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the fighting has not stopped the opposition groups operating in eastern good to have made clear their commitment to the ceasefire on the very first day the militants use the declared pause to start an onslaught on the second day the same with mortar shelling has continued including of the humanitarian corridor not a single person has left the danger zone and. there were reports that the assad regime once again used chlorine gas as a weapon when i'm tired of asking this but do you understand how pointless it would be for you damascus to use chemical weapons both from a military and a political standpoint whereas for the militants it would make perfect sense i think you understand this perfectly well that you persistently look for a pretext for an armed intervention. a five hour window has not delivered and cannot deliver any meaningful improvement on the ground. even now after the resolution has been adopted our western partners up are
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trying the situation as if everything that's written in it applies only to damascus and to russia and as if a successful implementation of the resolution depends almost exclusively on the will of our country the russian center for reconsideration on a daily and hourly basis takes measures to bring about a sation of his still if he's may i ask you what you have done to implement the resolution have any of you lifted a finger if you used your influence on those who you consider the moderate opposition have you persuaded them to lay down their weapons and release hostages there been a large number of efforts to protect civilians in the area russia carries out a five hour humanitarian positive daily basis in the hopes of protecting civilians and allowing them to get out through the humanitarian corridor furthermore the un security council has passed a resolution calling for a thirty day cease fire now a letter was sent to the u.n. security council by some of the opposition a rebel group. saying that they will honor this u.n.
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resolution however at this point i was three hundred civilians have been prevented from leaving due to the attacks they've experienced as they try to escape now the russian representative pointed out that these kind of humanitarian concerns and outrage were not being raised while the liberation of rocket was taking place because the medical student was so where were you when the u.s. coalition were leaving rocco's where was you and dry it's been months since the terrorists were forced out of the city and it's still unfit for life that you would need. the security council because the circuit the general public's producers loosened the mission this is that in news that there was quite clearly a gap in the international media in the way the different situations have been portrayed when the syrian city of raka and the iraqi city of mosul were being liberated by the u.s. led coalition and a lot of bombing was taking place so we heard u.s. leaders saying making statements to the effect that civilian casualties are just
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a fact of life civilian casualties are a fact of life in iraq and instead well as we can show you here on the video evacuation buses arrived empty and militant positions are located just a few hundred meters from the route the syrian government has distributed leaflets among civilians in the militant controlled and play with detailed information on how to get the government controlled signed a professor of political sociology dr saeed sidekick says groups have been bolstered by outside help. clueless playing with fire the one who was think it was five is the one who was fighting weapons who is full of i think there is always fighting men think them who is providing cover for them. and trying to show that that what is happening is. a big must let go of innocent people what they care about is when they have supplied all. they have to finance it
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they have been breathing in the last few years and lost the war but they don't have . to admit that they lost the war what was thought they just keep on bargaining and making all those claims. u.s. senators are to vote on whether washington should stop supporting saudi arabia's incursion in yemen it comes after the un described the situation in yemen as the world's worst manmade humanitarian disaster almost ten thousand people have died in the conflict with twenty two million in need of a and most of the country's key infrastructure has just been obliterated we talked to one man who lost his family in a saudi coalition air strike. this is one of the fall in children what are these children guilty. where is the
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organization for human rights these are children's toys here is the mother of these children if the saudis call themselves men they should fight against men fighters fairly. these are the remains of innocent children what are they guilty of king of saudi arabia where are the other arab countries where are the muslim countries where is the organization for human rights here are the remains of babies that have been torn apart. a recent human rights watch report documented six saudi coalition attacks that led to the death of thirty three children at the end of twenty seventeen in riyadh had promised to reduce civilian casualties human rights watch told us the who the opposition militias are also to blame for some of the civilian deaths. coalition airstrikes continue to be the leading cause of civilian casualties in the governing structure by the coalition led by scenario however to have also
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a responsibility of the world nations particularly in this room that shelling in tires and elsewhere the use of banned landmines and the use of child soldiers know about the humanitarian situation itself there is an unprecedented color epidemic in yemen nearly one million suspected cases of cholera dysentery as all has printing pretty fast and also. is witnessing one of the world's worst crisis more than seventeen million people are food insecure and about eight million are on the brink of famine and on top of this there's very little access to three eight. bodies both bodies are blockade and the floors and essential supplies to civilians so are the coalition continues to severely restrict the flow for such it supplies. to political force and the children who call for sanctions on the pollution leaders including. the growth rates for the world.
