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like church. with its hierarchy. its communication. and its very darkest secrets. that are feeling. in australia seven percent of priests are thought to have sexually abused minors four percent in the united states. we discovered the clergymen found guilty of that ophelia are still active often in contact with children. thanks to internal documents will reveal how church leaders protect priests accused of sexually abusing minors. by sending them from country to country notably in africa. our investigation into these international exiles took us to cameroon. to argentina.
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to the united states. to france to italy. during our travels we established this unprecedented mass that regarding the transfers of priests involved in cases of pedophilia. yet commenced to dig the kid got a good idea where that up with his off by a few i love on the big with you i'm not that into gang up i mean it and the victims number tens of thousands marked with scars for the rest of their lives. our investigations would lead us all the way to pope francis to reveal how when he was archbishop of buenos aires he tried to influence the argentine justice department. contract for something really nasty he. investigated the mysteries of the church where on the altar of truth god's law seems prevailed over that of
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a myth. our inquiry into the international transfers of priests accused of pedophilia begins in the united states. where in chicago in the shadow of this cathedral to would just have very unique kind of protest. there it's. all are victims of pedophile priests. in their hands portraits of venice children when they were abused. in the us sixteen thousand people have already launched complaints for sexual abuse against catholic priests. these
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victims have joined forces for the annual conference of their support group smattering survivors network of those abused by priests. oh boy. it's great to see you again. and i think it looks like we've got a bigger group than last year which is even better news so how many of you are here for the first time. remember that all of us here are survivors of sexual assaults and betrayals during our youth so if you're looking for an opportunity to share your experience with people who truly get it this is the place. recently the organization has seen abuse victims from all over the world join its ranks it has become the internationale of those abused by the church. certainly it will be here because of that whether i use the. trial is the purpose of the focus though it had
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on us but by that they gave. they only got a special little. where you're from so yeah we're trying to save them from germany from berlin and elicits with a release. when there was for yourself about the from the focus on those of us. just. three three years i was fifteen years old i was abused as a team for a long period of time with an oddly priest agreements just can't. thank you or canada accounts from over fifty countries. at the end of the conference we talked to one of the activists and barrett doyle. facts reports from victims snap is the only group who been able to establish a list of priests worldwide allegedly involved in pedophilia cases we only include
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those priests who have been accused of child sexual abuse in a credible public document it has to be either a court document that's publicly accessible or a mainstream news outlet it's called hot. she began her work fourteen years ago. refuge in the states these activists publish the names and photos of accused priests on the internet to try to ensure they never come into contact with children again. this is just the letter a and it just keeps telling. you how many names of the i'm so far so all in the entire database we have forty four hundred names to do you have any friends names in the least we do have several so father revoir is a very troubling case because he abused this young boy and and mario oid did report the abuse eventuality within statute and.
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was fled here in one thousand nine hundred three it somehow spirited him back to france where he lives safely now that's not the case of his victim who took his own life in december of two thousand and twelve to avoid justice one french priest accused of the sexual abuse of minors is thought to have fled to canada and be hiding in france. the story barely seems credible. we contacted the sister of one of the priests presumed victims. speak to us from northern canada in a way territory her brother maher used to go to committed suicide five years ago he had filed a complaint against the french priest old photos of her and her kid brother and one of our riverwalk. modest. in the white house. well that's. why i
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decided. do you think marty was the only.
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we get our hands on the warrant issued to the canadian police for father of wars arrest. they've been after the priest since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight . on it we discover the name of maher yes but also two other boys made anonymous by the police with black lines. a girl of fourteen is also a mom go legit victims. in all the priest is thought to have abused four children. finally in the top left hand corner of vital piece of information the name of the town where the priest is believed to be hiding in france a small town in the bocuse where there's a monastery belonging to his community. so we catch the train to strasbourg. that's right because in the meantime we've got hold of some internal documents from his community father revoir has been transferred several times.
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after up in canada he didn't stay in who was presumed by the canadian police he apparently with next to to run nearly and that's when we lost track of him. but after several months of inquiries during a phone call. a priest from a priori we're father of war had stayed unwittingly gave us a new lead. which is to say the priest one of the by the canadian police for one thousand years for sexually abusing four children seemingly lives here in strasbourg among his religious community. from now on. we'll film with a hidden camera. no. i don't want to show he was motioning one. should see that it. was our information was correct. yet.
