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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 4, 2018 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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hello and welcome to crossfire where all things are considered i'm peter lavelle putin tells the u.s. to come back to earth challenging washington's yuna polar ambitions also calls to end the illegal war against yemen and why arming the cambrian is a recipe for disaster as well as the return to trade wars. across talking some real news i'm joined by my guest mark sloboda he's an international affairs and security analyst and we have dmitri bobbitt she is a political analyst with spook nick international originally cross-talk rules in fact that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciated first of all we have to go to putin speech on russia returning to nucular parity with the united states and we have to comment about the erosion of arms control regimes that are very important here mark and looking at the major cable stations in the broadsheets they don't give much of
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a background why the speech was given and its significance go ok whether there's two speeches the first part of the speech was a domestic state of the union speech saying this is what i've accomplished in my years in office so far this is what we haven't accomplished this is where we want to go this is our obstacles and this is how we think we can get there and it was a very good the majority of the speech it was a two hour speech the majority of it was the voted to domestic matters lots of facts and figures he's clearly on top of his game knows this economy inside out though is where he wants to take it. focus on. increasing g.d.p. per capita and also science technology education spending. the other part of the speech was a reply to the u.s. it was a reply to two things one the u.s. unilaterally pulling out of the. anti-ballistic missile treaty that was the bedrock
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of the nuclear. parity global strategy of mad mutually assured destruction and the other one was that pull out was under the george w. bush administration back in two thousand and one russia yelled about it at the time and said the measures they would take and they've now announced them the other thing was a direct response to trump's new nuclear posture review which came out a few weeks ago we've talked about it on the show it has almost been ignored in the western press very very slight amount of news certainly nothing on the talk shows and russia is extremely alarmed by it and they've made clear how alarmed they are by it and they made clear reiterating their strategy and i would i would say replying in kind to the u.s. to the ground source and spun it completely differently that russia is aggressive on the international stage but mark is absolutely right if we look at the larger
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prick picture here we had parity was out of sync that was the entire purpose of these nuclear armaments agreements to keep a sense of balance to make sure there was massive destruction where you wouldn't attack another country on a first strike now what the russians have done with this speech and with the introduction of these weapons is to bring that balance back into into place absolutely and i agree with mark that speech was response to the nuclear post here to point out the united states and i would like to point your attention to the fact that a region that he was supposed to speak in december he postponed the speech until know why because it was a response to your digestion of the nuclear posture right and that maybe i will disagree a little bit when you clip every rush is not seeking to have the same amount of nuclear weapons conventional weapons will parents even want to hear it is imperative in the sense we're there we can. do you discourage that have the sort of
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stability of any little bit of nuclear exchange a minority of one to be able to. completely if the aim is to have enough capability to to inflict and unbearable damage at dissuading damage that's why i put in said you know showing all of these new weapons and that underwater drone he says that i'm not going to produce a lot of them the aim is to the weapons that can overcome the american baby and. then we can inflict the damage markets deterrence is all about deterrence and that's what all of these weapon systems are all about i mean again it will be spun in a very naive simplistic way but this these are all defensive measures of course they're i mean defensive measures to get past the u.s. anti-ballistic missile shield which russia is worried about because of first strike capability which u.s. geo political thinkers have been salivating at the thought and openly voicing that
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they now thought that they were getting nearer to a first strike capability and he's not just replying to the pulling out of the treaty he's replying to the deployment of anti ballistic missile shield sections in poland in romania alaska california south korea nice easy in that he highlighted some thirty one destroyers the number of cruise ships that that form part of the money it just is going to worthy is it going to work oh it is russia's reply going to war oh yes of course the reason why is and this is a key to the new arms race and for those who haven't been paying attention russia didn't start a new arms race the arms race is already been going on for two decades because of the u.s. pulling out of it all the major powers russia china india the e.u. the u.s. have all been developing hypersonic weapons underwater drones all. these things but
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it is much much cheaper easier to build and deploy missiles that can a vague missile defense then and then to create a new missile defense that can counter those well it just. doesn't is all the problem what we need a smart war heads and i think paradoxically it was a conservative speech once that was to return to the safety to the period of say four years he said when u.s. has to come back to absolutely and he mentioned it in an interview that the united states actually destroyed the arms control system when they went out of there out there but it took me so to create this signed in one nine hundred seventy two the whole idea of the treaty was it's a very american idea you know to call boys are facing each other with is false none of them has avoided profe west so the wall stop shooting because each of them on the stand is going to be the death for the importance of a.b.m.
