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however the russian ambassador took a hit back at the u.s. saying washington doesn't know what it's talking about tensions also ran high at the u.s. state department briefing as artiest american explains how they're now it was particularly concerned about the video or imagery that was released claiming that it shows a missile targeting the u.s. and when reporters asked about this the scene turned pretty ugly and now revealed just how uncomfortable she was when she slammed the russian reporters who pressed her on this says officials of the russian government will slaughter taken the united states interests new styles all sent a different direction so i had to say that they are you know you ran from russian i can't hear you saying that ok enough said then i'll move on. which is what if it did happen they're not. officials of the russian government they're just asking a question about me oh really ok well we know that. r.t. and other russian news or so-called news organizations are there i'm good and
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directed by the russian government so if i don't have a lot of these questions over how they're going to set you up at about moment you know this is. this video that you're talking about yes the quality is not an excuse me for and it was met with significant backlash from reporters all throughout the room but how did she respond with several doses of sarcasm of course but for the record this is her usual end all when she wants to avoid answering questions in the passions referred to me and my colleagues as representatives of the russian government and then made a berridge of questions now or shut down the entire press conference and then rejected a reporter's question which rightfully upset the reporter who then stood up from her chair and followed an hour out of the room we've got it we've got to go on iraq please i will talk to you after the no no you're rock you parliament voted wednesday to call for a timetable for the iraq before and she. now it's unclear
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what exactly agitated is now or if it could have been the continuous stream of questions regarding the american reaction to president putin's address but journalists in the room were all defending each other so i wonder if we'll hear any complaints from the other reporters. the u.s. state department has approved the possible multimillion dollar sale of javelin anti-tank missiles and launch units to ukraine two hundred missiles and thirty seven launch units are expected to be sent to ukraine in december the deal is worth almost fifty million dollars now to discuss this further we can now cross live to independent journalist martin summers now mr summers we know that the means agreements are do appear to have stalled at this point but is this move likely to get things back on track will be asleep no it's an escalation by the americans crosses more blood that ukraine which is in a very severe economic crisis doesn't really want to spend all this money on this
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kid and of course the only purpose of this kate will be to restart the war and let's hope that's not really what's going on but of course the more extreme elements in kiev made it clear that they do want to restart the war i don't think that's in anybody's real interests and i don't think the so this development is a tall positive the pentagon said that this sale will build ukraine's long term defense capacity to defend its sovereignty is this all about russia then. well i think the this is an weaponry and i suppose you could argue that it's not necessarily offensive but on the other hand i don't think putting modern equipment like this into the battlefield there is it is a net is a very constructive step this could this conflict has been frozen a bit like the conflict between serbia and kosovo and that's the way that they've been everybody said everybody's interest rates remain frozen it would better still
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if it could be negotiated by the minsk process and i understand the kiev government still maintains that it wants to work through the mint spring surface but this kind of escalation doesn't send the right signals does it well exactly and could this actually encourage those who want back in the conflict in ukraine to resort to even more violence well yes i mean it's it's a sop to the extreme elements in kiev but i think most ordinary ukrainians do not want to fight it's only the eyes of battalion of the more extreme elements who are keen on restarting the fighting and this is a sop to them i think most ordinary people in ukraine and of course there's elections coming up soon enough are not really that happy with the sort of thing they don't really want to fight they've got other problems that they need resolved having fancy kit like this does nothing to solve those problems we've seen the u.s. and nato building up their military presence in europe does this just look like
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a continuation of that. it sees it's part of the same pressure tactics that are being adopted and of course the sort of geo political strategy behind that is to keep. it looking into its own backyard as it were to troy and constantly pressure roys them with the keep more off balance let's hope that nobody miscalculates because the problem with the sort of things accidents could happen and you've also got extreme elements in who's got a vested interest in trying to still restart the conflict and i understand there's also been british military personnel over the training more extreme elements in suburbs. trying to infiltrate the means of the russian goal but the the who should control that seems very very dangerous if the if that comes to pows martin summers independent journalist thank you so much for your comments and finding time to join us and i. thank you. i've videos emerged showing the moments
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leading up to a palestinian man's death during in an israeli armed raid in the west bank just a warning you may find the following scenes upsetting. us in the us already can be seen running down an alley wielding an object of some kind he is then shot at by an israeli soldier the soldier and his colleagues proceed to kick him on the ground and then drag him along an alley he died later from his injuries now the israeli army has changed its version of events several times firstly the i.d.f. said he'd attack the soldiers with a knife and received a first date at the scene but then it said he'd attack them with an iron bar and was taken to the hospital now according to the i.d.f. latest statement us or adi died from tear gas inhalation the soldier who opened fire on us or adi was interviewed by i.d.f. investigators and he claimed he thought his life was in danger. we have also gathered some opposing views from our guests incited to deal with the palestinians
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as subhumans the whole rhetoric of. two dehumanizing palestinian people is something that the israeli army and now even schools they can save people's life and they can avoid killing people but hold the dehumanization of the palestinian people that makes them act in such a criminal fashion i don't know whether your best bet. situation that it's very complicated if the army would stick a law if they would stick the first version about that the army was friends in syria enough to listen to the first report free the first version and later on on the stand that it was a mistake and change and correct and so the developments are to cut off the words that deserve a really really investigation. now from news from west africa
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gunfire and explosions were reported in the capital of birkenau faso video from the scene shows large plumes of black smoke rising the attack took place near the french embassy the french institute as well as a military headquarters the u.n. and the prime minister have also also have offices in the same neighborhood and the country's defense minister called the attack an act of terror by islamists six of whom were neutralized seven soldiers were killed and six people are said to have been injured in the attack. warnings of a global trade war following terms tough tariffs explain why after a short break. if
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anyone thinks that for the sake of joining the european union serbia would recognize kosovo under the conditions that they impose right now and not on the basis of one of dialogue a compromise on the very wrong to the once a compromise but the solution proposed by cost of oil genius is not the real solution.
