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numbers of a closing bell boy those markets are down down down down don't tell practicable. those who knew him when you don't. see the teachers what did the court to do. what they did not through only ten supposed to. make. love to the big building said. claiming to know servant is messy but to. alex you speak french. those are the usual yes wallace i mean if he knew then send them all to new possibilities to good people sons busiek have pled guilty to leftists.
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the me. me me feel in this country a genuinely blue bottle saudi in china six oir. an estimated eighty two feral since under-age refugees are now living in greece. you know still more go. to your home in there you go food drink. the many sell their bodies just to make ends meet. for them and the second the yen and all the sins in there that. says in the last things it. also has turned to dealing drugs to make a living. justice a little gentle of blood a little. think. a
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little. every single p. and l. and every single corporation in america has a guy sitting at a desk who's engaged in fraudulent trading to extract money from the markets and back up to america and causing taxes to go up because the structure the programs like obamacare rip people off because infrastructure projects that die it causes people in san francisco living on the street living in their own feces because guys on wall street i think it's necessary to create scams to just rip capital out of these markets.
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chicago mayor rahm emanuel has touted the large expansion of o'hare airport once the busiest u.s. but now number three the mayor says that the renovation and expansion effort will receive eight point five billion dollars for a new terminal thus increasing the number of gates by twenty five percent there are currently one hundred eighty four gates at o'hare but now american airlines is arguing that a new gates will be disproportionately given to united continental holdings united has more current flights in and out of chicago than any other air carrier both united and american are seeking to expand their flights to medium so. cities in the
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u.s. and internationally and they've targeted global carriers for revenue but united rather american based in fort worth says they are targeting global markets also and united they say is getting an unfair competitive advantage under the plan in chicago. we reported yesterday on dick's sporting goods no longer selling certain firearms in light of the florida school shooting which took the lives of seventeen people now wal-mart has joined the large number of us companies saying they will no longer sell firearms to anyone under the age of twenty one dick's and wal-mart are two of the largest gun sellers the united states in a statement wal-mart said quote we take seriously our obligations to be responsible sellers of firearms in related news president trump yesterday voiced support for a bipartisan effort in the u.s. senate to expand background checks for gun sales.
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over to credit card debt amongst u.s. citizens is because grown to a seven year high of eleven point nine billion dollars up eleven and a half percent just in the fourth quarter of twenty seventeen the data includes a rise for most homeowners falling behind in their mortgage payments mortgage debt also rose by five point two percent to nearly fifty seven billion dollars the data released by the federal deposit insurance corporation f.d.i.c also notes a decline in commercial and industrial debt some analysts have said that the new trump tax reform law which champions long term corporate tax cuts spurred companies to pay off their loans while average consumers increase their debt particularly in the last quarter of the year around the holiday season. with wealth inequality on the rise other issues are being impacted as well and one of these places in the food industry as the world has seen an expanse in things like whole
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foods and other elfie chains those who can't quite afford it are left with much less healthy options for more on this we go to our t. correspondent alex mahela bij welcome alex with a how are the how are the shopping things changing all the different choices that we have around this country and i know really around the world i know up in canada too how are they changing things and is it for the better alex. absolutely and sure a lot of our viewers are wondering why is this guy in canada telling us about the states where we are demographics are pretty much identical up here are the changes are identical i've been both side of the border both sides of the border a lot of the time so you can see it happening and the big motion right now is you know there is this move towards online shopping that we're hearing in the grocery stores are also looking at that game so we know that amazon bought whole foods it was a part of their move to also increase online shopping by having this karen key delivery
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system the thing is that these stores though they want people to come into the store so they have to deliver something that they can't get online and that is experience so for example there's one company up here called nations in canada they actually have playgrounds in their stores so it's for families so they can bring your kids if you look at a whole foods if you look at trader joe's or whole foods you'll have the cafeteria areas you'll have patios outside where you can sit and talk to friends they're becoming little social hubs wherever these places open up at trader joe's is also a great example of products that are just at this one place so they have their own line of products i know that can appear in canada we don't have trader joes all across the border just to get those pretzels that are filipino but our cars are so delicious so things like that and you know they they they really want to drag people into their stores and it's also what consumers want so we see different change in consumer behavior for example organics i mean that's that's a huge thing right now the states is number one if you look back to two thousand and thirteen that's just five years ago the market for gannett products in the
