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had a media meltdown so percy jackson had to defy a subpoena samoa then he seemed to indicate he might comply also said he thought mullah had something on trial what was your reaction to the nunberg affair or call it fair number it was it was kind of sad i mean i think i don't think this was the finest hour for the media frankly and i think this is someone who has he seems to be going through kind of a rough time there were some reports that people were smelling alcohol in his breath yesterday and he wasn't of right mind he's not someone who has been in the loop from what i can tell and trump world for a long time so it's unclear to me how much he would have to offer whether to to the robert muller or to even the viewers of the various shows he went on you know you think those shows should not have put him on i think after a while i mean i think maybe the first two interviews were worthwhile but but the fact is. you know he was pretty clear early on that he.
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again was not thought of of right mind and might might have been a you know not a great thing to be putting before t.v. cameras logon chris stay right there more politicking right after the break.
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do not the last car with rice contract mcnabb had on amanita. from michelle tom in cannot. confirm i can now move. someone must feel when i was fuckin on it. gets to sit in the sun enough i suppose he's able to see about i want to go to the cities in the next. place is it the one of the street. i'm about to get there you know there was a. seal this was. your conseco that. something is good in kosovo or bad for barcelona. all bad fall for. a whatever. and i did the principle is good though the principle is bad has to be apply equally
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and that is not being done. back to politicking we're talking with mark leibovich chief national correspondent for the new york times magazine and chris willful author of the new york times bestseller the gatekeeper how the white house chief of staff defined every president sounding the paperback with an updated version. is chris is jared questioner in trouble what do you make of that situation. well you know it's always it's very dicey dealing with family in the white house. james a baker the third who was ronald reagan's quintessential white house chief of staff perhaps the best of the modern era was a guy who knew he was so politically savvy he could navigate those treacherous shoals with nancy reagan who was the personnel director for for ronald reagan and
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mike deaver who was almost like a son to reagan and baker was smart enough to make them allies and so that when the run hard right wing to. him after baker he he he was able to fend them off. kelly is just not nearly as politically savvy as james a baker the third and i would have thought that kelly would find a way to finesse this and and manage to have questioner continue to function and carry out whatever this portfolio portfolio is but it appears that it's coming apart and so it's but it's not easy dealing with family in the white house what is krishna's qualifications marked in. the middest he married the president's daughter i mean that from what i can tell me he doesn't seem terribly qualified or steeped in you know any kind of deep mideast policy background at all so now look i mean
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it's all about family it's all about bloodlines and again this is one of the many norms that has been sort of blown up in this administration and typically he wouldn't be there this didn't happen with robert kennedy and john kennedy that was a little slower and then robert kennedy turned out to be a pretty tough attorney general during the month yeah absolutely i mean he was i mean you could argue he was far more qualified for the job the attorney general was as dared question or as for whatever his portfolio was so yeah absolutely why is this administration so leaky is maybe the leak is denver chris. well it has a lot to do with it you know that the fish rots from the head that's that's the reality and i think when you have a president and you have an administration that just doesn't have any respect for the truth for openers that is a just look at cars constantly at war with itself you're going to have
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a lot of leaking you're going to have terrible discipline you never saw this with we certainly we saw a leaks but never to this extent with other administrations and i think it again it starts at the top where do you think they're rushing thing is going. i think it beats me and i think one thing that we have all found over and over again is any kind of effort to predict what robert mueller is doing or what he's about to do or who he's looking at who's going to indict is the fool's errand i mean he that is one entity in washington that has been extremely and quite impressively leak free and i think it's to his great credit in the credit of his team that he's been able to surprise people over and over and over again so i guess that's sort of a fancy way of saying i have no idea mark thank you both the a time today was terrific back thanks for having us for seven years the syrian civil war has raised on many thousands of them killed millions that fled the war ravaged country
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resulting in political upheaval around the globe including in the united states the u.n. has attempted ceasefire resolutions the u.s. bombs syrian military installation last year after accusing the assad government of gassing rebel strongholds russia continues to be the greatest ally of the syrian government. this week so it's being called the deadliest day in the ongoing war after rubles and civilians in the city of. were bombed so where is the united states fit into this long running war and has the trumpet ministrations shown any answers or will to help bring an end to the carnage let's talk about that with a loan so it's our middle east expert co-author of a path to peace a brief history of israeli palestinian negotiations and a way forward in the middle east a tour of the with george mitchell the former u.s.
