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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 7, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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funked his shoulders deep in ski. paris. you know it's national security council's meeting to discuss the situation in war torn syria with one thing is continuing despite the international community haven't called for a ceasefire cullum opens in new york for us with the details the united nations security council has assembled to discuss the recent resolution regarding a syrian cease fire was a unanimous vote but that it did not give a specific time frame for this ceasefire to be implemented it simply called for it to be implemented without delay this is all in regards to eastern ghouta eastern ghouta is an enclave near the syrian capital of damascus and it's being held by rebels and terrorists who want to overthrow the syrian government and at this point fighting is going on and the syrian government says they are fighting in eastern guta because they are protecting the densely populated area of the syrian capital and that many civilians are there and they're being shelled by attacks based out of
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eastern ghouta they're trying to retake the city from the terrorists in the extremist what you can go home and i stress that our government will reserve the right to respond as the deems appropriate in quays those terrorist groups are targeting civilians in any part of syria with even one single. one of the at the in washington it's pretty clear in the resolution that the language of the resolution and the thirty day cease fire does not apply to fight against i still fighting against al qaeda al nasra and those groups clearly are operating in the rebel held enclave of eastern ghouta now furthermore we've also heard that turkey as they continue their operations against kurdish forces in northern syria that they are continuing to say that this is also a fight against terrorism and that justifies their operations but we have also heard some hopeful news at this point humanitarian aid has reached civilians in the new. the u.n.
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humanitarian organizations as well as the red cross and red crescent have actually delivered some supplies however we have seen that there are many civilians in eastern guta who have been unable to leave they've been unable to evacuate the city due to the fact that the militants are blocking the humanitarian corridor or these rebels and terrorists want to keep them in the city to use them essentially as human shields and to kind of hold them hostage now we have heard some reports that there was a convoy of seventeen civilians that recently were able to get out of eastern ghouta and russia and syria and the syrian government have been maintaining a five hour humanitarian pause in the fighting in the hope that civilians can flee the area and not get caught up in the conflict so people are waiting to see what will take place and what will happen as the security council meets to discuss the conflict in syria and more specifically the situation in eastern guta. here a former russian policeman labeled the siberian ripper being jailed for life for
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a series of grisly murders that have shocked and they should the fifty two year old be described as a model employee and a perfect husband but to be living in sin this to double life for almost two decades. thank. you with their skills so much and you know it's. going to be speaking of stuff at least
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if. you. feel thank. you when you leave you know the dealer's name would have been. the truth was not coupled with the. truth but with. which i wanted to know what you put into that deal and. thank you
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this is what's international on the way a lot more including donald trump's trade war that could be about firing plus two we would be live in london to protest against the visit of the saudi crown prince developing story happening right now with a cup. both the united states and russia have announced weapons posture both countries are entering a new age of war the age of hypersonic weapons now in the new arms race. in
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the stock market oh my god black. amongst yourselves i suggest you short your style zapara money into your own corporate balance sheet and. they give us all of mine extra for the financial predatory class. britons rolling out the red carpet for the saudi crown prince who's arrive for a three day visit to strengthen ties but there are a lot of protests about the visit to over saudi arabia's questionable human rights record and its military campaign in yemen in which british made munitions have been found in front of protests on the way right now let's go there are these correspondents these rallies alongside i take us through it.
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what we're looking at around three or four hundred people here who have come to protest this visit of the saudi crown prince mohammed bin. and leading up to this trip there were many but all of that visit from a number of different factions and they all in attendance today there are people against the arms trade. brady campaign is of course saudi arabia interfering. during their uprising against the king and also people protesting the war in yemen which has been. stating one of the main focuses has been again that's war in yemen and the amount of arms sales that the u.k. has made to saudi arabia now since that would began in two thousand and fifteen the brit britain has sold over four point six billion pounds worth of weapons to saudi arabia the u.s.
