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eight hundred thirty women die each day around the world from pregnancy complications that should have you know i believe in two thousand and nine the words highest among african-american women even when they have a higher income that is absolutely ridiculous in this day and part of it is actually interesting because the williams sister when she got pregnant recently had issues and one of problems she had was communicating to her doctors where they don't trust women and especially black women doctors will question what they have to say when they say they have problems i mean you look at some of the numbers that you've compiled these are important numbers that remind us why we have to celebrate these days why we have to take pause twelve thousand dollars is the average yearly salary of women around the globe twelve thousand dollars it's ridiculous we have a measure average just twenty one thousand that's even more was just put that number yeah. yeah. yeah i mean there's a couple things about one. there's this idea of this double standard that i want to
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talk about and one is this you know you have on one side you have politicians the other side you have businesses and on one side is the corporations that said you know it's like mcdonald's mcdonald's is like hey it's international women's day it's awesome we're going to flip the arches so what it meant men all the other day and all the ladies we got that one day a year we could go to mcdonald's and then you have politicians who are also just the sort of silly hypocritical because mcdonald's doesn't treat its female workers very well and they don't have a lot of maternity leave so what's maybe spend that money flipping a sign on something a little more productive that you have politicians you have someone like nancy pelosi was one of the most powerful women in the country it took her over a week or two to call a male colleagues who were found to have absolutely committed sexual improprieties while in office or before or after whatever so you conyers it took her what ten days to say something and she. just really didn't do
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a whole lot they all hemmed and hawed over al franken because the truth is if it was a republican they want to even stop there was that all there is the picture it's done but it wasn't that way and then it was suddenly the russians that it these people that a crazy whatever did it and the republicans are helping. this administration has put a cavalcade of on qualified women who then snipe at other women who snipe at other women and it all becomes this thing where it's ok if one side does it and it's not it's still sexism even if it happens to someone you don't like which is why i've stood up for people that women that i didn't feel great about but in that instance like there were times when kellyanne conway was not was absolutely it was sexism and that's the part where women have to stand together not just when it's a presidential election and they have you know. the right name or the right person or oprah's up there and suddenly you care you have to care all the time you have to be intersectional you whereas it can't just be about white women every time care cannot be cannot be about white women every time very hard to get
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a break or watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of a proper coverage of this book or see our poll shows that are dot com coming up marcos tabitha wallace will tell us on international women's day where the states line up when it comes to women's rights and artie's natasha's right sweet how's the latest startling numbers of the opioid christ state to washington. i've done some is not is not quite place is not a good country and. try to secure a bunch of ministers there but some of us well some of the storm. does exist but that is a style that is a little. less resistant. thankfully and just with unbiased from some of the some of them of them still to be with him. on the social. play almost anything for the numbers for the
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base ten dots they cut out wide that are johnson on base that on my shoulder as part of tightening can i do not the last color mr right is from that matter how on amanita. in the fucking on the canal move he was almost real now we're going to fuck him on a cool let's do this or we're going to sort of enough our good show for this to go out on a lot of the cities in the michael our. voices in this are the lot of the street. justice in a mode arguably of the lot of this. series. women make up fifty one percent of the united states population guess what we are the majority but. only twenty two percent of our senate in one thousand point three
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percent of our house of representatives are women and twenty seventeen the me too in time's up movements emerge and quite profoundly change the direction of the conversation around women's safety in the workplace but how do women outside of hollywood and capitol hill fair in their lives while the tug teamed up with a group of women experts to examine twenty three metrics for median income the poverty the life expectancy and homicide rates gathered from the census the c.d.c. f.b.i. and more so what states are best for women and what states are failing to live up to the expectation of a quality well looks like the study found that states that voted blue primarily in the last presidential election tend to be friendlier for women with republican red states struggling to give women a fair shot in all areas the best state for women the absolute best based on social wellbeing health and safety is minnesota the top the rankings and median earnings
