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evolving dorsey's the secretary of state. the president fired because the. cia director mike to take over the state department. who is known for her role in this torture program. coming up. in the british prime minister is expected to and. against russia over the poisoning of a former double agent his daughter. to answer questions about the origin of the nerve agent. to block. the technology.
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of entire cities and future generations. just. at nine pm in sydney on one in the afternoon here in moscow this wednesday march the fourteenth wherever you're tuning in from welcome to our to international our top story donald trump fired u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson appointing incumbent cia director mike pump aoe to the position instead he announced a surprise reshuffle on twitter the president later explained his decision to reporters saying he did not see eye to eye on a number of issues. i've been talking about this for a long. we got along really well but. when you look at
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iran i think it's terrible. i want to record something. felt different so we really think. we have a very similar process i think well read a very good i like read a lot. from it. i'll be thinking the record over. a rumor is the tillerson was heading for the door has been circulating for months in the media and with reports of disagreements with the president rex tillerson will remain in the job until the end of the month and the millionaire businessman will then affectively step away from politics leadership down off has more now on mike pump aoe the new face of american diplomacy and also his successor at the cia gina hospital. bork's nesting in washington my ponytail the new diplomat
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in chief of the iron fist to lead america's state department has had the president under his spell for a while already the to see eye to eye on normal stove rethink the issue that sunk to listen diplomatic korea rice said was. well. very good relationship whatever. whatever it was. trump and pompei all share common spite towards iran and north korea both of them like to call torture enhanced interrogation and their fans of the n.s.a.'s warrantless bulk data collection where they stand on whistleblowers is one of the few things that trump and don't pay or don't quite agree on well they have to differ on something. it's time to call out wiki leaks for what it really is a non-state hostile intelligence service often abetted by state actors like russia
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. i can't think of a thing that has put america in a better position as a result of this deal we're a year out from the agreement and every single action the iranians have taken has been bolder and starker than the ones they took before the agreement. a very real danger. i hardly ever escape a day at the white house without the president asking me about north korea and how it is that the united states is responding to that threat it's very much at the top of his mind they are ever closer to having the capacity to hold america risk with a nuclear weapon this is the man elevated to america's top diplomat and descending with them is his former deputy gina hospital will be the first woman to lead the cia with all bosses impending departure she worked undercover and in secret for years she clearly likes being out of the spotlight and it could be for a good reason. she was one of the tortue chieftains at the cia in two thousand to
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asp all round the operations of an agency black site in thailand where two terrorist suspects were tortured one of them was nearly killed during these so-called interrogation agents slammed his head against the wall water boarded him deprived of sleep and kept him in a coffin like box and it was a hospital reportedly who later gave the order to destroy the tapes which recorded the torment along with other evidence given trump's pledge to keep the guantanamo bay operational and he's advocating of waterboarding everything falls into place it seems now the state department and the cia will have plenty in common you know in hansing not just interrogation techniques a diplomatic routine to or both appointees will have to go through senate confirmation hearings before taking place but that might not be straightforward there have already been calls on congress from rights groups to reject both
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nominations human rights what is the track record all hospital demonstrates that both are likely to endorse abusive practices well john kerr who was the first cia officer to expose the agency's use of torture and who later serve jail time following the revelations says appointing gina hospital as head of the cia isn't one of trump's finest decisions. this is one of the worst moves i've ever heard of at the cia when i sort of equiped believe it because you know haskell should be in the dock at night in the director's office at cia dina has all i has blood all over her hands she's the godmother of the cia's torture program the president is certainly a fan of torture he's come right out and said so and the only thing that's stopping them from returning to this torture regime is one piece of paper called the mccain feinstein amendment it was an amendment to the national fence authorization act
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that specifically banned it if it exactly the kinds of techniques that you know has was overseen. britain's prime minister treason may is to chair a national security council meeting later on witness they where she's expected to come up with reprisals against russia it may earlier gave moscow an ultimatum to give a credible response to the origins of the nerve agent used to poison former double agent surrogates cripple and his daughter in the in this city of seoul three russia the client respond saying it had nothing to do with the incident the investigation into the poisoning is still ongoing but authorities believe the pearl where deliberately targeted with a nerve agent first produced in the soviet union traces of the substance were detected at the restaurant with the two ate before they were taken ill fund unconscious on a nearby park bench moscow ses it has no connection to the incident and if
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the u.k. has grounds to believe the nerve agent came from russia it should share the evidence from moscow has received no access to the substance or the investigation russia also say that open line of contact with a script all who is a russian citizen reporting on a case that has spiraled into an international diplomatic crisis here are some of the situation that. in just over a week an incident in a quiet city in southern england snowballs into the biggest international spy scandal in years wishing ties between russia and the u.k. to breaking point on sunday march fourth a couple are found slumped on a bench and souls bury reporters arrive at the scene for what was thought to be a local incident but soon after a global media frenzy unravels with accusations allegations and speculation moving at the speed of light exposure to an unknown substance and her comparisons to the two thousand and six death of alexander litvinenko march sixth the u.k.'s
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counterterrorism police take control of the investigation the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson has this to say while it would be wrong to prejudge the investigation i can reassure the house that should evidence emerged that implies state responsibility then her majesty's government will respond appropriately and robustly. russia says it has no information and offers to help in any way it can but this part of events is much less exciting for the media than the spy story unfolding before them by wednesday march seventh police confirm the use of a nerve agent downing street remains cautious in finger pointing it being too early to explain what actually unraveled but that approach will soon make a swift exit these headlines leave little to the imagination long before any conclusions are drawn russia is being vilified the dots have been connected in the eyes of the world press details of the kind of punishment russia could face range from diplomatic expulsions to measures connected to the world cup to be held in
