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technical payment channel application which impressed with alec and with alec ended up giving the price the block and price for every dollar greater than price for the block and excellence. it's fantastic a reef a calm krypto champion thank you so much for being with us hope you'll come back again i know our viewers enjoyed this pleasure being with you have to look forward to. in the february jobs report is out and the unemployment rate remains that four point one percent but the number of jobs created beat expectations big time coming in at three hundred thirteen thousand jobs created we'll talk about the numbers in detail on monday's program in time now for a quick quiz as we go to a brief break to match the two thousand and seventeen gross domestic product to the nafta countries the us canada and mexico of course and the rate of match are three percent two point five percent and one point five percent one of the answers when we return.
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done some is not is not i can quote place is not good to a country and truly a blessing to the minister there but some of us well before the storm. because that's what the rest of this go this is. the state of the church and say oh ok let's share this news i'm checking the c.b.s. . poll in just a little i'm biased from the from the among the i'm still beating that i'm. mostly albums fans still. play almost anything for the most but he makes the nod as they come out a lot better john said i'm based on the much less the i mean can i do not in the last couple weeks the lightest comes out matter how on the money came. from michele
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cannot. from i cannot believe he was someone most people now with who thought the moment. cooper. yes so that's in the sun enough i was going to show you the steam i don't want to go to the cities and then i find. places in this are going to want to sleep. and i'm old i gather you know there was this. seal this was like. me it's so old so not accepted well. then russia and all that and us is deciding maybe of what chairman companies or european companies are investing in or which infrastructure we are building interim a need or and injure up i think it's a trim and it's a european decision. join me every thursday
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on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest on the world of politics school business i'm show business i'll see you then. welcome back the answer to our quiz question matched the two thousand and seventeen gross domestic product to the nafta country canada leads with the two thousand and seventeen g.d.p. of three percent the u.s. with two point five percent and coming in last mexico with one point five percent. saudi arabia and egypt are furthering their strategic alliance and building
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a megacity on the border between the two nations the economic cooperation is expected to see ten billion dollars worth of investment both nations have also signed an environmental agreement to ensure that construction of the megacity does not negatively impact the red sea the saudi egyptian cooperation is notable given that the two disagree on key conflicts in the region especially as they relate to syria and iran. the coach chief executive officer jeff ross of noble a large commodity trader was paid twenty million dollars last year even though the company lost five billion dollars in revenue noble has been in turmoil since two thousand and fifteen and is currently going through a restructuring a large pay raises issues of c.e.o. compensation is a big one and we'll have more on what c.e.o.'s are paid in the coming days.
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and we're joined by bryan caplan whose new book the case against education is creating quite a stir and we're pleased to have a with us brian now explain yourself because the title is obviously provocative but what are you saying that that maybe there's commonality and then we'll get into the details. yes so the main thing i'm saying is that even though education plays are paid pretty well for the students themselves it's not really a very good investment taxpayer money because most of what you learn in school you're never actually going to use on the job. so how do we how do we deal with that i mean what's what's the answer i mean having better educated kids is and young adults is obviously helpful in the long term to disk being fully developed humans but how do we deal with you know what you write about and i read a lot of your book and you talk about that essentially the moniker that goes with
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a degree is not worth it you're not saying being stupid is a good thing. being stupid is not a good thing but you know really what i'm saying we can agree on that part brian right and the stupidity in this post either have a princeton diploma with no education or princeton education with no diploma which one would you rather have right now right and if you even have to think about it you really agree with me you know what i'm saying is sure a school does teach some useful skills but one of the main reasons people go is just to get a stamp on their forehead to get a seal of approval just to get certified at a course that's really useful for the individual because if you've got that nice princeton agree then employers are going to be a lot more interested in hiring you but i say is from the point of view of society that's not really very helpful because if we were all to go and have nice fancy degrees this would mean we'd all get to have nice jobs it would mean that you just need to have more education and fancier degrees in order to be considered worthy of employment so i mean really i say a lot of education is
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a rat race where the more you have the more you need to be considered employable and again of course if people are learning a lot of really useful skills in school than this would be fine because you learn useful skills that you actually get better at doing a job but in most of what's going on in schools you study subjects you're never going to use after graduation and so i say there's really very little point in taxpayers going encouraging this kind of. ok well i think we have i agree with a lot of what you said actually but i think we may be coming to the fork right here because you also argue against spending you know money cutting spending on education i don't think there is a role there and so my question is that you know shouldn't we just try to educate kids students better in a in a in a way that doesn't just rely upon some crappy sheepskin but is actually based upon real things but you go right to it seems cutting spending. well i mean here's the thing there have been people working on improving teaching for many decades and yet
