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tv   News  RT  March 6, 2018 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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the british media speculates on kremlin involvement in the suspected poisoning of a former russian double agent in the u.k. and despite the lack of hard facts the government is threatening retaliation. if those suspicions prove to be well for this guy who will take whatever measures we deem necessary to protect the rights of the people in this country all values and all freedoms. the u.s. hold so ground operations in eastern syria after its kurdish allies headed to the north of the country to repel an incursion by turkey. in ninety nine days it to kick off our key is that world cup team guides you through some of the host cities preparing for russia two thousand and eighteen.
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are broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is our two international john thomas certainly glad to have you with us. now a sixty six year old man and his daughter are in critical condition in the u.k. after being exposed to an unidentified substance the man is a former russian colonel and previously convicted of spying for britain said again screen paul served in russian military intelligence in two thousand and six he passed the identities of russian secret agents in europe to the british government he was later caught and sentenced to two thirteen years in prison but in two thousand and ten he was released as part of a spy swap with the u.s. and flown to britain. now the russian embassy in the u.k. has contacted the british foreign office requesting more information about the
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incident involving sergei screwball and his daughter and the embassy also expressed concern about the misleading reports of surrounding the incident and what it called the demonization of russia only boyko has more on the reaction from the british government. well just goes to show how these stories can snowball now the foreign secretary boris johnson has had to answer an urgent question in the house of commons about the government's dances on surrogate power and boris johnson did say that it's not clear what happened and this is still an active investigation however if it's linked back to russia the kremlin is going to have to pay the sixty six year old man. and use thirty three year old daughter. were found unconscious outside the move team's shopping center on sunday afternoon and while it would be wrong to prejudge the investigation i can reassure the house that should evidence emerged that implies state responsibility then the majesty's government will
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respond appropriately and robustly well it is remarkable how this story has developed over the past few hours the media took the few facts that we had on this story from the police and it's now splashed everywhere security experts speculating on every angle of how surrogate script how his daughter may have come to be sick on that park bench in seoul's very there's not much new wants to the analysis it's got to be said despite this being an active investigation we've already got politicians waving their faced saying that russia can turn the u.k. into its own personal killing fields and on the other hand it's not surprising that this story is causing the for rory that it is it's got all the hallmarks of a spy thriller script hall was a double agent convicted in russia for selling secrets to britain swapped in two thousand and ten in that very famous spy swap for among all others on the chapman
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that so-called femen fertile from russia who was on mosque in the us and it's all been conflated with the case of alexander litvinenko the other former russian. spy who was poisoned by drinking radioactive tea back in two thousand and six of course script file is being speculated may have been poisoned by eating some pizza in a pizza place in souls very living in caves widow maria has been giving interviews talking about how russians in exile here in the u.k. need to be better protected that they might not feel safe air and suggestions also in the papers a big headlines about putin never having forgiven script for what he did and that. may have feared for his life in recent weeks after the death of his wife and his son take a listen to how the media is covering this sounds chillingly familiar russia
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under suspicion of planning and executing an attack two thousand miles away britain similarities will be drawn with that case which an inquest found led directly to the kremlin the broader question here is dealing with some sort of sophisticated plot. was poisoned it will move really do questions about kremlin involvement given that russian defector alexander litvinenko was murdered in two thousand and six using really want to polonium well amongst all this there are still a few voices caution among them the former british ambassador to moscow also some commentators hesitantly adding that perhaps the kremlin wouldn't be so keen to murder someone who they themselves said given away many years ago and all this on the eve of a big presidential election british police chiefs have also confirmed that
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quote due to the unusual circumstances the counterterrorism network will be leading the investigation authorities say several officers needed medical help after having worked at the scene where the two were found. now sources in the u.k. emergency services at first suspected the pair may have been exposed to a powerful prescription painkiller a synthetic drug called fentanyl it is fifty to one hundred times stronger than morphine and has a similar effect on the body overdoses are from the drug cause at least sixty deaths in the u.k. in two thousand and seventeen commentators we spoke to do not believe russia was involved i always ask myself in the circumstances would russia be stupid enough to carry out such an act two weeks before the russian presidential election and exactly one hundred days before the world cup in russia after all russia if it wanted to could have killed this man at any time
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obviously that the shadows and the resonance in so many people's minds are going to be from the alexander litvinenko case because that dominated the british had lines for so long and it seems at least superficially that there are parallels here at least in the the russian intelligence angle. us back to kurdish forces in syria have announced today are sending seven thousand five hundred troops to the country's north to repel a turkish military offensive the forces had been assisting the u.s. coalition in the fight against eisel and now the pentagon says it has been forced to hold those operations because of the kurds departure. some fighters operating within the s.d.s. have decided to leave operations in the middle east river valley to fight elsewhere possibly aren't they're not fighting isis anymore and they're basically mended they're not taking territory back from isis is quickly as they had been in the past
