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it has if it is a russian state activity the implications that it has for russia's activities elsewhere on the continent of europe mike gapes thank you mr speaker also commend the prime minister for her remarks the last time we had. a clear defined state sponsor of terrorism was the two thousand and six and she's referred to which can she also have conversations with her predecessor prime minister at the time tony blair about some of the issues that arose subsequent to the actions we took because it's quite clear the russians will retaliate and we will then be intuitive process they think we will back down we've got to say reservedly and strongly we are not backing down from terrorism all members of parliament should stand together. and i can i say to the honorable gentleman is
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absolutely right that when we take action it is to ensure that that is action that we will continue to follow through as i said in my statement many of the actions that were taken in response to the. murder are actually still in place in relation to our relations with the with the russian state but nobody should be in any doubt of the likelihood of a an impact from the the russian state in attempting to as they did in that case in attempting to suggest that the information that we were putting out was incorrect actually what we saw particularly from the inquiry that followed something significantly later which very firmly put the responsibility for those murder at the door of the russian state and indeed of president putin francois thank you very much mr speaker and i commend the prime minister for the robust tone of the state troy believe is entirely appropriate. which you also
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expect the while we may not be in a period of cold war with russia as we were in the ninety nations because of their actions it could be said that we are at least now entering a period of cool. and if that be so would you be prepared at the appropriate tone to look at gain at our ability to deter russia out of the resources that we were a biquad in order to do so here they are. say to my honorable friend that. as i have said i said previously there is no question of business as usual with russia we must be very clear of the actions that they have that they have taken i think this this incident proves that the actions we've taken over the past decade have been entirely justified what we see is a kremlin that is intent seems to be intent on dismantling the international rules based order and we should stand up resolutely in defense about international order
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. mr speaker the edited prime minister friday makes it absolutely clear that the onus is on the russian state to explain how this nerve agent entered into our country and i thank her for her answer to my colleague the chair in intelligence and security committee it's absolutely essential that we can where possible ensure the public are aware of the russian threat but also agree that our inquiry should also be able to understand the pressures on our intelligence security services and how best they are supported to do the job they have here. through the right of relating this of course is the school the i.o.c. committee itself to determine the breadth of the of the inquiries that is undertakes within the remit that has been set by by this by this house and by and by government so it is it is for that committee to determine those particular issues of course extra resources are being put into the security and intelligence agencies because we have record. now it's the increasing challenges and threats
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that we need to address and that's why those resources are have as significant resources are getting into the as i. say. mr crispin black to you grizzly face of so many of president putin's opponents both at home and abroad even those of such high profile as boris nemtsov of no one in this house least of all the leader of the opposition should have any doubt of the nature of the government we are dealing with here kate having said that and. forcing all the measures she will take against the government of russia if it turns out the way we all anticipate will she try as far as is possible to continue the opportunity for british society in its widest sense to be open with the people of russia so the virus of truth and openness can do its work on that reggie here yeah. well i think . my honorable friend has raised an important issue which is that of course what we
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are talking about is the dealings u.k. government has with the russians in this country has with the russian state of course i think it is important that people in russia understand the exact nature of the regime that that is in government there at the moment has brought both as a single member of this house that is surprised that the president putin would resort to violence because he's done it so many times before three hundred thirty four killed in the best massacre one hundred seventy killed unnecessarily in the moscow theater siege two hundred ninety nine killed in the end seventeen airplane that was brought dying down by the russians countless journalists countless people who stood up to him as political opponents in other countries around the world murdered by him and yes that ski i hear what the prime minister says but can i just ask. for the twenty ninth time i'm asking this question how can we just make sure
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that at the end of this process nobody who was involved in the murder of sergei magnitsky or in the corruption that he unveiled will be allowed into this country for that matter can we just stop russia today broadcasting its propaganda day. well as i can i say to the right honorable gentleman that obviously and not because i know he's outs me the question about the magnets issue previously on many occasions in this house when i was home secretary and subsequently and of course we do already have a number of powers that enable us to take action against or against individuals to prevent them from coming into this country but we are looking seriously at the at the amendments and as i say we do want to ensure we get maximum consensus in relation to in relation to this issue and there are on the further action that we might take as
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a government as i say i will be returning to the house at the earliest possible opportunity to once we have the response from the russian state to update the house on the further measures that will take as you go. you know one permanent member of the u.n. security council carrying out a targeted assassination in the country of another surely it is time for the un secretary general to launch an immediate inquiry. very. i think my honorable for my friend for his suggestion and i say to him that of course the united nations is one of those bodies that we will be speaking to about the nature of this incident that has taken place here in the united kingdom among other among other allies and other organizations such as nato but we will certainly be raising this matter with the u.n. and luciana birger is the kill file these investigations are ongoing we're waiting for the response from the russian government can also prime minister. what the