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anti-ballistic missile treaty mark is that it was the foundation for all the other new free to agreements ok the one that we're have one as the new start to grieve and this is one of the things that was meant to didn't mention in the speech he did reach out made it very clear to sit down pretty i mean obviously with the united states here. to negotiate a new generation of agreements that that's very important something that wasn't mentioned. the anti-ballistic missile treaty was the foundation upon which these other agreements were built now one of the reasons for putin's announcement and this is a direct successor to putin's two thousand and seven munich speech a speech that in order to understand modern geopolitics i think everyone needs to read he warned of the consequences then he's now warning what we've done and where we're at now and both of these two major treaties arms control treaty. the intermediate range nuclear forces in the new start treaty are due to
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expire in just the next few years one thousand nine hundred. nineteen two thousand nine hundred other one to two thousand and twenty one so he's actually making a plea here yes it down at the table he said directly you did not hear us then well listen to us now now before it's too late or it's too late to change gears here gentlemen i made a promise to our viewers here that we would keep an eye on what's going on in yemen a grossly unreported story in western media deamon we have a move in the u.s. senate to call. the white house to stop its involvement in the war against them and that's led by saudi arabia this is something that we talked about last week about the authorization of military force is going to go anywhere i'm afraid of the current she's going to continue and it's just unthinkable you know all of the western media is talking about is to go to what you
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have ok maybe a few doors and sell thousands of people in here and you have to weigh in to seven million people and sixteen million out of them have no access to potable water and insufficient food supplies and they're being borne by them also and we have to produce our way out of the very systematic a blockade here kate continuous since november two thousand and seventeen because we'll be in which the u.s. has participated absolutely where does this come from is this. a red herring here that suddenly congress is waking up to its responsibilities about the authorization of use of force essentially they have the right to declare war where does this come from no no i i'm afraid this is a partisan shot across the bow. first of all obama started this war as going without it to your yeah yeah he participated in saudi arabia never would have launched the war without you. as permission and help and constant arms supply and
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refueling in the air and sea for i.a.s. our intelligence special forces on the ground drones everything us has been kneedeep in this they're not just supporting they're an active military participant that was started by obama no one objected then no one objected to obama's proxy war in syria no one objected to his destruction of libya right now truck comes along continues at this point he's only continued what obama has done and suddenly bernie sanders finds the courage with one another republican mike lee you know to stand forward and say oh we just remembered that we have. congressional powers to declare war over the executive branch it's a shame you couldn't remember that just last night says he wanted to go there to have only they would know they're telling the world that they they have some kind of conscience but it won't have any impact on policy you know or why they suddenly discovered the controls because the guardian suddenly reported that the soldiers
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opdyke getting portable water supplies that to get to schools and sometimes when diplomatic get they've been putting it all cases you know given to those who have the county that he pointed to before they got him but before the guardian reported that there were no planes well they're always on call and i was told that i knew just for russia i called him an r.t. for keeping an eye on their twenty seconds mark you know finish up on human yeah i'm afraid that this resolution isn't going to change anything the war there is a quagmire saudis need deep in it yemen it was already the poorest country in the world but saudi arabia one of the world's now highest military spenders armed by the u.s. and all the other western powers can't defeat well it's and you've seen the crown prince's and due to be in the united states on the eighteenth i wonder how much how much western media will cover the yemen war when the crown prince is in washington we're going to go to a short break gentlemen after that short break we'll continue our discussion on some real news stay. with r.t.
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. good politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to grips with. what you do like to be crossing the swipe of a flag tree in the morning can't be good that. i'm interested always in the waters of my colleagues. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education being supplanted by the right to access education. higher
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education is becoming just another product of the fortune sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you could. want is the place of students in this business model for college i was born now i'm running stream or higher education the new global economic war. for. her. she said other. than. that.
