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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 5, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EST

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you know right ok paolo if we look at the way that voters have gone during these elections they've clearly shown their disillusionment with the government but there are also strong feelings against your party are you expecting more protests more unrest after what has been an inconclusive election really hasn't it. we are very happy concerning our party we are very happy for our result because. we are now leading the center right coalition and all the results very good in all the region in italy and about about to the coalition not to rule the kountry. we see you know if you count you can do it. in few days i think there will be a lot of out of. we have to see we will try to do the best for our country
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without. without creating problems for all for our economy and for our stability the left has a created a great instability we had an economic collapse and. we have to change all these system and to go back to today. to dig gold a year off the telly i mean when we were younger. we grew up in a in a crown three reach stable with security a good degree of law and order and we really think it's possible to go back to those times. grimaldi regional site before the league. thank you very much for coming on to the program. and i said nations aid
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convoy has entered the syrian rebel claim for peace in qatar just outside the capital damascus a total of forty six trucks are delivering health and food supplies to some of the hundreds of thousands of people trapped inside the besieged district with the details now i'm joined by our senior correspondent. there are tell us. about this urgently needed aid delivery. well this this convoy is the first batch of u.n. supplies to have gone in and consists of food and health supplies medicine as many as forty six trucks with enough supplies aid for twenty seven thousand people the convoy was reportedly held up when it was going into the east due to the city of duma at a rebel checkpoint for an hour or so but eventually after negotiations lead through into the city proper this is by the way the first time this has happened since the
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u.n. called for a truce a month long truce in syria and the aid itself was delivered during a window a cease fire unilateral cease fire that's there every day which was established by the syrian government backed by the russians to allow civilians in east ghouta to leave this is a daily window we're talking about cease fire unilateral cease fire by which the syrians don't attack don't launch any military operations in the vicinity of specific crossings crossings by which civilians are supposed to leave no one's left it seems that the rebels have different ideas they're doing what they did in aleppo they aren't allowing any civilians out of east hooter and indeed they're sometimes shelling these crossings but that's why the syrian government presumably let these supplies in if people can't leave than supplies have to reach them. this is this is
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again the first cold war there are supposed to be other convoys that will head in but the u.n. says it didn't get to take everything that it wanted because certain items like field first aid kits that could be used by militants would taken off the convoy by syrian troops and the syrians aren't letting in anything of jewel use of military use that could benefit the militants inside inside east due to. but again this is a big and significant development you know fire in the something has gone in to relieve these people to relieve the stress and the difficulties of living in the big. but military action hasn't stopped russian moments in damascus say that islam is shelling of damascus from two to east ghouta hasn't stopped and neither has the syrian government's military offensive. of. today has been retaken by the syrian army over the operation that has spanned the
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last several weeks. terrible situation thanks to give us a few ok we asked linda thom from the u.n. humanitarian affairs whether russia's establishment of humanitarian corridors and poison is has helped the situation. what we were not part of the discussions around the humanitarian corridors however any any initiative you know of. people you know we of course welcome we you know our primary goal is to there is a cessation of hostilities that there is a humanitarian cause that is long enough for us to be able to deliver assistance on a regular basis what we called for and what we continue to call or is thirty days least thirty days cessation of hostilities so that we can deliver assistance to people in need in author and other procedural hard to reach areas in syria russia's
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military has said meanwhile that just two children have been able to leave east and through the humanitarian corridor or it established it says the militants have been opening fire on anyone attempting to escape. these all the dramatic images showing the moment those youngsters managed to flee the area deeply shocked they were comforted by syrian government soldiers often reaching a military checkpoint the fate of their parents remains unclear our colleagues at r.t. arabic spoke to the children. and . little girl as she. did acknowledge. the adult. can see it.