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states is twenty six point seven billion dollars that's a lot of money you see candidates on there on that list as well so any way you turn it a lot of it has to do with demand but it also has to do what's on the ground what people want some of the names that are pretty surprising wegmans for example which is an old school type a grocery store it's just one that hipsters happen to be attached to and they they want the old school experience to look at publix the florida chain it's expanding so that old school experience is still there and it's still alive and it's still growing in its own way as well. alex when you should when they showed that graphic it made me sort of proud i was at the department of agriculture we did the organic rule and it might interest some of our viewers i mean it's great to see how far we've come but that was the most commented upon regulation in history the new record is now for net neutrality so it's good that people are being in volved alex we sure appreciate you being being with us you're always
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a great to tell us we know you know about the states up there and we appreciate you telling us about it alex mahela bitch up in toronto thank you alex thank you. and kenyon on the subject of food inequality and healthiness and some of the about the still szell status too we're joined by fred coffee fred kaufman author of bet the farm how food stop being food fred thanks for being with us again. so let's go back to what alex was talking about first about these places trader joe's whole food wakeman's in the d.c. area you know they are more than just a place to get healthy food there's somewhat of a status symbol of going there right look social status has long been associated with choices in this country really for the past couple of hundred years and what's so interesting in this regard is that those choices are dependent upon education
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and income as opposed to proximity right this real quickly on the social thing it's not just about what you eat because some of these places there's a whole foods near where we live and it's a hangout place the people are watching sports games they have they sell alcohol it's a hangout place and i mean back when we were kids no way you were never any out of the store unless you were delinquent i think at the grocery stores are really feeling a lot of pressure from on. line retailers and from get in from starbucks and from a lot of places where our sense of community is being fragmented and i think there's a very strong sense that the grocery store is going to try and fill in that void while we're purchasing our daily bread ok so you talked a little bit about you talked a little bit about education. in food and if you read about what's good for you and you can certainly buy it at these sorts of places and we buy things like wheat
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grass which has a thousand times the antioxidants and can help you help help ward off cancer but not everybody has the education and not everybody has the opportunity to go to these sorts of places throughout the country explain that well in the one nine hundred ninety s. there is this sense of the idea of the food desert that and that in fact right where they were there were places where there was no availability of the kale and the cabbage and so what happened was that governments particular united states government but other other places around the world got very involved michelle obama was very involved in a five hundred million dollars program to bring organic food to bring natural foods to bring fresh vegetables into disadvantaged neighborhoods and oddly enough guess what it did not matter it did not matter there were no significant health outcomes that were different when we brought the fresh food in there is no significant difference in outcome in terms of weight we have
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a real obesity problem not only in this country but around the world and the reason the reason for that it didn't make a difference was because the the individuals didn't understand that this was good healthier food for them because they're just sort of prone to eating the package stuff in the mcdonald's or it's a mystery wrapped inside an enigma i mean i think that everybody i think everybody knows that kale is good and are bad but i think on another level there's an issue of how much time it takes to prepare the food which it does. close your cayle interest on this program by the way i'm getting the right attitude i'm deeply invested in k.l. not at all but but absolutely there is a very strong sense should we increase education is should we increase green markets what can we you know do we do community far old talk about that talk about farmers' markets accept that i know are popping up not just in the us but around the world are those things that are actually working at all for those that may not
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have the opportunity to go to a trader joe's or whole from the statistics say that among all those things that aren't working these aren't working least so in other in other words the way the way that the food stamp program is working now actually it's a very wonderful thing is that you're given double the amount for your money if you do spend it at the farmer's market and that hopefully does have does have an effect but that but the fact of the matter is people's food choices are not coming from what they know is going to help them out and to fifteen years down the line when you are in poverty you're thinking more about what's happening at the end of the day and you can see this very clearly in other parts of the world in terms of how this is impacting women as opposed to men women who are educated as opposed to an age educated are two to three times a less likely to be obese oh really yeah it's and it's an extraordinary statistic and you're looking at it we're looking at
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a world right now we're two billion people are overweight or roughly thirteen percent of the people on this planet are technically obese eleven percent men fifteen percent women break that down not by every country wouldn't have time but i assume that we in the us are a little bit more on the heavy side the united states and canada and mexico and new zealand and australia these are all places on the high side i thought was most telling about the statistically saw earlier was a place like japan and korea where the intake. of organic food is extremely low and the incidence of overweight is also extremely low you hit so we see no correlation what's the lever. let last thing is it's unfortunate that even when you are educated if you're limited in your income or even in your food stamps that you . you just don't have many choices around there and that goes to what you've
