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fifty sixty yes i mean or to do that both sides nuclear deterrents have to be credible and that's what course i think it it was only to be expected that this would happen but of course it's no surprise that iran's very much opposed that behind the scenes even in the states are going to push in these developments after all we've got a very powerful arms industry that's continually not click through rates and it's your academics through the media for a minute more military spending and interest as he did previous presidents those not research received a receptive audience and now of course ironically given that this is a response to the american measure what we almost certainly see now is the media in the west using these announcements to then justify and indeed urge even more military spending to defeat this latest tactic out of school of thought that of course is in essence a classic arms race and it's of course regrettable in terms of how it is of spending and so on that is now and seems to be developing pace because everything
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that is spent on military programs course let's not forget united states spends more than more than the next twenty countries including russia combined so by the more defense spending that takes place there on the argued for no defense spending the fact is that every penny and every dollar ruble is spent on defense spending whether it's necessary what cannot be spent on other programs such as health human cherish and improving the welfare of people certainly good point charles we're going to have to leave it abbott always good to told you that was bridge security analyst and former u.k. counterterrorism intelligence officer thank you. now another this evening four civilians have been killed by militants in ceres eastern ghouta it happened while the latest humanitarian pause was in place russia's reconciliation center said the deaths came during demonstrations in the district as a result no one has left the besieged district so far failed truce or failed truce
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efforts also provoked a heated debate at the un security council meeting on wednesday. the fighting has not stopped opposition groups operating in eastern good to have made clear their commitment to the ceasefire on the very first day the militants use the declared pause to start an onslaught on the second day the same mortar shelling has continued including of the humanitarian corridor not a single person has left the danger zone. there were reports that the assad regime once again used chlorine gas as a weapon i'm tired of asking this but do you understand how pointless it would be to damascus to use chemical weapons both from a military and a political standpoint whereas for the militants it would make perfect sense i think you understand this perfectly well but you persistently look for a pretext for an armed intervention. russia does not
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get you know laterally rewrite the terms of the resolution if russia is able to deliver a five oppose let it deliver a twenty four hour one you wouldn't it which are the new cume you put it will do in our western partners are patrolling the situation as if the resolution applies only to damascus and to russia as if it all depends almost exclusively on the will of our country may i ask you what you have done to implement the resolution if any of you lifted a finger if you use your influence on those who you consider the moderate opposition have you persuaded them to lay down their weapons and release hostages there been a large number of efforts to protect civilians in the area russia carries out a five hour humanitarian positive daily basis in the hopes of protecting civilians and allowing them to get out through the humanitarian corridor furthermore the u.n. security council has passed a resolution calling for a thirty day cease fire now a letter was sent to the u.n.
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security council by some of the opposition and rebel groups saying they would honor this u.n. resolution however at this point always three hundred civilian. i have been prevented from leaving due to the attacks they've experienced as they try to escape now the russian representative pointed out that these kind of humanitarian concerns and outrage were not being raised while the liberation of the rocket was taking place. so where were you when the us coalition were leaving racoons where was you and it's been months since the terrorists were forced out of the city and it's still unfit for life there was quite clearly a gap in the international media in the way the different situations have been portrayed when the syrian city of raka and the iraqi city of mosul were being liberated by the u.s. led coalition and a lot of bombing was taking place so we heard u.s. leaders saying making statements to the effect that civilian casualties are just a fact of life civilian casualties or a fair life so it was quite
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a heated exchange at the united nations but all parties agree that the life of civilians in eastern guta is key at however there's quite a disagreement about who's responsible for the circumstances in the situation in the country. mali neighboring iraq people are still struggling with life following their liberation from terrorist refugees in the country province say they feel safer in camps than in the homes they've been told or even forced to return to that's according to a joint report by three humanitarian organizations the report says eighty four percent of refugees feel much safer in their camps only one percent because they still have a house to return to while half of those questioned know that homes have been destroyed testimonies in the report do appear to reflect those figures. we didn't make it to this place without seeing death with our own eyes are found
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sometimes. i can't return to ramadi my house was damaged by isis i'm worried about the camp management telling us to leave and return home i heard rumors that they might close the camp but there's nothing official lots of my friends have returned to ramadi but i can't go i can't afford to repair my house. that. we are stuck in here like sheep well last month an r.t. cre was filming in the iraqi city of mosul which was liberated from iceland more than a year ago but as these pictures do show there is still a little sign of the city returning to normal and while people are being told to go back locals who are actually in mosul at the moment say the authorities themselves a staying away. from any bodies have you removed since you started working in this
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area approximately five hundred because you are there anymore but yes in houses and all their odds whereas your way out and i challenge any member of parliament to live in the conditions we are currently living in here i bet they are even afraid of entering this area they have no idea how horrible the smell is or how critical the medical situation is while i haven't received any kind of aid or support since thing this village here seven months ago on one occasion did they receive a small box of food no coupons no food nothing melanie markham from the norwegian refugee camps which worked on the report says refugees the fear traps and violent reprisals if they return. there's a number of dangers i think one of the largest threats is that of unexploded bombs unexploded mortars and baby traps and in fact we had one report of a family who returned home only to find the house to be trapped and it killed a family member some of the other things that make it unsafe for papal violence