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absolutely if you can show you know. a lot of the never smile you will hear. it sounds like a plot straight out of a hollywood movie and it happened in a russian village a mix up at a maternity ward forty years ago left to mothers raising each other's children d.n.a. tests have now confirmed the suspicions that the families had been harboring for decades and he has the story it's a tell of heartache confusion and attempted murder and has taken two women almost forty years to find out they were raised by the wrong families in a village hospital near the oral mountains for women who gave birth on the same day in march nine hundred seventy eight but to new mothers left with the wrong babies this is their honor her bronze hair and blue eyes very suspicions with her number logical father he thought his wife had cheated an assumption which had terrifying consequences of course he didn't love her that march one day i came back from work
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in my mother told me she star him covering veronica's space with a pillow i was ironing when i next saw him i threw a heart and him i was sad. touched a child again i don't know what i'll do to you eventually he abandons the family meanwhile growing up nearby was tanya again raised by a couple believing had to be their right but there was no family resemblance the team of this met to discuss their doubts so it was to have a birth certificate to how can i give up my baby and i haven't and they will most suspicions when for on that became the age of take she was diagnosed with an inherited disease a condition which no one in the family had but years later when for and because mother went back to the hospital francis old medical records had been destroyed and then to tend towards itself no longer existed forty years on and the families finally took d.n.a. tests. and i always thought i looked like grandma when i found out i was shocked i
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thought they wouldn't love me any more now that they found their real daughter. the only good has always asked that question mom why do i not look like you why do i have a different character she's so calm and even tempered her face is different from ours i used to joke you must have been switched at birth it's been a long painful path for both families they say they have never gretz the mother is the one who brought you not the one who gave birth and that would just. when you will or should reason with. which. never speak though is a bit of. it just the last thing on your face of it that could be a shift you need or you could deal with bush. picking then your thought that veronica is still haunted by the suffering she saw on you if you miss them i
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feel sorry for my mom because i have seen her struggling for all her life not everyone can deal with it not everyone can be like her for the sake of her children she has forgotten about everything she would go to the end of the world only for her children to be safe and sound but i would go to court for moral compass sation at least because we're so we should birth because i feel myself guilty for her in life and that my father left her. the families have now come to tens with what happens and even say they've gained more than they've lost in you tanya u.t.m. my grandchildren we're all a big family now we're all relatives he can turn back time now the world cup pairing russia is a hundred and one days away and we've got another new signing for coverage as more of european football's finest joint team r.t. find out too after this break. but i don't want to sell you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the
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chicken or forcing you to buy the battle. to stop for the tell you that would be gossip exactly like. telling you. like. the album that we all want one. with lawmakers manufactured. to the public will. the ruling classes protect themselves. with the flaming. lips of the one percent. we can all middle of the roots to.
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welcome back to the program football now and artie's made another world class signing for our world cup coverage manchester united coach turns in the arena is joining us to give us his unique insight throughout the tournament here in russia which is now one hundred days away has the details r.t. has unveiled a major new signing to its team of broadcasters the people who are going to be helping to cover the world cup jaring the summer that's of course taking place in russia and it is shows a marine you know the world famous coach of manchester united which is a british t.v. it's one of the biggest teams in the world it's one of most famous most historic teams here in the u.k. and marina is a man who coaches some of the world's best football players and now he's going to be joining r.t.
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to help cover the world cup marino himself says he's thrilled and that he's looking forward to attending the world cup in russia this summer and sharing his insights into the games the news has been picked up by the british press here some of the newspapers couldn't help but take a bit of a swipe at marine years new part time employee but marino isn't the first heavyweight footballer to work walk through that r.t. studio doors. stan collymore former england player he helped to cover the confederations cup for r.t.e. last summer and he has his own show on the channel as well he got a bit of criticism for joining r.t. when he did when that was unveiled we're going to see if jay is a marine here comes in for any of that criticism as this news progresses but not just stan collymore and marino of course very recently r.t. signed the legendary goalkeeper peter schmeichel and he will be covering the world
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cup alongside jerry's a marine you know this summer on r.t. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage and we've signed one of the greatest gold be visible but there was one more question by the way i was going to be your coach. alone and does it worry you and i'm really happy to join the fall of two thousand and three in the world cup in russia believes this special was or was also appreciated me to just read the review p.r.t. teams latest edition regular preview needed to look. they're online privacy concerns over a browser which claims to let people use the internet completely anonymously it's called tall and among other uses can help people navigate the so-called dong web which is often used for criminal activity it was developed by the u.s. government before being sold off but it's been revealed that the government
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agencies are still sponsoring it eagle explains for some it's about drugs guns killers for hire and the mind boggling range of other black market items and services for others it's about previously and principal to give big brother a runaround simply because it has no business prying into people's on line of furze . people so you could for all sorts of reasons. good and bad and for more than a decade the go to solution has been this top you download the browser and moments later you are part of an elaborate network designed to bounce your traffic about making your identity and location almost impossible to discover the open secret to is almost entirely funded by the u.s. government didn't deter a previously junkies from making use of the technology washington's interest was purely about free speech we were told julian assange would snowden and
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a plethora of other activists and whistleblowers indorsed to law anyway toure is a critical technology the design of the tour system is structured in such a way that even in the u.s. government wanted to subvert it it couldn't without toured the streets of the internet became like the streets of a very heavily surveilled seedy but that's something they might have to change their minds about now twenty five hundred pages of newly released documents appear to show how towards success dovetails with washington's agenda take the sponsor for instance the f.b.i. to developers have been meeting with its agents briefing them on how to use the technology even organizing conferences for the bureau the f.b.i. is apparently always the first to know about vulnerabilities in towards code and also gets a say in when the public finds out about the flaws keeping the f.b.i.