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facebook has not found any additional signs that russia linked accounts interfered in the u.k. bret's it vote after renewed effort to want to some proof of the company sent a letter to the head of the british probe into the matter saying there's no evidence other than the minimal activity already known about auntie's isa has more this is actually the second attempt by facebook to investigate and see whether russia was involved in any attempts to try to influence the break that referendum in december their investigations found that there were three adverts which were taken out by russian accounts but the budget for those totaled less than one pound the only reached two hundred people so not exactly extensive proof of russian meddling facebook then went back and investigate. it is again upon the demands of damian collins who's a leading member of parliament here in the u.k. and that's where that letter comes from again saying that there has been no
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additional evidence of any russian interference in bragg's that referendum now mr collins traveled to the u.s. to try to grill the officials from a number of leading tech companies and again the message was clear that russia has been interfering in the democratic processes there be looked at it has met with any connection to russia and we found no evidence of our services being used to interfere in the referendum and a very small number of suspected research agency linked accounts forty nine such accounts were active during the campaign which represents less than not point five percent of the total number of accounts these are very low level things now despite those testimonies that runs against what we've been hearing from leading politicians including the prime minister to resign may who insists that russia is up to no good it is seeking to weaponize information deploying its state run media
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organizations to plant fake stories and photo shopped images in an attempt to sow discord in the west and undermine our institutions so i have a very simple message for russia we know what you are doing and you will not succeed so all in all thought really frustrating for those who have been attempting to find a link between russia and the brig's that referendum and the matter how hard you try you just can't find something that isn't there. it isn't the only case in which russia has been accused of meddling of course similar charges to be made about last year's cattle and independence referendum in spain one local senator asked the spanish government to back up the claims however he has not received any evidence of interference so far but we did speak to him about this case. amid the stir that was caused by the spanish defense minister's statement made on january sixth we decided to send an inquiry to the government for them to specify the cases of
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meddling which are obvious according to the minister however there is no such station the ensure that we received yesterday due to that fact we think that the purpose is to blame and external enemy for all possible internal problems since the answer has not been received in statutory terms the government will have to answer verbal ie to the parliamentary committee of defense when it is convenient. germany's dark nazi past still troubles the country though less in some parts apparently a small village near frankfurt has been thrust into the spotlight after it decided to retain a nazi symbol. i
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think. people don't like. having the feeling to know that there is. a big story like this. and this bell has been here for some time and now someone wants to get rid of it. and do anyone harm i think there are more terrible things to pay attention to. have circulated a brochure among kindergarten stuff that focuses on issues such as transgender
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identity and same sex marriage a booklet designed to help teachers explain these sensitive topics to children has sparked controversy as peter all of our reports. is a city famed for its liberal i think the troops to sex and sexuality. but conservatives in the german capital are upset that a new kindergarten teaches that they say goes into too much detail and is aimed at kids. to young the idea is to give educators the information they need to be sensitive to children coming from non-binary family say children that have same sex parents or transgender parents it doesn't have the most catchy of names but what it has done is certainly ruffle some feathers among those in angela merkel's c.d.u.
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party children should be allowed to be children and not be confronted with things like these it's also come in for criticism from the opposition alternative for germany party well it's very simple we believe sex education is important and of course our young adults should know about sex family planning and all the rest but please not in the kindergarten give them some space let them be children don't force this issue onto them it's not even a problem for them they want to play around they want to discover the world so please let them be children leave them alone these subjects will come to them soon enough in school or at home when the parents talk about this but not of an age of five or six years that is far too early on the streets of berlin opinion is mixed on when is the right time to be discussing with children issues of sexuality do you think that children in kindergarten should be taught about same sex couples and
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about transgender people yes yes. because it's so normal nowadays. to be with people surrounded by people in all gender conditions or not gender or sexuality isn't all that stuff i don't think it's the right age i think when they. receive sex. education in school that's enough i think god i'm very much in favor of that idea so yes i do and why i think it's important structure of life so i think children should be taught about all factors of life and this is just one of them the left wing. coalition of the social democrats greens and the left party that runs city government are accusing those on the right wing of politics really prudish and unwilling to discuss the issue. after their attempt to scandalize the handouts on sexual and gender diversity for teachers
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didn't work the c.d.u. would prefer not to talk about the issue there's very little chance of the early in city government repealing this booklet however discussions sex and sexuality and talking about it in kindergarten are set to continue in fact there's a petition going round that has already almost fifty thousand signatures from those who want to see this particular booklet stopped peter all of a. president vladimir putin will today. give his annual address to the russian parliament and other members of russia's political elite from tackling poverty to foreign policy his speech will set out a road map for policymakers and ultimately outlined the nation's priorities are let's go live now to central moscow. standing by your stones throw away from the new venue for this year's address.


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