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special envoy for middle east peace he is in san francisco and joel rubin who served as deputy assistant secretary of state for legislative affairs in the obama administration he's president of the washington strategy group joel joins us from washington who came alone will start with you we've seen the deadliest day who's in who's in violation of the cease fire well when they u.n. security council all declared a cease fire about ten days ago in the hope that that could lead to a period of calm for a little while and that happened so many times in the path the assad regime continues to bombard civilian positions throughout syria with the help of russia in particular and in its attempts to exert more control over the syrian territory. as it stands now president
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bashar al assad is in the strongest position he has been in really since the start of the civil war support from russia the help of the iranians. have really helped prop up the assad regime in a way that allows him to feel confident in his ability to remain in power in the future the rebels told. what happens if that forms joe well larry if it falls certainly it would be tragic and right now we're witnessing a very defensive crouch on american policy in syria we essentially are supporting the syrian kurdish minority military apparatus to protect a non clave and protecting them from iranian intervention russian intervention and whatnot but there's really no policy here so as enclaves may fall it's not clear
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what the next way forward is and the failure of the administration to gather significant diplomatic leverage and pool the warring parties together not includes engaging iran and russia the failure to do that is essentially leaving us in this continuous cycle of syrian government forces running over and cliff sometimes successfully sometimes not but not really seeing and to this tragic conflict alone is seen as the great moral issue. what are we doing. absolutely is a moral issue as you said in the opening there have been hundreds of thousands of syrian deaths throughout the civil war millions upon millions of displaced people it's really. as it's been described as hell on earth in syria right now the real question is what can the u.s. to do and that is something that the trumpet ministration obviously is struggling
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with but so did the obama administration it is just unclear what kind of policy we could put forward that will allow for there to be some peaceful resolution at this time as jol said what we could be doing is pushing more forcefully for a diplomatic resolution but also making it very clear to assad and to the russians that there are limits to trump as ministration has done this in the past it's bomb facilities most recently bombed a convoy that included russian contractors that really set a different tone between the trumpet ministration and the obama administration but it's not clear whether they're willing to continue to follow through with these kinds of actions going forward there have been recent reports of new chemical attacks in syria chlorine attacks and so far the u.s.
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hasn't really done anything and so what we really need is a clear strategy and a way to push forward joe why is the sole support of what was saud. well this goes back really larry for decades russia earlier the soviet union was and is a patron of syria it has syria has always been a in a sense a beachhead for russia in the middle east the russians have a seaport there and russia is loath to give it up that's why putin came in very heavy a couple of years ago to militarily support assad when assad was in a very weak position and essentially took control of the skies and it's unlikely that that's going to change and that really opens up a larger strategic question for the united states which is that now with russia essentially controlling the assad regime in partnership with iran there is going to
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be a what looks to be a permanent beach head in the heart of the middle east for russia and israel as we see is beginning to engage militarily in syria that will lead to anywhere good we're going to have to recognize reality as it is and deal directly with russia first to cauterize in a sense this horrible tragic humanitarian catastrophe is as alone mentioned and really stop the killing and then move back into a different position but it does look like russia is there to stay when obama did nothing after you drew that line in the sand was that a big mistake along. i think it was a mistake. you could argue whether it was the right thing to draw the red line or whether we should have acted after that red line was drawn but the reality is that president assad used chemical weapons after we had been very clear that there would be consequences and there were no consequences for that the problem is if you get
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involved in that kind of way how do we extract ourselves from that it could be an endless war in syria and it's something that the american people don't seem to have an appetite for right now so these are incredibly tough decisions and on top of that right now as joe was saying you have iranian and russian influence throughout syria and the potential for a u.s. conflict directly with those countries is increased exponentially so it's very very challenging. joel bloomberg editorial board recently said it's time for another red line in syria one that the united states will not back away from is not a good idea. red lines tend to be trip wires for further conflict i think that it's crucial that we keep our military options close to the vest and as alone mentioned
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there was a recent kinetic activity in theater that was a tactical response by the u.s. military to an incursion a potential incursion in territory and that was an appropriate response and it pushed away the the the opponents but we have to be careful about not boxing ourselves in once we draw breath lines were then committed and it may really not be the best policy they don't always work and clearly the red line and president obama there was a bit of hubris in the white house that by laying a red line somehow that would have prevented assad from using chemical weapons i don't think they calculated that he would cross that threshold so boldly but he did and president obama blinked and the congress blinked as well and we are now in a harder position today so we need to be very careful but breadlines but what we should be doing is making sure that our allies and the regional adversaries understand that we're committed to ending this conflict and really engaging with
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all of the key players alone joel thanks so much for joining us today we'll be calling on you again. thank you thank you and thanks to you our viewers for joining me on this edition of paula to do remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page tweet me at kings things and don't forget use the politicking hash tag that's all for this edition of politicking.