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from the community around them people who even suspected of having links with isis particularly vulnerable but other people under the threat of violence by. members of their own tribal community so there are a number of reasons why it's unsafe still on site for people to return home. that today to see a new show you starting out he hosted by the former ecuadorian president rafael will have the details on that because of the story speak to just after the break. if anyone thinks that for the sake of joining the european union serbia would recognize kosovo under the conditions that they compose right now and not on the basis of dialogue or compromise school very wrong this is a once a compromise but the solution proposed by cost of oil is not a real solution. i
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would normally manufactured. public wealth. when the ruling classes project themselves. in the frame of. the one percent. nor middle of the room. in the. south african parliament has voted in favor of new legislation that could see land
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from white farmers under the plans white farmers will be tripped of their land but no compensation although this does run against the constitution which would have to be amended here's what the man behind the initiative had to say about it the time for reconsideration is over now is the time for justice we must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land julius malema there is something of a controversial figure in south africa he has been convicted of hate speech in back in twenty sixteen he said he was not calling for the slaughter of white people at least not yet despite that though the country's former president jacob zuma has described him as a future leader the rate of murders and violent attacks on farmers and landowners has risen in recent years in the cording to official figures seventy two percent of the country's farmers are white earlier we put the issue up for debate. people do
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not own land in south africa legally white people out alive from europe in six inches to two they killed our people they stole our land all oppressed us all the land they have his land there was taken from us by force and in many instances by my success we all visitors to south africa including there were the blood types of south africa that came from the north that is well documented. thank you for the land and the position of the black tribes that only the first occupants of south africa were the korean the sun so if they are argument. that should be there in the sun a person like the one who is now my opponent easier for a night in south africa and the land he in checked talking about equates sun i am quite certain he can send my same name any time i ask him to say it he does it it can't because as a foreigner i even want it that day parliament is moving slow and politician we
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don't trust them they are using this lensing as a political eight ball instead of addressing the issue of this legislation could actually be changed to satisfy the white farmers as well there's a lot of corruption involved and that's why the oprah series of land that was taken from the pro legally in the past to be returned to them is not going as it should go you see this in front of me that is the issue. if this goes on investment in this country would stop people won't invasion the country will go the same way as zimbabwe there won't be production and then we have a big spring in south africa about food that's not available to the people of south africa. now and you show an r.t. premiers today hosted by the former ecuadorian president rafael correa i am his first guest the philosopher and author noam chomsky and you can see the full interview on our website but his quick preview. according to
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the what's wrong there is government is power will be. well actually it's quite the opposite under crumpets becoming weaker less affected . it's internally disintegrating it's losing its whatever international authorities prestige and it's also moving to destroy the world and the most important policy of the trumpet ministration by for is its approach towards the real existential crisis climate change here the united states under trump has departed from the entire world. roderigo or between the you know estates and what did you know that ace you know or
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we. what consequences could very easily and in this case there happens to be a very feasible approach to dealing with the crisis and it's pretty well known oh it's a chinese proposal which has been on the table for years and the proposal is for what's called a double freeze north korea freezes its development of weapons and do clear the nuclear and missile development that freezes them and the united states calls off the constant highly threatening military maneuvers on north korea's border and that could set the stage for negotiations which could deal with the conflict and crisis in a sensible and constructive way.
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and you can watch that show which premieres today today at our website r.t. com that's how the news is there more in half an hour. ukraine is in a pre-collapse the situation the comprises a moment told you bring you all of you ukraine agreement was all region obvious bullshit it's coalitional decries exactly because of some countries for the story carries on something opium countries are obsessed about the role of russian federation i can understand by can all think only.
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fifty years ago britain and within to come together as a sleeping pill and thus these were done the images octets does what it said based on the side effects what terrible but not on the road as shown in dutch when football will be here not the war. will come up across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation in something in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well that the constant mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been able to justice and there has been a couple of. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education being supplanted by the right to access education low it's high education is becoming just another product
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that can be fortune sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you know most of the regime look good is also the fruit kind of fellow i couldn't. what is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now and i'm extremely more high education for the new global economic war. she. just fixed. up.
