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ok they have a good memory because there are there are people in mind and in line for those types of positions perhaps you've just not heard about it yet and then i made a berridge of questions now or shut down the entire press conference and then rejected a reporter's question which rightfully upset the reporter who then stood up from her chair and followed an hour out of the room we've got it we've got to go. i will talk to you after the know the iraqi parliament voted wednesday to call for a timetable for the iraq before issue. now it's unclear what exactly agitated now are but it could have been the continuous stream of questions regarding the american reaction to president putin's address but journalists in the room were all defending each other so i wonder if we'll hear any complaints from the other reporters. south africa's parliament has voted in favor of new legislation that could see land seized from white farmers under the
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plans the farm owners will be stripped of their land and given no compensation this runs against the constitution which would have to be amended the initiative comes from an economic party leader julius malema the time for reconciliation is over now is the time for justice we must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land malema is a controversial figure in south africa he's been convicted of hate speech and back in twenty sixteen he said he was not calling for the slaughter of white people at least not yet well despite that the country's former president jacob zuma described him as a future leader with a rate of murders and violent attacks on farmers and land owners has risen in recent years according to official figures seventy two percent of the country's farmers a white earlier we put the issue of land owning up for debate. people do not own
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land in south africa legally white people out of ideas from europe in six inches to two they killed our people they stole our land all oppressed us all the land they have his land up there was taken from us by force and in many instances by my success we all visit the every game proving there was the black tribes of south africa that came from the north that is well documented. therefore the land is the position of the black tribes the only the first occupants of south africa were the korean the son so if these are argument. that should be the way in the sons of the peasant like the one who is now my opponent easier for a night in south africa and they lend heat and in checked talking about it quite sound i am quite certain he can say my same name only ask him to say it he does it it can't because as a foreigner i even what it that day parliament is moving slow and politician we don't trust them they are using this lensing as a political
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a ball he stepped also addressing the issue of this legislation could actually be changed to satisfy the white farmers as well there's a lot of corruption involved and that's why the oprah series of land that was taken from repro legally in the past to be returned to them is not going as it should go you see this molding in front of me that is the issue. if this goes on investment in this country would stop people won't invasion the country will go the same way as involved there won't be production and then we will have a big spring in south africa about food that's not available to the people of south africa. is in berlin have circulated a brochure among kindergarten stuff that focuses on transgender identity and same sex marriage the booklets designed to help teachers explain the sensitive to. pics to children are to control the c r t p sure their reports. is
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a city famed for its liberal and inclusive attitudes to sex and sexuality. but conservatives in the german capital are upset at a new guide for kindergarten teachers that they say goes into too much detail and is aimed at kids that are too young the idea is to give educators the information they need to be sensitive to children coming from non-binary families say children of same sex parents or transgender parents it doesn't have the most catchy of names but what it has done is certainly ruffle some feathers among those in angela merkel's c.d.u. party children should be allowed to be children and not be confronted with things like these it's also come in for criticism from the opposition alternative for
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germany party well it's very simple we believe sex education is important and of course our young adults should know about sex planning and all the rest but please not in the kindergarten give them some space let them be children don't force this issue onto them it's not even a problem for them they want to play around they want to discover the world so please let them be children leave them alone these subjects will come to them soon enough in school or at home when the parents talk about this but not of an age of five or six years that is far too early on the streets of berlin opinion is mixed on when is the right time to be discussing with children issues of sexuality do you think that children in kindergarten should be taught about same sex couples and about transgender people yes. it's soul normal
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nowadays. to be with people surrounded by people in knowledge and their conditions are not gender or sexuality is another stuff i don't think it's the right age i think when they. receive sex. education in school that's enough i think there's a stink on the one hand i think it's ok but on the other i don't got on very much in favor of that idea so yes i do and why i think it's important structure of life so i think children should be taught about all factors of life and this is one of them the left wing coalition of the social democrats greens and the left party that runs in city government are accusing those on the right wing of politics of being overly prudish and unwilling to discuss the issue. after their attempt to scandalize the handouts from section on gender diversity of are teachers didn't work the c.d.u. would prefer not to talk about the issue there's very little chance of the pearl in