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the priest is here at the end of the corridor. no shame or. measure the thought of article on the new for our office as well it will be good only for the newest avon never brought us together for like the best and talk less and don't leave us there it wasn't always that on a new every time it was a business of luck i was off on from the body the rhythm wanted to fit there is was extra. in the groove really about what happened or the only thing that's risky or so before she had on a date the district of about. phillip and another member in months more. is going to exclude norm do not use good so that he could push was a. trick our way and here peter could hear you should take him. to the tsunami because america's was. we sure the photo of the young into it maryse time to lick
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corporations have come from all. involved as is a number of us in this you insist this is b.s. i've also got actually all you say about this is you did those even though you don't feel the same maybe at all it was was expected as you really didn't want to disappear for good so he says or there is room. to be relinquished there's no room . there so they're loaded. the minute you said it was it's written there then i have them on a diagonal you know it's because it's no use it or if. nasiriya community was in a rush or it's that the disinterest in play some sort of scoop. was a bit out of his fiction most often really bunk off let me papa our school a comical person for saying that a very they want money will work the grace is a possibility with me. how can
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a priest accused of the sexual abuse of minors change countries and homes and stay out of the. watches of the police and justice for almost twenty years. and is it in our family experience. one man may have an explanation. back in the united states marines to meet a former american priest patrick wall. since the one nine hundred ninety s. has been a close up witness of pedophile scandal. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you were a south and taken your last to bang turn. your attitude up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my
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life turned on each breath. but then my feelings started to change you talked about war like it was again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like you it's sad one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker. well you know the higher the risk of adopted because we're all fired the whole lot . being there in the small ball of lifted our poor ships and it's very. much up to. the little fellow the big cold fish already ninety
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percent of it are in god and it won't recover. concept fifteen scoops seventy five tons and they do it several times a day with a big fleet you know you get an idea. we have to understand we can all stay still and just. be witness the deal going to use our. i'm doing this because i want them for the future world to future generations to have and enjoy the ocean now we have.
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joined the monastery as a very idealistic twenty year old and thought i was going to be a monk a priest and unfortunately it didn't work out that way because so many sex abuse cases came forward then i ended up actually being ordained early to go work on and follow sex abusers who were being withdrawn and at that point at the age of thirty two i had to make a moral decision am i going to support this institution you know in my part of this or do i have to find a different path and that's when i chose to take it take a different path and to help survivors what do you think since then patrick was become a whistleblower an expert called on to testify in over two thousand cases of priests accused of sexual abuse according to him the catholic church has developed a system to exfiltrate pedophile priests. that's the same pattern we've seen in
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australia it's the same pattern we've seen in the united states it's the same pattern we've seen in canada it's the same pattern in ireland in england in italy it's honestly it's in the d.n.a. of the roman catholic system and i like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do that he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator and then at that point he simply moves him to a different spot where the previous scandal is not known and it is not enough to move him outside the country that that's a geographic solution you can move in from continent to continent as long as you can speak the language that is needed it looks legitimate and so he's going to be accepted without question that's where the danger comes. an anonymous source will provide us with proof of the geographical solution described by patrick. one
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evening we received dozens of internal documents from the community of st john five hundred brothers present throughout the world. this french community is highly controversy. it has the highest number of priests found guilty of pedophilia in recent years three since two thousand and twelve. and there are thought to have been more cases of sexual abuse it's all there in black and white. as we turn the pages we get a strange feeling the community seems to have become a master in the art of the international displacement of priests suspected of sexually abusing children. among the pile of documents from the commune. he of st john one recent letter draws
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our attention. and sends us rushing to the airport. here's the letter signed by a high ranking church official this archbishop from cameroon. he wrote to the head of the community of st john having decided to exclude from the jusice several st john priests he explained himself. reverend brother some brothers of st john got themselves into situations of extreme gravity the brothers in question were about to be hauled in front of the courts at a risk of dirtying the damage of our church i used all my weight to make sure this did not happen. what have these french priest done to incur the wrath of an archbishop. in cameroon a mostly catholic country the community of st john is an institution. the
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brothers run one of the biggest high schools in your own day the capital. but inbred two are in the east of the country the brothers of state john have left town . until two thousand and fourteen they oversaw this cathedral the biggest in the region. and. we go to see the archbishop the one who asked the same john priest to leave. months and you're a tango one of the african representatives of the vatican. tells you that. measuring nothing to. see who can have others who close in on the most who i came to know about either the defense on his own. said to me no this is just an eastern cavity. because it is what up on the train it wanted to be knew he's going to die
