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because i'm i'm neither i'm a political and political atheist and i i think it's just a joke but if i had to advise them pick three things very simple concepts i don't care what they are just pick something and if you don't believe in it why just tell people three simple things i want to make america safer i want to return jobs and health care i don't care more protein in your diet just say something because what have we heard so far up till now we have heard every single day that hillary clinton through what happened or is desi arnaz was a while how she wrote a book basically is blaming now russians and bernie to an extent and we have spent with the complicity of and aided and abetted by this ted baxter sought me why don't they let it go i don't even regenerate here i have i have to go to a hard break and after that hard break we'll continue our discussion on the democrat state with.
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fifty years ago pregnant women to come together as a sleeping pill and thus these were done the images are tough this is just the side effects were terrible but not on. this show induction trouble will be here not. to come up across europe. starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation in something two ways first will the physical times itself as well as the constant mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been the justice and there's been a couple. about your sudden passing i phone the just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last about . turn. your attitude up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i
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could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about more like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one difference is speaking out because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education of being supplanted by the right to access education low higher
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education is becoming just another product that can be bought and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business there where you good. luck with this also kind of the following couldn't be. more is the place of students in this business model before college i was more now on time in history more higher education the new global economic war. welcome back to crossfire we're all things to consider i'm peter lavelle to remind you we're discussing the democrats. ok tim a since i work in media and i have to cover what the media covers let's talk about russia russia russia i mean how does that move forward. the mainstream
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democratic party i mean that's all you hear about it and m.s.m. b.c. it's hard to watch for me it's on watchable now because that's all you hear about and i'm not interested in that because no one has showed me any evidence whatsoever ok if there's evidence then let's talk about what it means but we don't have any evidence how does this rush a conspiracy story that the media are just so captivated with how does that move the democratic party forward after eight years of losing seats in huge numbers over the last ten eight years go ahead tim in miami. again i think the russian narrative if there is some evidence there it would be best if congress had televised hearings in the american circle could learn what actually happened but i think the whole the whole russia conspiracy narrative puts things very out of proportion ninety million americans didn't vote in the last presidential election those are the voters that democrats have to be trying to reengage and get them into the political process and
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the russian narrative just is not going to do that i think it's a failing strategy first of all when you take a look at what does the media concentrate on far and they're concentrating a lot on that narrative what are they missing what are they not reporting on i can tell you just here in south florida we had we wanted to verify the votes in our last election when i ran against debbie wasserman schultz in two thousand and sixteen and we had to sue the supervisor of elections of broward county while the lawsuit was pending they destroyed all of the ballots in our election and the media you know not a peep not a word about it so the media itself here has a lot of corporate priorities and it's to really and him a lot of these establishment democrats and that's what makes it very frustrating and difficult i know your story why did they the steroid those ballots. they haven't given much of an adequate explanation and they destroyed those ballots in violation of federal law and they certified when they destroyed the balance they
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certified that the ballots were not the subject of the pending lawsuit and indeed they were i had sued the supervisor of elections to try to see these ballots so the whole idea that you need paper ballots to verify the vote they just ignore that they ignored federal law we're waiting to see what the consequences are we're demanding a federal investigation calling on the governor to remove the supervisor of elections and meanwhile the democratic party establishment all throughout florida has been just amazingly quiet yeah you think that they would be concerned when ballots in a democratic primary are destroyed ok well let me go to ron i suppose it was some russian bob that ordered the destruction of those ballots i mean given the media environment we live in that's a logical assumption to make go ahead ron. well you know i had no idea that thirteen twitter were so effective and ever since i learned that i have been on craigslist trying to hire a handful of folks to get me
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a netflix special and i figured if they can throw an election certainly they can help me out but but no i mean. i'm glad that what tim's been gone through has gotten brought up because sadly that's not really unique story within the democratic establishment thames not the only person going through this kind of stuff you mention nancy pelosi her her opponent steven jaffe kind of guy mishandled by the establishment he's going through something similar not not ballot destruction but a similar corrupt for instance the nurses association when they tried to give single payer to the state of california the establishment found a way to hijack them this is sadly a very very common story and it's usually aimed at progressive so getting back to the top. opic kind of making it full circle here by hyper amplifying the russian narrative twenty four seven which is barely an embellishment of what the corporate
