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they are but. there's no need to keep two hundred eighty million heads sixty eight million pigs you know. movie their whole lives most people do deep down that slavery was wrong when it was happening but they were fed a hundreds of different reasons to keep it going they were told all kinds of crap science and crap history and distorted bible verses now imagine if on top of that in the eighteen hundreds there had been television commercials constantly average times you've got a great slavery is in how it's normal and wonderful and you can just sprinkle slavery on top of your chalk and have it so. would it have lasted an extra thirty or fifty years maybe although i guess chocolate is made with slavery so that kind of hurts my point but still i think you get it our meat consumption will kill our planet kill our future possibly kill your family and some might say it's probably
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not so good for your your your being your energy your life force to fill your body with the tortured corpses of other non-human sentient beings i mean i don't believe in the hip it's hip still but. if it works for you great keep going above book. you don't have to quit me i know it's hard i know it's just decrease the amount you eat a little each month until it's zero just do it. for four. or you can do what i do i only eat meat that's hard to guess endangered species that's if. they just platypus pig me and baby a kid. there he is. that's that's a baby a kid that's my shaft actually preparing. for dinner is a lie. it is going to be dinner tonight they're going to make
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a taco or something i think but. but i only have free range baby a kid no i'm not or supervillains coming to you from washington d.c. to build. i. come. i'm like a delegate to news from behind the teachers in west virginia have won a five percent pay raise after a massive strike which most of the media has talented as a major win but some are pointing out that the teachers did not get most of what they wanted and that it's actually the easy way out for a government that realized they were up against
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a serious movement here this is really no surprise since the corporatocracy wants to make it so that public teachers have no power and they work freelance and the parents have to find a new one each day using some sort of teacher app or something. if other people want to learn at the same time then you get a hit was surge pricing like. the dulles just to learn pronouns. and most of the ninety dollars goes to the corporate headquarters not the teacher and and the teacher is always playing music during the whole last. god speaking of the app a commie a new study out of mit has found that hoover and lift drivers make far less than they think they're making once you account for maintenance of the car fuel and repairs the report said that for fifty four percent of the drivers the profit is less than the minimum wage in their states and that may be. percent of
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drivers are losing money on the job eight percent lose money working. this means thousands of people all around america right now are basically paying to have strangers common far in their car. like that is going on what this comes down to is algorithms with confusing pay scales and reward scenarios have tricked humans to work even when they aren't getting paid so basically robots have already turned us into slaves we just haven't noticed yet . by the way the original the original version of this guardian article actually said that the thirty percent of drivers lose money and seventy four percent make less than minimum wage driving for a lift but after pressure from hoover the researchers have altered the report so i guess that like for barley retired mafia enforcers over till i am
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id data analyst house and somehow they help him correct his research. let us going to have whatever they're. moving on with a bribery scandal chasing him around the world prime minister netanyahu met with trump this week in the white house because you know where you go to get away from a scandal at the white house. good hiding place that's like sticking your foot in a mound of fire ants to stop the pain of a stubbed toe. anyway the two of them really seem to get along they love each other i mean i mean they they have one common the hard work they put towards corruption right their devotion to enriching themselves their shared love of hatred of others right. meanwhile i came out the jared cluster failed to disclose he led a. foundation funding illegal israeli settlements but for a u.n.
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vote a vote on an anti settlement resolution condemning what israel is doing in the west bank that question or pressured people to vote against like father like son in law right it. says one big happy crime family over there in there that their christmas cards will come with a liability waiver. if you go to a quick break but i have live comedy shows coming up in austin houston rock yester new york washington d.c. and sioux los angeles and much more go to redacted tor dot com for details or to vote for your study also check out the redacted tonight podcast called moment of clarity it's free every week on i tunes and stitcher we'll be right imo are a. financial life i don't buy any i'm with you. on the flight.
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that's the sum of my ex from the future so crocker watched kaiser. left and some is not is not i can quit places not so good to the country and. the city but show me this there but i'm not as well i love the slums. exist but the rest of it is. the culture so. ok let's. check yes. it is just for the embrace from the among some of them still to be that i'm. mostly albums from still. play almost any of them but those are the best and i think i like that john said i'm based on not much last night and i mean can i do not do that i will slice from that because i don't know how many kids. on the show cannot. actually. suck mum i can hear you
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someone must feel now look. this is for the son and i was going to show you the city i don't want to go to the citizen the muslim. voices in this are the one of the sleeves. snowmobiler got the you know the answer is. seriously. you could use a little thought i used to notice another plane and one million people died i. killed people even. now no one still can choose a few bodies around it and that's. after
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the chicago cubs won the world series two years ago it seems the city finally beat it seventy one year old curse of never ending losses but chicago's poor black residents are dealing with another curse never ending debt at the hands of parking enforcement thousands are literally filing for bankruptcy because of in surmountable parking ticket debt for more on this we go to our studio person who's been to chicago once that let me go. there. to see.
