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other preoccupations besides rankings they need money more money france covered t.n. visa england but the successive governments have found it unthinkable to sharply increase tuition fees it would be political suicide so hypocrisy rules paying programs gradually and in conspicuously being introduced in certain french university departments. at the forefront of a forthcoming marketisation prestigious institutions such as paris. have been authorized to introduce tuition fees these experiments are inconsequential for now but they're definitely aimed to prepare for a change in the system one day or another. because of order of the. harbor bridge and if we're going. from says president of they moved. to come forward in this procedure don't does this
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because i'm too horse should boodles business so i'm going to shift to i'm big business indeed. that or. the. others will fall in the stock market oh my god blackstone what are the charts up a jury brought a mobster self i suggest you short yourselves a pile of money into your visser a your own corporate balance sheet a little boy your brain is a live t.v. they give us all kinds of fun experience for the financial predatory class up. it's been almost fifteen years since we've had human beings on the surface of another planetary body and i hope that we could actually put together an internet.
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or exploration initiative much like we have the international space station consortium and together the countries of the world cooperating with the private sector could afford to get back into real space exploration and i think that would that would create a real a lot of excitement. left on some of the knots is not a quick place because golf is a good country and. yes it is a minister philipp much of a family loves. visited us but that's to go to school. to study the culture. the culture of the shores of. secular suggests pulling in stressful and bias from a fellow muslim of oneself to be the middle. of the fossil. play
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a more cynical number for the best the gnostic and our better john said i'm based on i'm much less tight no one can i do not cover mr rice from catholic matter how on amanita. from michelle. shouldn't fucking on the canal himself almost feel now words to fuck him on the cool notes of the supreme assault and now fargo showed me it was a supermodel and a lot of the cities in the american are poisonous or the one of the street. cinema of our government allows this. seriously as well. over the past decade a great many european asian and african countries have introduced during creased tuition fees in their universities. in the name of excellence prices
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go up a little every way nothing seems to stop the process and yet among the four honest some questions arise and for good reason. partly is should students learn repayment that stands at around forty billion pounds a minute. that's going to rise around two hundred billion pounds by the middle of this century. at the end of two thousand and thirteen one year into the one thousand pounds really jewish mfi a parliamentary mission is called regarding the rising student debt. after several months of investigation in room fifteen of parliament the public accounts commission questions the public body in charge of student loan repayment. giving its realistic forty percent of the current money that goes up to students will never be collected at the moment that is at the top end of our estimates but it is
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not unrealistic ok so you don't quite know how you're going to fund it. well the longer term issue of lifting the cap the treasury announcement related in the first instance to potential sales from the future loan book the plan would be to sell transfers of the loads of amount you sell a particular tranche of debt the terms of compound terms and conditions upon which it is sold are as it were set in standard crystalized and the buyer of that debt buys them on those terms and that's it they don't change can we just be clear can we just be clear that the person buying the debt buys it on set terms and conditions that then cannot subsequently be changed by the new owner of the debt is that correct yes ok thank you.
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here in the u.k. the prospect of cutting the debt tranches and selling it to private investors instantly brings to mind the disastrous mechanism of subprime loans that are shattered so many lives so many families two years ago thirty to forty percent of student loans remained on paper today it's reached forty five percent we're close to the tipping point at forty seven percent of non collected debt the university system and its nine thousand pounds yearly tuition fee will cost more to the english state than it did at the time of the three thousand jailed tuition. england seems to be engaged in a dangerous game. in the u.s. the paying university system became widespread nearly forty years ago. today the student debt has reached a catastrophic point. during
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the occupy wall street movement and one of the american citizens and research professors met with andrew ross professor at new york university the world's most expensive university. these activists goal was to fight the unbearable debt to weigh in on american citizens including the housing debt health debt and most importantly the student. the student debt problem and i
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stated about one point three trillion in total and there are about forty million student debtors about eight million of those students are already in default meaning they're not paying out loans people can't imagine social goods or public goods in the united states it's unimaginable that you could have free education so there is a kind of normalizing of a of a i like to say kind of economic violence that people are used to and they just expect that that's the way that is that's the way it always will be the right to education has been supplanted by the right to access educational loans. the imposition of that has had the overall impact of stifling optional political imagination of students because they're so highly and and they have to think about their future in very particular ways that are tied to their financial position and their financial survival in the future. then
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movement tackles a huge market a for profit schools that have developed throughout the country in recent decades these schools do not target the elite of american students or the working classes poor families likely to believe in dreams.