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life expectancy and safety and the land of a thousand lakes is the only midwestern state to top the list north dakota and my home state of wisconsin were in the top five as well filling out the top five or top ten were northeastern states vermont and massachusetts coming in six's maine with hawaii connecticut iowa new hampshire rounding out the top ten places phillips for what to get to the bottom of the list will have to go south the worst states for women are alabama. oklahoma mississippi and arkansas and at the very bottom is the great state of louisiana which brings is the worst place for women with a score of thirty six out of one hundred so what areas decide if a place is good for women well this states with the highest median income for women are talked by state that isn't a state turns out washington d.c. the district with no representation taxation does represent women in the paycheck
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coming in second again is minnesota moving down the list to delaware virginia and illinois rounding up the top five states with the highest median income for women say sort of the most unequal in pay with the lowest median income for female workers are kind of a surprise well why isn't the top ten overall there dead last in median income for women california thought to be a destination of quality as in the bottom five states with montana maine and oregon struggling to provide living wages to women now poverty that's a tricky subject because see when you see that hawaii's in the fifth lowest percentage of women in poverty despite the low wages overall no new hampshire maryland and connecticut bottom out the list with alaska for lowest percentage of women in poverty then it's back to the south again for those higher poverty rates that you don't want arkansas kentucky louisiana new mexico and mississippi have the highest poverty rates for women in the entire country mississippi is the worst
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touting a paid gap in the state that gives women just seventy five cents per one dollar made by men being uninsured in the united states could also be a death sentence pacifically for women. those states with the lowest rates of uninsured women were massachusetts at the top washington d.c. coming in second with for montana why in minnesota as states that have the lowest rates of uninsured women kind of explained some of the strangeness in the numbers but in states like georgia oklahoma florida nevada alaska and then deming to texas if you're a woman you have a higher chance of being uninsured this leads to debt poverty lack of medical care or avoidance of care due to cost that we have life expectancy the world wide life expectancy of women from birth runs from eighty three in japan to fifty in c. of places like sierra leone in the u.s. women can expect to be born with a high life expectancies in places like hawaii california minnesota again
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connecticut massachusetts in the because they have better health programs though again if you are in southern states like louisiana west virginia oklahoma alabama mississippi your expected to live shorter poor and harder lives than women in the other states what does all this mean you know what well it means that we aren't doing a very good job of taking care of all the members of our society healthy women have and raise healthy babies children in homes with a strong woman who can make just as much as a man for the same work hope and courage the empowerment of women and equality we can argue politics all day but maybe it's time to start thinking about making things better for the majority of americans instead of kicking the health safety and earning power of women down the road for the next script for people to deal with that's a great point and those numbers are truly truly fascinating when you get into that because it does show a lack of brotherhood or sisterhood the fifty states of the union here in the you
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were speakers and if we can all of the states keep up their of the bargain especially when it comes to equality equal pay for health care things of that nature then what are we doing and then. here's the biggest one i think it really connects because when you see the place we have very uninsured that we're going to develop high amount of uninsured you see these other problems like poverty and median income get harder and harder and harder especially on women and what you're talking about is when you take it to the other side it's often the reason that these states are better even if say their median income is an extremely high but they have a great health care program that you have a lower poverty rates we were making less their standard of living is higher and they're not being brought down by these very basic problems and women's health is different they don't help and different than most people's and this is the thing you know you don't get money if you don't have women right so yes we can't be here without them you know and it's interesting to me when you see like i was shocked
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when you told me today the minnesota was number one so yeah we were the top five. it's kind of like i feel great but the same time there's so many states out there that my heart out to the women that live there going what wait a minute louisiana shouldn't be last and home in new orleans like a baby to a state that should not be last on the list alabama so that you think about southern hospitality and things like that seeing these states on there just breaks your heart hospitality to people outside of the state when it comes to that but these are also places that have not taken federal funding for things over political issues they won't take health care or a medicare expansion because there's a political issue so those people in that state lose out on things that other states have you know simply because because of politics they don't have a chance to use and a lot of it i said is health care it's a lot of things that help with jobs and the thing is as somebody you know we're in d.c. which rated pretty well on them pretty poorly in different areas to merely you know that's the kind of thing where you got to look at every state those are your brothers their sisters those are your sisters you have to take care of pass
