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tv   News  RT  March 13, 2018 4:00pm-4:31pm EDT

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calling for good chemistry donald trump removes america's top diplomat rex tillerson saying they didn't see eye to eye with cia director mike pompei over there for setting to take over rex tillerson seat of the state department and gina hospital who's known for her role in the talk about me taking over the agency's reins but my forthcoming. also ahead this says it had nothing to do with the poisoning of the former double agent script in the u.k. last week. i. do miss de but purchasing survival equipment and underground bunkers with some continue to fear a north korean nuclear. this
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is art international's me kevin no eleven here now and first change at the top in some of the top jobs in the us tonight donald trump has fired u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson he's the first to fall than in washington after president trump promised to shake up last week saying he was seeking perfection in his administration trump explained his decision by saying the two didn't really see eye to eye on a number of issues. talking about. the. right way but. when you look at. iran i think you. don't want to. go there but will trump to use twitter to announce a few new appointments this morning so secretary of tillerson secretary of state
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rex tillerson will be replaced by a cia director mike pompei now tillerson has admitted that he doesn't have a twitter account and he has all of trump's tweets printed out for him so that's apparently how he found out he got fired and that's according to steve goldstein undersecretary for public diplomacy and tillerson has just returned from his africa tour so not exactly the best welcome home but a spokesman for tillerson said that there hasn't been any direct conversations with trump regarding the decision however rumor surrounding tillerson is departure have been floating around for months now thankfully a very very slowly thanks for the really. really good to the right and the right. going commenting on the new appointment trump said that he until are seen had a number of disagreements ranging from of iran deal to negotiations with north korea and the tiller said reportedly even called trump a moron
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a report that the former secretary of state hasn't even denied but the back and forth ended with trump challenging tillerson to an i.q. test and according to reports the president wasn't too pleased with tillerson body language either he was said to have slouched in a rolled his eyes during meetings with trump so now a former cia director will be the nation's top diplomat trump spoke to journalists about it and he was all praise for pompei o a man he said to have had a great understanding with since the beginning we are very late for whatever. whatever it was. both right. and i got. it right and just to remind you this all happens amid talks with north korea so i'm not sure how appointing a former cia director to the highest diplomatic position in the country will affect diplomacy with the d.p. r. k. but in the past trump has also criticized tillerson for being too establishment but
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what's more establishment than the cia and that's the question left on our minds but last week trump promised a more cabinet shake up saying he's seeking perfection so maybe this last move is trouble getting closer to his perfect view of the world maybe will follow the twists and turns will. remain in office until the end of this month and then will effectively step away from politics next it goes down of his moral poem the new face of american diplomacy or the successor of the cia to jinnah hospital. well first and foremost mike pompei over and his nomination means only one thing the hawks are nesting in washington and in the state department in particular mike pompei or the former cia director is as hawkish as you can get pretty much he supports the n.s.a. bulk collection he was the critic of the iran nuclear deal and one of the things trump and to listen did not see eye to eye he also maintained that cia agents who participated in the cia's torture programs he hailed them as heroes and not pawns
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of the bigger game played by the agency whistleblowers are also said to have a harder time with him because he is for example how might pompei o talked about the wiki leaks have a listen walks like a hostile intelligence service and talks like a hostile intelligence service ignorant or misplaced idealism is no longer an acceptable excuse for a lion izing these demons this is the face of all of america's diplomacy now so clearly we should expect a more hawkish shift of the whole you know diplomatic call of washington d.c. what's interesting in today's you know shifts and you know trying to tribulations in washington is another person ascending into being the director of the cia and that's gina hospital for you the first woman to head the agency what we do know about her is that she used to run one of the black sites one of the cia's black sites in southeast asia which do not have
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a very good reputation amongst human rights advocates to she allegedly was one of the people she was the one who gave the order to destroy destroy the videotapes depicting the torture of at least two american detainees at that black site so she's now the head of the cia and with that being said. everything is sort of pieces are falling into place now you know given trump's dance on good. trump's stance on so-called enhanced interrogation you know human rights advocates call it torture given all of that and really it is clear where washington where trump is heading towards the very much more hard line diplomacy and a hardline approach taken by the cia and the steed apartment as well well let's get another view it as a correspondent on the line with us deputy director of the u.s. middle east alliance to support. so good move or not this what kind of secular