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persecution of the poor well yeah it's true that eight of the ten zip codes with the most ticket debt are in mostly black neighborhoods but honestly bankruptcy isn't that bad i had to do it once. of course the only assets i had were a floppy disk and a laser disc player. a lawyer told me i was a radio shack employee's wet dream. you have a working laser disc going and never said it work. or use it to balance my dining room table the same way chicago uses these tickets the balance their budget after raking in two hundred sixty four million dollars in twenty sixteen alone that's why residents are filing chapter thirteen bankruptcy so they can actually hold on to their cars to get the jobs that are as far away as a.b.c. choosing another black bachelorette. they're ruining their finances for the rest of their lives for delinquent parking tickets come on the bankruptcy can't ruin what's
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already ruined chicago has no statute of limitations on parking tickets so the debt just falls residents for life like anything with the name richard daley on it or something. plus it's not like any of them made enough money to pay on time that's how the dept escalated yours would do if you have to pay thirteen dollars to park for two hours thirteen dollars for two hours and rather travel to work on a pogo stick those are what happens when your city sells all of its parking meters and a seventy five year lease to private investors four billion dollars especially when one of them is part of the oil rich government which holds more than a twenty five percent stake in the company that privatized chicago's thirty six thousand meters not only does it cost half of minimum wage workers daily paid to park for the day but now you need abu dhabi's permission to shut down meter treats for anything. so good luck getting approval for that st patty's day block party.
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unless you want to drive outside the city limits to see it northwestern student green or her boyfriend sure. seems like the city wants to make investments in everything but its residents the city may rank off these tickets meanwhile or their police are corrupt their public schools are an afterthought at best rather spend millions on a massive police compound in the poorest neighborhood these residents are trying to stay afloat by paying money into a city budget that doesn't give a damn about a woman and all this is racist to boot i mean next you'll tell me that black people get more tickets for bicycling or something yeah did i forget to mention fifty six percent of all bike tickets last year were issued in majority black neighborhoods compared with eighteen percent white once. at this point i'm holding out hope that
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one day all black chicagoans can fly. well all of them except this one. i hope he believes he can fly into the side of a mountain. the are going to die category of you let us back in yemen is continuing to get ignored by most of our media naomi hear obama is outside the saudi embassy with more on this story. it's time for an update on the saudi war on this country the middle east and if this is the first you're hearing of it there is a poor here long war on yemen and there he is head. and it's probably been there for. more than four years many americans suffer from this head of
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a demick which is the most severe at m.s.n. b.c. headquarters where in all of twenty seventeen and some b.c. only aired one broadcast on the us back saudi air strikes that have killed thousands of yemeni civilians and ran nearly five thousand percent more segments that mention russia however m.s.m. b.c.s. credit they did devote significant airtime to an investigation into the business of boy bands backstreet boys are actually still together so they are there twenty years together. i guess who want to answer that right there are a man band at this point. what does a backstreet boy know he can really this question is almost as important as a population suffering from the largest cholera outbreak in modern history eight million people at risk of famine and over twenty three million people in need of aid it's
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the largest humanitarian crisis on earth let's take a quick look at how c.b.s. reported on this catastrophe last month yemen civil war has been going on for nearly three years sometimes we sort of lose track of these things because they happen in faraway places how can america keep track of this civil war when the saudis are borrowing american tracking devices and intelligence to drop american bombs from planes fueled with american oil on civilians targets we've lost track of include schools hospitals and areas of food production because nothing can threaten and saudi arabia like a dairy farm lactose which is known to paralyze intolerant troops with him to justin is the newest form of bio warfare that international law has yet to legislate against we should all be wary of child. soldiers wielding go.
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with this month the saudis pledged three point five billion dollars of aid to the country it devastated and apparently it was not a joke i'm sure yemenis will be comforted the way i was comforted when i discovered the man who mugged me and broke my kneecap was also an e.m.t. what are the chances the saudis introduce the gehman comprehensive humanitarian operations this month which the international rescue committee said is neither comprehensive nor particularly humanitarian but the i.r.c. does admit there are operations one out of three ain't bad senators bernie sanders mike lee and chris murphy have introduced a bill that would force a senate floor vote on ending unauthorized u.s. participation in the saudi war in yemen some are hailing this bill as an
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unprecedented heartwarming bipartisan initiative that would reduce executive branch war powers however this is not correct because senator sanders being an independent makes this a try partisan bill that would reduce executive branch war powers american support for the saudi assault on yemen didn't start with president trump good corporate media mention obama support for saudi world crimes in an average of six thousand percent less than their coverage of the new relevant boy. and the democrats. want it that way reporting from the saudi embassy this very ceremonial check it's not. going to do so when you can get them all to thank god complex redacted tonight also you can now go to steam dot com slash atlee camp for our stuff and twitter at redacted tonight until next i'm going to. thank you but thank.
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you can see a good. mood. is a. secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous standard is not know the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that of that's known as the i intend to. use this data. stuff. that stuff is.
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what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or somehow want to. have to go to the press that's what before three in the morning can't be good. interested always in the waters in the house. last question. thank you. thank.