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welcome back to the program it's the fourth consecutive day there's been a humanitarian pause in syria's eastern ghouta work orders have been set up to lhasa billions to leave the besieged district but so far all efforts to help people trapped there have proven fruitless. the militants aren't allowing civilians to leave eastern gooda opening fire at anyone trying to use the humanitarian routes set up by russia the un security council has also tried to deescalate the situation adopting a resolution to establish a thirty day nationwide cease fire the situation on the ground is complex as the syrian army is carrying out a military operation against terrorists in control of the area we spoke to people waiting outside to provide the civilians with help. but i think i'm here with the syrian army and i'm ready to help leaving east and we have ambulances here we have been ready since the early morning with the words of the endless the best they hear
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around the clock to provide first aid to people from the east and medical labs also work twenty four hours have provided vehicles bequests with all modern facilities medical workers also ready to go out to the. trade wars are good and easy to win but maybe only if you're america that's what donald trump treated after he announced huge tariffs on steel and aluminum imports to the u.s. we're going to be instituting tariffs next week will be so i think we're going to have new jobs popping up we're going to have much more vibrant companies and then the rest is going to be up to management to make a truly great. trump's move threatens to cast a major blow to asian canadian and european markets some of the largest global steel and aluminum exporters have already suggested they might retaliate the european union has said it will react firmly to to defend its interests and file countermeasures germany warned of the same thing washington should be clear about
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its intentions canada joined that chorus as well and strong words were also heard from china. do us to seriously harm the interests of chinese on the minium fooling exclusives in china head by expresses his dissatisfaction to counter the wrong practices of the us china will take necessary measures to defend this it just meant rights and interests. to discuss the latest i'm joined live by steve kean professor of economics at kingston university now with just one move america can inflict pain on the markets of its key allies europe and canada for instance could this impact the relations with those countries as well oh it will i mean one of the amusing things about this is the politicians normally enjoy flying off to foreign destinations and sawing tried we all know how much trouble heights leaving america in the first place you seem to enjoy disrupting them instead but i think the sky
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above the disruption is relatively minor and i think a lot of the countries that are considering how probably why go ahead with it. so you don't think that we'll see any of those the retaliatory measures that they've been threatening. we'll see one or two but nothing on the grand scale the level of . even the seal of the sea a volatile industry and if you could how to begin eating it doesn't have steel in it of any skyll was still talking about in america's case imports of about twenty billion dollars a year in a country which is about roughly a twenty trillion dollar economy so. did the level of cost changes are going to be all that high the main thing is lots of companies going to have the supply chains disrupted and that will be particularly chaotic for manufacturers or long up on specialized steel from companies that got long term relationships with so will be disruptive but the sky with the disruption i think is exaggerated by conventional economics and see special is where growth comes from and empirically that's just wrong. so any potential backlash or disruptions as you mentioned you don't think
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that could influence trying to backtrack. no not trump nothing trump enjoys being in a fight whether or not he actually puts his own fists up is another story but surely he enjoys confrontation he enjoys kyles and this is actually playing of course to his political base we even though there aren't very many manas very many people working in steel mills anymore there are a large part of the law and the previous history of the midwest where he wants to retain votes in two thousand and twenty so i think the see this is very much playing to his political base strengthen it this is the sort of thing he promised to do and he's delivering on that a long time before he's going to deliver upon the any wall. now some are actually claiming that the tariff plan could backfire on the u.s. what's your take on that. not particularly again the level of people talk about a twenty five percent increase in tariffs as if that would cause a twenty five percent increase in the process of steel but often the difference in the cost of steel between
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a domestic manufacturer and an overseas want to fall in that and most of the time the exporters will absorb the margin rather than take the hit so when you take a look at the sky all of a cost increase caused by a tariff it's often of the order of one fifth or even one tenth the increase in the tariff itself so you're not going to see a twenty five percent increase in still process in america you might see a two or three percent cross increase the main thing we have is going to be disruption to supply chains rather than changing the cost to final can see as of course everyone's going to be following that very closely steve kean professor of economics at kingston university thank you so much for your time. meanwhile allegations of trying to influence the election have surfaced but this time it's not a foreign power trying to meddle but an actress a model she claims she's been blocked from instagram or the potential sway she could have on the upcoming election i was browsing on my normally were
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all of a sudden the screen disappeared i was very surprised i never violated east iran policy guidelines someone they sided that i might influence. the public opinion on a distain or saloon though has a history of unconventional campaigning on social media she first hit the headlines back in two thousand and sixteen that was during a referendum on constitutional reforms when she wanted a controversial campaign against the move the activists promise of free sexual services for those who voted no and she claimed she made good on her promise by campaigning was not strictly political i created a pompadour as in that stating my opinion about refer to them and and bring out a lot of attention. to d.c. is sure basically i was against
