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it's road troops it was terrible i do not make the cut you know what can was behind army strong again army strong has not been good at recruitment and hasn't gotten people in the door and i think what you're looking at here is when you look through the numbers is that there's something really crucial and that's a big secret that marketers won't tell you is on the let it out it's like a militia it is more money does not equal a better return for your investment. i swear in marketing more money isn't the answer people will tell you that because they get a cut your advertising agency is going to say you got to spend twenty twenty million on on t.v. ads you want to know why because they get a percentage on the t.v. . so that's kind of where it is when you're talking about people army stronger this code that you have to get people to put their life on the line what they need to do is focus on word of mouth and actual on the ground staff all the commercials in the world won't make someone put their life on the line well and remember that the military like the military and the pentagon have gotten caught in propaganda
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advertising issues all over the place because we were there and exactly i was just thinking about that and other mccain fabulous you know them by the because they've been. stone pointed out in his in his documentary and hollywood do you see that they've been trying to generate something to you know paint this image that we being a perpetual war is a good thing in today's day and age but man twenty i mean when you look at this audit twenty different programs cost a collective thirty six point eight million in twelve sixteen alone the air margy response to all of this is that the audit ignores that marketing recruiting are separate activities and that they have a lack of marketing understanding or criteria for performance assessment lack of understanding to. his rich super rich so what they're trying to say is that although their job is to increase recruiting the fact that recruiting has gone down should not affect our just our opinion about their job
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performance good point. this week go to break our watchers code for good to let us know would you pick it up or just recovered a base for good twitter so you're full so is it r t v dot com coming up we're joined once again by retired brigadier general and best selling author toni tatum to discuss the best ways for veterans to reintegrate back into society after their service and then we take a trip around the sun. the group for that now so stay tuned to watch in the.
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what you go should what you get you want to use is true no matter the notebook where you and one million people died. be killed people they beat even date you. know no one's going to worry too much you everybody's around in that and that's.
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our politics often perk ludes us from seeing the struggles of those we disagree with for those who are anti-war like myself it can be hard to care about soldiers and what happens to them after the battlefield when they volunteered for a job that we may find a boring but it is in that act of humanity that we can heal the lasting wounds of war former brigadier general tony tate of for the united states army and author of fiction thriller direct fire joined us recently to give his advice for servicemen and servicewomen adjusting killing and succeeding after their military careers have ended. that's such an important topic of discussion i was getting ready to do a show when my first but book came out about ten years ago and i called the chief of army nurses and because it was a night time to kind of like the frasier crane t.v. show if you remember that it was a nighttime psychologist or psychiatrist i did an hour long call in show and he wanted me to address p.t.s.d.
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post-traumatic stress disorder and the first thing the chief nurses told me was tony don't call it disorder just call post manic stress because you can grow from that and you're doing exactly what we want every soldier to do you're writing books you feel your creative outlet you're building really resiliency into your life and so how i would answer this question is before you leave find that passion of yours and whether it's you know music or writing or you know engineering or whatever but you always have sort of a side housel you go and where where you're where you're applying yourself in a way that you're not just a bread roll one hundred percent you know soldier and you know you want to be the best possible soldier you can but you're better soldier if you have i believe a variety of interests in your well rounded in your well in your and you have depth in a certain area and to me that would be my advice is as you're on your journey in the military make sure you have other things because there's other things that you're
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interested in doing and do them because of the military at the end of the day will thank you very much for your service and then you're on to your your next thing. is it is a i mean we see the stories of things like that but is that how hard is it is for super civilians how hard is it for that transition you know from from going from a very structured lifestyle. you know i know where my food every day i know what i'm supposed to do over there at all about to. civilian or even if you especially if you're coming back from a battlefield but just in general you know how hard is that transition. i was talking to a marine wife and her husband the other day and they're making that transition and they were talking about how nerve wracking it was because in the marine corps in the army or any service you know that you go from private to sergeant sergeant to staff sergeant staff sergeant first class or lieutenant the captain etc and and in the civilian world there's there's no conveyor belt you know and so you're stepping