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this is. what the end of capitalism kind of looks like or at least you know a different kind of. stayed in the capital of the sort of vitamin. this one everything we've been on all the jobs you know people are going to force to work together again. amy and christine are two young women from the detroit area who grew up in working families and who continue role in the country's high profile universities they still believed in the prospect of a better life like hundreds of other young americans they put their fate in the hands of private for profit educate. no institutions this sector has grown by two hundred twenty five percent over the past ten years. americans should be ashamed to even say that their education system is this way when we're supposed to be the best country in the world especially the richest country in the world but we are the
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richest country in the world for the rich but we're also the poorest country in the world for the poor in a way. before college i was born. i'm extremely bored there's a whole new category of people out there now. extremely more rewarded. for is almost the new rich. and sad. when i was watching the television and seen that they could make my life better if i went to their school soon as he has of the phone was hired how are you this is my name's terry winters i'm you know i'll be the one to answer any questions you have . so he basically asked me if i would be interested in coming out to the school and
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looking at the campus and seeing what programs i had to offer said that he was a graduate there that i should come check out the school when he walks through the school they have different things on the walls of jobs i could qualify for with the degree but they're not actually telling you the full details of everything and that they don't tell you that there's an arbitration clause that you can't sue the school whether individually or through a class action suit don't really know that you're getting into a predatory lending type of situation because they don't educate you to that they gloss over the financial aid it's very quick and you just initial and then you sign at the bottom. and then it was oddly he just asked you know i have a couple graduates that would like to come in and speak with you and you have an issue talking to some recent graduates and in my mind i'm thinking that's kind of cool you know i can actually talk to some people that went to the school you know see what they say about the school so young female and young male came in and
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for all i know it could have been the recruiters working with this recruiter. he came and they both came in and said that you know they found a job before they ever graduated the school placed them and that they're doing really well and they're not struggling paying their student loan baton life is just so much better now they have so many opportunities they can jump job a job they want a lot of these student advisers at these schools used to use on students to get them into an education. this is an document from a for profit college if i can find that shows all the people that were. going after welfare moms with kids relocation recent high school graduates career change of grades goes college freshman dropout physically mentally abused pregnant ladies recent incarceration recent the forced drug ability military active every
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tired dennet no future low self esteem college credits two years low income jobs vocational rehabilitation living with multitude of families experienced a recent death move in with parents experience recent birth of living with significant other and d.d.'s in durham. recent marriage self-employed no benefits so they specifically targeted all these people for these type of loans that were subprime and very expensive for the education they received and that's just the the internet is filled with all kinds of stuff like this. my mom was extremely proud she liked to brag to all of her friends like my daughter's a college and you know i never went and she's doing less great things for her life . after enrolling i called my mom and i told her i wanted to chop out and she did
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not understand why and i was like mom you know understand the school is a scam and she said i don't understand how can a school be a scam. i have a hundred four thousand dollars in student loans as of september two thousand and thirteen and they're only growing by the day. how long will it take before public european universities start charging twenty thirty or forty thousand dollars a year how long will it take for a lucrative private educational system to skid out of control like it is today in the u.s. everywhere around the world students are mobilizing can anyone out there hear them can anyone understand them they question our society our political choices what kind of world we want to live in
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a world where the economy is at the service of man. or a world in which man is at the service of the economy.
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well you could you know not to tell you it's none of us are no good morning and one million people that. killed people even. now no one's income tooling a few pennies randomly and that's. your
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call and say that. something is good in kosovo all but for barcelona. but fall for. a whatever. i did the principle is good all the principle is bad has to be a apply equally and that is being done. in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably most secretive than the pentagon more mysterious than the cia and better god it didn't fold knox swiss costumes are here permanently all the science is controlled by them and they impose the opening time so it will come up with it because it took these forms all plus the procedures in place of the strictest in all europe most to pieces by artists like pecan so and modigliani i can't boards and assumed in the side this warehouse. that's where the report comes in that it
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covers a. naturally discreet commercially discreet step but also discreet because they concern fraud for some of those paintings are linked to dark secrets nobody knows how many of these secrets a kept inside the geneva freeport system you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business.