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judgment because you disagree with their political beliefs in fact to say how can i best raise the quality of life for women in these states that didn't fare so well or even run the code or around the globe to same thing whether you name. and matter where you live and you know our rays of the quality of life even for the people that i disagree with politically there. one issue that tragically crosses all genders races and cultures here in the u.s. is addiction and no words that more apparent than the title wave opioid epidemic that is crashing across the land from sea to shining sea and even with all the political promises long winded speeches and pundit teeth gnashing on the subject little in the way of actually solving the problem within the us is actually being done on a national level this lack of real solutions comes despite the reason by means that opioid addiction is rising in the politicians most valuable of campaign crutches children yes over the last ten years child opioid overdoses have nearly doubled
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artesian artie's natasha sweet has more from los angeles. you know the opioid epidemic is bad when the acting director of the c.d.c. says we're currently seeing the highest overdose death rates ever recorded in the united states and what's worse is the childhood opioid overdoses nearly double in the last ten years now take a look at these numbers latest report from the c.d.c. shows there is a thirty percent increase of overdoses across the country in just the last fourteen months this is after the fact president trump has brought this growing epidemic into the national spotlight in fact the c.d.c. study comes just a week after the president showed support to sue opioid manufacturers back in two thousand and sixteen prescription drug overdoses killed sixty four thousand people according to the c.d.c. good overdoses have increased among most age groups for men and women and in all regions of the country this is the second year in
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a row where life expectancy has decreased instead of increased we are potentially on track to lose a generation and we need to make sure that we work together to tackle this epidemic and as doctors have. come more restrictive in prescribing opioids the c.d.c. says fintan always terror when it is now a quote very major problem right now and now a new study from the journal of pediatrics focuses on the increase of child overdoses both intentional and accidental the study examining the billing records from children's hospitals found between two thousand and four and twenty fifteen there was a total of three thousand six hundred forty seven opioid related hospitalizations in thirty one different locations and in the same time the number of hospitalizations nearly doubled in the first three years there were a total of seven hundred ninety seven hospitalizations and then during the last three years there war one thousand five hundred four now the c.d.c.
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is report indicated that overdoses have increased in cities and towns of all types and again the fence will lace her when is it becoming such a danger not only to users but also it's at her medics and police caught in the crossfires but no official numbers just yet on how much the use of fence will is going up after opioid prescriptions are being heavily restricted in los angeles and hospice suites. and we ended with what could be the exciting conclusion to one of the most revolutionary important female lives in modern history along with the possible answer to one of the greatest mysteries of the last century researchers have discovered the bones found back in one thousand nine hundred eight on the small pacific island of new comodo might indeed belong to amelia earhart earhart of course made history as the first woman to pilot across the atlantic ocean and was aiming to be the first woman to fly around the world before her an airplane vanished over the pacific ocean in one nine hundred thirty seven after reexamining the bone measurements using cutting edge techniques and computer programs richard
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chance a professor emeritus of anthropology and director emeritus of the university of tennessee is forensic anthropology center has concluded that the bones have more similarity to amelia earhart then to ninety nine percent of other individuals in a large or. different sample not entirely conclusive his research now represents the closest we've come to finally knowing the final chapter and a life truly worth celebrating and remembering we remember you amelia oh most definitely and you talk about ground breaking i know you tried to make some of your knock down doors and especially you know in light of this week i'm celebrating international women's day you can't get more international than someone who is trying to fly around the world you know i hope that this is does cause a chapter because it would be nice i think any kind of legenda history you want to see the final thing so you can kind of get beyond the mystery of it and really get back to celebrate a person's life right yeah well i'm just not knowing what happened i mean there are so many stories and so many things for people are trying to figure it out and that was that was the thing is of course sort of broke everyone's heart in one thousand
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thirty seven like there was so much joy and love for this woman doing this even for a man like this was a national treasure she was a national treasure and not as she was some lady they called her up and when she disappeared i think that had a real serious impact on that it was this idea that some women on the plane we get it made people a little more scared you know but i think you know that's the thing where justice fairless we probably more and i'm such a reservations but well i know that your gender is a trap but all of it is just silly one over your feelings because you work alongside tyra with her and sean stole the. show pretty they remember everyone in this world we are not told real love so i tell you all i love i am tired of them too and on top of the wall and people are watching those talks and i have a great debate about it but.