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off of that and you're stepping into uncertainty and there are programs to help there are lots of programs hire heroes usa those types of things that you give them your resume and then companies like the one i lead you know will war we're looking for people that have clearances that are have good skill sets and that kind of thing that good leadership skills and so we're i run a transportation and energy in defense contracting consulting company called attack and so we are looking for those kinds of folks and there's employers will hire and also sit on the board of a company that has a social mission this academy securities of in there in the finance sector and then they'll help young servicemen and women and post nine eleven veterans get their financial certificates to be a trader and that kind of thing their social mission is to have fifty percent post
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nine eleven veterans that work from there about one hundred two employees right now and they're almost there wow that's great that's really good there's you know i did i have you here so i got to ask you interest two interesting letter i got this one it just came to me actually so there's a huge gun debate in this country where our you know we do see it all the time and it's a good debate i think for the country to have and one of the issues is you know should we be allowing eighteen year olds to purchase you know like an ar fifteen or so and we maybe move that up to twenty one and that got us into a conversation we're talking about should the military age still be eighteen right or should we move that up to twenty one treatment where where should you know i'm curious to get your opinion on this is where do you feel it is that moment of like ok if we say that we can't buy this assault weapon tell you twenty one which we consider to be an adult. you know can we trust an eighteen year old with being able to be made the adult decision that i want to join the military or potentially fight
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and die for my country that's an interesting kind of a quagmire this country's in a void where it is that decision making i just curious of your opinion well you can enlist when you're seventeen and you can't deploy till you're eighteen that's the current law today and and you know the it's all volunteer force and the great men and women in list today or join the officer corps today are you know patriots and they want to. know more i want to join for education any that they know they're going to combat and to fight in defense of the country and i think the right thing that we've got what we've got happening right now is the right thing where you know you're it's a career as someone comes out of high school they can go be an auto mechanic they can go be a soldier they can go be you know whatever and then go be a trader on wall street if they get the right certificates and and so i think it's the time that young men and women are stepping into the world and eighteen and then
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go to college so they can do whatever and we shouldn't let one thing drive the other and my opinion and the debate on the age for i haven't a semiautomatic weapon and that's vailable for purchase in the united states is a whole different topic of conversation in my opinion than having a army navy air force and marine corps there and coast guard that can defend this country so they're in my opinion they're two separate debates i can see how they they might come combine in a conversation on the a r fifteen in age limit and all of that. i was a superintendent of the fifteenth largest school system in the country i know bob runcie down in broward county and very well actually and we've been communicating i've been trying to support of that but. so i can there for school security and safety you need the physical building needs to be impenetrable
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and that's one thing that the school systems have not been investing in that individual should not have been able to walk into the school system as superintendent and white county i had to press a buzzer to get into my schools and then they would unlock the door even though they knew it was me they could see it was me but in a large part of it was i was sort of challenge them to see if they were going to you know. not not follow the rules because it was important the other thing is you need intel it's like any any thing there are school security personnel in they need to get in the community they need to get in the schools and i would have my personnel do matrixes on on the schools that we have and. identify and there's a little bit of judgment call here but i'd rather be a little too far in that way than have seventeen dead children you know and i'd rather apply my my skills as a leader in an analyst to to make sure that children are safe if you think some of
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it is that we end up in the discussion about banning a gun or that it's the firearm because we don't want to have that really are discussions that we have it our schools or just the buildings themselves are not safe and we've known this for years twenty years i've heard you know drug dealers get in schools there's kids and suppose you know what in most schools in an urban setting you have to go through a metal detector and everything else than when i go into schools like the you know sort of smaller schools also where in a little more suburban suddenly it's i just walked into the school and no one stopped me that scary that is very scary and it should not happen to be thirty years because banks or children yeah in there and we wouldn't let children in our house. we would let just let us anywhere and in our host. where our children are we would we would you know we lock our doors for the heart at night and during the day and it's amazing how a simple thing just like got
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a little bit of security going through a door goes a lot farther than let's say arming a teacher or i mean just a little bit of planning pre-planning and a little bit of security could actually did make a world of difference in a lot of things that you asians the you also were secretary of north korea our department of transportation from the twenty thirteen to twenty fifteen and so i want to ask you why have your. infrastructure is a major problem in this country right now we're due to failing grades on all levels it's something very passionate on top of the micro is very passion about fixing the infrastructure in this country if you were given the keys to the kingdom with your experience what what part of infrastructure would you focus on fixing first that's a great. mass of. you so in north carolina i had eighty eight thousand miles of highway twenty two ferries and seventy two airports and two seaports i had three were road c.s.i. southern and north carolina state road one hundred transit systems and all of them