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informed of and using to contribute to project a network sustainability a privilege like this effectively gives the f.b.i. all the time in the world to exploit the weak sport before it's fixed the broadcasting board of governors an official u.s. body supervising washington funded media has also been cozying up to the team a tour the developers were glad to coordinate so-called deployments of tour with the b b g for. tating it spread to the countries the u.s. considers adversaries like iran china and russia the journalist behind the latest dump of the document trove promises the scandal won't die down any time soon saying there are more bombshells waiting to be uncovered in the papers meanwhile it's already beginning to look like toure could be providing about as much an image see him as a tin foil hat i think for me is so fantastic awesome if you create a technology that you can use to anonymize their. thanks to you you
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could see what people are doing. that way. but. i think you know suing because. you know people have used it in different ways and they choose to wish to use that way to. another man. that's a roundup of the news from i'll be back at the top of the hour with more so please stay with us. today tells the u.s. to come back to earth challenging washington's you know polar ambitions also also in the illegal war against yemen and why arming the cio bridgie is
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a recipe for disaster as well as the return to trade wars. chose seemed wrong when old roles just don't call. any new world that is yet to shape out disdain comes to advocate and engage with equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when she says to look for common ground. time after time say we're going underground as e.u. negotiate a mutual bunny a jewel to have
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a gentle meetings with chin frame and leaders in brussels about the future of the united kingdom coming up in the show why is britain hosting a saudi leader implicated in what the united nations calls the world's worst humanitarian crisis we speak to understand from the campaign against arms trade about how billions of pounds worth of u.k. weapons sales to the kingdom threatens tens of millions in yemen and are lives in danger now u.k. prime minister theresa may appears to have ignored a hundred page document from brussels about what no customs union will mean for britain's border with europe we off jeremy called in strategies secretary to the treasury peter dowd with the tourism a has now crossed and the e.u. red line to fall plus poverty police brutality and class war thirty four years to the day that u.k. money is striking again changing everything we have music from clash influence former mining town band the dead time for a little mic all the support coming up the days going underground but first today
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marks forty eight years to the day that the nonproliferation treaty went into effect to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons around the world or as lyndon johnson have it as he bombed vietnam and i have described this treaty as the most important international agreement. since the beginning of the nuclear age but a handful of countries don't agree like the nuclear armed british backed government of israel we have a long standing policy and we're not about to change it but let me tell you if people signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty the n.p.t. now doesn't guarantee anything israel's weapons of mass destruction campaign was revealed from london by nuclear whistleblower mordechai vanunu who israel currently doesn't allow to be interviewed by the media but is britain a signatory of the i.p.t. abiding by its terms some believe the tens of billions minority government needed to raise a may want to put into trident nuclear weapons is a breach of the treaty some like u.k.
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labor leader jeremy corbyn the friesian treaty has requirements. and stuff just steps towards. us he doesn't think hundred sixty seven other states to possess them he. just. got. us because. well joining me now is andrew smith the media coordinator for a campaign against the arms trade he's one of the main organizers of wednesday's protest against saudi crown prince mohammed bin salmond's visit to the u.k. that saudi arabia currently in so-called civil nuclear talks with the united states for a program in the kingdom thanks so much and you for coming back on the show before we get to any saudi visits or arms fairs and does i mean since it's the anniversary nonproliferation treaty does raise amaze nuclear program violate the n.p.t.