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the kurds america's most reliable allies in syria have ups and left go on to make war with america's fellow anti isis coalition member and nato partner turkey not the friendliest coalition in the world but that's besides the point you know you've got the. distraction of what's going on up front right now it distracts from international effort to ensure the lasting defeat of isis what is going on in a free is taking away from the fight against isis it has interests secretary mabus had called it is certainly not helpful problem is while america's anti isis coalition butchers and cannibalizes itself the war against the jihad has stopped the kurds all left to do their own thing and the guys still there in theirs or incapable it seems of beating the little isis on cleef left there so washington is
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building an entire new army one key element of the strategy to defeat isis is to train equip sustain and enable elements of the vetted syrian opposition these forces are projected to total approximately sixty to sixty five thousand. sixty five thousand these spared army would be bigger than the canadian or straightly and militaries and don't forget there are already three warring armies in syria the pentagon is planning on equipping and providing this puppet force with everything but there are underwear tens of thousands of new rifles machine guns mortars millions of rounds of ammunition thousand vehicles don't forget this seemingly going to pay their salaries two to four hundred dollars a month it's all in the new counterterrorism fund request it says clearly once isis
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is the straw it this new army will stabilize and patrol the territory it holds near enough a third of syria which measures well with washington's plans to stay in syria indefinitely keep the country split up and prevent assad from winning but there are questions like where is the us going to find thirty thousand more moderate rebels when it couldn't find ten can you tell us what the total number of trained fighters remains it's a small number. the ones that are in the fight. is we're talking four four five the last time the us trained equipped and sent forth a rebel army they all promptly gave up their guns and joined al qaida they spend hundreds of millions on that by the way was really embarrassing any way you look at
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it this means more war it says so in black and white the us will only train and equip vetted syrian opposition and hope that this time they don't all turn out to be islam ist radicals. political analyst daniel mcadams thinks relations between the u.s. and the kurds are unlikely to normalize well it's three months of the old saying it's better to be the enemy than the ally of the united states because if you're the enemy they may try to buy you but if you're the ally they certainly will sell you and that certainly seems like what they're doing with the kurds perhaps the kurds are understanding that they will be sold out they were sold out at rocca as well and they will be sold out in the eastern part of syria where the u.s. is operating and they're coming to the aid of their allies does the u.s. hope that the syrian government gets further drawn in to the fight with the kurds against the turks then the u.s. can swing back around and help it struck his ally in fighting the syrian government
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and the kurds as well maybe that's the move that would mean the big question mark is what will russia do in a situation like that talk about a disaster. football world cup will be the biggest sporting event of the year and russia two thousand and eighteen kicks off in ninety nine days there will be sixty four matches in eleven cities played in twelve new revamped stadiums. as the world cup countdown clock reached the one hundred day mark on tuesday events were held across russia with an official ceremony here in moscow. ma i do know what.
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russian football officials world cup volunteers and fans all got together to mark the milestone of more on the tournament and in the build up here is. this a pretty chilly snow covered day here today in moscow but of course the world cup will take place in the highlights of moscow's warm summer it seems so long ago now that russia was bid to host the fee for world cup but as time has moved closer to the event it's really flown by and today marks the first marker one hundred days till the start of football's biggest festivals preparations have been well underway twelve stadiums across eleven cities from khazan in the east to kaliningrad in the western fifo officials have been keeping a close eye on those preparations on those developments so far so good from them it's been a thumbs up this is very important for fee for and for the local organizing committee to make clear to everyone and every fan around the world that the walkup is going to be an inclusive event an open event and welcoming even for everyone who
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respective of their background origin nationality gender sexual orientation or skin color it is an event which is for everyone and this is the year the commitment that we have made in the local authorities in the local organizing committee that are behind this together with us people have complete trust in the security preparations and the security concept people looked at by russian authorities through the local organizing committee and we had also a great opportunity to test all the security arrangements and the concepts during the confederations cup last year and everything went where we were from what point of view now organizers have put found comfort at the center of preparations those tens of. thousands of fans coming to russia from all across the world will be able to get a special final idea alongside their tickets now that means they can come into the country visa free as what does get free travel on special transport between the
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host cities and in the host cities as well also of course giving them peace of mind about safety and security now of course the fines have been the main priority but it's the sports teams themselves who are taking center stage many of the world's greatest stars coming to russia and it's fair to say those teams have had requests which have been let's say a little bit more unusual. will
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come. will come once in a while to prepare the nigerian army this doctor will enjoy him so that the boys can recall to him once in a while and be able to give your best room to comfort you. very much full steam ahead here in russia as the countdown begins and what better place to watch all the action than t. with a star studded lineup of pundits and commentators bring you all the latest updates . and it's not just of the players and fans getting into. world cup spirit these dolphins in russia's southern resort of sochi have been wowing audiences with their football skills and having
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a kick about with visitors at the city's aquatic center. we here on our team international we will be bringing you all of the spectacle of russia two thousand and eighteen with some of football's biggest names on board are former manchester united goalkeeper great peter schmeichel and former liverpool and england striker stan collymore and one of the most decorated coaches in the modern game jose mourinho. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of it but there was one more question and by the way was going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to put me in the center of the beach but how would you. agree. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get down there we have to go.