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her own overseer of her theory or are you here are the haves are a are i do remember you are her what her your was are. here or are here or don't want or. your more are very very need more it's ok very same order or thing for her right then her or her or her ok here or in your home or work or your home. or where you are or maybe. this is a middle aged man bargaining for sex with
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a teenage refugee from syria. according to unicef there are more than eighteen thousand under-age refugees in greece and one in five of them is here alone many went for hell to get here and that tell continues for some teenagers in the heart of athens where they now sell. if all these to make ends meet. these stories. may very nice to meet our goal from please do us all of the song in from syria and how old are you and my mom don't seem to simply say that just. seventeen seventeen sixteen and twenty one. ok so where do you live what do you think we shall simply assume that somebody has
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a lying here oh i know it's a shelter limo and don't lose time on the development new sun under some of the. new greek system in a good week system we have good system laws. and a lot of fun and i thought i knew about one of the most a lot of alone you know with all the. standard. of who. i love you until a bit. of what i did and you have a number of little mama be shot i hate i missed in michigan a should have known and i know the clock the thing that led us through to the only gun with them how closely a little closer than a bullet could almost a deal. with a simple who's. the plug made democrat do you know i'm so delusional put your i am into part of the system i want nothing but that until it's not done well and said i don't want so long as
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a. battle because the polls are almost out of both about it but he's well off on his own never gonna do it i would guess from the time it was down one percent they've been in office or better because sort of the need to be a little. busy with that but it would have been like i don't ever saw a book but not by statute but you want to be. that window can stand here and money is the way to go in the middle with. do a little but we haven't seen any of it didn't work you could do it all by live you want to leave can we follow some of the around for a few days to see how you live and how you survive you know if it isn't at the bottom and. we met these guys on scene doesn't the square which is essential as it gets nathanson try to cross from parliament and always crowded more recently with refugees some just hang out here with friends and then return to their camps or shelters but some can't find a shelter or they choose not to stay in one so they work can sleep here it's common
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to see a refugee sitting on their own just waiting to be picked up. a couple of us are. almost about us on a. visit. but it does appear to be the home feeling very like delia bottle mosaddeq in china six up to i still don't know our vision. of what. a lot of audience. where they normally from and how old are they. new canada in the front so beautiful i love to bring music back to my home. and child off into some lower body demanded of all insurance i look to. me. and i would be here. if he goes with the demand.
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to be rid of me. i. genuinely don't know what i'm. doing good guys doing. all one luckily we've got some large home was our longhorn unit and no. for you when no one had vision. but had. john. as you are right now. we're. just going to do. you. know all of us are tough and one of the affiliate little brats a lot of beer. a lot less. oh nothing. no one of you and.
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had. no money. to spend several days on the central squares of athens and so many older men talking boys and then leaving with them. one night we overheard two older men go shooting a price with two young afghans who decided to ask them what was going on. for the. people up the rule afghan is. the only complete goal can i ask you where you from. the afghani you have a gun it's honest how many months and years and grace the doesn't know them so you
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very they rather. you speak for them you know in my mind not because i was asking the young i'm going to fiji born. on this new program i'm working. with the future i'm working with her to talk about price i don't know where i'm from still only talking about the price and i know that reforms i want to begin are huge. at nights at this time in the front twenty four hours seven days a. serious that i'm with two boys discuss some pricing you're talking about un refugee camp. you're looking at the think you. guys are clearly not underage but there are many underage i want going to the police officers any police are i have a complaint just you have a complaint sure don't touch me. ok let's go speak let's go. and i'm wearing your
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life easier this way i don't be pointing you i am going to know you because you're pretty and working with illegal london would give you didn't know you had been on this at all so yes do you bother to. look and what's your name. yes we'll call the police we have a job to do no no you call the police on the phone and all of them call them no one stop and you call them call them up to get stuff done so we have a man who is clearly very angry right now trying to call the police on us. but they're levens ok. let's go. sorry can we talk to you. what do you do. do. we didn't have our translator with us at the time and couldn't take the conversation further but it was pretty clear what was going on prostitution is legal here as long as sex
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workers are registered over eighteen legal residence of greece and have health checks every two weeks but that's not the case with these vulnerable boys some of whom are literally suicidal. and that has. on this. and i do. and most of us ana. when i'm nice. with miso. you said delilah bit this letter has mazzone not only a she was a she wanted it. and. she saw lindsey. and then it suddenly didn't like and by hand in the. minnesota liver so we sat ammonia. in
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a no use doing about. a nominee mom six no one made you tony silent on senate. side alone and a center. north of us so we. do a softening of the knee and be. in it. i'm with him until it. misses seem to. save. how much money to make. and how often. the last half. hour hand and. i knew of it. yet i had to move to the. repairing her.
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armored. car or. well it came of had been. if you could talk to a guy your age who was pardoned so calm here what would you tell him. where he's been so. beloved the. beloved doctor how. nora and then. her. in some american cities the police have built themselves clearly to read each nation people who walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk from the very people who are supposed to protect
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that poor people are afraid of police that. you can see something happening and this is like i don't want to call the cops let that happen rather than call the cops in those young black men lose their lives chasing the owner with their fingers on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to be a gun so yes unfortunately around and around here we may end up playing our guns off the death toll from so much because she was placed through. a batch or sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry if i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest.


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