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media is doing by the way i mean there's been a harvard studies done on this stuff they talk about at a minimum about seventy five percent of the time and most of the public is totally sick of hearing about it it avoids them from talking about what's really going on in the system and what's going on is that the system is rigged to the donor class we have one party and it's the money party and it's kind of beyond repair at this point you know lionel it's interesting we look at kim's experience there and what we're wrong just said there it just seems that. the forces that threaten democracy are internal and it seems if we go from bernie sanders to tim's case here you know it's systemic ok and this is the this is what's really dangerous here i mean you know i've looked i've followed run for a while now and i watch as podcasts and all that you know and it's really refreshing to hear you know kind of a nuts and bolts you know straight shooting progress i mean and i'm conservative
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but i know i can listen to that there's a dialogue and i can have a dialogue but in the media i never see that kind of dialogue and i never see democrats in dialogue ever i mean change the subject pivot here pivot there never get a straight answer for them go ahead lionel if you can't beat debbie wasserman schultz if this. can't beat debbie wassermann schultz. if this if my native state of florida if you even have to say anything if you don't say how do i know i'm not dead the walls have a new pressure on you to even those pressure on you to get. out of that desert but a flood light over three desire no no may i interrupt. her with a why are you on her history of.
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we ran it on yourself and i man last time around go one more time tim go ahead yeah well nobody even knew who i was i said we ran ourselves we ran a great campaign last time nobody even knew who i was when i jumped into the race we ran for less than eight months three ninety days before the election we were down sixty points in the polls and we almost took her at the finish line and who knows what the actual outcome was in light of the destruction of all these ballots we're not sure that's a close primary at the end of august the only hope registered democrats can vote. yeah well. not much of anything and you know what i do think her days are very much numbered i think we're well i i suppose gentlemen i don't think they get i think debbie can say i'm the most investigated congress person in the current congress i mean i think that might be true ok i mean i mean there's a special jail cell for her definitely really you know i'll send her over and she
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did. did everybody really hate her but i got to say i've got to say this goes way beyond the problems go ahead and go ahead to the problems go way beyond debbie wassermann schultz and the problems go way beyond debbie wassermann schultz you know the system itself has so many problems just take a look at the present debates about the mass shootings at the schools you know most members of the house of representatives are in safe districts because a journeyman during their either safe democrat or a safe republican so it allows them to sing to the choir to their base without any real discussion between the parties you decried the fact that there's not real debate there's not real discussion to arrive at solutions anymore well you know a republican can say the problem is all mental health and the democrats can say it's only guns whereas the problem really is a bit of both and both need to be addressed and you take a look at what capitol hill is doing they don't. legislative hearings on these or
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other issues because they're too busy spending thirty hours a week dialing for dollars calling up their donors and trying to raise money to run their campaigns this is not a legislative branch that legislates in any meaningful way anymore and it certainly is not representing the people of this country ok ron you know i'm talking to him before the program you know he said he may be considering running as an independent you don't run over what isn't it really time for progressives to reach out to independents i mean why don't you just give up on the democrats i mean it's just a swamp you know a wide white why don't you guys make that big move because it's i think the country needs it ninety million people didn't vote i wonder why ok and it's right that's a rhetorical question why does that happen ron. i mean i'm with you in the same in the same question really i mean i was at the convergence conference where we presented bernie sanders with the signatures to start
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a new party. i wish he would have done it but you know you run into questions of ballot access and stuff like that and just the whole restructuring of a party so i understand there's some complications and or stand how some people are choosing to mentor as opposed to demick sit however you have to look at all of the kind of roadblocks in our path everything from you know gerrymandering to superdelegates etc etc and you kind of think there's a lot of us there's a lot of us that kind of want the same things that kind of have some very big principles in common and if we all kind of somehow could mobilize we would be a real great political force to be reckoned with and you know hijacking the democratic party is a very long road it's not impossible starting a new viable party also a long road but not impossible you know as an individual or about just policies and movements myself i don't care what was i think of your name but rather for the
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policies i'm for and you got the right principles but i'll give you a vote you know but i think that's a little while i think you know runs on to something because they well maybe it's you know by accident i think that all of us here in just a little far more interested in policy than personalities weigh in on that line and go ahead. i'm listening to this with all due respect this is the most insisted i make siding message is too much you corporate money and over the last to know how trump won he beat everyone he came out like a bull in that she was he had a massive rally and like that i am agreeing with you lionel he had to have a bad saying had said i like eight he had personality and he didn't think that that did he had a message that he had a message of a dread a message that the other students read people have the system was rigged but you can't lie no i agree with you in many ways but you can't you can't govern that way