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written and you talk about it your book but you write about it all the time is that we've got a system of food system in the united states which really is geared toward producing these things that have lots of sugar because we subsidize sugar and we subsidize a wheat and that's the lot of the stuff that sect and that's that and not to pick on mcdonald's but a lot of fast food places talk about that briefly yeah absolutely when you're consuming that meal of commodity potatoes and commodity baan and commodity meat and commodity tomatoes in the catch up that's exactly what you're feeding in so what's going on is we're not getting the most important elements in the food system which of the smaller farmer and the vegetable producers were getting straight to or the agribusiness who are throwing diesel and throwing out methane into the atmosphere and so it's really a recipe for disaster not only a health disaster for diabetes and heart disease and certain cancers including breast cancer but for the earth as a whole it's really a fine balance for and i've dealt with these issues on
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a policy basis for years because you want to ensure that there are family farmers out there so you want to make sure they can make a living excited and in some cases that means a subsidy that they at least they get paid something for whatever it is they produce and if they don't exist then that land will be bought up by the corporate farms and there may be a some good things but corporate farms but there's also a lot of good things about the texture and fabric of rural americans holding the land credit kaufman author of bet the farm how food stop being food thank you for your time thanks part. thanks for watching be sure to catch boom bust on you tube at youtube dot com slash boom bust r.t. catch you next time.
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fifty years ago pregnant women to come together as a sleeping pill does this with the name desire to does. the scientific sweat terrible but not on the road as shown in dodge one for board. warm. across europe victims astonishing legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well as the constant mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been able to justice and there has been a couple of. a party divided in with out a clear message democrats face a fundamental dilemma move to the left and reach out to the grassroots and in the process alienate its donor base for continued business as usual martin democrats
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tired of losing. some is not is not a quick place is not a good country. just six. minutes. before the storm. has existed at this so this is. the segment of the co-chair. of the. list with a. check of the serious. polling just for the unbiased from the flow. a moment of oneself to be a little. mostly helplessness or. play a more cynical another funny face the lot of the coward that john fell on based on the mushroom dust or the titan american i do not blast color we're survivors from dragnet matter how nonaddictive. from michelle tom in cannot. change from i can now move in with almost feeling now we're going to fuck them on a. good road secert in
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a small enough hardware should be able to see about all of them go to the cities in the micra voices in misery of the world over the streets of. the cinema of our gather you know that allows us. to see others who are as close to. a. bunch of. meat.
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a muslim school teachers found guilty of trying to radicalize over one hundred london school children that's us he aimed to create in the army of child jihad us for terror attacks across the british capital. parts of the media go into a frenzy after vladimir putin unveils russia's latest weapons and his state of the nation address meanwhile the u.s. state department snubs questions from russian reporters on the issue. they say that they are you take out iran from their shuttle don't you yell saying ok enough said then i'll move on disturbing video emerges of moments leading up to the death of a palestinian man during an israeli armed raid in the west bank the i.d.f. disputes its soldiers killed him although it has changed its version of the events
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several times. this is arch international coming to you live from the russian capital with me just in boca thanks for tuning in. a british courts found a twenty five year old islamic studies teacher guilty of attempting to create an army of children from his students to attack london landmarks now to find out more on this we're now joined by ali boyko from london so paul what more do you know about this case. well it's a pretty chilling story when you look at all the details he's a twenty five year old teacher he taught a class in islamic studies at a school even though technically he's got no teaching limitations and he was employed there as an administrator but he supervised classes of eleven to fourteen
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year olds on his own so no one was there to witness what he was teaching them and it was in those classes that he attempted to brainwash these kids the court heard how in class he showed the children enact minutes of attacks on police and also video is of beheadings. the way it was described in court by the head of london's counterterrorism police was really quite gripping take a listen to what he had to say about it. investigation from the hundred children that he radicalized in the classroom he was showing terrorist propaganda. videos he was also getting them to reenact through time and how to attack police officers so haq would tell the children not to talk to anyone about what he was teaching them in fact he forced them to take an oath that was heard in court when he was alone