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city government repealing this booklet however discussions over sex and sexuality and talking about it in kindergarten are set to continue in fact there's a petition going round the house already almost fifty thousand signatures from those who want to see this particular booklet stopped peter all over r t berlin. meanwhile staying in germany a small village near frankfurt has been thrust into the spotlight after it decided to retain a nazi symbol. i
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think. because couple of people don't like. having the feeling to know that there's a clock with. a story like this. and this bell has been here for some time and now someone wants to get rid of it as a sad this bell didn't do anyone harm or i think there are more terrible things to pay attention to. the russian films of a lot of hits cinema screens on thursday the drama about slavery a dissident writer sort of. premiered the film festival where it won the silver bear for standing artistic contribution its director alexei gettleman jr told us
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why he was surprised the film was even showing that. sequence appeal to me and could you know. the name way that was if such a number that was to. be sleaze can you see the. face you were so. if you need to also use a serious key for such if it was written so just leave. me more strongly would i. knew the decisions would be obstructed by the political and particularly personal views of the jury and that's what happened there are a lot of films no worse than are moving and the german pitches one of them were left with no of awards whatsoever for the outstanding movie about the brave it events didn't get anything all of that is kind of hard to explain because i think there were other intentions than just fair competition but i was amazed that a lot of it was even shown that when i walked by the convention center where the festival took place i saw a person with
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a book in german about of lot of and another with the same book in english and then a young german guy came up to me and started asking me lot of was about the culture of the one nine hundred seventy s. leningrad culture what kind of struck me was how well our film was received how universal and relatable it was to everyone. and women dominated this year's berlin festival with both top prize is awarded to female filmmakers but the like a female representation across the film industry was discussed on a special panel along with sexual harassment in the wake of the me too movement alexei gomen jr thinks this is less of a problem in russia. this is a tough one on the one hand we've got to treat the sexes absolutely equally should be no gender preference it's obviously on the other hand bearing in mind everything that's going on some sort of support for women is important i think we have fewer problems with this in russia i've heard some unpleasant stories but very few maybe
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because we have less money for less money there is less power less temptation when . there are new r.t. show hosted by the former ecuadorian president rafael correa made its debut on thursday as well his first guest was the philosopher and author noam chomsky and you can see the full interview on our website r.t. dot com but here is a preview. according to the what's wrong under his government he's more will be. well actually it's quite the opposite under crumpets becoming weaker less effective. it's internally disintegrating it's losing its whatever international authorities. and it's also moving to destroy the world and the most important policy of the trumpet ministration by for is its approach towards the
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real existential crisis climate change here the united states under trump has departed from the entire world. can be read to or between the united states and north korea and what they do know that ace in a war we are consequences could very easily. in this case there happens to be a very feasible approach to dealing with the crisis and it's pretty well known. chinese proposal which has been on the table for years the proposal is what's called a double freeze north korea freezes its development of weapons and the to clear the nuclear and missile developments it freezes them
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and the united states calls off the constant highly threatening military maneuvers on north korea's border. that could set the stage for negotiations which could deal with the conflict and crisis in a sensible and constructive way. the debate over gun control in the us has come to a head following the florida school massacre though both sides have been choosing unconventional methods to promote their message a mass wedding ceremony at a pennsylvania church saw the congregation armed with pistols and semiautomatic rifles they on display was designed to show their willingness to defend their families and their rights to carry weapons but others seem to be falling out of
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love with their guns. and decided to. make sure this weapon will never be able to take a life the only way they can know for sure that this gun will never hurt anyone who doesn't exist. i just mean holes in everything and now all of this stuff is only usable now. let the debate google has banned the word gun from its shopping search engine claiming it's to protect users from possible harm but the unintentional consequences have left people fuming. google wants to help keep people safe both online and offline so we don't allow the promotion of some products to cause damage harm or injury.