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like so many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super money. you know news and spend be true to the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else on to because i want to show what i think what i know about the beautiful guy great so what chance for. the base this minute. is a global trade war imminent if donald trump follow through on increasing keris and ending existing trade deals it seems very likely after all this was at the very center of his campaign for the presidency it was a promise he made to his face will it make america great again. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education
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is being supplanted by the right to access education low it's high education is becoming just another product that can be bought and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business and what you're good models of. luck could these songs. really couldn't be. more is the place of students in this business model for college i was born now and i'm extremely bored higher education the new global economic war. your car and say that. something is good in course for all but for barcelona. but for for crimea. or whatever. either the principle is good or the principle is bad has to be apply equally and
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that is not being. trumped slaps tariffs on imports of steel and only medium raising fears of a global trade war with all the will power is vowing to retaliate and. u.s. senate is a pool of a dialogue with moscow after president putin recently revealed russia's latest nuclear weapons. and fifteen humanitarian vehicles reached the rebel held syrian district of eastern ghouta a day after the shelling by terrorists that killed civilians who were trying to flee. good evening to you my name is neil harvey this is r.t. international president trump has signed an order that imposes tariffs on steel and aluminum being imported to the us today i'm defending america's national security.
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by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum the american steel minimum destry has been ravaged by aggressive foreign trade practices it's really an assault on our country when availing those tariffs of their house the president they seem to forget one important detail. would you like to take a picture in the oval office i assume you've all been many times into the oval office come on let's go and do that let's go into the yes i'm going to we'll go into the oval office we're going to sign this we're going to the oval office we have a picture of ok thank you and that was treasury secretary steven reminding trumpy needed to sign the order first before saying geez that our planners receive broad support from steel and aluminum firms in the us the need tariffs will come into
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play in fifteen days' time in the obliging exporters to bear next to twenty five percent for steel and ten percent for our new minium being shipped to the united states in a concession though to america's neighbors the tax won't apply to canada or mexico as trade pact negotiations continue the move has been widely criticized the around the world to all of our picks up the story the steel in our many an industry all around the world very unhappy about donald trump signing what they see is well what really is his protectionist policies when it comes to the imports of steel and what they're saying though is that this won't just directly affect those companies that export to the u.s. it also have a knock on effect across the whole of the steel in business all around the world as competition to offload that product increases as you can imagine and as i said some very unhappy people all around the globe right now you should treat your choosing a trued war is surely the room crew scription china will certainly make an
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appropriate and necessary response trade rules are bad and easy to lose i'm convinced the increased terrorist will hurt us all in the long run is the wrong way to go about it protectionism tariffs never really work it will defend our interests if need to come. what we have heard though from here in europe from the e.u. was that if you do this to our steel around a million well we'll put a levy on peanut butter on board and whiskey on harley davidsons on levi jeans however following the announcement that both canada and mexico would be exempt now the words coming out of brussels that we're hearing is what about our exemption the offense we're allies we work together we cannot possibly be a threat to national security in the u.s. so we are counting on being excluded the e.u. has said though that should they not get this exemption well they'll be taking it to the world trade organization and they're really not going to be happy and
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they're going to see quite no outcry i would imagine coming from here in europe from steel produces an alum in produces an all of that coming together could well cause quite a bit of tension between some nato allies as well we heard from finance expert who says that the e.u. is sending signals that it's now ready to discuss throbs move but the. signal in that is willing to discuss where. a counter parties favor possible exceptions or what these terms are going to be about so a lot of the narrative and the narrative from the end of last week following this quite shocking news was that of a quantum is and major global players could retaliate so one week later we seem to switch from that stance towards a lot of observation that could be room for negotiation of course if there is a negotiation this means the repercussions should be less severe and it's seen as a more positive thing for the global economy. senators are urging washington to engage in dialogue with moscow to minimize the risk of conflicts they have written