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learning remains quite remy and it's and like how crummy is it well there are a lot of subjects that people study for years that they essentially know zero about adulthood like foreign languages like normal in u.s. schools that you have to take two or three years of foreign language you just go and talk to adults and ask them have you learned to speak a foreign language very well in school under one percent will say they do so it's not that we're just not getting a lot of value there's a lot of areas where we put in years of time and money and we get next to nothing for it so in cases like that i say just not realistic to think that we can just improve it and then finally we get our money to the case where english is look schools been wasting a lot of money and really we should go and withhold say look you've been wasting autonomy in what kind of money and we don't want to keep wasting of these things so you know like you know this is not require any anything even all the radicals really just ten percent cut in spending or twenty percent cut in spending you know a minimum to say tell schools look first you go and show that you are teaching people to be fluent in foreign languages and then maybe we'll consider going to
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restore your funding so you know when they know that you know to me this is like a case where someone's been wasting a pile of money of your money for years like someone's been taking money to mow your lawn and then the law doesn't get me any mode for years i mean you could say well why don't you just make sure they mow the lawn as a boy given how messed up the system is and probably better just to say look how about you go and you first demonstrate that you can do the job and then maybe we can talk about the money boy you must be a strict parent by gadget i mean yeah i mean i just had to say to him when you're not doing anything for me it's terrible. yeah i get the argument in theory brian but i mean it seems to me boy i don't want to be those kids who are the victim of your policy or particularly you know the more vulnerable kids too who don't have access because if you're in old middle income and you can afford to or are wealthy you know families you can afford to put your kids in schools again you can debate whether or not those schools are the best but you can make
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a decision based upon the free market where you go but particularly if you cut funding then there is no option i mean none for kids and what we don't what we want to hold you know a country of homeschoolers i mean how do we deal with that. so i totally get this argument but he is so first of all what you're saying is no argument against a ten percent cut right so you can cut spending by ten percent it isn't even that long ago that spending was ten percent lower and yet things were not we're not dramatically different than any of them the main thing even mind is this so if what i'm saying is right and the main reason education pays is just that you're getting these diplomas and grades to impress employers then if everybody had less the main effect would just be that employers would lower their standards so you know we're measuring we're everyone in a college degree and that case employers would expect you have a college degree when fewer people have it than there are a lot more opportunities for people who don't have it and you go back fifty years you know if you were a high school dropout there was a lot more opportunities for you in those days because when
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a lot more people didn't finish school it didn't say anything all that bad about you and employers were openminded so you know like whenever people start getting really worried about the impact on vulnerable people they're always picturing like what if one person doesn't get to go and that case i agree one person doesn't get to go then they stand out like a sore thumb but the other hand if we were just to move back to a world where people didn't take college for granted that i say like it would not be bad for people on balance because would mean that the education you couldn't afford you'd also no longer meet again just picture this imagine a world where you can get a good job right out of high school this used to be the american economy and i say it could be the american economy again. you know you're you are you are one of these fellows that back in the day i would have liked to had a bunch o. wine with and because the theory is great but i just get concerned and you talk about you know the world i mean if you look at you know students around the world the better educated kids that are young adults again that are i shouldn't keep
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saying kids but to young adults that are graduating you know they're getting better jobs and overall you know we are not in the u.s. an island unto ourselves and so if we don't have you're talking about a revolutionary thing i get that but i just don't know how you get there in practice are you really suggesting that we do these things are you saying there's a big problem and we need to take a revolutionary action because i just don't want to be on the short end of the stick when we're already have a very under educated population compared to the global marketplace. yes so we're not educated compared to the global marketplace and your terms of years of education the us is way above the world average and about average for rich countries any i like the m if you go and look at what we know they haven't up a brilliant but yes but real quick but you already told us that that the education we had isn't worth anything so so great with over the years why i don't necessarily
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equate to it right i mean it we don't know how the people that we're bringing over from from india and that the chinese students who are coming to work here i mean we don't have that sort of quality of students do we well if you want to measure just by by international test scores then again the u.s. is way above the world average and is not at the very top it is still doing quite well quite well overall they say how can that be when you're talking about how little adults know these are testily literacy and numeracy they're things that at least a lot of people do learn them fairly well but again the other male the main thing is that most people actually get good at their jobs by doing you learn by practice i mean so much of what the education system is all about is we make people jump through hoops for seventeen years and finally at the end we say ok now you're weren't worthy of learning how to be a pilot worthy of learning how to be a doctor worthy of learning how to be a secretary and i say we just cut some years off of that would be a big improvement you know there are programs like switzerland where like there are highly developed countries were it were