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is. supplying about one hundred and ten billion dollars of one of the if not the biggest u.s. arms sales arms deals in history now all of this comes as. a debate in the houses of parliament in the u.k. so the labor leader jeremy corbett not just criticising the u.k. government for inviting mohammed bin solomon all for the u.k.'s role in selling weapons to saudi arabia but also what he said was the u.k. actually directing the conflict with. with british military advisors helping the saudi colleagues in the targeting of places and targets within yemen and of course the war leading to one of the biggest humanitarian crises in the world it is to be mentioned as well that there are a number of problem haven't been selma protesters here waving saudi flags on the other side of the road perhaps a couple dozen of them but definitely hundreds of people here and we're expecting more to keep coming as the evening goes on the controversial visit doesn't it is
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central london recently thanks for now talking a controversy too seems the world looks to be very exactly towards great will indications from the white house and the us will soon increase tariffs on steel and aluminum imports already provoked a backlash including threats of counter measures from key trading partners but the trump ministration isn't backing down and we're behind on every single country trade wars aren't so bad. do you understand what i mean by that when we're down by thirty billion forty billion sixty billion one hundred billion the trade war hurts them doesn't hurt us the truth is quite the opposite. trade wars are bad and easy to lose it will hurt the european union it will put thousands of european jobs in jeopardy and it has to be met by a firm and proportionate response their proposed twenty five percent tax increase than all steel imports and ten percent of aluminum has provoked an outcry from many
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industry leaders in the u.s. all range of businesses that require those metals for manufacturing are going to face our cost basically and potentially have to cut jobs as far as the a use concerned it said it will retaliate with a tariff hikes on american goods which is jeans motorbikes borgen whiskey peanut butter the list goes on orange juice trump then in turn hit back again he tweeted to say that that should the e.u. introduce countermeasures he will further increase tariffs on imports of european cars it's a tit for tat the block's officials say that would cost america thousands of jobs and the middle chorus of criticism of washington's protectionist policies now the president's own chief economic advisor has resigned stating his opposition to the initiative economists we heard from also think trump is making a bad move here. you know it's economy we need to readjust to self to make up for the increase in costs r us we have to wait until u.s.
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companies start to manufacture their own goes to make up the trade difference when it comes to tariffs either souls out of water two places. at the organization and they have to absorb the higher costs or else it gets passed on to the consumer either way it's a lose lose scenario for the u.s. and if one of his key advisers is moving away from mr trump it shows us that a whole lot of support in washington it's going to be bad for american corporations we're going to have to have higher prices for manufacturing things in the united states that's going to be terrible for american corporations that's going to be bad for american consumers not going to be good for corporations around the world is not going to be good for american companies that want to sell abroad if there's now a trade war so it's just really all around that the idea that we're openly talking
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about a war a trade war being good it's just going to be very counterproductive something that all economists pretty much all agree on this is not a good idea. residents of the state of a moment fighting against having a fleet of a thirty five flight to jet station the above the people of burlington say that deeply concerned about noise pollution and safety to make the feelings loud and clear companies use judge speakers to block the sound of flying jet right in the city center. it's quite something in that number of protests were held last week against this proposed thirty five base police made one high profile arrest among the activists one of the co-founders of the ice cream brand ben and jerry in fact ben cohen local air force bosses have already spent around eighty three million dollars preparing
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the base for those jets and live on national guard said choose day night that the f. thirty five still shuttle to arrive in the autumn twenty nineteen. the airport in burlington is located in a very heavily densely populated area so there are one hundred twenty four thousand people that live within about five miles of the runway was half a dozen of us put on a demonstration of what that sounds like and people came running out and said stop this is horrible my children my animals my family it is not appropriate for a city it's one of the causes of heart disease it's a cause of cognitive impairment in children according to the best medical studies what happens is children have delayed reading learning disabilities memory and concentration become impaired. you know this jets a controversial one the f.
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thirty five jet program is the most expensive u.s. weapons system to date with an expenditure of about one point five billion dollars and yet out of two hundred eighty aircraft half still grounded american and seven allies are currently implementing stealth strategy operations with these fighter jets nine countries were involved in the f. thirty five development but it has been a bumpy ride repeated production delays and cost overruns of plague this project along the way from donald trump to the pentagon's own chief weapons test of the f. thirty five have been getting more flak them fans and described now as being too big to fail simply is the co-founder of the protest movement in burlington again you're forced didn't make this decision to base f. thirty five fighter jets in the city of burlington based on the facts so we don't want any of the thirty five days to you it's going to be damaging to the people of vermont it's going to be in it's going to make us a collaborator with any kind of foreign intervention that the president decides on
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. and that is a snapshot of some of the big news stories going on around the world right now always lots more from. moscow it's kevin owen said what shouldn't we've got more great programs lined up you have to write. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of all such but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the problem. and you go all the great. you are the rock at the back nobody gets
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past you we need you to get let's go. along. and i'm really happy to join the fall of two thousand and three in the world cup in russia. the special one i was also appreciated. just said the real p.r.t. teams the latest edition to make up a bigger. greetings and sally. here in the united states besides the coal industry airplane engines and