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a letter to the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson. u.s. russia's strategic dialogue is following president putin's public address on march the first when he referred to several new nuclear weapons russia was reportedly developing including a cruise missile and a nuclear underwater drone which north country limited but the new start treaty and would be destabilizing if deployed well it really does feel like putin's addressed earlier this month did prompt this and really hit its target of getting the west attention and while this letter is directed at the secretary of state rex tillerson it urges him to begin strategic talks with russia without delay and within it there's also contain warnings and accusations towards russia the allegation that russia is in violation of the i.n.f. treaty is repeated it within there which of course russia has repeatedly denied and there are also calls to extend existing arms treaties with moscow to cover the new
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weapons that putin referenced in his address at the beginning of march so clearly the u.s. is worried but the fact is russia has been alarmed by certain actions being taken by the west and by america in particular for quite some time now not least of which being you know washington's expanding deployment of missile defense systems they have them in alaska they have them in california there's of course also nato is continuous expansion into eastern europe they have that in romania and poland as well with future plans in other parts of the world and what have may have been the straw to break the camel's back here in the situation was an early february we saw the us release their nuclear posture review and within that it widened the gamut of scenarios where a nuclear response could be considered and that includes in response to a non-nuclear attack so rather frightening idea there and all that has been concerning russia for some time the balance of power in the world or the lack
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thereof maybe i should say and putin himself said on march first that maybe the world. listen to those concerns now. russia is a major nuclear power basically nobody wanted to talk to us nobody listened to us so listen to us now so listen to us now says the russian president and apparently there are a lot of things now to be listening to yes what he announced i mean these weapons are nothing to shake a stick at there's the super heavy i.c.b.m. that's a massive missile that putin says is capable of defeating any defense system in the world there's a cruise missile with an unlimited range and that's among laser weapons and an underwater nucular drone so quite a bit there and the senators say that due to putin's announcement of these weapons it's more important than ever to come to the table and talk with russia in order to avoid conflict even at the height of cold war tensions the united states and the soviet union were able to engage on matters of strategic stability leaders from
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both countries believed as we should today that the incredible destructive force of nuclear weapons is reason enough to make any and all efforts to lessen the chance that they can never be used again and that idea of strategic stability really seems to be on the same page with putin's thinking because after his speech on march the first there was a lot of uproar that this was a threat to the world security and whatnot but the russian president himself said that was not the goal that russia has no plans of attacking anyone it's purely defensive and that it's in fact to try and preserve peace in the world so right now we have course have seen that u.s. russia relations have really hit an all time low and moscow has already responded this responded to this letter saying that before anything can be discussed any new treaties can be discussed and whatnot that really does need to get fixed so that's at the first forefront right now. russia has indicated it is open to the idea of dialogue with the united states we discussed this issue with several experts the
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americans started it obama first and then confirmed it would look at their nuclear arsenal and modernize it so you shouldn't be astonished at the present putin offer us of march also produced a series of new developments that are not in the start treaty very hopeful that america will start talking seriously with russia and stop stopping the russians as they have done for the last months and years russia and president putin in specific has laid out the declaration that if any russian ally is attacked that there is going to be a response from russia so if this gambit succeeds the world is looking forward to a period of unparalleled peace peace because there is no alternative . bring some news the men in black have reportedly climbed
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up iran's embassy in london and taken down the national flag pictures are emerging online showing the alleged assailants to iran's press t.v. channel has said that the embassy has come under quote unquote attack reports suggest a religious group is behind the stunt we'll bring you the latest information on this story as it comes to us. next around one hundred eighty military troops have been deployed to the certain decay turn of souls bring us to help the probe into an attack on a former russian spy and his daughter according to the u.k. home secretary. and his daughter yulia remain in critical condition of the police as the latest. well the focus of the investigation appears to have shifted to the cemetery where there are the remains of the surrogates cripples wife and son who both die in over the past few years and police have denied that they have
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touched or exude.


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