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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 5, 2018 11:30am-12:01pm EST

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respective of all of the rhetoric and irrespective of cosmetic change we are still talking about one of the worst most appalling human rights records in the water which has run a terrible crackdown against human rights campaigners the terrible crackdown against all dissent we're talking a regime that executes teenagers and behead people for taking part in protests this is not here which is reforming in any field meaningful way and it's not to be u.k. should be arming and supporting you we've had members of parliament we've had former ambassadors on this program and again and again they point to the strategy that engagement with saudi authorities will be the way forward on the human rights issues you explain that but nobody is a gauge we won't be the way forward when nobody is against engagement appends of course what is meant by engagement obviously we want to reserve me to be telling to say to him to form a human rights record as well but we don't believe he's going to be doing that at the same time as she is arming and supporting in an uncritically as well we want to
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see meaningful change in sadia libya but after sixty years sixty years of u.k. arm sales and sixty years of supposedly you can gauge when the kind of one training achievement we can point to is that women are able to drive now and say to labor we should have been allowed to do that decades and decades ago we are talking is still one of the most oppressive in the world and the fundamentals about aren't changing so we you and your fellow team with can barely get the arms trade what sure is i'm a shaking hands this week with the crown prince where would you really believe that we would have more influence on all these things if we didn't sell them rockets and go wild moment the podium relationship lies very much but one thing about the images of trees and me shaking hands with mohamed and salman on the steps of dane street is that it will be seen as a major propaganda coup in the policies of riyadh there is no question of it they will regard this as a glowing endorsement on the international stage however it's a mess. which sends to people who are being tortured in saudi prisons or to people
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who are having their homes destroyed in yemen is a very different message message it sends to venice but they're human rights don't matter message it sends to vend is that their lives are of less importance than profits for b. systems when i'm sure you i don't know whether you go to say that the royal air force. trainers are training. saudis to do it there is should they disobey their order we don't believe they should be taking part in training programs because they're ordered to where there's a beer is i mean if you. want to do so is more of a point we would make the u.k. has been utterly complicit in the destruction of yemen from day one it has the u.k. government is not against as it is giving aid to yemen but the treeview case has given so many to yemen and we hope that but it is reaching people in need but the key point is the u.k. is also licensed almost five billion pounds worth of fighter jets and bombs to do
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so in some bombardment began and there is no question that results have been devastating even borders johnson has called it the worst humanitarian crisis in the world yes a humanitarian crisis which has been caused in part by weapons license by boris johnson and his colleagues so demonstration is this week how many people are you going to actually expect there given a large manufacturing industry is involved in selling arms to saudi arabia but what we know is that public opinion is very solidly against these arms sales in fact all the polling has shown a consistent two friends of population are strongly against arms exports this idea and terms of numbers of people who are working in the arms trade you're talking a very small sector of the economy atomic zero point two percent of jobs involved in arms exports now we want to see those skills been put into positive industries sustainable industries of any areas of engineering rather than to companies who are dependent on boarding conflict in order to make
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a profit and terms of how many people will be there we hope to have as large a number as possible because we want to send the message loudly and clearly that this visit is not in our name these arms sales are not in our name and the and the prince is not welcome and just vitally if you put yemen the world's worst humanitarian crisis to one side you're not impressed by reforms not only of the driving but fewer crucifix. that are currently going on in the kingdom as well i understand that one hundred forty people were executed last year and one has been no slow day in and the executions which are taking place in might be doing is a minute for much of someone not too sure but actual numbers seem to be pretty stable when it comes to the real fundamentals here i'm not sure that we have seen meaningful change we want to see meaningful change and we want to see increased rates for women it's no question of anybody it company can started to come in advance is for women in saudi arabia but we want to see total reform we don't want
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to see these being imposed by a dictatorship we want to see even being carried by a democracy why do you think british media is he is an ally that little or no politicians i'm not necessarily sure that the media does but i think that with this with ukraine princie obviously cares a great deal about his reputation is huge time and effort into trying to project himself as a modernizer and as a liberal but of course beneath new p.r. the near we're talking about a. the that sense of an authoritative brutal regime and the architect of one of the worst humanitarian catastrophes in the world and that's what people should remember i just read thank you q after the break britain has shot a chief secretary to the treasury to dow jones us if he thinks stories amaze finished after friday's breakfast speech as irish water told today continue in brussels and thirty four years to the day off at least saved britain from the
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neoliberal fatter revolution the music from the dead times the lonely debut album a state of the hall. to have going underground. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. somehow i want to. have to go on to be press this is what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters about how. this should. hey everybody i'm stephen. proud
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american first of all i'm just george bush and. this is my buddy max famous financial guru just little bit different. with all the drama happening in our country and have fun every day americans. start to bridge the gap this is the great american.
