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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the lawn. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something i want to be honest. that's it like to be for us that's what before last three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters of my. question. it's been almost fifty years since we've had human beings on the surface of another planetary body and i hope that we could actually put together an international lunar exploration initiative much like we have the international space station consortium and together the countries of the world cooperating with the private sector could afford to get back into real space exploration and i think that would
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that would create a real a lot of excitement. you could you wouldn't i just noticed i noticed a plane and one million people that. killed people even. now when no one's on tooling can shoot a few pennies around and that's. welcome
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by the now have been to woman prime ministers in the united kingdom but only one madam speaker in the new eight hundred year history of the west was the parliament i'm of the modern scottish parliament has been much better at breaking through the political glass ceiling. annette miller spoke to our presiding officer of the scottish parliament from two thousand and eleven to two thousand and sixteen. the woman responsible for keeping me in order as first minister explain first the gender was not the only barrier that she had to overcome pressure maek your five years as presiding officer of the the scottish parliament between two thousand and eleven and two thousand and sixteen you are the first woman in the mirror of the scottish moment as presiding officer to move east. as one of her doing indeed notable worse and it was the first person in the chair because she was the the
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mother of the pub most experienced member way back even the oldest well i was trying to really make the watch and i choose my words carefully but as presiding officer you were the first woman chair. did you feel that was ever the shooter or had the scottish parliament develop such a way that really was of no matter what people say to me it must be a huge thrill for you to be the first woman president of this cause pub and of course it was for i used to see it and response to that yes i was also the first place i. did not go to a private school. i was the first place i did not start who had a working class background i did not go to university and saw lots of things because it off so what i've been force women i'm certainly proud of been able to represent a great proportion of people school of course the scottish parliament has been
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blessed with some formidable woman country not just with multiple bold only using rebel force mr mole it was stored in the leader of the the opposition davidson in my time the alamo goldie was the leader of the conservatives and a number of key label politicians as well. the nature of the parliament the hours of the power and the working practices to make it comparable many other parliaments all some of which we would mention but other powers a pretty friendly to people with childcare responsibilities i think because it became apparent in one thousand nine. hundred. eighty one had ever been alike that there was a theory. by the parties themselves to me because women liked it that was easier because there was no incumbents to get rid off so we went in the
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mill come but there is no male incumbents to get rid of because i find that we want men other than the c.s. that just refused to move so it was a blond new your perch unity it's very difficult for a woman who has got to go to see westminster for example hundreds of miles away you can go with the killers. you know hours you know they could be born in the time and i am we've always had one point five cork get of withheld and i think really really important and i think the importance of women been near can be seen and the kinds of legislation whether or not. domestic violence and the why there was a much emphasis on issues to do with women to deal with family to do be vulnerable people than anything we really seen in westminster you're very seriously ill when you are presiding officer and yet continue to impost with hope people will
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think be aware of just as soon as you can this was you one of two of us will produce the two to be told by you but not nearly so close to how you confronted that illness and turman that you could still continue in post and be affected was preserved that's pretty appalling. and not felt the worst are always before i was diagnosed with cancer so for a period from about it all to june for a diagnosis i was very ill and they in june when i was diagnosed by all cancer and had to you have an operation practically two days afterwards and you of course i phoned up. to see and of course a longstanding friendship to let you know how well our wars so i had the operation in june i was off for about three weeks luckily we went into recess then for the
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summer. i was having chemotherapy and without him back at the beginning of the end of august second of september which it was of this is two thousand and thirteen when i came back and we still haven't chemotherapy and the only people who knew at that stage where my private staff in the office because they were looking after me my family and very few others but you know it was important that i didn't tell anybody just i was. because it comes to the fight the it can't you witness and which are a key part known i was in the chair that would have done two things it would of help. from being as rough boisterous as the should be or second little bit take advantage of up and i just really really important to keep love pointed and know maybe i could do that was not telling anybody this also of course the fear that i