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government is doing to protect other people who might be targeted here in the u.k. here. i say to a lady we don't talk about the measures that are taken or is in relation to individuals that is a matter for the police and the law enforcement generally but i can assure that that is a matter that is being considered. johnny mercer. mr speaker. i think i've just seen our group look at my rable friend ups as i say this i think i've just seen the most shameful moments i've seen in this house of commons in my time today it is clear that this so you know it's a kingdom is coming but come under attack from another state does the prime minister or the carrots of conflict is changing and we must be relentless in trying to keep pace with that and that nothing will stop those who do this work receive the resources they need to do it. on a friend is absolutely right that the character of the threats that we face is changing they are diversifying and we need to ensure that we are able to deal with
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all those threats across the range of actions that needs to that need to be taken and indeed some of those will not always fall into what might conventionally be considered to be defense. but on break. will be prime minister confirmed that we bear the russian people nothing but good will it is president putin who we have sites and we will not allow him to use this in the presidential elections to burnish his image as a strong man. for the russian of a gentleman is absolutely right it is the russian state that we are challenging in relation to this this particular act that has taken place on u.k. soil not the not the russian people. to join with to go. to greece really clear that we are engaged in a hybrid for which russia. clude stis information political and fear of cyber
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attacks are now very possibly this act of attempted murder in considering how to respond for him to also look at what additional hope we might give to the people of ukraine who operate from clawing and resisting russian aggression and to expansionism you i think i think my right arm befriended he's absolutely right we do need to look across the very diverse nature of the threat that we that we face and the actions that we are taking and we have already been taking a number of actions in support of the of the ukraine is also an important part of our deliberations an important part of of our response michael mcdonald as we call stein question was understood by only three people everybody understands what is happening here to date and there can be no criticism of the told the prime minister has adopted she will know that under article four of neutral she can raise this is
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a concern of what our nato allies does she tend to do so. as i could says in response for a number of the questions we will be raising this with allies in a number of forms and i will. consider as i said earlier the response from the russian state on wednesday and i will return at the earliest possible opportunity to this house to set up further measures job all and it will the prime is to join me in commending welch's police and how said this is to have done a stupid joke responded ok i'm not highlight the level of dedication and projects that that is evident not just in what but down the country at all and it says in very happy to join my animal friend in commending the valuable work that has been done by emergency services in wiltshire but also they are simply a fine example of the dedication and commitment of our public services and emergency services across the whole country by mr speaker i have no doubt that the only. we'll deal with putin's regime in russia is robustly decisively and together
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as a parliament and a country and also want to add my voice to those talk about the oppression of the russian people themselves not least in chechnya where putin continues to back the brutal regime of ramzan kadyrov and his attacks on the bt community from russia today the prime minister to speak with a secular state for culture media and sports to look at reviewing russia today's broadcasting license and to speak to the house authorities about blocking their broadcasts in this building itself why should we be watching their propaganda in this parliament here yes but as i said in response to a number of questions i will say we will look at the response from russian state but i will come back to this house at the earliest opportunity to look at the range of measures which could be necessary and i think in relation to the house authorities. as the gentleman will be aware that would not be a matter for me but for the house and flourishes and i think we've heard the honorable gentleman loudly and clearly thank you very near
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a great trade the prime minister for her powerful statement and for her leadership in this incredibly grave matter here is russia fifth and proper state to be hosting or engaging in international sporting fixtures in two thousand and eighteen yeah. can i say i will say in answer to my honorable friend is that we as i said in response in prime minister's questions last week i think we will be in a position of considering the attendance at that particular particular event that is coming up in russian they should be the world cup of dignitaries and ministers here from the united kingdom. that the prime minister that there should be unity across the house in terms of what i feel is a proportionate and sensible approach that she's taken to analyzing what's been going and coming back to report to the head of it can also say that there are certain. circumstances and she knows where we take part of political differences of
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opinion but when our country is potentially under attack that is just not appropriate yeah. and i think the right or agenda for the tone that he has adopted is absolutely right this is a question of the national interest it's a question of the interest of our country and what another state may have done on british soil to people living here in the united kingdom and that should be a matter that would construed concern all of us and should be above party politics . having served with my right on a friend in the home office she will do what is right to keep our country safe and she confirmed that if it is the conclusion of her majesty's government that there was unlawful use of force by the russian state we possess a considerable range of offensive cyber capabilities which we will not hesitate to deploy against our state if it is necessary to keep our country safe. and i say to