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but you should police revealed a former russian spy and his daughter who are both in critical condition in the u.k. were targeted with a nerve agent. series of measures to prevent radicalizing shit schools prisons i don't want my. and hundreds rally in london against the sound of that bombing of yemen as readouts crown prince arrives in the u.k. on an official visit. thank you for joining us here totty international coming to you live from moscow
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i'm kate. british police say they're treating an incident involving a former russian spy and his daughter as attempted murder the country's top counterterrorism officer says. and you would deliberately targeted with a nerve agent both remain critically ill london's assistant police commissioner mark riley has given a statement on the case as police reports. was quite unusual was that he was with the country's chief medical officer as well dame sally davis giving you a bit of an indication how seriously they're taking this he said this is a major incident and they have determined that it's attempted murder by administration of a new agent who was put in a position to be. more as a result of exposure. will not be providing credit for most. of the executives of this has been identified he said that public safety remains
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a priority and for any concerned locals in the area of souls bre where this all took place he says that at the moment there's no evidence of any widespread health risk the new development that we got through what he said was that a police officer one of the first responders at the scene when. his daughter were found unconscious on this park bench that police officer is now also in a serious condition in hospital earlier on the home secretary amber rudd she chaired a cobra meeting which is a highly unusual step in itself that normally only happens in response to the national crises like terrorist attacks or things like major floods and she everyone in this situation to keep a cool head take a listen to what she had to say we need to keep her cool and make sure that we collect all the evidence we can and we need to make sure that we respond not to
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rumor but all the evidence that they collect and then we need to decide what action to take you could have thought she may have been speaking to the country's newspaper editors because they certainly had a field day with the speculation on this story before we had any facts to talk tabloids and talking about furious boris getting tough with. his one about headline one newspaper. talking about putin swearing revenge on this former double agent so the investigation is clearly a foregone conclusion for many in the british media a number of tabloids were speculating about the fate of the world cup and a potential boycott of it that was sort of hypothetically floated by the foreign secretary when questions about this in the house of commons coming back to the police investigation and the facts in this story well they've said that this is now in the hands of london's anti terror police said the investigation has been stepped
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up to the top level it could be say that they have hundreds of detectives working on this now around the clock trying to establish how so and his daughter came to be poisoned by what we now know was a nerve agent sixty six year old used to serve in russia's military intelligence in two thousand and six he passed the idea of russian secret agents in europe to the u.k. he was later caught and sentenced to thirteen years in prison in russia but in twenty ten he was released as part of a high profile spy swap with the u.s. and flown to britain political commentator john white believes the statements coming from the u.k. government are creating a dangerous situation. when it comes to britain's foreign secretary borders johnson were talking on an entirely different level of stupidity and when he stood up in the house of commons a few days ago when this incident first came to way to the opportunity to engage in
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some anti russian hyperbole he did not do so or speaking as britain's foreign secretary i suggest as the foreign secretary of the times newspaper the daily mail the daily express i'm sure the u.k.'s stablish in media that has been engaging in this anti russian hysteria and for whom it is no become a religion i'm in full agreement with britain's home secretary on the road when she says that we need to keep our cool head and let the authorities conduct our investigation with enough time and space to do so professionally and thoroughly everyone's pointing the finger at the russian government of course what we do know is that the russian government has the capability to carry a attack of this nature it has the capacity the question is does it possess the requisite stupidity because. of this nature that any taint especially this time on the part of the russian government would constitute a monumental act of political self harm resulting in severe and significant
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reputational damage across the world. francaise laid out a new plan for tackling the spread of islamic extremism in schools prisons and on the internet as part of the drive counseling will also be given to the children of islamic state fighters who return to france following the collapse of the terrorist groups so-called caliphate r.t. charlotte dubin ski reports from paris. they just children born innocent into a world of brutality. that while most children are playing with dolls and because these are being taught to play with guns and knives and some have even been trained to kill. well i mean it would depend on each individual if it should be up to the caliphate i believe the cool would be actually training guns knives and how to kill people and not only that we have seen
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people being killed and of course that makes it some form of normality for the bitches because that means when they do that will be. like them to do something very similar to the real threat to society it's impossible to know just how many children have been brainwashed by myself but they have already started to return home to germany belgium the netherlands meanwhile in france the authorities putting together a plan to reintegrate the returning children of john hardy the prime minister has said that sixty eight have already come back and many more are expected to follow. programs to help these children readjust have been announced by governments across europe but is it too late to reverse the damage already done. videos like
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this have emerged showing children carrying out mock executions. the little children are not only victims but they're on the cusp of being forced into being perpetrators but in the video that we just saw are you see the sadism of the adults being played out through the children so there are destroying the mental capacity for the child to differentiate between reality and fantasy in normal lives a murder the road ahead for these children she says is difficult and while there's no guarantee the therapy they receive will be successful she is hopeful if the child had a fairly good our emotional experience early the child will tend to be more resilient in coming through very severe traumas. that's one thing the other thing
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will be very much dependent on how well trained the therapists are governments in europe hope that by offering care and support to the children who return they can help them cast off the horrors they have in do it or even carried out and yet the risks still high that it might be too late to right the wrongs of children brainwashed and raised as i saw fighters shola deep in ski r.t. paris. britain's rolling out the red carpet for the saudi crown prince whose arrive first three day visit the lot of protests are also planned against saudi arabia's deadly bombing campaign in yemen which has been going on for three years r.t. sara lee was at one of the demonstrations. there are around three four hundred people here at this protest against the visit of the saudi crown prince mohammed
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bin cell but the protesters vary from back grainy opposition activists protesting against saudi arabia's continued involvement since they helped to suppress the revolution in two thousand and eleven to those opposing the arms trade and the war in yemen one of the people we spoke to was the labor m.p. chris williamson the british military advisors to be involved but sixty two a whole new level and and frankly trampling on britain's reputation. as a nation the stance of the human rights we've got no place it seems to me selling arms to saudi arabia and certainly we should not be participating in facilitating the role why having military advisors there now since the saudi bombardment of yemen began in two thousand and fifty the u.k. has sold over four and a half billion pounds worth of weapons while the us. is still worth over one hundred ten.


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