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state will. make i think you'll say good probably but don't put words in your mouth . no you're not putting words of mike on peo. an excellent resume. for the lie in repose at fox thinking. the government greedy as a cia director and president and i think he will be an excellent secretary of state rex tillerson who was doing it would lose a huge in the form of the objectives of president forty america first in putting our allies for us for that matter the support of the nuclear deal he wanted to engage more with with carter in spite of. you know. our allies in saudi arabia bahrain kuwait. somebody who has known the ring sing for seven against against after the regime so mr pompei o c s i on these
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policy objectives major policy right at the largest state sponsor of terrorism does acknowledge my view when where and i think that for that reason alone. he had to be removed at some point in the place where by the secretary of state with an ideology more in line with what a but what about north korea it was only last week the south korean leader came that invitation from the north saying let's get together and talk is it bad news as far as my pompei as concerned as it is he'll for dialogue with the north. no i think that might prompt a oh i mean listen the president so you sit down with the north korean dictator and he said that he would. work to use utmost to achieve peace with the north koreans i will model except that they have. no nuclear capabilities we're not making any concessions in my campaign or thinks likewise in you know you can argue and i think
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we could cause that president trump strong stance against the north korean dictatorship is what brought them to the table only time will tell but so far all indications and good apparency of those are listed with the president and hopefully make a good deal here i mean the pessimists are those saying that trump simply surrounding himself by yes men yes when they shouldn't have a bit of balance there may be people who question what he's thinking or not or that . not by. is a brilliant person and he's not somebody that will i'm sure give the president a lot like here's some the president may choose to pursue it some he may not but he has done a great job as cia director and i think president trump's record speaks for itself in our army in the u.s. and i think there's more respect for your traditional roles. and state as the leader of the free world in europe and elsewhere john i think that's just what is
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the final forty seconds just briefly talk about you know how spoil her appointment to the cia given a record involving the agency's intense and her again once interrogation program again is she the right woman for the job. well you know i really don't know much about this asked all but you know all the point is the president trump has been making have been great ones rex tillerson was in the old school so i'm sure that he's that time to really get this asshole and i'm sure. if he's going to succeed mr parkdale and given mr trump's experience as president as chief executive he's or put somebody who's top notch in place to replace mr pompei i'm sure she'll do a good job. this any particular thoughts on where you think she needs to shine first well in the cia can i say. that we had some controversy at the department of justice and the f.b.i.
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we need if it is cia that provides our government strong intelligence so that we can have actionable intelligence so that we can take it in translated into policy and trick translated into actions on the ground are they great now in syria we need to draw a strong line to push back against iran in the syrian regime we need a policy d.s.t. and by our allies that it's in stand against what's happening in eastern syria and in the damascus suburbs and sort of strong messages on them on tare chemical weapons in syria will respond strongly if need sitting here in moscow tonight what might come back to mike pompei again what his appointment to cyprus taken to mean for relations ongoing with russia. well i think the president all over suspect a strong strong leadership in the united states and frankly i think you know it has to be some pushback against the russians and their allies the syrian regime and
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the iranian regime who right now slaughtering people in eastern damascus and in. which is a suburb of damascus i think president trump has made it clear he does not like the iran nuclear deal and neither does our mr pompei oh and i think that you know the russians would do better to ally in south western europeans with united states and against a state sponsor of terror which is iran of course hopefully that's the brutal honesty of this that has. a lot more with with a strong. a strong america and strong europe and not with the mullahs in iran showing you know that mosque is going to very different take on your view of it there but we appreciate your thoughts and thank you to come on the program john deputy director of the u.s. middle east alliance to support
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a good day sir. thank you. said it had nothing to do with the poisoning of former russian intelligence agency grace cripple and his daughter in the english city of seoul spring. but i see in you in the russia is innocent we're waiting for the united kingdom to respond to your request that we filed in accordance with the very same convention about the necessity to provide us with the substance in question and the necessity to make the whole investigation open to us because we're talking about a russian citizens. authorities in the u.k. still investigating the poisoning of sergei scruple his daughter huli earlier this month they believe the pair were deliberately targeted with a nerve agent first produced by back of the soviet union traces of the substance of being detected that these restaurant where the two ate before they were taken ill and then found unconscious on that park bench nearby polly boyd here in london has the latest now on the escalating to speed tonight between london and moscow. but we
