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tv   Cross Talk  RT  February 28, 2018 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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his son was worried about that night's disappeared when the police arrived and no one knew if he was detained working or in hiding his phone is off and dead as he has nowhere to charge it all we could do was hope to see him tomorrow. the following day we heard that had been arrested because he didn't have any documents on him. and. the paper he signs. angry and you don't understand greek of course.
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never stand. still. and what did you do after. the guys told us to developed a rash of some kind and desperately need the treatments which is why we were heading to a pharmacy. or. other . and. so i started to search. for the swiss one. hundred. let them. tell us. the. the shooters.
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are at the. children in the. service and. love out of. their wish to show and all. the spirit of last night no more all of them on the second or no on the symphony and as the helpfulness says in the other nothing the scale of. this square is called i'm on the air and it's a fifteen minute walk from parliaments where we met the guys they told us that it's one of the top three most popular places to buy sex and drugs in athens the vibe here changes at nights and becomes very seedy as you walk by you're bound to see young boys flirting with passers by
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a friend drugs or themselves one of our refugees wanted to tell us more about the neighborhood but asked us to conceal his identity because he's a regular here. on our fee as i had that death about the english. and did not know yet to another one also how to send and. stop their own. then don't i know. a foreigner when on another knock on the shoulder monocytes and gents. as should know the engine see or not to do that mocking my enemy dialect will live on huge at. the house and see if. you will get a wad in and want to set. and fell. off a hard. drive on the dollar. why and when you did they how are the. consulate in on that the same now on only missed of a lot of home well and only out of one i know my record you know all. hostile to
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hostile saying when i'm alone. if you can put a stop. where i'm alone why did you not know. the victims of. this to me if it is true it's been. here you. want us to come. after. cause. us.
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elsewhere in town that night right under the acropolis these two teenagers are trying to work out how they're going to eat tonight. in your living room you know what's up when we go to some. degree when you're living a life. more bearable but you know love will not. love the. randomness in the. name of the those that are the nameless. of course in the month of a component your wages in that part of. the but if elected in the fair one day what he meant is that these are. these two were the youngest refugees with mets were. in the streets they asked us to conceal their identity says they were ashamed
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and scared to talk openly about what they do. in. twenty sixth of march of two thousand and thirteen near. although it was issued on the twenty sixth of september before you registered with what's. what for four months. i used to live in streets and powers and. very make all the aldermen. they give them money for twenty euro ten you. solved this one day i was sitting in on a bench. there was one all to all the men who was wishing i was scared if doing so and then i ran from there and then i asked someone why he was doing.
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it and you want. him dead. and they give a number. to a hotel or to do your home and they give you a food drink and then. the first time you did. that you feel. it was due to embarrass and. also you. know. we have to good for money. the boys told us that from eight am until six pm and they go to a local organization whether a given free license and other activities they love being there but in the evenings they're on their own. it's too early for work now most clients don't come out before eight pm until then they simply roam the streets.
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a lot of them. because i'm one of the a. lot of people want to so you're going to tell us we missed most of them know what it was. gosh i don't know i'm covered at the store ok senator a common one is the next. move whether a move in part one of us robo moa there's a focus on page and i'm up on. the lead the seat i think you want to put it. where you're not part of the team work every week and you know you could create time or full time you don't have money for food types that it's. going to end because. it's so bone issue. and yet it delayed. will be the billy would know then what would it do if you're in a given state and then. follow
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the boys to see where they would sleep at nights we seem to realize that we had been to this part before but in the daytime our local contact took us here because it's a known hot spot for drug dealers users sex workers and the homeless. we couldn't believe that this is how these two kids sleep at nights and that they still have to wait another six months for their interview with the asylum service. that's the frustration of the tarmac thirds for people to screw them happen to them in a very big help should be wandering around. with were never the star. wars boosters which were survival circs the small incidents of desperation most recent not enough room for. good people whereas in this.
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but i have. learned a lot you know. is that the shuttle that had done so in the name to show up on nobody on a search had been in. a lecture. for a long while and the. mission of somebody in the battle is absurd to you my buds in the whole of course but all this stuff. i mean by you know all. the story now how did. i know about the seti young rajatava. but if you. had been almost a quarter of one hundred fifty euros or in the hard well i'm going to throw worked out being without killing him on plane he. would put i've got the. best start of a coffee table to also solve a coffee i'll believe is so busy on the home of the year but you know me when you
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know what the month of your come are we generally are when. i go under the law to be with you. and me and. no mean one last been models got to lose still. i'm not going to put on them to believe i'm weak you. should deal. with me in the afternoon i'm with all the time and. right now we don't see the future. because we don't have the place of we don't go to school. so we don't tingle we have a future. you. chinelo
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. money put him in jail quickly but what if they get them and then i say based on the rich this who say that there's a move toward him in the name of the would if and again there's a month and i wish you would dance in the sand. off. the lot of the. lot of the world then the motto and better. about that going. to have been there's no other way i have to vent. is that a lot of those men that moved to new york. and then not allowed. i will master will come.
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from north korea to syria's president donald trump's foreign policy is literally all over the map north korea says it is open to direct talks with washington only to be met with preconditions in syria peace is within view but this is not for the trumpet ministration wants. well reduce some lower. that's not what's good for food market it's not good for the global economy. in. the police of. people who walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect that. are afraid of.
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you can see something happening. in. their lives. you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to. get. around here we. to. get her out as we know that other girls at. least a little bit of third girl if. i
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was there. the ceasefire in the syrian honk. fails for a second day reports of terrorist shelling stop hundreds of civilians moving in the water an area. facebook admits it still found no sign that russia interfered in the u.k.'s vote despite a when you'd efforts to dig up proof. and south africa's parliament passes a measure that could see the entire white population stripped of their land without compensation. my colleague will receive a joint u. next hour with a complete look at today's top stories well up next with both korea and syria at a crossroads cross-talk ways that president trumps policy is to.


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