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alone. and i'm really happy to join for the two thousand. meet the special one. meets the review teams latest edition make up as we go. look. now there are signs of a breakthrough in relations between north and south korea that story and much more still to come this is art. both the united states and russia have announced their nuclear weapons posture both countries are entering a new age of yours the age of hypersonic weapons now in the new arms race. it's been almost fifty years since we've had human beings on the surface of another
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planetary body and i hope that we could actually put together an international lunar exploration initiative much like we have the international space station consortium and together the countries of the world cooperating with the private sector could afford to get back into real space exploration and i think that would that would create a real a lot of excitement. i welcome back this is our team international in north korea is willing to freeze its
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nuclear program if the u.s. engages in talks that's according to south korean officials returning from a meeting with kim jong un in pyongyang or just killed and has more on the surprise you terry. it's been yet another breakthrough in the possible warming of relations between north and south korea we now hear an announcement that the democratic people's republic of korea would be willing to give up its nuclear arsenal if their security were protected if furthermore they have promised that they will never attack south korea and there is now plans in the works for a summit between north and south korea to north korea has clearly expressed its willingness to launch the denuclearization of the korean peninsula in the tweet titled don't trump talks about the possibility of peace on the korean peninsula now this is quite a different tone than he has taken in the past donald trump's tweet has itself a mixed message she talks about possible peace but then he also talks about the fact that the usa would be willing to go either way now we've also heard from rex
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tillerson you used some rather extreme words to describe north korea calling them an extreme threat north korea threatens entire global community through its unlawful nuclear and ballistic missile programs and political activities including its arms exports to africa so as there is a thaw in relations and the two governments on the korean peninsula seem to be moving closer toward each other and many are wondering what will be the next move as the united states remains a question there's a huge military presence by the united states in south korea and all eyes are on the negotiations that are taking place the world is anticipating and hopeful about the possibility of peace but what role the usa will play in antagonizing or intensifying the conflict remains in question. east asian studies professor christine hong believes the korean peace effort will only work if the u.s. is on board. they did extraordinary and after of
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a possible concession and let's look at the other part of what is stated in that it needs to have a security guarantee and the united states has to you in formal ways indicate that it won't have a hostile policy toward north korea so the real question is what does that mean for north koreans because the united states is posture historically has been one of regime change where north korea from the middle part of the twentieth century to the current moment. the turkish president is pushing ahead with plans to buy a russian four hundred anti-aircraft missiles as them despite the threat of sanctions from his nato ally united states president i don't want to accuse of the military alliance of double standards let those who criticize us for purchasing the s four hundred to fight terrorism look at themselves why they saw it about the s three
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hundred which greece has and they tell us that this is a wrong step what kind of alliance what kind of solidarity is this. nato has repeatedly urged to turkey not to buy russian weapons earlier this month a top official stressed that the as four hundred is not integrate with current nato systems the s four hundred it would give turkey a new level of control over its airspace and beyond it is a surface to air anti-aircraft missile system and can engage up to eighty targets at a time up to four hundred kilometers away can also hit fast moving targets travelling at speeds of four point eight kilometers per second. turkish international relations professor hussain bunchy told us needs russian weapons more than western support. we live at the moment a very interesting crisis between turkey and the united states of america by literal terms in nato terms and by the three of terms i think the turkish position
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. four hundred. three from the turkish defense policy point of view russia seems to be one of the possible partners for future despite the fact that this type of missile system is not applicable to the nato structure but since one thousand nine hundred one first gulf war turkey is always in need of this type of new defense structures nato does not provide this russian military cargo plane has crashed while landing at a syrian air base killing all thirty nine people on board and he's a jackal volga has more. well the latest information that we're getting from the russian defense ministry is that there were in fact thirty three passengers along with six crew members aboard the plane they were all military personnel and they all perished in the crash and the incident took place as the aircraft attempted to land at the russian operated he made them air base on syria's western coast and crushed about five hundred meters from the runway now the airplane itself wasn't
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until nov and twenty six a military transport aircraft that was designed in the soviet union the defense ministry has also confirmed that the plane was not fired upon and while they are looking into all other possible reasons behind the crash initial report suggests that a technical malfunction is to blame here all right that doesn't for me i will be back in about thirty five minutes with a full of news she would. like
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