access to sensitive information it's actually more a case of working with closely selected journalists so that they can leak this or that sense to of thing for this or that political purpose and what this what this
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person who is suing the cia is trying to say is look you know we should count for something we're american citizens if you're going to leak this stuff to people who will do your bidding and the new york times washington post simple street journal but one hundred clear us would like to know what you're leaking to these folks and eminently sensible argument and the judge came down and their side but it's a lot more sinister than that you know i work toward the end under a felony name bill casey and the first thing he said at the white house and i want to i want to quote him correctly the first thing he said at a waste house staff meeting and i know this from barbara one of your who was there ok is this quote we'll know when our this information program is complete when everything the american public believes is false period end quote wow wow that's incredible but. that was the start and that's
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a lot of. talk about perception management while and how this came into play time. just before. and i'm sensitive to this because it's exactly fifty years since we had a last chance to prevent that terrible war in iraq what i mean. i mean it can be told now that my good friend scott ritter was so upset with all this garbage all is drivel about weapons of mass destruction which he knew were not there since he was the chief u.n. inspector for iraq if i only pulled his hair out couldn't see hillary clinton could see anyone even though he was a new york resident so he went to newsweek. and he gave them the transcript of the deep briefing son hussein's son in law helen named hussein kamel who
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whose who side him had put in charge of. iraq's nuclear chemical biological and missile programs he defected in one thousand nine hundred five few people remember this and he was briefed extensively by m i six by cia and by the un what did he say he said there are in there no weapons of mass destruction left there because they were all destroyed and they said come on how do you know he said we haven't done your homework i was in charge i mean like i was in charge of the press and i ordered them destroyed yeah but did you know that we destroyed well i don't know how it works in your country but i said i was in charge oh yeah i did i did verify got the site had the gall but hey look. are you trying to say me i try to get me to say that they were i should say so this is all in the transcript right
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what this scott ritter do he gave it to newsweek when did he give it. in the middle of february so who exactly fifteen years ago what did newsweek do with it you know it had this little periscope section i don't read as we get out but i really hardly should know that you know john barry to his credit wrote the thing up and he told the whole story because this little parish folks think you know now that the mainstream media so call can easily ignores such things but what it appears even a newsweek and the other word and study get. less they'd be. better to use the misfeasance around fees it's well you know to check it out right so they went to this fellow at the cia. the p.r. person for george tenet and they said how about this what do you think about this
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and he said ah i'm glad you mentioned that it is incorrect bogus well wrong truth those people if they want to have a hold of that he gives them all the time ok now. what did the sturdy newspaper people with media people do when they heard that from so well incorrect bogus roman. thank you sir thank you so. what you thought we might want to write an article about how but wow thanks now that appeared in the newsweek. electronic version on the twenty fourth of february two thousand and three when did the war started exactly. almost exactly a month later ok you know it if you're in the print that you are in the future version of third of march so here is gross incompetence on the port of the media
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you know i described the relationship between cia and the media as a self licking ice cream cone. well it's about that's interesting i like that analogy actually exactly sounds in that reason that what the question is has he was hearing all of this and you know i was at newsweek in two thousand and two and so well to say iraq believe me there's there's a lot of politicizing a big zero and i know that there were people that were working there that were clearly essentially what i call writing press releases for the pentagon and that's the sort of stuff that i wonder are they doing it because they they get something out of it or are these journalists how much control does the intelligence community have who should we be judging what i had to be judging the journalists just trying to get the information out or should be judging the intelligence community who is pushing it on them knowing that they're not going to question a certain amount of it as the official story well let me say first. that it feels right for journalists these days they have to make
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a living. but if they can't make an honest living i think they should do something else now can they make an honest living not really in the the paragon and the example that is my good friend the late perry now was a real star. you know uncovered the wrong country he fingered the northeast there are all kinds of wonderful investigative reporting got to know that newsweek and where the newsweek again we got the news because he was such a star polk award never thing else and the head of newsweek says and bob told me this story so you could tell other people his newsweek said hey we're having a soiree we haven't come down from the york and that it's going to be great and it will be to perhaps ten twelve people bob can you can assure you no so it was twelve distinguished all men of course. we're talking one thousand nine hundred eighty
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five eighty six ok so they're all there and there's a fellow from wyoming a. representative called cheney dick cheney had was it was general scowcroft there who just quit being the national security advisor for reagan or it pretty you know so in the civil list they have in their shrimp cocktail right and box in a pretty good cocktail so so general scowcroft i don't know are says you know on tuesday my successor admiral poindexter has should specify before congress and i would tell him if i were telling him and i will be advising him. then we should tell tell them that we never told ronald reagan anything about iran contra now kerry not used to this company she drops his fork it shatters the glass ice a little just crystal thing and and without thinking he says joe scowcroft. who aren't doing critically you would advice your successor to perjure himself before
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congress. now you can see sally back. it is like an hour but was probably about a half a minute and then that it is weak for his arm around him and he said now sometimes you have to do what's best for the country that it and then that. this was just gentlemanly banter. or i'm not and there aren't that truly is. that ok and there are very few people with bob's courage what he did right away please go found a website called consortium news dot com for if i recommend it when you keep reading it because we're trying like hell to keep his reputation in this one to what i think you said are right on the nose there ray is that you've got hope that the journalists are out there like the bob perry's r.i.p. yeah you know the are out there fighting and fighting for that truth to make in the good decisions that are just taking whatever the cia or government tells them to to preempt the governor always
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a pleasure having you on thank you so much today for coming on and giving us your presence. you're most welcome right well ladies and gentlemen of that is our show for you to day remember everyone in this world we are told that we are loved up so it's always wall i love you i am tired over the turf and i have a lot less people are watching those talks never a great day and i. feel in the hot day in a dinner table bottle assadi china six oir. an estimated eighty thousand since under-age refugees are now living in greece. you know just don't want to go. to your home when they go food shopping. many sell
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their bodies just to make ends meet. with them and the second i get you know all the sins in there that. says in the last things it. also has turned to dealing drugs to make a living. yes that's a little gentle of blood runs a little. game and then you. move . from north korea to serious prison donald trump's foreign policy is literally all over the map north korea says it is open to direct talks with washington only to be met with preconditions in syria peace is within view but this is not for the trumpet ministration wants. fifty years ago breaking with into a concert as
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a sleeping pill is what i believe does. the side effects were terrible but not on no. one for board bob morvillo here not the war. across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first will the physical damage itself but as well that the constant reminder that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been able to justice and there has been a cover up be. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education has been supplanted by the right to access education low it's high education is becoming just another product that can be bought and sold so there's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you could also. look good it's also true that the final
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economy. i want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now in an extremely more high education the new global economic war. the u.s. times russian humanitarian efforts through three things can get through after terrorist shelling prevents hundreds of civilians from leaving the enclave bosco there was also the situation. pressure to step in where the people say that it's a real concern the son human rights council members are not ready meaningfully to condemn international terrorism in all its forms it's not acceptable to separate terrorists into good and bad categories. german chancellor angela merkel acknowledges for the first time the existence of so-called no go zones in the country and.


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