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that's the problem what i'm getting at here ok you can you can get elected that way but it's difficult yes ok well we'll do that the other candidates jury's still out on that. well you know what he's a and she's not so he did something right but let me tell you something or is mine i got an agenda i got a job here i have run out of time faster they think his guys are going to take on anything so my guy gets in new york miami and in los angeles and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. you next time and remember crosstalk rules. in some american cities the police have built themselves cling to reputation people who walk on the street to be united states who are at risk from the very people who
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are supposed to protect that poor people are no more afraid of the police than of us from the most. you can see something happening and this is like i don't want to call the cops let that happen rather than call the cops in those young black men lose their lives chasing the. same goods on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to pull a gun so. unfortunately around around here we end up killing our guns are. stolen from such preclusion this place to. every single p. and l. and every single corporation in america has a guy sitting at a desk who's engaged in fraudulent trading to extract money from the markets and back up america and causing taxes to go up it causes fraudulent programs like obamacare. infrastructure projects that god causes people in san francisco living on the street living in their own feces because guys on wall street i think it's
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necessary to create scams to just rip capital out of these markets. feel enough d.n.a. on the bottle sorry charlotte six oir got. an estimated eight hundred pounds since under-age refugees are now living in greece . in the euro food during the many sell their bodies just to make ends meet. you know in the in the second on again you know all the sins in that. says you know the one thing is getting. older is two thirds are dealing drugs to make a living. this. was.
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parts of the media go into a frenzy after blood image putin unveils russia's new strategic asin all in his state of the nation address meanwhile the u.s. state department subs questions from russian reporters on the issue. they say that they are you can react from there shouldn't you say they're ok and upset then are moved on but also to come disturbing video emerges of the moments leading up to the death of a palestinian man during an israeli raid in the west bank the i.d.f. disputes its soldiers killed him although has changed its version of events several times and initially right leaning far the surge in the polls there with the general election just days away r.t. visits a time with a radical approach to migration but it's may or hope will be adopted across the
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country. but i welcome you watching r.t. international start this hour with news from west africa because gunfire and explosions have been reported in the capital of became a fast so video from the scene show large plumes of black smoke rising the attack took place near the french embassy the french institute as well as a military h.q. the u.n. and the prime minister also have offices in the same neighborhood and local authorities call the act called the attack an act of terror by islamists for neutralized another tried to flee but is said to have been cornered by security forces there are also reports of several soldiers and civilians injured.
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that image in the state of the nation address has seen parts of the media accusing russia of harking back to the cold war during his speech the president announced the country's latest weapons which he said could outsmart all existing missile defenses the white house and the country learning of that new threat from russian president warning adverse arisen in the west in particular not to mess with russia computer graphics of missiles flying over mountains and heading over oceans and he says he's not blotter. well though many saw the address as a threat directed at the u.s. moscow claims it has no intention of striking out the high tech weapons are intended only they say to maintain the global balance of power is more against if reports if you aren't russian in the first hour of putin's speech would have been boring taxes and corruption and science and industry that sort of thing after that
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though it got real hot real fast maybe. russia is a major nuclear power basically nobody wanted to talk to us nobody listened to us so listen to us now rockets lasers nukes in a rush hooted unveiled an arsenal of new weapons bigger faster stronger and deadlier than any that came before me as. far as the sun super heavy i.c.b.m. two hundred ton missile capable of penetrating any existing defense in service at the end of the year next an enigmatic new development seemingly nuclear powered cruise missile it flies extremely low to avoid detection and can hit almost anywhere in the world says putin up next it's just fantastic an underwater
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drone submarine also nuclear powered with a nuclear payload it can reportedly lurk underwater for months and months silent and undetectable next to the oven god the hypersonic missile extremely fast rockets that can actively dog and the vaid anti missile defenses. it is heading for the target like a meteorite to top all of that off laser weapons systems though. putin didn't go into detail saying only that it still classified the russian president says all of this isn't to intimidate or scare anyone or invade anyone these serious weapons designed for one thing restore and guarantee russia's strategic power in an age where an ever expanding nato is trying to nullify it when asked.