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needed massive amounts of upgrade and support and the sun tzu says if you defend everywhere you defend nowhere so you just can't throw money at everything so you as you say you have to prioritize and and you know really our highway system around the country and all of the bridges the bridges are the real key weak links in the in the chain and and those need to be assessed and upgraded we were doing that pretty aggressively we're putting a lot of money toward it and i think each state legislature dresses this kind of stuff differently but in north carolina we went to a data driven system and you need to leach the politics out of transportation money because i had a four not billion dollar budget it was one of the bigger budgets in the state government and so you know everybody's kind of polling on the and what we do. as we say all right reducing congestion is the number one criteria reducing travel times number two criteria safety is number three criteria and then there were two sort of
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alternate criteria is a multimeter all that kind of thing and and then we rank projects based upon whether or not creating jobs i was that was the fifth criteria and so i think what we need to do is nationwide have objective criteria and we ranked airports seaports you know every mode of transportation against and and nationwide i think we need a data driven system and then the and then what you'll see is your top priorities will fall well how are you reducing congestion are you increase in your modahl of the power how are you creating jobs and and those projects that do all of those things how are you increasing safety the rise of the top and that's where north carolina we put our money are going to say thank you as always for coming on it's a pleasure to be able to talk about such a wide range of issues and virtually always a pleasure so i think time. do you want to be part of the
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hottest space experiment of our time well you might be able to with a little help from nasa and william shatner the parker solar pope is set to launch from the office kennedy space center in florida on july thirty first of this year the probe will perform twenty three close fly bys of the sun over the next seven years it will study and collect data on the sun's electric magnetic fields structure and solar wind aboard the pro will be a microchip that holds the names of william shatner and those who signed up to be part of the team built even give you a certificate like best one which i received confirming my name will be on board the probe is built to withstand radiation four hundred seventy five times greater the. what we experience on earth and will withstand temperatures of twenty five hundred degrees fahrenheit so no worries about it melting off until it's time to sun join me and maybe you too can see your name as it truly goes
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where no one has gone before wow and it was so over the wall skull and up to the song we are to know that my name underestimated but we know now it's all because you already bring so much sunshine and brightness into our lives here you go that's why we got to get up to the star that is our show for today remember everyone in this world we are not over we are loved not so i tell you all i love you i am tyrol but i'm to have a lot of people are watching those talks and of the great day and night of. the new global economic war resume folding in the realm of education the right to education is being supplanted by the right to access education alone higher education is becoming just another product that can be bullish and sold but it's
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not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you could no mobiles at bruges could this also kind of funny really could mean. what is the place of students in this business model for college i was born now and i'm extremely bored high education the new global economic war. i'm done some is not is not a quick place is not a good country and. try to seek a. minister in the bush family as well before the storm. if you could just look at this this thought this is glued. to the culture. of the. left with the. i'm checking for the serious. falling in just with the embrace from fellow muslims feel to be the little. play almost
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anything from the bible for the last second hour that john said i'm based on on my shoulder as i never can i do not ask how we're sliced from crap mcnabb how and i'm not a kid. from a show cannot. confront michael now he was almost feeling now with the fact that mama. could not see this original sort of numbers before you will see about all of them go to the cities in the micro our voices in his or the world of the street the . cinema bhargava the other lot of this. series was. about. it was.
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coming out of your mouth. terrorists have shelled nearly three hundred families trying to use the humanitarian corridor to escape being something good according to russia's defense ministry journalists also like to caught up in the shelling. the u.k. home secretary confirms a former russian spy and his daughter were poisoned with the nerve agents while politicians and the media talk up the kremlin's possible row the road rules out speculation. if we are to be rigorous in this investigation we must avoid speculation and allow the police to carry out that investigation. and racially
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motivated hostility and crime against native germans are on the prize in bird lin according to the city's interior minister. very good evening to you my name's neil harvey this is r.t. international. terrorists have shelled a large group of civilians who are close to the exit of the besieged enclave russia's reconciliation center says nearly three hundred families were in that convoy both russian and international journalists are also said to have come under shelling there is no information yet on casualties and that's just hours after a humanitarian convoy was temporarily prevented from entering eastern thursday due to military developments on the ground the situation in the area remains dire.