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a constitutional reform they proposed the draft potentially arming seated sense right. i am super proud of my country i love being italian and. i think that is an amazing country. i just want that people to leave their heart and candidate. whoever and wherever would win them in. can war to create a bad award for all of us for our children and it's some just that a lot of talented guys as to get out of italy because things are not good here and because there is no war i think that we need our we deserve more than we have right now i want people to be social and volcker. about
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dale pena. that's a wrap up of today's headlines for now but i'll be back at the top the hour with more so do stay with us. feeling the hot day about the d.n.a. of a bottle a saudi in china six oir. an estimated eighteen thousand since under-age refugees are now living in greece. you know if you don't want to go. to do it at home in there you go food shopping and. many sell their bodies just to make ends meet it's. only them
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you know in the second or you know all the sins in there that. says a lot of things could it. also has turned to dealing drugs to make a living. thing that doesn't look good in the. game of things. to move. a party divide it in with out a clear message democrats face a fundamental dilemma move to the left and reach out to progressive and in the process alienate its donor base or continue business as usual on the democrats tired of losing. when the lawmakers manufacture consent to student of public wealth. when the ruling
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classes to protect themselves. larry go around. the room sit. in the. room. i very well welcome to the stan collymore show it's an argentine a special one of the most folk all crazy nice humans on the planets were there for a good six or seven days chatting to some of the legends of alton talking football enjoy.
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the stan collymore show has come to washington one is already in the capital and one of the world's biggest football clubs a river plate would have a chat to. reply to play to. the ninety nine and two thousand. nine hundred ninety eight world cup was your first world called. to the field to represent your country. is that if you're not going to. afford to. go if you know. one of them said that. if and then pool at the last year.
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but if. you want to put it. i don't. want this in with. how does it feel as a foot. to move and take a penalty that will call. to . be. the. one that. he would. want that. moment when mental.
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but at the. moment. so this was a golden proves it's not real call we've already got to remember belonging to one of the. greatest players to have ever lived is the result the stuff no reply. flights between nine to fourteen on and. then he went through. a list relating to the point that every single. brit i'll go. with the stefano one incredible. winning the wool coat for leno messi. the greatest player ever i mean but it's.
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all the plights. million. so. the all can to do in selection. would you like two. minutes to get all going to the woman the see. the minister. oh did. you. say. that i'm in love thank you very much for joining us this was great thank you for.
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trying go on a little bit scary. already. we are here at one of the world's great state hymns the bonbon there are the deadly rivals of river plates this is the home of block junius now it's very quiet at the moment it's a beautiful sunny day in one of the race but a couple of days this place is going to be rocking. the boat actually is against realize your favorite memory does that incredible much one on the team but. as it were to them i got to look at then goes on. to say goodbye to. him. and have to make. sure that we're doing that but you might have a look and see when they say this. no it is a. good scene when dissing the most in the country i woke up so there was.
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no good that you could record. setting was a one on green hundred you know the most i want to be that she could put a mission look go go to a little would know we love it it will go yeah they're a widow is beautiful they've all got sort of either the nines in sixty two will call in shit i was we all memories of that sort of what if women pay attention to me that is until one of us is no place and downs or destroy them what they need on a sort of they didn't go to mean with us this isn't the seriousness and deal with booklet audience with it and go. we know sort of certainty those and. who are most all. by the people who are also today and also want to sort of look at them where you know them what did we know we put on. no no no you don't need people
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for. more but this is. that is several gumby i'm known are going to be a mickey people agree without a bit of them but you decided on be in there this week a good enough united are. going to. know did you feel you once in sixty scene that could swing the local media still could. noida down a dumb wooden eight people who went through all it. on corn come. on by train. them up or look in the muck what under a new people they're going to sound good i'm going to who it is the in a minute people get the best eagerness a program to. be that voice is the most we must be need most binds become of. who know to be on. into it all seem
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of their. will have up appeals because it will likely end bodies. it down almost the. ground covered with them a little bit ago the persecutor of god what. they'd do the. infant the most looked at rose hill who is sort of in the middle. what to buy to know that a three part of the u.s. . military part of peoples who it knows. be it but you don't know who they are a little bit of with. a secret no no polygamous no soto's not one of them one know the. cheated a first ever get to work so that. they don't see the name of the record out of it then the emotion when the people come back down to put on the little bit of it as.
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