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what that was we have no plans and have never had plans to use this potential to achieve offensive or aggressive in russia's enhanced military power is simply a guarantee for peace on our planet for it preserve restore parity in the world show that there's no point in engaging in a senseless arms race after all mutually assured destruction has kept the world safe for the best part of a sentry not against every portion there although not everybody buys putin's explanation of the speech he was pressed about it in an interview with a.b.c. . several analysts in the west have said this is the declaration of a new cold war are we in a new arms race right now my point of view is the individuals who have said that a new cold war has started are not really analysts they do propaganda if you were to speak about arms race has been an arms race began at exactly the time in moment
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when the u.s. opted out of the anti-ballistic missile treaty well to stress is point the new weapons need to balance the world powers putin did point out u.s. missile defense is already deployed in alaska and california is also expanding into eastern europe too with two sites having been set up in romania and poland and new sites a soon to be established in japan and south korea the us complex also includes a naval component to america currently has five navy cruises and thirty destroyer ship stationed along russia's eastern borders. the u.s. state department branded russia's new weapons as the stabilizing saying that they do violate existing treaties although the russian ambassador to the u.s. hit back saying that washington doesn't know what it's talking about tensions also ran high at the u.s. state department briefing with more on earth his america has are now it was particularly concerned about the video or imagery that was released claiming that
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it showed the missile targeting the u.s. and when reporters asked about this the scene turned pretty ugly and now revealed just how uncomfortable she was when she slammed the russian reporters who pressed her on this says officials of the russian government is more slaughter taken in the united states interests in the styles are sent to different directions so i do say that they are you know you react from there shouldn't you also say that ok enough said then i'll move on. which is when you get there to they're not. officials of the russian government they're just asking a question about me oh really ok well we know that. r.t. and other russian news or so-called news organizations are there i'm good and directed by the russian government so if i don't have we're here a lot of these are issues no matter how they're going to set you working about moment you know the sort of my video is this video that you're talking about
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yesterday which is not just usually and it was met with significant backlash from reporters all throughout the room but how did she respond with several doses of sarcasm of course but for the record this is her usual m.o when she wants to avoid answering questions in the passion is referred to me and my colleagues as representatives of the russian government and then i made a berridge of questions now or shut down the entire press conference and then rejected a reporter's question which rightfully upset the reporter who then stood up from her chair and followed an hour out of the room we've got to we've got to go. wrong i will talk to you after the no the iraqi parliament voted wednesday to call for a timetable for the iraq before and she. now it's unclear what exactly agitated now are but it could have been the continuous stream of questions regarding the american reaction to president putin's address but journalists in the room were all defending each other so i wonder if we'll hear any
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complaints from the other reporters. now in other news the u.s. state department has approved the possible million dollar sale of javelin antitank missiles and the one she needs to ukraine two hundred missiles and thirty seven launch units are expected to be sent to ukraine in december the deal is worth almost fifteen million dollars we're to talk more about this now we're joined by independent political analyst done place but good evening to you done firstly done i was just with regards to this we know that the main peace agreements the storming at the moment so an announcement like this. isn't exactly going to get something like that back on track is it. world no and it's unfortunate because we go back to last december and there were signs of the escalation in fact there was a huge there was a major prisoner exchange first of its type. in the conflict since it began in twenty fourteen and overseen by the international committee of the red cross so
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there so there are some good signs also noises made on both sides about the potential for a u.n. peacekeeping force earlier in the year so there were signs that the conflict was showing some positive developments towards deescalation and so on but unfortunately there's there's been a there's been a tendency since right back to the beginning of this conflict that whenever there are the signs of the escalation the u.s. and its allies will do a move make a move such as this that will add fuel to the fire of the conflict in order to keep it going that's been the that's been a tendency right since the early days of the conflict when when tanks were first sent into eastern ukraine there were signs of fraternizing amongst the troops and the was not going very well at all and so that prompted visits by a number of high level u.s. officials including joe biden at the time who and was then followed up.


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