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course from iraq as the if joins me in the studio. by the sound of it we don't have
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the casualty numbers they say sounds like a potentially higher riffing terrorist attack on the families but what else do we know at this stage well it is especially when you look at the details the russian military issued a report that. said how vents unfolded apparently according to them three hundred families had gathered in east go to band together and leave together leaving these areas war zones is always very difficult because obviously you have to cross the front lines so you can only really do it unless you are a risk taker you can only really do it if the believe agree if the syrian government agrees and the rebels the syrian government had obviously given the nod given that the stablish the corridor they are waiting for them the rebels apparently they knew but they didn't agree so when this procession of civilians was about a kilometer away from exiting hooter they had been traveling together the. shelled
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them we don't know anything about casualties about dead or injured no way of telling yet but the scrammed apparently it was all ended there and to top it all off the rebels then shelled the people the relatives in the journalists that were waiting for the civilians on the syrian side so really nothing changed this is what they did in this is what they did in aleppo i saw it many times myself we were on the receiving end of the shells while we were out those corridors but if you hear washington tell it well they think that it's all juke like russia has called for these jokes like humanitarian corridor wars russia needs to just do what the united nations had agreed to and voted on and that is a countrywide cease fire. but fleeing civilians for rebels would mean less human shields it would also be a p.r.
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blow it would show that these people don't want to leave and the rebels if they allowed all these civilians to leave they would talk they would obviously tell stories about life you know horrible details about life under jihad just so it's all a problem why let them leave there's this really new reason to if you're a rebel if you're you know the siege does they are in this situation and desperate they simply aren't allowing civilians to leave yet this is why you know why challenge the narrative why you talk about this take rebel shelling of damascus this happens daily every day blindly aimless shelling shells pepper damascus people have died people are dying and people will die to the shelling but there's there's no hysteria about it you know nobody nobody really talks about that and they don't talk about how rebels are people keeping people hostage in eastern guta they don't
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talk about how rebels are killing civilians in damascus with endless shelling it's you know there's no point there's no point in talking about this because it doesn't justify the narrative it almost just justifies assad's operation because it says the bad guys really are bad guys so talk about one side talk about casualties in east ghouta but that isn't the full story there's always two sides to any conflict but not always two sides to the reporting of it many thanks bring as of america's. ok let's stay with this story and bring in a guest now jamal wakim is a professor of history and international relations at the lebanese university in beirut welcome jamal let's just stay with the conversation we were just talking there about the humanitarian corridors the u.s. said we could go that civilians don't use them state department official calling them basically a joke and yet the reality is we see three hundred families actually trying to use
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them much peril as well unfortunately do you think washington will change its attitude to these corridors now. i don't think so i believe washington is implicated in the attacks directed by the terrorist groups against the civilians because. washington wants to use east. as a base to keep. launching attacks on the city in capital damascus. their plan was to have like a quote to go to establish a call to go to between in. the east on the eastern border of syria with iraq. as a means to undermine and jeopardize the stability of the syrian regime especially that damascus is considered as the base for the stability of the region. so that's
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why the advances and the successes achieved by the syrian army. with the support of the russian and you don't you know allies in. the united states to try to stall the. this development and at the same time they tried the by every means to stop the city in advance in the region however when they prayed. and they gave like the green light for the terrorist groups to send civilians. in the dust but it's. to keep them as human shields against to be used against the syrian army and to stall the advance of the syrian army so this is how i see. moscow's calling on the militants in eastern getting to get out the syrian givens obviously putting pressure on them will they actually give in do you think. well in the end i believe that
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they either are given or they will be defeated in the battle based on the course of the battle so far so. but the united states doesn't want this to happen because. the balance of power will. drastically to the favor of the syrian army and to the syrian. government and its allies and at the moment the united states is attempting to shuffle the whole situation. before entering into any. talk with. the allies of the sitting government may lead the russians and that's why they are not ready for a political agreement for what they want to be stabilized the regime they want to read the balance of power between to their favor to the favor of america's
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allies before entering into any political talk so that's why i believe the situation will. get worse in syria and the next few months. now your time jamal king is my guest professor of history and international relations at the lebanese university in beirut. on to other news now a former russian spy and his daughter believed to been poisoned with a nerve agent that's according to u.k. police say ok into the script our remaining conscious and in a critical but stable condition according to the u.k. some secretary after being found unconscious in the pretty city of souls break sunday the country's top counterterrorism officer says that the pair were deliberately targeted the she's being treated as a major incident involving attention by administration of a nerve agents i will not be providing clear information to the state about the exact substance that has been identified by his impact.


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