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headlines in r.t. u.s. senators are calling for dialogue with moscow after president putin recently revealed russia's latest nuclear weapon. also to come president trump tariffs on imports of steel and our many i'm raising phase of a global trade war with other powers vowing to retaliate and fifteen humanitarian vehicles reached the rebel held syrian enclave of eastern guta a day after shelling by terrorists killed civilians trying to escape the district. hello there you with r.t. international this friday afternoon it's just turned three o'clock here in the sky our top story senate is already in washington to engage in urgent talks with moscow
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to minimize the risk of conflict they've written a letter to the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson is part of it. u.s. russia's strategic dialogue is following president putin's public address on march the first when he referred to several new nuclear weapons russia was reportedly developing including a cruise missile and a nuclear underwater drone which are not going to limited by the new start treaty and would be destabilizing if deployed well it really does feel like putin's addressed earlier this month did prompt this and really hit its target of getting the west attention and while this letter is directed at the secretary of state rex tillerson it urges him to begin strategic talks with russia without delay and within that there's also contain warnings and accusations towards russia the allegation that russia is in violation of the i.n.f. treaty is repeated it within there which of course russia has repeatedly denied and
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there are also calls to extend existing arms treaties with moscow to cover the new weapons that putin referenced in his address at the beginning of march so clearly the u.s. is worried but the fact is russia has been alarmed by certain actions being taken by the west and by america in particular for quite some time now not least of which being you know washington's expanding deployment of missile defense systems they have them in alaska they have them in california there's of course also nato is continuous expansion into eastern europe they have that in romania and poland as well with future plans in other parts of the world and what have may have been the straw to break the camel's back here in the situation was an early february we saw the us release their nuclear posture review and within that it widened the gamut of scenarios where a nuclear response could be considered and that includes in response to a non-nuclear attack so rather frightening idea there and all that has been
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concerning russia for some time the balance of power in the world or the lack thereof maybe i should say and putin himself said on march first that maybe the world. listen to those concerns now. russia is a major nuclear power basically nobody wanted to talk to us nobody listened to us so listen to us now so listen to us now says the russian president and apparently there are a lot of things now to be listening to yes what he announced i mean these weapons are nothing to shake a stick at there's the super heavy i.c.b.m. that's a massive missile that putin says is capable of defeating any defense system in the world there's a cruise missile with an unlimited range and that's among laser weapons and an underwater nucular drone so quite a bit there and the senators say that due to putin's announcement of these weapons it's more important than ever to come to the table and talk with russia in order to
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avoid conflict even at the height of cold war tensions the united states in the soviet union were able to engage on matters of strategic stability leaders from both countries believed as we should today that the incredible destructive force of nuclear weapons is reason enough to make any and all efforts to lessen the chance that they can never be used again and that idea of strategic stability really seems to be on the same page with putin's thinking because after his speech on march the first there was a lot of uproar that this is a threat to the world security and whatnot but the russian president himself said that was not the goal that russia has no plans of attacking anyone it's purely defensive and that it's in fact to try and preserve peace in the world so right now we have course have seen that u.s. russia relations have really hit an all time low and moscow has already responded this responded to this letter saying that before anything can be discussed any new treaties can be discussed and whatnot that really does need to get fixed so that's at the first forefront right now well russia has already indicated that it is open
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to the idea of dialogue political commentator john bolton it believes that despite the current tension between the two world powers paste. will prevail. russia and president putin in specific has laid out the declaration that if any russian ally is attacked that there is going to be a response from russia that means the bit by bit chipping away at non american controlled countries like libya and other countries around the world such as syria that's all over so if this gambit succeeds the world is looking forward to a period of unparalleled peace peace because there is no alternative . in other news an aid convoy of fifteen trucks has reached to deliver essential oils to the syrian enclave which is controlled by rebels and
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terrorists on thursday militant shelled civilians trying to leave the area and several people were killed. looks now at how such incidents hamper the russian sponsored evacuation process according to the russian military three hundred families had allegedly gathered together to leave eastern ghouta crossing the frontlines is always dangerous so it's best done when there's a safe window with the agreement of both deliverance the syrian government was waiting for them the rebels started this he knew what was going on and shelled them they reportedly shelled the procession of civilians a mere kilometer before they were out of east ghouta and then to top it all off they shelled their relatives and journalists waiting on the syrian side at the end of the corridor nothing's changed they aren't allowing civilians to leave just like the islam islam is brother and did in aleppo.
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that started this you know. he never said. what they said about you but any use for that ministry in some star city kind of thing. yet here in washington tell it you don't mention that they think it's joke like russia has called for these jokes like humanitarian corridor wars russia needs to just do what the united nations had agreed to and voted on and that is a countrywide ceasefire fleeing civilians would mean less human shields it would be a p.r. blow people don't. want to stay with the rebels though talk say all sorts of horrible things about life and the jihad ists they'll challenge the narrative why let them
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leave too many problems take also rebel shelling of damascus blind aimless shells peppered damascus daily for years now so many dead and still dying still to die yet you won't see any hysteria about that in fact you won't hear much at all they won't admit that rebels are keeping people hostage because that justifies assad's operation as do those that die in rebel shelling so why mention it it ruins the narrative it's so much simpler when it's all black and white most of the united states press is clearly on the side of the rebels they believe that assad is evil person who is running an evil regime and they'd like to see it all and therefore stories about the suffering of syrians and damascus because that rebel aren't don't make much impression and occasionally they get through the stories but
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they are they're not. they're not the overriding story which is that is. a brutal regime and refuses to make compromise and it's leading to a very lopsided narrative but also on thursday dozens of aid trucks were prevented from entering. due to fighting there on the ground and u.n. aid convoy however was allowed into the area on monday although it did have to leave amid heavy fighting even before unloading was finished situation the area does remain dire and civilians as we've seen have little chance of escaping. the.
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so i was growing up around. me about my mother. was. this is a extraordinarily violent time it's been a very bloody two months here the beginning of this year it is really hell on ground for the children it is very difficult there are problems arguments they are scared they are see death and violence at a scale that you would hope no child would see there is a lack of food and water it brings disease many of the families are crowd.


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