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a whole host of poly mergers and polyesters there is actually another form of energy currently being extracted from the great state of west virginia the energy of organization and protest of saying no more to corruption and demanding a livable wage this my friend is the energy of strike you see just over nine days ago west virginia's teachers and educators went on strike pressing the state legislature for higher wages and stronger funding for the state's failing public employee health care system and on tuesday this week their energy paid off with the state legislature and governor finally coming to an agreement announcing a five percent increase in teacher pay as kathy kugel writes in for jacob in magazine and less than two months the movement has grown from a couple hundred a group teachers and school service personnel demonstrating at the capitol to a full blown strike it is seemingly caught everyone from union leaders to state legislators to the rest of the country by surprise by surprise and by storm
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because while our elected officials in cable news pun in spite rant over whether or not to buy every teacher a shiny new glock educators around the country are instead calling for better classrooms better resources and higher wages you know little things that actually you know tend to work you know to make a child's life a little better those things in oklahoma for example things have gotten so bad that even school district administrators who are generally not a teacher's greatest ally are actually throwing their support behind a potential teacher strike you know with the recent success in west virginia. the strike rumblings in oklahoma is that is the u.s. ready for their teachers to take a knee to occupy and to cry out me to start watching the hawks. but. it looks
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like. the bottom. like you that i got. this. week. or the one of the hawks i am tyrone's with and that happens a lot seats are striking i know i love this i love that energy in the air when i see progress mass group of people say enough is enough we demand our work you know we demand rights with higher wages we get together we organize we push our legislature to make a difference that's that's the essence of what this country in the united states and other countries you know that's the essence of what it's all about sure do you think it's because we you know we grew up with things like teacher strikes and we must drive or strikes and those are major things that may move things along and it
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was about workers' rights it was about treating people with respect. and now it seems obviously there's been a huge push of the koch brothers to. do well to get rid of of many many many many many aspects of you know say oh no you know i think i think when you it's not the union unions were these like bright shiny places of gum drops a lollipop so you know learned a lot of them were there lot of bad union leaders and that kind of thing but there are very essence and core of unions is what you need is work ever i believe every job with it with another amount of people working that job in every sector should have some kind of union representation absolutely. or at least have collective bargaining rights and that's something that we've seen stripped away everywhere and out of state seven around the world or there's some poison everyone had a you know is that a billet doux that a group of employees can get together and say ok as your employees we demand and let's negotiate let's talk about what works for you what works for us from some of
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the middle there i don't see it. and i think people mistake like oh it's better if you just work with your boss on them like no it isn't the reason that you know actors have agents and why when you're going through a real estate deal you hire an expert you know hire someone to be the bad guy when you have to be and to be the person who looks out for each that way you and your boss can always have good relationships that are working relationship and negotiating your time off or whatever it is it doesn't become a personal gets the you have the unions or whatever right representatives who had put pretty interesting here but there are teachers i think that's one of the places to look at it from what i hear it's really unsettling and it's so the washington post had said in oklahoma that teachers are paid less than in virtually any other place in the country schools have been so financially challenged because of budget woes that students in some districts only go to class four days a week that is foul and disgusting i wouldn't mind if they said hey we're doing
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this whole thing before it is a week because we're doing longer day as a reader that's fine but i do not understand like hey we're just on the money to educate you all five days what do you get reading and writing but you don't get written. about for other and oklahoma is one of those places where it was kind of like the republicans kind of make that legislature and said we're going to do smaller smaller smaller and smaller government and then i just basically go to the you know god i wouldn't for them to run yet they had the past six years oklahoma has had their funding has dropped by twenty three point six percent this is education for our children public education for our children. and you're going to tell me we're going to go out and we don't need all that you know and i'm going to talk about the republicans issues in oklahoma but that doesn't let the other side of the two party dictatorship in the united states i want to be there and not just that one credit card he because when you go to west virginia which is a long time democrat spot the jolie recently went donald trump and went you know
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like bernie sanders in two thousand and sixteen a hardcore bernie sanders hard core donald trump the democratic party was regina after only occupies a third of the seats in the in their legislature but this is after they like ran the place for about eighty so i want to say like sixty seventy eighty years there you know hardcore democrats in one thousand nine hundred sixty three percent of what west virginia voters were registered democrat thirty percent republican seven percent independent twenty years later twenty sixteen forty five democrat and the independents grew twenty one percent you see a shift in that place because everyone talks about west virginians like everyone takes from west virginia yeah they take our coal they take our resources and everyone's been taking no one's putting anything back in and that's what has that group of people very upset and what's really interesting is. you mentioned earlier you could also wrote it was also the democratic party led by the majority governor joe mansion that enacted corporate tax cuts