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was not going to get better and that you know i wanted to handle this and my own we would see the. next nobody realized the seriousness of your illness or mental was a great tribute to the louie you handled. for five years in the. scottish parliament no retired presiding officer what advice would you give me not your successor because of the advice that but the who's aspires to to be in the chair the school is part of the future what would you say the key thing is to be a successful presiding officer well i think i was really lucky because you pointed me in one thousand nine to be the data doesn't spanish are normally butyl of the parliament we're all the businesses but. then i was very fortunate the minister had business manager of
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a stomachache who was an operator and i understood so much more from him then you know than i could ever imagine he was he was brilliant i knew standing orders but the front. so when i did the come the plate officer i knew the standing order so well if you know any of the cards or the risk of me advice you had to know that i was going to challenge the most necessary in first place with various as no rules nor the rules or to inform absolutely should not have a referee should know the rules better than anybody else because once you know that you have got the comfort of knowing you can fall back into i hate myself for seeing the shy and because my kids will be busy show you seeing what i ask what else i think you know is the greatest thing i've done in my life. one more point of of interest not of course look quite because it's been preserved of those
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go to parliament but for the slot the interview you get the alex salmon quick for me on the show thank you i have a i have given away so many of them in the past and you know i think this is one of the few that you will receive thank you very much indeed for smiling thank you so much it. the ongoing came to prominence as the wife of manchester united football or. she established to win t.v. created in the hugely popular real housewives of cheshire before and i'm making a further transition into an activist against economic and physical oppression of women by her support for the charity one woman at a time leon joins me now welcome thank you and happy international women's day to you. thank you very much for joining us you are really keen to talk to you about your journey from what i suppose you were termed during the time when where it was playing for manchester united as the wife of ways to now being the amazing charity
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activist you are working internationally and of course in the middle of finding some time for three lovely young reducing girls i'd also working in the reality t.v. sure the real housewives of cheshire tells the bit about your journey i've always been charity were always fundraisers have a patron of another charity once upon a smile and just recently one called lily trust they're both like bereavement charities but one woman at a time it was a lady called gene on the said she's the founder and later that i've known for about seven years me she did my head in a birthing with my youngest child and we reconnected about eighteen months ago and she lived in africa she's next midwife she told me about her work on the f. g.m. and something just really resonated within me that i wanted to help in africa it's about the. early marriage so we basically sponsor girls to get an education and any cost that they can do just to get their own independence and
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their own money so they don't have to be sold they don't have to marry also with the female genital mutilation i just think it's so important to be able to empower the girls and explain what's going to happen so they they can have their own voice and stand up and say no obviously there are lots of charities out there working with women and and children unicef save the children care for example what sets a charity. one woman at a time apart for you well the three main areas that where looking at is of assistance from the girls for education. the hospital the maternity the babies i mean in this hospital in this village there's nobody in water in the hospital and it's just crazy well how they be surviving there and you think how clean like the hospitals are here and you just have to deal with what they have got so the maternity side of it with the hope to train midwifes to be able to have. to stab more staff that speak their own language in that area as well that's really
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important and also we managed to take over some washable sanitary towels when we went over there this time and these i mean some of the girls they have to miss school if they're on the menstrual cycle because and even some newspaper because they don't have any facilities. and these towels just the so good and they last over twelve months on this so easy to use so we did a demonstration with the girls and showed them how to use them and we're hoping to find out the materials that that they use and be able to then make their own does any of that take an emotional tool on you because not only are there women who may be made in a long line succession line of of women who've been. a particular gentleman but also very young young brides. of our children i suppose sometimes do you find that quite difficult to deal with that first hand it's horrendous i mean these