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have a situation of a real diplomatic standoff right now where both the u.k. and russia are demanding more information about the nerve agent used in the attack and solsbury from each other russia's rejecting britain's ultimatum effectively while at the same time boris johnson who's gay lover of british counterpart here the foreign secretary he's reiterating the ultimatum take a listen you want the russians to give you the courage to what's been going on and if they can come up with a convincing explanation full disclosure needs to be given to the organization for the crucial chemical weapons or chemical weapons watchdog in the hague we could move into big night tonight to do that if they can't then clearly the government will come food measures a response that is
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a community group but last we you heard the word robust there that's been a word that's been deployed by the british government in relation to measures towards russia throughout this kind of diplomatic crisis and it has turned into a diplomatic standoff yesterday to resume a pointed the finger squarely at the kremlin when she was talking about the nerve agent used in the attack in solsbury she spoke about it being a weapons grade and from the knob family which was secretly produced in the soviet union in the one nine hundred eighty s. but in the ninety's it was information about it was leaked so technically it's a recipe that's out there and could have been used by anyone but the reason may in parliament said that it could have only have been produced in russia so this is an attack that was either sanctioned by moscow or moscow has lost control of are prohibited and dangerous chemical weapon now practically all the politicians in the
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house of. in the u.k. agreed and supported to reason may's intended course of action in relation to russia take a lesson the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the to go and do the we are not the. right result and we possess a considerable range of offensive cyber capabilities which we will not hesitate to deploy against our state if it is necessary we've all agreed that russia is a q a present danger we have got to be fully organized to meet that danger now the home secretary amber rudd has chaired another emergency cobra committee meeting today she was getting updates on that investigation into the spy poisoning which some people might be forgiven for mistakenly thinking had stopped but that investigation is still ongoing there's still lots to uncover there and rather the
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home secretary has also announced that following media allegations that the deaths of other russian dissidents of businessmen may have been suspicious she's instructed the police and m i five to assist with looking into the alleged russian state involvement in the deaths of up to fourteen more people on u.k. soil. top current attorney says no details have been revealed about the investigation while it's ongoing furthermore. i understand there is public interest in this case however with such a sensitive and complex you will understand that i cannot say anything that may impact on the whole work in the process of being made aware of course getting many questions regarding how and where the nerve agent was actually a minister i can't comment on that at this hour well despite no evidence of moscow's alleged involvement having been provided some news outlets nonetheless
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have been speculating about how the u.k. could respond now when british paper suggested they'll be an increased nato presence on russia's border and that further sanctions could be imposed on the country and others suggest senior russian diplomats could be expelled and that u.k. politicians could boycott the upcoming fee for world cup some say the us it's a volley gox could be frozen we spoke to not a banned list they told us it's wrong to blame russia at this point as there are too many unanswered questions about this attack. there is a political agenda driving this process this incident not only the instant as itself but the timing of it just before the russian elections is really falling into the hands of those that want to drive further problems between for example britain and russia this material of this chemical agent could have been produced elsewhere and of course there may be may be freshly produced or there may have been stocks that are still outstanding and still capable of being used course it's massively premature for the government to be saying to russia or any suspect you've
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got to forty eight hours to respond or else we're going to take action in other words take some punishment against you the russians developed this in the one nine hundred eighty s. the old soviet union it doesn't necessarily mean that as a consequence there are people running around the globe in this nerve gas on our own people no i do think we need some caution here and be aware it is not just the russians that have this sort of stuff in the capability to have new concrete evidence yet and i think that's very important if we have called for a concrete evidence then yes something should be at acted upon but until that point i think we should be more cautious i think corbin's right in saying we don't want to be ratcheting up this rhetoric meantime other developments counter-terror police in the u.k. say now they're investigating the death of a man in london he's understood to be the russian exile nicholas golf a friend of the lady boris berezovsky close cough was reportedly found dead at his home in the british capital late on monday night and as metropolitan police
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a counter-terror of police are looking into the case as a quote precaution because of associations he had to scoff claimed asylum in the u.k. in two thousand and four after serving a five year prison sentence in russia for fraud british authorities are said there's no evidence his death is connected to events in salisbury. syrian air tonight latest the russian defense ministry center for reconciliation says almost one hundred fifty civilians half of them children have been able to leave series rebel held on klav eastern ghouta it says they left a humanitarian corridor that's been opened up and was sent to temporary accommodation evacuation comes as part of a deal struck by the center and the rebel leaders in the insurgent held region as part of the agreement some of the fighters there will also be able to leave if they guarantee safe passage to civilians that said he said god has been besieged by government forces since twenty thirty fighting intensified the last month and in recent days the syrian government as we're going to large portion of the