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welcome back to crossfire where all things are considered on peter will melt her mind you were discussing some real news. ok jamie let me go to you as i promised our viewers not only would we keep an eye on yemen we're going to keep an eye on ukraine because ukraine is going to be very much in the spotlight this year we have. tank missiles being sold to the ukrainians by the americans obviously this is sending sending kind message a number of messages u.s. support of the regime in kiev. go is saying shaky ground right now the issues in the dumbbell. obviously have not been resolved we know that legislation has been passed by the ukrainian parliament that is essentially made no in void the entire middle minsk process which is not mentioned at all and that's just on the russian
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language in ukraine that west protests that they gained. and we also see that the russia is going to be steadfast in its position will not allow the people of the dumbass to be overrun by military forces ukrainian military is gearing up going to have several outrages events that happened this week around ukraine you're right there american javelin yourselves have been supplied to your green when when police race to the ground this protest came being near the ukrainian parliament one hundred people were arrested more than in november two thousand and thirteen when you just. basically swept out first my dog but at the time going to court you got threats of sanctions. didn't take me so you want to you have to be almost a specialist in eastern european affairs and ukraine even to know what you just said davis is
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a gets no coverage wants to have someone but they're also if you are the fact that they just wanted to mention their american negotiate on your grain they suggested to disband don't you're sick people through public people's republic he forgot to mention that these entered just would have never sprung up if it hadn't been for the us supported three zero change in ukraine in two thousand and fourteen so it's the same story as in for example syria why you see the isis because you support the civil war against ourselves why is there isis in iraq because you have it in two thousand and three if it hadn't been for the us invasion in two thousand and three that. stayed in afghanistan and in afghanistan they would because you support that they're going to if you don't like to mention that mark you want to talk about it going. because we'll do it later but the iraqi parliament passed a resolution that they want all foreign troops out of their country again hardly any mention in the media whatsoever let's stay with ukraine and what's going on
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mark with which the gambit all right so these weapons we're talking thirty seven launch unit javelin launch units two hundred ten are not going to change the balance of power in don as obama one thing he rightly noted was that if we give weapons to the regime in ukraine that we back well then russia will just give an equivalent to achieve a new parity to the people in the one boss so so what they always have and it's still a vision and it's being mindset and by the trying i mean this is first of all it's a shot domestically against critics that trump isn't hard enough on russia so he's trying to shore up his domestic base all the time with this the second time the neo cons know that this is a political signal to the kiev regime now the west has been arming the kiev regime all along since since the my first happened in two thousand and fourteen but it's usually been with eastern european weapons left over from. the warsaw pact stuff
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that the ukrainians actually know how to use right have supplied change logistics and can fix them and so on these weapons are going to change any type of military balance but their political signal to poor shouldn't go that the u.s. has got his back for possible military renewal of military action against own boss and for ripping up the. the minsk agreement which has quietly gone away and it's pretty much been acknowledged that they would lead to the collapse of the putsch regime the to enact it and fulfill the the political measures of actually sitting down with the leaders of other people and again i think if you take. you take syria and you take ukraine the last thing the west it's all. want is peace go ahead well the problem is that the west has been involved in poroshenko and now he's getting dangerous for them he has a bad gas with russia the so-called stockholm court ruling which force us
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to pay two point five to six billion dollars to ukraine. and absolutely outrageous you know ruling because russia has been supplying these gas you know ukraine has been using it so. says that if he doesn't get the money he's going to arrest north stream and stop all supplies or you know i certainly going to make the germans happy ok i mean if the law of unintended consequences and they always have rules then rule dang germans have no one but themselves to blame for that because germany and france whatever their leaders say they have been supporting this regime all along they help them i don't regime to be installed more than doing that you see over the top of my down regime and there's fascists in ukraine it's just russian propaganda except that you might notice that the guardian finally noticed this week that the ukrainian members of the of the bad fascist is off. but talian
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now officiated with with the police as an alternate law enforcement body in the streets of kiev they are now in london white house what are they doing in love that well they're recruiting neo nazis on the streets of the u.k. he's we're going to we're saying where is he going to do it when you need to know you're using the. actual fascist are we going to so much to cover here gentlemen donald trump says that trade wars are good and you can win them. trade wars or. have a long history of ending up in a shooting war and this is something that's very very serious i have to compliment mark the day before and trump was elected in after trump you said that this this presidents. and presidency would destroy relationships with us europe and other us yeah and trump has already started the trade wars right he's already put high
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tariffs on solar power in olds and washing machines from china he's making these moves now he's putting a twenty five percent tariff on steel ten percent on on aluminum and this is ironically not aimed primarily at china china is the biggest supplier of steel in the world and it has excess capacity huge huge capacity it makes as much the zero basically as the rest of the world put together right and it exports most of it the u.s. is the biggest consumer of steel in the world which it makes a lot of steel but it consumes far more then it builds itself but the u.s. only gets two percent of its steel from china obama already put quotas and restrictions on it can go to china this is a shot not a china this is a shot at canada germany brazil south korea germany these are the big countries that supply steel and aluminum to the united states and there's so many unintended consequences with this because if he cuts the all in