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certainly seems to violate the spirit of it doesn't. i mean what we need to see is just try to clear weapons up creating ties it doesn't sound like the government's got any long term vision of eradicating chinese and the more money which is being spent worldwide on tight and more. concerned we should all be ok why are you one of the main organizers of a protest against the defacto leader of one of the leaders of the kingdom of saudi arabia one of the third biggest most growing markets for u.k. goods in this post directed world well the claim prince is a figurehead for one of the most brutal and oppressive regimes anywhere in the world for human rights record of this age is absolutely appalling and it's not just that he's also been the chief architect of the terrible brutal bombardment of yemen a war which has killed thousands of people destroyed by lifesaving infrastructure
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up and down the country and created one of the worst humanitarian crises in the world and yet despite all of this despite his terrible human rights record despite the atrocities being committed every day in yemen he's being given red carpet treatment by trees and me and will be posing for photos of missteps of dining table or aides i'm sure is i'm a minority government leader here and still will be quick to say it's not them that are at fault britain of course saudi arabia it's iran that's at fault it seems to be certainly the position of the british foreign office well for me it will also be the case we don't support anyone selling arms to. visit in a terrible conflict for years in which tens of thousands of people you want to deal with we don't want to win we want to see a peaceful solution but that's not going to happen as long as there's it brutal compartment where civilians are paying the price that civilians are being killed we have seen the largest on record of call it out with over a million people in the south this is a giving aid to yemen and they are not targeting any civilians purposely any aid
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which they are giving which is having an impact on reaching people has to be welcomed but the good which is being done from any good which is being done by that aid is being undone by the brutal bombardment which is surrounding yemen and the brutal. compartment which has been inflicted on people ok well boris johnson also been praising saudi arabia for allowing women to drive one of these things to an obviously nobody we're never going to criticize the saudi government for giving women to drive a should have had a long long time ago but it's a point where we're seeing reforms very often very very cosmetic very small reforms and what we tend to do is highlight how you look over the bar for human rights was to begin with first woman in government as well as oh we're not going to be against . government who are these advances in human rights obviously anyone who cares about human rights will welcome any advances but if this is
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a vacation by the british government for masses of billions of dollars worth of if we didn't do that they would be outside of the international community and wouldn't be introducing these measures for human rights only save them for any of these reforms came in so they did a bit of still by far the largest buy in of u.k. arms and that hasn't just been the case under trees and me it's been previous prime ministers as well this is very much been an institutional issue but really the respect of all of the rhetoric and irrespective of cosmetic change we are still talking about one of the worst most appalling human rights records in the water which has run a terrible crackdown against human rights campaigners the terrible crackdown against all dissent we're talking a regime that executes teenagers and behead people for taking part in protests this is not here which is reforming in any field meaningful way and it's not to be u.k. should be arming and supporting you we've had members of parliament we've had former ambassadors on this program and again and again they point to the strategy
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that engagement with saudi authorities will be the way forward on the human rights issues you explain that but nobody is a gauge we won't be the way forward when nobody is against engagement appends of course what is meant by engagement obviously we want to reason me to be telling the stated. for human rights records well but we don't believe she's going to be doing that at the same time as she is arming and supporting and uncritically as well we want to see meaningful change in sadia libya but after sixty years sixty years of u.k. arm sales and sixty years of suppose you can gauge when the kind of one training achievement we can point to is that women are able to drive a bit where we should have been decades and decades ago we are talking is still one of the most oppressive in the world and the fundamentals about aren't changing so we you and your fellow team with can barely get the arms trade what sure is i'm a shaking hands this week with the crown prince where would you really believe that
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we would have more influence on all these things if we didn't sell them rockets and go wild moment with poet and relationship lies very much but one thing about the images of trees and me shaking hands with mohammed and salman on the steps of danes is that it will be seen as a major propaganda coup in the policies of riyadh there's no question of it they will regard this as a glowing endorsement on the international stage however it's a message which sends to people who are being tortured in saudi prisons or to people who are having their homes destroyed in yemen is a very different message message it sends divestments but very human rights don't matter message it sends to vend is that their lives are of less importance than profits for b. systems when i'm sure you i don't know whether you go to say that the royal air force. trainers are training saudis to do it there is should they disobey their orders we don't believe they should be taking
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part in training programs because they're ordered to where there's a beer is i mean if you have a superior to do so it was more of a point we would make the u.k. has been utterly complicit in the destruction of yemen from day one it has the u.k. government right again says it is giving aid to yemen but that's a tribute he has given so many to yet. and we hope that but it is reaching people in need but the key point is the u.k. has also licensed almost five billion pounds worth of fighter jets and bombs to do so in some bombardment began and there is no question that results have been devastating even borders johnson has called it the worst humanitarian crisis in the world yes a humanitarian crisis that has been caused in part by weapons license by boris johnson and his colleagues so demonstration is to this week how many people are you going to actually expect there given our large manufacturing industry is involved in selling arms to saudi arabia but what we know is that public opinion is very solidly against these arms sales in fact all the polling has shown
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a consistent two thirds of population are strongly against arms exports this idea and terms of numbers of people who are working in the arms trade you're talking a very small sector of the economy atomic zero point two percent of jobs and of course now we want to see those skills being put into positive industries sustainable industries of any areas of engineering rather than to companies who are dependent on boarding conflict in order to make a profit and terms of how many people will be there we hope to have as large a number as possible because we want to send the message loudly and clearly that this visit is not in our name these arms sales are not in our name and the and the prince is not welcome in just a vine leaves were put in yemen the world's worst humanitarian crisis to one side you're not impressed by reforms not only of the driving but fewer crucifixions that are currently going on in the kingdom as well i understand that one hundred forty people were executed in the last year and has been.


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