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territories sensually driving the militants into just three pockets but the situation for civilians trapped in the in battle there is remains dire people have been caught in the crossfire of suffering shortages of food and supplies meantime the americas envoy to the united nations security council has said that washington is prepared to act unilaterally and intervene in the conflict against the syrian government. we also warn any nation that is determined to impose its will through chemical attacks and any human suffering most especially the outlaw syrian regime the united states remains prepared to act if we must in the past sixteen days there have been three separate allegations of chlorine gas attacks this is no ceasefire this is the assad regime iran and russia are continuing to wage war against their political opponents for the gas that when you may recall that we understand that the goal of this just in from asian campaign is to manipulate public opinion
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convince people the syrian government is using chemical weapons issue but we have reasonable concerns that there are preparations to stage fake chemical attacks in order to later accuse the government and according to our data on the fifth of march the only street terrorists used chlorine in eastern goods that injuring thirty people. may currently be a fall under way in relations between north korea and the united states but the american public are likely to take a little more convincing this is the reason the survey held just last month show that the walking eighty two percent of the u.s. public see north korea as a critical threat to america pyongyang is also surge the top of washington's greatest enemies list too must quote many americans preparing for the worst case scenario one retail giant in the u.s. has been selling a survival kit costly war mind you that can keep a family of four sustain for a whole year it costs fall six thousand dollars if you're planning on sitting out in a nuclear apocalypse though on your own home here's a thought cheery is
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a cheaper one thousand dollar option to keep one person well fed and a bit lonesome as well people are only stocking up on food they're also worried about what tablets to take your word to be radiation poisoning other retailers are selling potassium iodine pills which help ward off the effects of radiation than are in fact for that medicines increase to the point where many outlets have literally run out plus people are digging deeper as well for doomsday. this project will accommodate somewhere between six and ten thousand people when it's completed it's a city that's going to be the largest survival community on the planet.
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is concerned everybody has got level feelings and they're all feeling something. so hard for people that are. currently there with. presidential elections just days away and we're profiling only the candidates who are after the kremlin's top job but also made to vote is going to make that decision we traveled nationwide to meet russians from all walks of life and tonight we medical workers to hear well their hopes and fears for the country's future.
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stand by for that little innocent little bush has more than was on the bus the morning is poisonous voyagers zero zero one us which english. never chimneys and i still see of course up more we do have to buy this year but i cheer for us the new the pollution noise just for your music your beliefs give a fresh start it looks step on so i was. going forty's it is notable that when your son has been one of the bottom defeats true to your floor that our border with us from which i don't share your schools doing easy i may use treason is something that normal people in school never once were some good enough in the projects to watch the us is over the workforce and you're seeing those little you see a movie with a bunch of folks in the bush is a book. well as polling day approaches those are polling stations open the morning of sunday we'll introduce you to more of the candidates of the voters they're trying to win around and make sure you stay with out international as well got
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great coverage lined up for the whole thing plus reaction to the results as well as you'd expect us to round up so far the shoes even from moscow always wore our t. dot com i'm kevin o. in saying thank you so much for watching it's always appreciated in our programs continue no part of world when i. see a good bye. and it is the news this is the only. church secret indeed carefully priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to
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a different spot were the previous standards not not highest ranks of the catholic church help conceal the accused priests from the police and justice so sunday that that's not as the i intend to. use these out in the. same wrong. just don't. get to see power is the answer. and in detroit betrayal. when something you find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground .
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kaiser this is the kaiser report it's time once again for the show that rocks all my gosh we're rocking the boat. place you donald trump is certainly rocking the boat internationally he's upset ing the new world order i mean he's creating his own world order of chaos and of course this is negotiating technique many people believe in the business world as you act so deranged increasingly that your opponent the other side of the trade table thinks a lot this guy we don't know what he's going to do so we're going to talk a little bit in this episode about these these threats of trade war and things like this and renegotiating nafta of course donald trump was elected primarily by people who were looking for him to cause the sort of internet.


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