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vain effort to try to increase the steel industry in the u.s. it's going to raise consumer prices in the u.s. because now they have to import or buy more expensive so that's the. other guy who right auto factory workers so you get a tax return the middle class is going to have to use that tax return to pay for you to lose far more jobs for manufacturing jobs in the u.s. than you would gain from steel plant the thing is that there's going to be a lot of pretty jolly ation ok and once you start this there's no way to know how it's going to end up here what i expect was that reaction of the mainstream press to that you know they have usually is that this is all trump's initiative this is his madness you know know you. times rolled that trump didn't listen to his treasury secretary stephen and just picked up every fight he could well i mean how how different is strong from the previous administration which driven by
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ideological reasons picked up trade fight with russia i mean anyone explained to me of all this is the purpose of all of these sanctions that the united states the e.u. and russia impose on each other none of them could change the situation it's just beating their chests one thing i think we have to tell our viewers here is that i think a lot of this is the. it's the really the fruition of an entire policy trade policy the united states has had since the end of the second world war it made sweet hard trade deals with a lot of countries because of their geo political strategic value we can mention all of western europe in the in the aftermath of the war japan south korea now these countries are major competitors of the united states here i mean this is the this was an intentional policy to keep them on board in the western camp under the hedge a monic rule of the united states now it's coming back the most of the answer all
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the way back in britain was a growing foundation of the european union in steel right all right it's the logical consequences of the construction of a neo liberal economic order to consolidate world behind us opinion except now it's leading to the destruction of a manufacturing production economy in the us in the the siphoning of wealth out of the west is that right you have american allies are the. the engineers of economic growth while the united states finds its relatively impoverished infrastructure this is the logical conclusion of this policy of european allies that i said are actually small game right when it comes to the steel industry right and i think trump has got his eyes set on a trade war with china next week labeling china a currency manipulator but by. picking this fight with the e.u. they're actually fighting over the scraps they're fighting over the scraps of the steel market. for your cause the thought they're thinking about their own defense or security i think that's actually
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a good idea because they say they don't need to be subsidized by the american taxpayer anymore we need to do need to point out however though that the europeans have already put in a lot of measures that subsidize and protect their own domestic steel industries so i'm not sure who really started this chicken before the egg well a lot of people ask me especially in the ninety's why do we need multiple wall why can't it be just when you pull with the united states well that's why you know do you think they would have allowed japan and south korea to develop their own car industries in the sixty's and seventy's if there had been no alternative paula you know in. no way you know because they will say this is all. your car moved else the same thing with europe you were was allowed to become rich. in the fifty's because the united states were needed because they were very very poor we have to remember at the end of the second world war the united states was fifty
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percent of global jepson g.d.p. now it's less than twenty. three in the place all right keith and around this point gentlemen with this segment and many thanks my guests here in moscow this is the end of our broadcast segment stay with us for the extended version on our you tube channel see you next time and remember stop rules. for the war zone you on the idea that dropping bombs brings us to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles that. you talk to try to tell you that the gossip the public life. awesome advertising telling you on the cool enough and let's go buy their products live. although hawkes i mean a lot of our audience loves watching the.
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i've done some as knots as not i can quit places not good to country. children a message if the minister told a bunch of among us well enough to stump. you the best but at the best of this thought this is cool. just to approach honestly. occultist less sure of this i'm secularist yes. polling is just little that i'm biased from the fellow muslims come from beating that i'm. mostly albums fossil. play almost any kind of numbers for the last ten oz they come out a lot better john said i'm based on i'm much less credit tightening can i do not in the last couple weeks the last contract mcnabb had on ahmadi came. from a shallow timing cannot. confront him on the can i move he was almost feeling now
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we're going to fuck and i'm a. kook who gets to surrender my son in a fire go show you go to sleep i don't want to go to the snooze in the my car. boys as in is a good the one of the street the. sassy cinema bhargava got a lot of this. facility who are supposed to. apply for many clubs over the years so i know the guy even saw the guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch to the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money just billionaire owners and spending two to twenty million album fly a. book it's an experience like nothing else going to because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy but great so what more chance with. the thinks
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it's going to. ending the war and that's not going to mean goldfish humanitarian concern which is the bombing of high schools or bombing of civilians the shelling of damascus by rebel groups that's not enough for the bombing by the us as mentioned earlier it's a mix of that with the political objectives which some people may still have. zero zero. zero zero. zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero zero zero zero zero zero that's.
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two children are they so civilians to escape via a humanitarian corridor or said we could go in syria. the fate of their parents on the route tells being constantly targeted by rebels in the region. number move through from. the letter. also ahead on the program with counting well underway and italy's general election until it's done populous parties are predicted to make big big is showing pounding a major blow to the ruling center left democrats. to russian families from the third.


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