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my rival friend that we of course will look at responses across a number of areas of activity should it be is as he has said as i said in my statement that we conclude that this action does amount to an unlawful use of force by the russian state here in the u.k. . here mr speaker it's good that the prime minister comes here today and spells out what actions are already taken and promises to return again and inform us on what happens next will she also make sure that the lessons learnt in the solsbury community about this threat and how to prevent it in local communities is shared in an appropriate way with other communities across the country. i'm very happy to say that i think i'm sure there will be lessons coming out of this for the local community is for the n.h.s. the police themselves as they look into this matter and i'm sure those. we will
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ensure that those are available toward cross the country which. alex joke here in russia we should never forget that for all its geographical size russia's economy is a little more than half that of the u.k. in those circumstances that my right to return to agree with me the british economic leaders are far more potent than some might realize and we should not hesitate the circumstance demand it to pull them hard. well as i as i've said we will be looking at the full range of measures should we once we consider the response was come from the russian state that is in fact the united kingdom we have been one of the leaders in ensuring that within the european union that sanctions against russia are in place as a result of the action that they took place in crimea and ukraine. which ever reynolds has this terroristic and attempted murder on british soil demands a strong and united response here i do have to eventually confirm whether the nerve
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agent in question is banned under the chemical weapons convention and that russia or a signatory to the convention against yes it is it is illegal to use a nerve agent of this sort it is one and senses one that is banned under the convention. poster people thank you mr speaker with the prime minister agree with me that this attack probably involved a professional russian and. probably involved a professional russian trained operative in order to carry out such an individual targeted assault with what must have been a very minute amount to something like sarin v.x. or tappin which could so easily impact catastrophic wide scale indiscriminate and deadly consequences but i say to my honorable friend that i will not speculate about the nature of the. individual who is responsible for this individual or
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individuals who are responsible for this attack that is of course a matter for the police investigation. mr parrish him to speak you will promise to agree now we've all agreed that russia is a clear and present danger we have got to be fully organized to meet that danger and would you agree with me that we walk out into london we see you russian maffia russian security people swaggering about our capital city all over europe we see them what they don't like is sanctions that bite will she come back to this house on an early haitian actually with a firm list the sanctions new sanctions we can take against what. well the the honorable gentleman is asking me to refer to the particular measure as i have said in my statement and in answer to a number of questions we'll consider the response from russian state and it should it should be no credible response we will determine we will conclude the action
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amounts to an lawful use of force by the russian state in the united in the united kingdom i will return with further measures so nicolas so use would my right on from a promise to confirm that despite the kids the american presidency may have on these issues that we are fully engaged with the american government and our allies on this very important matter. so i'm very happy to give my right of the friend the confirmation that we have been engaged with our allies and will continue to be engaged with our allies on this important issue. that we found and you can i thank the prime minister of for coming to the house with this very important but sadly not surprising conclusion today she's going to make a further statement on wednesday that ask her to see a bit more about the possible options for response and to ensure at a time when there are voices armed forces trying to rule. confidence in top and
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democratic societies responsible police force from way on foursquare behind the solidarity and security of the west. i'm sure the right of the gentleman will forgive me if i say that i would not will not set out today what the response is going to be because obviously we need to consider the response from the russian state and put together the further measures appropriate further measures to ensure that we give the reverse response that i and other members of this house have been calling for but she can be rest assured asking other members of this house that we see a russia that is flouncing in international rules based order we've been very clear about that and we will stand up stand up for democracy stand up for the rule of law stand up for that international rules based order and the values that underpin it and continue to be committed to the security and defense of europe and the defense
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of the values that underpin the west we should. not be you are watching r.t. international where we've been bringing you the live coverage this is from the u.k. house of commons prime minister to reserve a has just divulged the latest findings to date of the police investigation into the poisoning of former russian spy surrogate and his daughter the conversation continues just a brutal reminder of who was. when he worked as an agent for russian intelligence previously but he was stripped of that rank and jailed for thirteen years for spying for the u.k. he was released early from prison though in a spy swap between the u.s. and russia reason may have just been hearing from chaired a meeting of the national security council over screwballs poisoning earlier today and the conversation has ensued over the findings and what action if any should be taken by you. goldman let's go over to london now we can speak to our correspondent
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understood he's been following events and they have been length the indeed. let's start with what the prime minister had to say. well that neil moves to say the least are extremely anti russian the house of commons today this is a highly anticipated address that theresa may was supposed to give providing some kind of formal reaction to this story that has created a media frenzy here in the u.k. for over a week now and despite expectations of certain proof potentially or evidence to be presented some of the language that to rescind made use such as the words that it's highly likely that russia was behind this incident leave lots of questions still on the table let's take a listen to what theresa may have to say after we've heard it is now clear that mr screw common to store were poisoned with a military grade nerve agent of the type developed by russia this is part of