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with them though he would start talking about the ideology of islamic state he used his laptop in order to project images of guns and knives and passports being bundled into the white boards in the school he also said that he was intending on teaching them to drive once they got a little bit older so that they could carry out multiple attacks around the city they did role play so in some of the lessons some of them would act out being police officers while others were the terrorists acting out the headings and he tried to prepare them physically so he had them doing pushups in some lessons running races said that many of the kids were paralyzed by fear as a result of all of this that they didn't feel that they could talk about it because he had threatened to hurt them if they did now what's particularly interesting here is and it's likely to lead to some serious questions about how this took place is
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how the school where all this was taking place managed to have this happen right under their noses it's a feed paying muslim school so parents are paying around three thousand pounds a year for this brainwashing it's rated outstanding by the british government school watchdog so parents here in the u.k. normally go to this watched or gets called off stead and they'll check the rating of any school before they decide to send their kids to it so its judgment was that it's outstanding that's the top rating a school can get. with this watchdog but this this particular story could cost the reputation of this really very important institution here in the u.k. into some doubt and in fact the inspection happened while haq was teaching these kids at the school when he was found guilty in court earlier today he was
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shouting in court he said i want to say something but he was sort of dragged out of the courtroom kicking and screaming the judge is going to be deciding how long what to sentence him for at a later date and i'm sure the parents will be following that decision very closely a poly boy reporting live from london thank you so much. but a mere putin state of the nation address parts of the media accusing russia of harking back to the cold war during his speech the president announced the country's latest weapons which he said could outsmart all existing missile defenses the white house and the country learning of that new threat from russian president warning he's adverse reason in the west in particular not to mess with russia computer graphics of missiles flying over mountains and heading over oceans and he says he's not bluffing but many saw the address as a threat directed at the u.s.
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moscow claims it has no intention of striking out the high tech weapons are intended only to maintain the global balance of power as reports. if you aren't russian the first hour of putin's speech would have been boring taxes and corruption and science and industry that sort of thing after that though it got real hot real fast and i mean russia is a major nuclear power basically nobody wanted to talk to us nobody listened to us listen to us now rockets lasers nukes in a rush hooted unveiled in us and all of new weapons bigger faster stronger and deadlier than any that came before the as. far as the some super heavy i.c.b.m. two hundred ton missile capable of penetrating any existing defense in service at
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the end of the year next an enigmatic new development seemingly nuclear powered cruise missile it flies extremely low to avoid detection and can hit almost anywhere in the world says putin up next it's just fantastic an underwater drone submarine also nuclear powered with a nuclear payload it can reportedly underwater for months and months silent and media undetectable next to the oven god the hypersonic missile extremely fost rockets that can actively dog and the vader and the missile defenses to do it it is heading for the target like a meteorite to top all of that off laser weapons systems though putin didn't go into detail saying only that it still classified the russian president says all of
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this isn't to intimidate or scare anyone or invade anyone these a serious way. designed for one thing restore and garan see russia's strategic power in an age where an ever expanding nato is trying to nullify it with us. we have no plans and have never had plans to use this potential to achieve offensive or aggressive in rushes in his military power is simply a guarantee for peace on our planet for it preserve restore parity in the world sure that there's no point in gauging in a senseless arms race the rule mutually assured destruction has kept the world safe for the best part of a sentry not everyone though buys prince explanation of the speech he was pressed about it in an interview with n.b.c. . several analysts in the west have said this is the declaration of
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a new cold war are we in a new arms race right now my point of view is the individuals who have said that a new cold war has started are not really analysts they do propaganda if you were to speak about arms race then an arms race began at exactly the time in moment when the u.s. opted out of the anti-ballistic missile treaty to stress his point the new weapons serve only to balance the world powers putin pointed out u.s. missile defenses are already deployed in alaska and california nato is also expanding into eastern europe with two sides having been set up in romania and poland and new sites are soon to be established in japan and south korea the us complex also includes a naval component america currently house five navy cruisers and thirty destroyed ships stationed along russia's eastern borders. the u.s. state department branded russia's new weapons as destabilizing thing they violate
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violate existing treaties however the russian ambassador took a hit back at the u.s. saying washington doesn't know what it's talking about tensions also ran high at the u.s. state department briefing as artiest american explains how they're now it was particularly concerned about the video or imagery that was released claiming that it shows a missile targeting the u.s. and when reporters asked about this the scene turned pretty ugly and now it revealed just how uncomfortable she was when she slammed the russian reporters who pressed her on this as officials of the russian government to take in the united states interests new styles all sent a different direction so i had to say that they are you know you ran from there she . said then i'll move on. which is what he did have and they're not. officials of the russian government they're just asking a question about me oh really ok well we know that. archie.


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