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well back to the headlines in just over half an hour meanwhile more on all of our stories. at the moment we've had the period of fake the flame. engineered by all the central banks and that they don't have the control that they think that they have and if one sees start to see this being picked up in markets like the gold market and
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others you know you've got to start to see it feed on itself in a big way. is in a bad week for gerrard cushion or assist future the white house that and a whole lot more on this edition. of the politicking on larry king it's not been a good week for president trump's son in law and senior advisor jared commissionaire in the space of only a few days his security clearance has been downgraded and we've learned from reports that a few foreign governments discussed ways. as they might be able to manipulate his business dealings and foreign policy naivete and that many in the white house were worried about the same thing we'll get the latest with our good friend i would have cliff columnist for the daily beast political commentator and author and she joins me from washington what's your reaction to this because the losing is tough.
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reporter that officials in four countries were able to manipulate him what do you make of this well the two generals in the white house general kelly who is the chief of staff and general h.r. mcmaster who's the national security adviser apparently have been concerned about this for some time this is an epic power struggle and the two generals may have written their epitaph by ordering that jared questioner's security credential be downgraded because they're going right up against the president who said he was sure that general kelly would do the right thing and make the right decision i'm not sure that what mr kelly did will qualify as the right decision for the president so now the president has to decide to say just ignore the limitations that have been put on his son in law and exclude him from the daily intelligence
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briefing exclude him from briefings where classified information comes up or does he exercise his power as chief executive which he could do president trump could simply waive the concerns and grant security to his son in law he realizes that wouldn't look good so i don't know what happens next as jared and of onco go back to new york and say we've had enough of this grief do they stay in the white house with you millie ation of a downgraded status or do the people who made the decision pay the price and go you can write any one of several endings to this particular episode from the president vetting anything. i'm thinking that the president largely ignores the limitations and that. they basically step around the the orders and cushion or stays in
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place at least for the the short term but you know that that that's a guess for his own an old kelly would have to quit if that happened right now i would guess ok now we have jeff sessions saying on wednesday that he would do his job with integrity and honor after the president criticized him calling him a disgraceful. what do you make of that well and this is over the fact that. attorney general sessions is investigating claims that republicans are making that the pfizer warrant process was abused by the f.b.i. and that he's investigating that internally with department of justice personnel as opposed to appointing a special prosecutor which is what the president would like i think sessions is handling himself with enormous dignity despite all the abuse he's taken and
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this is another one of these standoffs you wonder how much is president trump. going to endure from his perspective or at some point does he pull the trigger and and and fire sessions i think the people around the president telling him that he shouldn't do that he can't do that that it would almost be handling handing the special counsel robert muller an ace card to play gangster him but you just get the sense that this president is see them constantly about this ongoing probe which is of course getting closer and closer to his own financial past and present probably. has announced that he will run again in twenty twenty that surprise you. know on the afternoon of the inauguration day he had an aide file papers for his reelection which has got to be
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a record of some sort and and even this appointing a campaign manager full what to two years three years ahead of time is is extraordinary but he likes to think of himself as campaigning all the time he wants a schedule that has rallies and i think he's very aware of the fact. that if he doesn't keep stoking his base that he could well you know face defeat so i think he's he's convinced himself that if he keeps running all out and does everything just like he did in twenty sixteen he can prove all the critics wrong and that democrats i must say so many people say to me well who are the democrats going to run the democrats are nowhere near thinking of who they're going to run and twenty twenty and they're probably going to have to go through but not have to go through they will go through a long process window and down easily more than
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a dozen candidates before they arrive at their candidate there are no backrooms anymore. maybe there should be elena we always love talking to you thanks for your time today all right thank you former congressman david jolly now joins me for tampa he is in tampa republican of florida also a frequent critic of the president and his team so many things happening at once what do you make david of hope hits resigning as communications director. oh look the chaos continues in the white house i think the question is was it related all to her testimony recently before house investigators and what she came out saying and fact admitted to that at times she has lied and the question is are they really white lies that she mentioned or was or some type of concealment of evidence to see if she actually in some type of legal jeopardy look it may be that she has just had a year of exhaustion in this white house but the timing of this is fairly