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a group of nerve agents known as. the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the. and you. well if you remember this is a language that seems to be quite familiar we've heard this kind of uncertain terminology used before especially in light of course of the alexander litvinenko case if you remember there was a very lengthy and quite expensive inquiry that was conducted into his death and at the end of that we were left with a report that used the word probably lots and lots and lots of times so this seems to ring a bell in that sense although we have to see that before there is a finalized investigation and theresa may underscored many times that they want to give authorities this space to be able to investigate exactly what happened to sergei script pollin his daughter it seems clear that this is the way things stand now the moods are extremely an. russia and not too many people are willing to budge
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on this inside the british parliament one person was however the opposition party leader jeremy corbyn he had a bit of a different approach to what to resubmit was saying let's take a look. we need to continue seeking a robust donor log with russia on all the issues currently dividing our countries both domestic and international rather than simply counting of contact and letting the tensions and divisions get worse to speak the events in saul's room the fourth of march have appalled the country and need sarah investigation well the way things stand now theresa may has said that there is no question that there will be business as usual with russia she said that the russian ambassador to the u.k. has been summoned to answer the questions of where this nerve agent as the u.k. has been describing it had come from theresa may says the u.k. authorities believe that this was
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a state sponsored act or it was an event where this nerve agent had somehow ended up in the wrong hands and those people were able to carry out this incident however she said that the british government is expecting some kind of official response from russia by wednesday and after that the british prime minister says the goal of the u.k. will be to implement further measures and take further steps if necessary and has to be said that throughout this quite lengthy hearing as you said moves were very strongly anti russia there was calling it a rogue state creating a country that created hell on earth in syria that what happened here to sergei was a warlike. and they're saying that the u.k. is under attack and certainly this is very very very strong language given that this is an incident that hasn't had an investigation. finalized which quite yet
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also theresa may said that the kremlin has the intention of dismantling international order again on based off of one incident that is yet to be proved of course we've known that throughout this week that there have been some calls to drag this channel r.t. into this whole story there have been some m.p.'s questioning including during this latest hearing whether or not our t.'s license should be revoked whether or not it should be banned from broadcasting inside the parliament and can basically these m.p.'s take steps to stop our t.v. broadcast in the u.k. to resubmit to this said that let's wait for the official response of the russian government so this deadline of wednesday seems to be what the u.k. government is putting in place and then will bring forward further measures as they've described it and we have heard a response from the russian foreign ministry to these latest developments already we have heard that moscow has described these latest statements as
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a circus performance they've said that this whole story is a campaign based on provocation and we've heard from the spokesperson of the foreign ministry saying that before british authorities create as she's free to freeze that new fairy tales what russia would like to see is details on the investigations on the deaths of people like the green young girl boris berezovsky who died in london and as they said many other people who mysteriously died on british soil so it's clear to say that's the way things stand now this is a story that's not going to go anywhere for quite some time so we'll be here watching how this unravel. many things on the situation of course want to learn to bring in the days of what was being said in the house of commons. ok let's bring in a guest now get some analysis and speak to dr tara mccormick who's a lecturer in international politics at the university of leicester very good
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evening to you and tara i don't know how much you caught of everything that was said in the house of commons it was an awful lot on an awful lot of subjects but i mean the essence of it was that. said that this was a russian produced nerve agent and that it was highly likely russia was responsible where does that leave us then highly likely isn't certain but it's saying they're almost certain so what do you think is going to happen now. i mean it's very hard to say i mean i think. beginning of the history it was pretty clear that the british state. immediately in the media the slaves rush it so that's the kind of drive from the start that you know it's been a highly. investigation of the british media and many areas it's really going to overdrive. from the minute it has.
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i mean we want to know the truth i'm sure everybody in every country would like to know what happened here in terms of just national and global security what we've heard is that they believe that it was russia but they've actually asked for an explanation from the russian ambassador so that leaves some reason to believe they're not sure so can you explain to me what then ensued which was almost everybody apart from the leader of the opposition then explaining what punishment they wanted to to be carried out when they've already said they're not certain who did it how do they help and this is this is the i think one of the problems now it is i'm down to the case that an assassination of the second. someone on the territory of the country is going to cause a fairly big rock and you know it undoubtedly and of course all states will want to know what's going on spell as for what we have seen is literally true that minutes that are going to sign we've had disruption in the media that many m.p.'s have been
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immediately after leaving russia and also insisting that the british government to take a really strong conductor even ok or very strong response but we don't know actually what happened that is long and short of thing it's now may have said that this is a moment and nerve agent of terror that has been produced in russia. we really don't know and the one thing i would really like to stress is that in the u.k. we have a real recent history of extraordinary really a collective intelligence of the government reactions we've seen that in iraq with the children we've seen that also in libya and and it's a great house of commons your top actually looking back over libya in the intelligence and the way in which the government radio.


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