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a much smaller share of the workers go to college they're still great at what they do but they just have a my economy that's much more focused on learning by doing and they lead people to start adulthood at an earlier age than the similarly you know to go on worry that we're going to be put behind other countries and you know what other countries are mostly making the same mistakes where there were that we're making where they're pouring lots of money and have kids spend long years in school a lot of times not learning much but even if they do learn they're learning stuff they're never going to know her regulation you know like the practical thing is to try to cut to the chase and say why don't we go and prepare people for what they're really going to do instead of making them wait. for years and years studying subjects that are not relevant to the future. we have to finish it and leave it there but i do want to not only thank you for your controversial and definitely a thought provoking dialogue and to close that you know there is one thing i think we do agree on and you are getting to it there that we really should teach students for the jobs that are out there and we shouldn't just everybody should be on
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a college track and so i thank you for your contribution thank you for your time with boom bust and we wish you the best bryan caplan the author of the case against education thanks only twenty bucks on amazon can you afford not to buy. a thank you. thank you. that's it for this time thanks for watching be sure to catch us on you tube at youtube dot com slash boom bust r.t. say again next week. this baby and. say this on march eighteenth vote with your remote to salty for special coverage of the russian presidential election exit polls opinions real time results monitoring and much more. than one on ones out.
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on the flu is often not done one might have tonight on the definitions and i'm back . when seeking out in the. south. and. taking the equal sitting. down to get the band and then you're going to bring. how we think i'm. going to let you know will not be. sat. in this just dealing with one thing i love just the you know the deep but let me say this them tokyo found it is going to keep going. up. his look was because did it because he didn't seem quite
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a cultural critic i pulled the premise. well you. know what larry and one million people that. he killed people even. now no one's going to pay for that he's rounded up and that's.
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the legacy of the communist era has left i'm assuming a lot of of the legacy waste as well am assuming again from my understanding of the soviet era that there was much more of a culture of a reuse and not throwing things the way that i think a society that emerged out of that tends to reject so it's a matter of moving back to that. church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it literally i like to call this the geographic solution so what the
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bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards. the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice doesn't. that is as old as the i intend that i included tuesdays out until.
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i. got. russia is holding talks over a second group of militants leaving ceres eastern after a first group of unarmed islamists left the enclave on friday. a former police officer in north carolina is charged with assault after beating up a black man for alleged jaywalking months after footage from a body count and the lives. of one. in the first over the meeting expected between donald trump and kim jong il may have been premature with conflicting messages now emerging from the white house.
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very good evening to you my name is neil harvey this is our international. russian officers are holding talks with leaders of islamist units inside syria's east in regarding the possible exit of a second group of militants from the region on friday a group of on our militants left the besieged enclave through a humanitarian corridor and this video shows the militants being a scored it out of the area by syrian soldiers as in previous cases across syria the jihadists have surrendered in return for safe passage through other areas still held by rebels. on friday a un humanitarian convoy finally managed to enter eastern go to the been delayed by heavy fighting as government forces battle terrorists that according to the latest u.n. estimates the fighting in eastern gaiters resulted in more than a hundred deaths in two days the u.n. also called on all parties in the conflict and the violence from the red cross says
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that people on the ground require a wide range of basic supplies the need to remain massive the need. two four three four etc you have medical needs you have need for access to a good source of food you need also access to clean water you have all sorts of needs inside the water today the priority remains medical help that we need to. reach with people inside all day and food aid as well what happens when it's seven thousand five hundred people which the trucks on monday and today were able to provide humanitarian aid to just a little percentage of what who of the people who need the military aid inside. also on saturday syrian officials have warned on the possible provocations by militants against the government with the use of chemical weapons the alleged
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attack could happen they say on sunday look at who ordered the fumes dug out of interest storage and how my province we found containers with explosives filled with chemicals we also found twenty four tons of chemical poisons thought to be karim we sent all the information on these findings to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons u.n. joint investigative mechanism he wasn't examined as these organizations wanted to blame the syrian government. police say now prospective one hundred. the u.n. representative for the just saw youth organization very good evening to have it. we've heard claims coming through here and official just here that been other warnings of chemical attacks planned by militants in the area do you take them seriously do you think that in an attack might be imminent. good evening thanks for having me once again on your channel while we heard if it