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welcome back as well as welcoming a saudi autocrat u.k. prime minister to raise a baby this week faces the wrath of the largest trading block on earth speech in london on friday and she has to face a divided governing party in the british parliament today on breakfast so what does her apparent disdain for warnings about the customs union for me you negotiate i mean shabani a mean for premiership and the union of nations that make up the united kingdom joining me now from his constituency in bootle is jeremy coleman's shadow chief secretary to the treasury petered out peter thanks so much for coming back on the. how seriously think today's meetings are between foster and we should o'neil with michel barnier in brussels about london breck that well i think they're absolutely
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axiomatic to the whole situation those conversations have got to go on to got to be as constructive that's possibly can and we've got to try and find common ground not just for the benefit of northern ireland and the republic but of course the rest of the country solent they're absolutely key and important to the continued constructive development of this issue of tourism a made it clear that technology will come to the rescue and solve all the problems that break that may create put clearly that's that's wishful thinking it's not gone technology can do significant amounts of things i think there's no doubt about that book whether they can solve all the problems is a different color fish i think the key to this is constructive dialogue dialogue where we're not yardwork sachs and the likes of foreign secretary said the most ridiculous things as each take on spike but go to the heart of this issue is a construct a dialogue and set of all these red lines right left and center that the prime
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minister then seems to cross pretty regularly it would be made of the biggest foreign secretary boris johnson according to that leaked letter said to the u.k. government objective is not to maintain a no border situation with the republic of ireland. well i mean the bottom line is you don't know what's going to happen on a daily basis with the government so he says that yesterday on the day before you may see something different today something different tomorrow i mean there's absolutely no consistency or continuity in the way the government or hounding this so it changes bybee by the day if not by the hour so we'll have to see what what comes next what changes he makes next any dangers derived from the fact that teresa mayes only prime minister because of a de facto coalition with the formerly paramilitary linked party in the north
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a violent look the bottom line is this we are all trying to be because constructive as we can in the whole question of rights it would mean we all including including to resume but i think that we will i'm look i'm not going to down the path of saying that people are not trying to be constructive about this particular i suspect even the prime minister in some fashion is trying to be constructive but she's held prisoner she's held prisoner by factions and party so when she says one thing one day she then has a conversation again and that changes it's almost like the the last star of russia the two most powerful people that zola's russia was the czar and the last person he spoke to and i think that's the case with trees a man if you will you be watching that film what about the fact the brother i love has clearly threatened the prospect of a border down the middle of the irish they will look as far as i'm concerned what we've got to try to do is to reach an agreement in relation to the borders
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constructively as we possibly can and i think the megaphone diplomacy that the government seems intermittently use isn't particularly constructive so let's take initiative in relation to a customs union in the government's own customs bill coolest things he won it indicates provisions of that. happy customs union for the prime minister said we're not going to have a customs you so we've got a government bill crystal's bill before parliament in fact i was on the committees for two weeks in relation to this that explicitly states the provisions for customs union there and the next thing is is that the government say they're not going to go down the path and i just use that as an example of the complete chaos in the whole process that we're faced with with the government to there we're faced with as a country because of the governments and rank incompetence frankly ok but wait
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a minute plus thirty one of the customs that about the customs union think about the context surely that also has implications for your party is the desire to take back into democratic control national health service and the railways and our energy companies but doesn't the bottom line is not i mean it's important we work on a legislative program in our country the government of the long as we've got it built before parliament proposed legislation where they enclose thirty one are talking about a cost in june so they're the ones who put that on the face of the bill now if they are now saying that that isn't going to be enacted or it's not going to be an option they're going to have to take that off the bill the point i'm trying to make it's quite simple that it is chaotic so you've got something late before parliament that we've already debated both on the floor of the house and in the committee and will debate it again in a few weeks time and on their own bill they're now backing away from that i suspect
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the prime minister may not even realize it's in the bill ok but then let's imagine for a second that you're not a shadow cabinet minister but you are the chief secretary to the treasury what happens when the european union negotiating with you says and the labor government says you can't bring these crucial elements of british. the under democratic control because if you want to be part of the customs union you are acting illegally when you say nationalize the railways for instance well no look the bottom line is through always our attitude in the your opinion and i must fly so i don't accept that premise the bottom line is well and all this is about the stance on the tone of the negotiations i've been on your program before met met a number of times and i've spoken about this on a number of occasions whereby the toe on the constructive dialogue is all important but if you've got a government which don't know what they're doing from day to day. very state
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insulting the europeans and those sort of negotiations of bound to create tensions so what you gonna get in this regard this effect of the europeans take the ticket not lie because it seems to me the only time the government sit up and listen is when you are end up assessing a point and that gets the government's attention to quite simply the government handling the whole of these negotiation partly they've done it from the beginning and here we are twelve months away from europe leaving the e.u. and we're still really none the wiser the you or do you think any of those in their own party understand what terrorism means when she has seemingly changed from friction less to as frictionless as possible when it comes to to going.


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