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and then he must do to get his presented to topical and i find an excuse of a scene to just see lucy for back look he said i'm here really matters of tone was a casual affair new yankee margin the cashier is a major part of we did do. this one point and it wanted to be new it was a remark to. let it come in late. and etc we try to dig deeper but not all of what you need here yesterday did reality see a lot of your grandma was out of your dick going to want it back and this christmas it comes and. if you want to go to the river but i was it led to divorce as it. is if you let go of it ourselves. yes thanks for your precious comments are great but they weren't exactly helpful. i think if you're about to i will discover the reasons why the st john brothers hurriedly left town another
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alleged case of pedophilia. the sexual abuse of a number of boys. for three days we try to find these presumed victims. in this city where the catholic church is omnipresent it's hard to broach the subject. finally we find one of the kids who supposedly abused by the priest. today he's fifteen. kilograms and yes we. cyrano de gea new p.c.'s. don't see the same but it's. just that there's a. great. show in one of the
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communities internal documents that we managed to procure the mug shots of all the st john brothers across the globe five hundred eight and all. these real. nuzzi this priest had indeed been posted in her to a. you are abusing the rules coming for you to do or go to school. to do more and see and go see it. and it is a new food is a c.p.a. the early. days down to the. good. and as you know us. after a few weeks the boy finally admitted everything to his parents they immediately went together to the bar to a law courts to file a complaint. but here nobody touches the church i lent this a nice little cradle out of think it on up as if you know it when this all is you
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did just so she did you. know so is. she says yeah so when you're on a bus even a pipe you will about to see a really pretty simple sentence though the. same for a simple plan to continue to eat. in virtual the justice of man seems to serve men of god. we have an appointment with a civil servant inside the ministry of justice. we filmed discreetly. she confirms the closeness between the church and one of the top judges. in the letters mob with him and it where are they going to. let you do that but don't call us to expose them i just ask you to get out of there as you have just got it doesn't mean her going to do the political agendas probably. should go for. them but you know.
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what the model. is really you're not on my own i will all be. a civil servant gives us an excerpt from the victim's testimony. the name of father emanuel up. there's nowhere instead he's really doesn't need it as part of the priest. to go to the market. well but not on our part. before leaving pretty well we need another presumed victim. he too picks up father emmanuel from the mug shots. since he was. where his father emanuel now the french priest accused of
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sexually abusing at least two boys one among the communities internal documents other postings made in two thousand and sixteen. since being expelled from her to join cameroon father emmanuel appears to be in bologna in italy when. it comes. to the interests of such. of. them we wait for the father outside the priory. after a few hours mostly positive he finally shows up. we film discreetly . damietta most of. you know that there was a. match yes well i'm going to drop. an f.a.q.
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it's available over to the tories on the east and other but that isn't false as far as to give it all to look i'm just what i see. here volcanism i mean to differ that if the us will commit else when i press or. to work for show interest in moscow was a policy is because a fictional guys could organise is if you know. little sickle but. it's just took at the political. best micro. the. only city in the city is official to fix the. six he says so it's of course. i want to just get it and you've got to. do that for the good because if it's a metaphor. if you will cause it is what up on the to the point people know he's going to lose sure to play zippers in the local and i but i was at the house of h.
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and then he was actually it looks as able to. see this is rooted in a very subtle indeed children are manipulated by the archbishop but father emanuel offers another explanation for. this baby and. say this much eighteenth vote with your remote. special coverage of the russian presidential election exit polls opinions real time results monitoring and much more. it appears and highly likely these are the words used by u.k. prime minister to resume pinning blame on russia for the poison attack on
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a former russian intelligence officer turned british spy claims are made and threats flaunted course without evidence. the far right to in britain isn't just on the march it's taking violent mongers action might need to hit against an argument i see these organizations which i'll use may split into which we form different names how do you view that. complex web of british fashion. everybody i'm stephen bob taft hollywood guy you know suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george washington and r.v.'s to say this is my buddy
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max famous financial guru and well just a little bit different i'm not a. hero no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country and i'm hitting the road to have some fun meet everyday americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people which. was. one of them up. close.
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to me. calling for good chemistry donald trump removes america's top diplomat rex tillerson saying they did not see eye to eye with the cia director mike brown peo set to take over a seat in the state department gina possible who isn't known for her role in the cia's torture program will take over the agency's ranks. moscow says it had nothing to do with the poisoning of the former double agent sergei screwball in the u.k. last week. and americans prepare for doomsday by purchasing survival equipment and underground bunkers as some continue to fear a north korean nuclear attack.


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