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thank. a group of. former north carolina. beating up a black man for alleged. video. i. may have. conflicting messages coming out of the.
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headlines. international. a group of militants has left syria's besieged enclave of eastern ghouta using a humanitarian corridor or that's after talks brokered by moscow the video shows the militants being escorted out of the area by syrian soldiers as in previous cases across syria the jihadists have surrendered in return for safe passage to other areas still held by militants here's artie's daniel hawkins given the deadlock over the past weeks and months in the region two pieces of news coming out of the first group of thirteen on armed militants and their families leaving the area through one of those russian military syrian government organized checkpoints
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those safety corridors offered to civilians and fighters to leave the area should they wish to do so now this is significant because prior to this all offers by the russian military and the syrian government were rejected by rebel groups in the region despite unverified video showing of flyers being dropped over the towns on the city in the area groups have taken up that offer so far and civilians allegedly have also been prevented from leaving the area through those corridors because of shelling to those roads now the other bit of news is that the syrian rebel group. has issued a statement in which they've said they have taken the decision to release members of the terrorist group al nusra formerly al qaida in syria from prisons and transport them to a destination likely to be a libyan the north of the country one of the last major burble strongholds in syria
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this is similar previous moves during the syrian civil war where rebels have been evacuated from places such as such as homs other towns as well under the cease fire agreements and moved up to provinces thus allowing the syrian government to move in take over the area and avoid. protracted conflict causing more bloodshed we don't yet know if the statement from josh and these rebels leaving the area linked to don't know what group they're from by the way though this does mark a significant development and could leave the door open so why the evacuation of rebel fighters and civilians from the area in the coming future investigative journalist rick sterling believes among other things the evacuation will help to stop the bloodshed around the capital. they have their base of operations it is live in and clearly the the strategy of the syrian government and their allies is to remove the terrorists from the more populated areas and get them all
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concentrated in it live and in deal with that down the road it's tremendously positive to remove the terrorists from around damascus that's had mortars and hell cannon missiles coming into it on a nearly basis which i witnessed myself the news about some terrorists leaving the area the news of public protest by civilians in those areas against the against the occupying militants are positive indications. on friday a humanitarian convoy finally managed to enter eastern ghouta the aid supplies have been delayed by heavy fighting as government forces battle terrorists that are here when a refugee agency representative a side job to my leak recently visited the area here's what he had to say. part of this. groups inside the water they need to to give us that security assurances that we can come in and those who are out to give us that guarantee that there would be
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peace during that period when we call in and bring the sisters in the. groups inside who are resisting in fighting there are groups that they're fighting amongst themselves and there's pressure from from the military so civilians who are caught in this in this situation they have nowhere to go according to the latest u.n. estimates the fighting in eastern guta has resulted in more than one hundred deaths in two days the united nations also called on all parties in the conflict to end the violence right across regional spokes person says people on the ground require a wide range of basic supplies. the need of people remain massive the needs are two four three four etc you have medical needs you have need for access to a good source of food you need also access to good clean water you have all sorts of inside water today the priority remains medical help that we need to. reach
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with people inside and food aid as well what happens when it's seven thousand five hundred people which the trucks on monday and today we're able to provide humanitarian aid are just a little percentage of who of the people who need the military aid inside. a former police officer in the u.s. state of north carolina has been charged with assaulting a black man who was accused of jaywalking the incident happened last august and was captured on the officer's body thirty three year old johnny rush was on his way home when two officers stopped a minute of crossing an empty street illegally. cross segment and later be seen punching and tasering rush we should warn you the next part of the video is to.
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i pray. god god. god a clip was leaked six months off of the incident took place and see police brutality activist michelle gross says the police department's refusal to act on new video in till it was released is alarming the video was held by the police department all this time and all of this time they could have taken action against officer hickman an officer or gary and they chose not to you know supervisors look at that footage right away early so supposed to and clearly he had no fear of any kinds of accountability related to that conduct this must be standard operating procedure in that particular police department and frankly it is in many police departments these videos must always be made public we have no way to monitor police conduct
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and to understand how our police are operating if we can't watch those videos that they themselves collect on their own activities. the asheville the police department has condemned the office's actions saying they are quote contrary to the progress we have made in the last several years in improving community trust however the incident in north carolina is just the latest in a series of police brutality cases that have been captured by body cams over the past three yes. good.
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morning carol the for. her what it. was.
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after the surprise announcement of face to face talks between donald trump and north korea's kim jong un mixed messages are now coming out of washington. this meeting won't take place without concrete actions that match the promises that have been made by north korea we're ready to have the first baiting without precondition let's just make. unless we talk about the weather if you will it's not the first time washington has been a bit inconsistent with its policies on the earth korea and with potential progress now being made caleb maupin looks at who deserves the credit. they both love political drama big weapons and nuclear buttons but now it appears that little rocket man kim is ready to meet with donald the don't charge their words not mine and surprisingly trump has agreed and the administration is all too clear about who they consider to be the winner of this battle of the bruisers what we know is that the mashed maximum pressure campaign is clear.


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