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girls in africa they're like thirteen thirteen fourteen when they're told they're becoming a woman and it's like a rite of passage ceremony a and they have a big party and then that's i mean they don't know what's going to happen to them one girl called salome. in the refuge told her story of she overheard a parent's talking about there and there was. i know man in the room and she was led to believe that this is going to be the man she's going to marry and she'd escape to the middle of the night lived out in the bush for a few months and got found and now we're helping and she's now to have some schooling and now she's to further education so we got to meet her and it's just it just makes my heart sing to be able to meet the girls and be on the ground and see what what's being done speaking of international women's day i mean this country we've come so far with one hundred years and with the votes in and everything and just to go there and say that these women have no rights of course just this
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weekend we must mention you had your first ball the empowerment bowl yes in manchester to raise money for is this for the for the one time charity how did that go i did all the organizing and light which the nearly everybody i knew in the room so it was there it was daunting it was just overwhelming the donations the generosity of everyone in the region of about thirty thousand pound so i'm so over the moon that i can just take on to india obviously increasingly and i hope this is the case that way is being new and it's your husband know existed if you're trying to be he's always you playing football in india how is that working for you that you're here sometimes in africa sometimes in india that's a family balance trying to keep everything together we just make it work as a family and if that is just probably made us stronger as a couple having to deal with live in a pot and makes the time together all the more precious and he says he managed to
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find charity work to do in india to make that work so with india it's more about the abuse the domestic abuse sexual abuse and obviously connected with the refugee over that because of. korea football korea now in india with as i am so. overwhelmed at how we used to come forward what i'm doing and he got involved with the refuge in india. and he's took a couple of teammates over that to me and they have now asked him to be pastor of to save the children campaign over there to riyadh it's a wonderful story and good luck with all of the excellent work that i know you're going to do and those with bringing up for a new day see lovely young ladies and so much thank you. well europe's eyes fixed on mighty things the fate of empires in the fall of kings well quite so state must each produce his plan and even children list the rights of man amid this mighty fuss just let me mention the rights of women still met it some attention so happy
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international women's day and from time to me and all that the show was good bye for now. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education has been supplanted by the right to access educational loan higher education is becoming just another product that can be bought and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you're good models of the regime look good it's also true trying to follow it couldn't we. want is the place of students in this business
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model for college as more now and an extremely more high education the new global economic war. done some is not is not a quick place is not a good country and. true. but mr bush among us well muffled sounds. familiar that's what the other is going. to say that the culture. of the culture less with the. secular c.d.'s. falling is just one of the unbiased found us. the among the muslims feel to be the middle. play almost anything for the most elite based on logic and our better john said i'm based on on my shoulder as i have no one can i do it not the last i will just like this from happening tonight i don't
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i'm not a kid. from a shallow tummy and cannot. turn from mom i cannot move he was almost feel now with the top and i. could not see this original saw the numbers grow show you will see about all of them go to the cities in the micro our voices in his or her beloved history. of cinema bhargava of their lives as. the series was. about. that was. coming out of your house.
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breaking news from syria multiple casualties a confirmed of the terrorist show civilians trying to escape from eastern guta through a humanitarian corridor according to the russian defense ministry journalists were also caught up in the shelling. buke a home secretary confirms a former russian spy and his daughter worked poisoned with a nerve agent while politicians and the media took up the crime than its possible role rules out speculation if we are to be rigorous in this investigation we must avoid specter. nation and allowed the police to carry out that investigation. and racially motivated hostility and crime against native germans are on the rise in birth live according to the city's interior minister.
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or as a. very good evening to you my name is neil harvey this is r.t. international. we start this hour with breaking news because multiple casualties have been confirmed after terrorists shoulder a large group of civilians who were trying to flee the besieged enclave of eastern guta that's according to russia's defense ministry it says nearly three hundred families were in the convoy both russian and international journalists are also believed to have been targeted by that shelling this is just hours after he a humanitarian convoy was temporarily prevented from entering the eastern ghouta region on thursday due to military developments on the ground the situation there remains dire. i'm from.
