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this left with the wrong babies this is thrown into have blue eyes for a suspicions with a number logical father he thought his wife had cheated an assumption which had terrifying consequences of course he didn't love her that much one day i came back from work in my mother told me she saw him covering veronica's face with a pillow i was ironing when i next saw him i threw a hot iron at him i said if you touch the child again i don't know what i'll do to you eventually he abandons the family meanwhile growing up nearby was tanya again raised by a couple believing had to be their right but there was no family resemblance the team of this met to discuss their doubts it was to have a birth certificate how can i give up my baby and i have an aunt that will more suspicions when for on it became at the age of take she was diagnosed with an inherited disease a condition which no one in the family had but years later went for and because
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mother went back to the hospital francis old medical records had been destroyed and then to tend towards itself no longer existed forty years on and the families finally took d.n.a. tests. and i always thought i looked like grandma when i found out i was shocked i thought they wouldn't love me anymore now that they found their real daughter. the veronica has always asked that question mom why do i not look like you why do i have a different character she's so calm and even tempered her face is different from ours i used to joke you must have been switched at birth it's been a long painful path for both families they say they have no regrets the mother is the one who brought you not the one who gave birth and that would just. when you were a huge reason why you. were going to. overspeed though if it had. just. hit the. issue
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of bush. then yes though that veronica is still haunted by the suffering she saw. i feel sorry for my mom because i have seen her struggling for all her life not everyone can deal with it not everyone can be like her for the sake of her children she has forgotten about everything she would go to the end of the world only for her children to be safe and sound but i would go to court for moral compass ation at least because we're so we should birth because i feel myself guilty for her in life and that my father left her. the families have now come to terms with what happens and even say they've gained more than they've lost time you know you'll hear my grandchildren we're all a big family now we're all relatives you can't turn back time now. disneyland considered a once in a lifetime experience of adventure i wonder and joy but is there a flip side to the magic kingdom around thirty thousand people work at the
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disneyland resort in california to make the dream a reality and according to a recent economic survey titled working for the mouse seventy three percent of employees find it tough to make ends meet some even struggle to keep a roof over their head talk to one employee. the housekeeper we are unchurched thirty two also they would. make where work you will clean the toilet in the showers. and us a single mother is very hard for a term for this first. i need to choose between pay our rent or give birth until my kids unfortunately need to rove over me so i choose to play that when i was very hard. to say i'm sorry. enough. tell you what christmas is
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just another work day and any jackanapes. should be buried in a joint putting well i would just go to the supermarket and i just burst forth which is mins and all the help it was on pass for all these i need to war over time as much ok i'm sometimes wyler to those on a walk in fourteen hours of. disney don't resort dismisses the report saying they believe it to be a quote. and in accurate unscientific survey that's politically motivated but veronica chavez again says there are many people who are in the same position as. the artists i love all of us are the same situation there from the live our living which we knew more. for robel insurance what i was ready and where the wrist but the so i responded. with knew that quality or the need to feel borrowed
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this much to. run up to now i'll be back at the top of the hour with more so don't go away. anyone else chose seemed wrong. why don't we just don't call. me. yet to shape out just to get out of. it in detroit because betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. the new global economic will resume funding in the realm of education the right to
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education is being supplanted by the right to access education loans higher education is becoming just another product that can be bullish and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running your business and what you're good models of the regime could these souls. fairly good to me. want is the place of students in this business model before college i was born now and i'm extremely bored high education the new global economic wall. done some as not so as not i can quit places no good country. children just a few. minutes to live much of a muchness well loves. music of this but at the best a list of it is. the state of the culture. of the culture of
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when lawmakers manufacture consent to constituents of public wells. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round be the one percent. time we can all middle of the room sick. i mean really really. i'm after a time here we're going underground as a unit go she'd have me show bonnie a jewel to have jim to meetings with chin frayne and leaders in brussels about the future of the united kingdom coming up in the show why is britain hosting
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a saudi leader implicated in what the united nations calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis we speak to understand from the campaign against arms trade about how billions of pounds worth of u.k. weapons sales to the kingdom threatens tens of millions in yemen and are lives in danger now u.k. prime minister theresa may appears to have ignored a hundred page document from brussels about what no customs union will mean for britain's border with europe we off jeremy called and shouted you secretary to the treasury peter dowd with a tourism a has now crossed and the e.u. red line to fall plus poverty police brutality and class war thirty four years to the day the u.k. mine is striking again changing everything we have music from clash influence former mining town band the dead time to look more like all the civil coming of a days going underground but first today marks forty eight years to the day that the nonproliferation treaty went into effect to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons around the world or as lyndon johnson have it as he bombed vietnam and i
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have described this treaty. as the most important. international agreement. since the beginning of the nuclear age but a handful of countries don't agree like the nuclear armed british backed government of israel we have a long standing policy and we're not about to change it but let me tell you if people signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty the n.p.t. now doesn't guarantee anything israel's weapons of mass destruction campaign was revealed from london by nuclear whistleblower mordechai vanunu who israel currently doesn't allow to be interviewed by the media but is britain a signatory of the i.p.t. abiding by its terms some believe the tens of billions a minority government needed to raise a may want to put into trident nuclear weapons is a breach of the treaty some like u.k. labor leader jeremy corbin and the friction treaty has requirements.