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suspicious that there might be something more was your reaction to the downgrading of gerrard pollution and security clearance. you know it's no surprise larry in the united states for security clearance if there is not some very specific event the three things that are always studied are individuals debt either personally or through business cases of infidelity or cases of substance abuse but we know jared cushion or and his his family businesses real estate holdings includes a lot of debt including from likely international interest and that will always stand in the way of a security clearance so i don't think it's a surprise the question is how seriously does this administration treat the fact that his security clearance has been downgraded you know donald trump has shown through his word indeed that he perhaps does not treat classified information with the same sanctity that his predecessors have served to what extent gerrard's job
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changes i think is yet to be seen. could override the given top security clearance going over john pelleas. decision do you think he would do that. you know this is playing out it is interesting john kelly has had to make some tough decisions on behalf of this white house and they have crossed in many ways the president's own interests and the president's family if you will from jarrett to evolve even to the whole picture situation during the recent case of domestic abuse of a top white house aide that hope hicks was apparently involved with so thus far it appears that donald trump has given john kelly leeway to make these decisions but i think we are always waiting for that next shoe to drop with john kelly in the president to decide he will override his own chief of staff we haven't seen it publicly yet but it certainly could happen here in the near future what do you think of the tacking jeff sessions. you know it's very interesting of course as
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continued attacks on jeff sessions but jeff sessions response seems to be strengthening each time and what we saw this week with jeff sessions saying basically i'm going to offer my fidelity and faithfulness to the rule of law in the constitution and not respond directly to the president's criticism you're starting to see a narrative that we saw almost in watergate when nixon began threatening to fire both f.b.i. and justice officials and you saw an attorney general and a deputy attorney general finally say well resign mr president if you do this whether or not it rises to that level in the future we'll see but jeff sessions has shown that he will be faithful to his department as a matter of his own fidelity to the constitution are you surprised he didn't resign . you know that is an interesting question for everybody in this white house donald trump is not loyal to people around him in fact he's surrounded himself by
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a group of officials who are willing to accept insult and disloyalty from their boss from the present united states and so you question sometimes why somebody would do that jeff sessions has had a very long career in the united states senate this is sort of the pinnacle the apex of his career i think he so enjoys doing the job and being in his current position he will do it until it becomes untenable what we saw this week with him said to the president if you want me gone are going to have to fire me because i'm not leaving the president met with lawmakers from both sides of the aisle about gun control he opened the meeting to the press you think he's making strides in that regard. you know it is interesting even for a critic of the president and i count myself one of them you do have to recognize that he is talking about issues that few republicans have been willing to talk about in the past and the question is how much political cover does he give to fellow republicans to follow him now interestingly is what is off the table what is
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off the table parent lee is an assault weapons ban even when he talks about mental health i'm not sure he's talking about it in a context that fully provides mental health background checks when it comes to comprehensive background checks look the president gets credit for convening these meetings and talking about hard issues i'm not sure much changes in washington we will we are seeing some changes in states though there's a lot of gun laws that states might consider we're seeing that in florida which is held by deeply conservative republicans again nothing will go far enough in my opinion to confront these mass casualty event but at least we're having a national conversation and republicans are participating in that conversation as states that have banned those. present less mess killings than states that don't ban them why are they why we have assault weapons. listen i think a ban should be on the table it should be debated and frankly if it passed i would
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be supportive of that i don't know that the votes are there in the senate but i think what they could do larry is make assault weapons so functionally obsolete for the lay person and what i mean by that is make it as hard to get an assault weapon as it is to get a security clearance in this white house make it a six month to twelve month process let's suggest perhaps you have five or six different courses you have to take and pass you have to demonstrate a competency your background check as to be so thorough that it would compare to a security clearance background check we could do that and it would ensure that the only people with access are the most responsible most trained military law enforcement and so forth make them functionally obsolete for the lay person. david stay right there will be back with more politicking after the break.
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a party divided in with out a clear message democrats face a fundamental dilemma move to the left and reach out to progressive. and in the process alienate its donor base for continued fizzing this is usual for the
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democrats tired of losing. fifty years ago pregnant women to come together as a sleeping pill and dusty's with the named as a doctor does what he said this thought the scientific sweat terrible but not on the road as shown in dutch one troubled love more to hear not the warm welcome of across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation in something in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well that the constant reminder that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been able to justice and there has been a couple of. like to politicking i'm talking with david jolly for the u.s. representative the federal law to strangers from tampa you spec'd any me.


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