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a decade ago that currently cost the state missed a minute two hundred twenty million oh you're if you put that to twenty million in the issue and to stay workers now which is what that strike was over a pay raise five percent pay raise you could give every public employee a twelve percent raise that's incredible so these are things he of one group who fought teachers thought for a five percent raise and you literally step back and say all this money you could have given everyone in the whole state is a public employee twelve percent revenue grants gave that away democrats didn't act collective bargaining there so it's not a right and left problem here it's a politician versus people problem. many good folks here in the united states safe also did find themselves asking why does our congress seem so out of touch with the actual problem facing the citizens they represent for the answer to that question one can very easily start with the wealth gap separating elected officials and the people they represent according to open secrets dot org and twenty fifteen
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it would take the combined wealth of more than eighteen american households to equal the value of a single federal lawmakers household and nowhere is this wealth gap more apparent that in california where it was written recently really revealed that members of the california legislature are worth a combined four hundred and thirty nine million dollars at least parties natasha sweet has more from los angeles. in the united states congress there are about twenty millionaires coming from the state of california and their net worth adds up to at least four hundred thirty nine million well california is the most populous state and rank the third most expensive place to live in the country several members of congress receive their fortunes from real estate holdings tech stocks and investment profile is as well as their spouses now when disclosing their net worth lawmakers are not required to list their one hundred seventy four thousand dollar annual salaries or their property unless of course it's creating the revenue
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the wealthiest california lawmaker is duro i said a republican representative out of vista his net worth is listed at two hundred eighty three point three million he made the majority of his fortune as being the founder of a car alarm giant he also owns ten properties in carlsbad california earning him between five to twenty five million in rental income he's not seeking re-election in the coming year and a far away second senator dianne feinstein who was also the wealthiest woman in congress has almost fifty nine million this includes the carlton hotel property she owns with her husband which sali twenty million increase in value last year the democrat faces her most significant challenge for reelection this coming fall. scott peters of san diego rounds out as the top third wealthiest member of congress on the lower end of the spectrum representative david ballad out of him for it is the poorest among california lawmakers that every farmer has assets of roughly two million however his hefty lines of credit of at least seventeen million puts him at
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the bottom of the list when it comes to net worth and there are other california members of congress in the red ten reported student loan debt totally three hundred seventy five thousand representative. holds the majority of that debt as a former e.r. doctor the palm desert democrat owes roughly between one hundred to two hundred fifty thousand dollars for his education and now sometimes there are errors when it comes to these reports and many times the lawmakers are merely asked to file an amendment from an ethics panel but there is no actual standard as to how this information of their net worth is hilton in los angeles and hospice suites r t. y o politicians so like us really. wonder if there's a sense of feeling out of touch that when they talk about working class issues that always sends a little vapid because they really have no idea even a two million dollar net worth i got to tell you that they're selling
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a middle class upper upper middle. look when you when you figure that the average household in the united states is probably you know make him somewhere around what that thirty to fifty thousand dollars a year is about that we have somewhere in there and these guys are pulling them you know networks a one to two million you got their allies over two hundred million dollars for it and then when you wonder what would you like your previous story and you say well why why would why would you unions be being destroyed and things like that why would politicians allow that because millionaires don't like union rights you know as president millionaire business owners and things like that which most politicians are most politicians are either like you know big business owners or noise. really when it comes down to it or have their my lawyer. you know where we're talking about you know in terms of that gap between and how much it's grown yet the rest of us. don't know what everybody else is not worth has gone down about eight percent since two thousand and four the median that medium at
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median net worth of the members of congress was one million about one million twenty nine thousand dollars and twenty thirteen and the majority were millionaires so you've got let me add to that between eighty four and two thousand and one you're saying the wealth for them to medical american family was dropping the median net worth of congress more than double seven hundred thousand dollars i mean . these people are really out a few thousand for their median net worth a member of congress grew fifteen percent since two thousand and four there they make fifty and that's just their general so they're getting richer. this hello dark money and all these things the thing it's like you can sit there and cry foul every time somebody says follow the money and well they took money from this person and everything else but if you look at that list and you look at where they're actually making their money and making their wealth you will find connections and i think a proper ethics committee on every of it to really look at that and you would see
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a lot of people making decisions as a government employee that profit for them only and i would hope that those people of the tossers report who said that their logo was at the emergency you know driver you are doctor who is still paying off student loans to the sort of what the hundred g.'s i would hope that those people in california leave the state of california would be fighting for student loan forgiveness would be devastating to restructure that they're not you know and that's the thing let me know deborah says but i mean you know the that's the thing it's like we need representation in government and when the people who are supposed to be our representatives live in a completely different world in a completely different bubble that a majority of the people living in this country you don't have representative not for a socio economic scale at all they are not represented in this country the ninety nine percent of this country are not represented by people who understand them who are them who understand their wants needs desires their hopes their dreams they don't this is why we need election reform because it cannot be the only millionaires and bill.


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