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just steps towards this. as it does nothing hundred sixty seven other states to possess them he. just. got. off. well joining me now is andrew smith the media coordinator of a campaign against the arms trade he's one of the main organizers of wednesday's protest against saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond's visit to the u.k. that saudi arabia currently in so-called civil nuclear talks with the united states for a program in the kingdom thanks so much and you for coming back on the show before we get to any saudi visits or arms fairs and does i mean since it's the anniversary of nonproliferation treaty does trade amaze nuclear program violate the n.p.t. certainly seems to violate the spirit of it doesn't. i mean what we need to see is
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just try to clear weapons up creating tight it doesn't sound like the government's got any long term vision of eradicating chinese and the more money which is being spent worldwide on tight and more. concerned we should all be ok why are you one of the main organizers of approaches against the defacto leader or one of the leaders of the kingdom of saudi arabia one of the third biggest most growing markets for u.k. goods in this post directed world well the claim prince is a figurehead for one of the most brutal and oppressive regimes anywhere and what old human rights record of this age is absolutely appalling and it's not just that he's also been the chief architect of the terrible brutal bombardment of yemen a war which has killed thousands of people destroyed all life saving infrastructure up and down the country and created one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world and yet despite all this despite his terrible human rights record despite the
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atrocities being committed every day in yemen he's being given red carpet treatment by trees and me and will be posing for photos of missteps of dining table raids i'm sure is i'm a minority government leader here and film would be quick to say it's not them that are at fault britain of course. iran that's at fault it seems to be certainly the position of the british foreign office well for me will also be the case we don't support anyone selling arms to. visit in a terrible conflict for years in which tens of thousands of people you want to deal with we don't want to win we want to see a peaceful solution but that's not going to happen as long as there's it brutal bombardment where civilians are paying the price that civilians are being killed we have seen the largest on record of call it out with over a million people being in the south this is a giving aid to yemen and they are not targeting any civilians purposely any aid which they are giving which is having an impact on reaching people has to be
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welcomed but the good which is being done from any good which is being done by that aid is being undone by the brutal bombardment which is surrounding yemen and the brutal. compartment which has been inflicted on people ok will boris johnson's also been praising saudi arabia for allowing women to drive one of these things to an obviously nobody we're never going to criticize the saudi government for giving women but i should have had a long long time ago that is the point where we're seeing reforms very often very cosmetic very small reforms and what we tend to do is highlight how you louve a bar for human rights was to begin with first woman in government as well the well we're not going to be against british our history we do things government who are these advances and human rights obviously anyone who cares about human rights will welcome any advances but it just isn't by the british government for masses of billions of dollars worth of if they didn't do that they would be outside of the
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international community and wouldn't be introducing these measures for human rights only save them before any of these reforms kamen so he did a bit of still by far the largest buy in of u.k. arms and that hasn't just been the case under trees and me it's been previous prime ministers as well this is very much been an institutional issue but irrespective of all of the rhetoric and irrespective of cosmetic change we are still talking about one of the worst most appalling human rights records in what it was which has run a terrible crackdown against human rights campaigners and a terrible crackdown against all dissent we're talking a regime that executes teenagers and behead people for taking part in protests this is not here which is reforming in any field meaningful way and it's not the u.k. should be arming and supporting you we've had members of parliament we've had.


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