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that matter. there i discussed the issue with our correspondent run goes the. the russian military issued a report that. said how vents unfolded apparently according to them three hundred families had gathered in east go to band together and to leave together leaving
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these areas war zones is always very difficult because obviously you have to cross the front lines so you can only really do it unless you are a risk taker you can only really do it if the believe agree if the syrian government agrees and the rebels the syrian government had obviously given the nod given the stablish the corridor they're waiting for them the rebels apparently they knew but they didn't agree so when this procession of civilians was about a kilometer away from exiting guta they had been traveling together the rebels shelled them we don't know anything about casualties about dead or injured no way of telling yet but they scrammed apparently it was all ended there and to top it all off the rebels then shelled the people the relatives in the journalists that were waiting for the civilians on the syrian side so really nothing changed this is what they did in this is what they did in aleppo i saw it many times myself we were
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on the receiving end of the shells while we were out those corridors but if you hear washington tell it well they think that it's all juke like russia has called for these jokes like humanitarian corridor wars russia needs to just do what the united nations had agreed to and voted on and that is a countrywide ceasefire freeing civilians for rebels would mean less human shields it would also be a p.r. blow it would show that these people don't want to leave and the rebels if they allowed all these civilians to leave they would talk they would obviously tell stories about life you know horrible details about life under jihad just so. the problem why let them leave there's this really new reason to if you are a rebel if you are. perceived as they are in this situation and desperate they simply aren't allowing civilians to leave yet this is why you know why challenge
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the narrative why you talk about this take rebel shelling of damascus this happens daily every day blindly aimless shelling shells pepper damascus people have died people are dying and people will die to the shelling but there's there's no hysteria about it you know nobody nobody really talks about that and they don't talk about how rebels are people keeping people hostage in eastern guta they don't talk about how rebels are killing civilians in damascus with endless shelling it's you know there's no point there's no point in talking about this because it doesn't justify the narrative it almost just upside justifies assad's operation because it says the bad guys really are bad guys so talk about one side talk about the casualties in east ghouta but that isn't the full story. former
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russian spy and his daughter believed to have been poisoned with a nerve agent according to you kate police said script remained unconscious and in a critical but stable condition according to the home secretary after being found unconscious in the party city of souls on sunday the country's top counterterrorism officer says that the deliberately targeted this is being treated as a major incident involving attentive. administrate of a nerve agents i will not be providing. about the exact substance that has been identified. well let's give you some background first on surrogate script power he used to serve in the russian military intelligence service but in one thousand nine hundred five he was taken on as a double agent by the u.k. courts script in two thousand and four and later convicted him of revealing the identity of russian secret agents in europe he was sentenced as a result to thirty years in prison but he served on the four of them before being released as part of a high profile spy swap with the united states he was later flown to britain is
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what the u.k. home secretary said earlier today in parliament. very true to a new case or is a brazen. act but if we are to be rigorous in this investigation we must avoid speculation and allow the police to carry on the first occasion well that was her updating the house of commons on this case and she cautioned against speculation and not just speculation in the media it's something that now the politicians are doing as well many of them have pointed the finger of blame squarely at last and some are even using it as an opportunity to push for more defense spending take a listen the circumstantial evidence against russia is very strong who would harm. the. defense it's the first duty of the realm and spending two percent on the fence is not enough there will come
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a time for tradition and there will be consequences and there will be further information that follows but now i'm concerned about the incident and the consequences around and actually speaking in an interview this morning the defense secretary gavin williamson pulled that thread as well he refused to say whether or not he thought moscow was behind the attack on sergey script but almost in the same breath he also referred to russia as an ever greater threat despite the home secretary's appeal for everybody to keep a cool head about this news stories about sergei script pollen the therese just keep on coming one media report has even linked him to the intelligence that came up with that so-called dodgy dossier on donald trump so some pretty wild theories swirling around in the meantime the police are getting on with the police investigation somewhere where they might actually on
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a few facts it's now been divided into three separate sites that investigation the script files home. the pub where they were drinking on sunday with their daughter and a pizza restaurant where sergey script alan his daughter thought to have eaten and the police say that they came in through the c.c.t.v. footage that they have and they're building a detailed timeline of events they've got hundreds of office says working around the clock trying to find out who it was that used that nerve gas on sergei script powell and his daughter and why. donald trump has announced a white house meeting over the possible imposition of import tariffs on steel and all your money and it's expected to start in around an hour's time the plans have been widely criticized around the world with the president accused of trying to spark a trade war. good
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you should treat your one you choose if you're treated poorly surely the room prescription for china will certainly make it appropriate and necessary response we will defend our interests if we need to come. to greece terrorists will hurt us all the boom trade rules are an easy tools. and it's expected that all steel exporters to the us will pay an extra twenty five percent with a ten percent tariff slapped on our new million coming into the country. opposes the move and is considering employing counter measures the states are considering new tariffs on consumer goods produced in the u.s. including clothes motorcycles peanut butter and juice.


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