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is imminent or muslim and this is not a question the question is for people like this to threaten state and the people of water to use the chemical for provoking the government of syria is the injuries itself because we've seen this attacks before in our poor and other cities when chemical word used and when the u.n. instigated the matter they found out this was used by the groups so based on the experience of the four with this groups we believe this could happen is the question is how to prevent it as a road before and what the articles they are planning to do it on the eleventh of march which is tomorrow so are we going to wait for them to attack then we take this further we hear the u.n. is the investigating this on the last session but also neal i just wanted to take note of this we noticed kind of pattern whenever there's a there's a council meeting human rights council meeting or security council meeting prior to
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this we see this kind of attacks and we see this kind of issues being raised by the french or by the british in relation to the issue in syria i believe this kind of pattern takes place just to divert the current peace talks led by the russia into resolving this matter especially in these order issue. we heard from syria's deputy foreign minister saying that the report's been filed on terrorists or in huge quantities of chemicals but the claim is international organizations won't investigate because they don't want to point the finger anywhere but at assad do you think that's a fair assessment. you've seen it before nail on the previous. investigation into chemical attacks. on other cities where industry. did try to. team to
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investigate the chemical attacks by the end was hold and we did not come to a result who was behind it and now they blaming both parties for using this chemical so international organizations should not have any excuse not to go into syria and instigate this matter because this is a serious issue and the serious crime because when using chemical weapon in such an area. is very popular populated area and some of the people are civilian there's been used as a shield. a human shield to provoke the governments so for them they have no excuse but to go in and to find out who's using this and if it's actually there's a huge quantity of this is going to be used and how this could be transported through it has not been transported already who is monitoring the situation in the water and who's responsible for not just to be smuggled inside the city or to be
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attacked on the city itself and finally just what i should take the responsibility should take the duty to do this which will ask you finally will we ever see a proper a full comprehensive wide open transparent investigation into claims of chemical attacks and just settle the matter once and for all who's carried out the attacks because it's constantly being used as a claim against the syrian government without the proof to back it up. it is a shame is a shame they are using this kind of either side as shame the use in this this is. such a chemical attack on civilians so they can blame each other but however on friday there was an urgent meeting the united nations he wanted during the human rights council session in relation to water were they had agreed and voted into sending and instigate independent international independent investigation committee. group
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to syria to investigate such attacks and the situation on the water so that is the action should be taken in that in the next couple weeks what both sides has to agree by the syrian government and by the international community to agree into who's going to lead this team is nothing is going to work between the white. hats or by by the syrian government should have something transparent and unbiased team groups to go into syria to investigate this attack otherwise we're going to see little kids running on the screen with their burned skin and we've seen it before in iraq and organise you to get in syria if we don't prevent it so then to logic we should take the duty and the responsibility to prevent such an attack if this attack take place then we all should be guilty of this greatly appreciate your time on your views thank you so much for coming on to our. u.n. representative able to just sort of youth organization thank you for this week's
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also seeing claims of fresh chemical weapons attack it was reportedly carried out by the syrian government something that damascus has denied the issue of chemical weapons use in syria was touched upon in a recent interview that n.b.c. conducted with. do you believe the chemical weapons attacks in syria are fake news . of course firstly the syrian government destroyed its chemical weapons long ago but. we know about the militants plans to simulate chemical attacks by the syrian army and the us that on the. part of me. after we took. all the attempts that have been made repeatedly in the recent past and all the accusations we used to consolidate the efforts against use poison in your the cockpit of glory. it was asked of them no matter we are aware of these goings on and they are not interesting which is a good one wants to say boring since the beginning of the year there have been at
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least for at least four chlorine based chemical weapons attacks in syria our secretary of state teller sen just said that russia bears the responsibility for this given your earlier promises to rein in chemical weapons attacks in syria your response. yes because of talk and when you my can see that firstly we have nothing to do with this and secondly we demand a full investigation as for crimes return to iraq or please and at least bury the bodies still lying in the rubble following the massive reads on residential areas put into remarks follow the liberation of syria's rack are mentioned there from mysore by the u.s. led coalition it came at an extremely high cost to civilians though some sources for the campaign may have resulted in almost two thousand civilian deaths the u.s. also has been criticized over the liberation campaign in iraq's most.


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