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russia the summer on march twelfth amidst a media hype and under pressure to take a tough stance from her government british prime minister theresa may is expected to provide clarity the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against and to the script how this highly likely comes with a pre-determined conclusion can be no suggestion of business as usual in relation to our interaction with russia mr speaker this action has happened against a backdrop of a well established pattern of russian state aggression and ultimatum is given to russia come clean or else while russia asks for proof evidence and facts we are waiting for the united kingdom to respond to a request that we filed in accordance with the very same convention about the necessity to provide us with the substance in question and the necessity to make the whole investigation open to us but the clock keeps ticking and the deadline set
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for russia to explain itself is wednesday march fourteenth all the while here's the u.k. police were of course getting many questions regarding how and where the nerve agent was actually administered i called comments on that this is hard we're not declaring a person of interest or i suspect at least in a court of law this would at least mean a time out in the world of political game play apparently means very little and as i said you're going to r.t. london. meanwhile kuntar terror police in the u.k. are investigating the death of a russian exile in london he's understood to be nicholai scoff a friend of the nod to cease russian oligarch boris berezovsky was granted asylum in the u.k. in twenty ten after serving an earlier five year prison sentence in russia for fraud he was reportedly fined did at his home in the british capital late on monday night well given the current political turmoil between london and moscow the western media outlets are being quick to link the case to the poisoning of former
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spice or his daughter in salt spree. and while london's metropolitan police say country terror officers are looking into the case quote as a precaution because of associations he heard british authorities say there is no evidence of a connection. well security analyst and former u.k. counterterrorism officer charles schumer bridge told us it's far too early to attribute blame for the poisoning according to the legal system for example in the u.k. if it was a person being accused of a crime they were being taught to know what the evidence is against them and of course to be out to use their own scientists for it came to a court of law to challenge that evidence perhaps to show that actually this material this a chemical agent could have been produced elsewhere for example we know that. it's not in the ninety's the united states itself was helping to clean up plants not in
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russia but in his back is thrown where this material was allegedly produced and so that's just an example of how this material could have come from anywhere in fact that there are so many very many questions still outstanding over this matter and of course it's massively premature for the government to be saying to rush or any suspect you've got to forty eight hours to respond or else we're going to take action in other words take some punishment against you. well with i can say is that russia is highly likely to have been behind the poisoning of the former spy it seems there are a series of phrases to use if you're not exactly called for and in the evidence set up. the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against to the script so how likely is it the twenty eight hundred eleven is going to be compromised by russia it's hardly likely that they will be
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doing something we just don't know how much and when whether. in the high confidence assessment that was released this past october the intelligence community made very clear that this was activity directed by the highest levels of the russian government. what russia was doing when it khan comes to slide wolf and not only that interference not proven in the american presidential campaign probably in the referendum last year we did have the evidence for that. the conclusion that the russian state was probably involved in the murder of mr. is deeply disturbing. living on the own line technology block chain is not only making waves in the
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banking world it could also be the fund of our future cities just a surmise blocked chain is a sense of data such as financial transactions are held on a network of computers rather than in one central place on valid potentially makes such info more secure and easier to verify well for our teams online series crypto aliya miguel francis sun to being meeting some of its biggest proponents in silicon valley and finding out how it could see a whole new type of city be built in the car of the. the detent the world's leading conference on. brought all the stars of washing together once again this time in silicon valley we caught up with our friend from singapore founder of ever coined nico matsumura the view from silicon valley is absolutely amazing i mean i'm talking to general partners venture capital firms they're renegotiate their lp agreements they are all they want to have custody they're starting to buy a trust or a wall it's unbelievable what's happening here you know i think as well we're
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starting to see the movement of institutional break capital it's a very very large institution kapil interesting though and i think that's really positive we also got to take on crypto from the original manufacturer of the mousetrap who apparently has been crypto and mining for five years now but most people think that bitcoin is like the corner in is the essence of the watching in reality the block change the magic and that will affect i think in the next ten or fifteen years virtually every major industry from pharmaceuticals to law enforcement recordkeeping accounting everything will be tied into that the bitcoin is really more of a symptom or a child of the watching the block change the mother i think if the banks allow us to survive and i'm not too threatened by the competition i think we're going to do very well imagine a city that's operated by block change the college what could a place like that show the world currently brocken crystal roast beer is a detainee and blockin unbound are under negotiation with the puerto rican mayor
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for the purchase of several thousand hectares of land for the creation of such a place the idea is to expose the power block chain on a global scale by taking a place that's been devastated by natural disasters and help to rebuild with and block infrastructure the first step is rebuilding what is there by using better technology more sustainable energy renewable resources and just really bringing green light to the place that exists i think they'd see you is find our ability to build something new and bring all of that he says that we have. surrounding blocks and see the local governments of the local population and really build a new type of city stay tuned for border crypto a unique watching city built together with the puerto rican government which will showcase the world the full scale of what crypto can do to a post devastated state hi miguel fats a century ago. and we're back in california the leader in the program where hundreds of demonstrators humping gathering in several locations makes his first
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visit to the state's us president on its own over opposition to his mexico border wall. when almost choked seemed wrong. wrong just don't call. me but he's yet to say proud these days to come to advocate and in games for many equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart when you choose to look for common ground. and what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something want to.
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have to go right to be cross with the bible before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters of my. question. hello again right wing canadian of this being detained in front son bomb from entering britain lauren southern was held to a british border point in cowley the u.k. home office told her she was being bombed for distributing racist material in the town of luton last year one of the posters said allah is a gay gold officials describe the twenty two year old as a threat to u.k. public policy so they can say she was interrogated in the french poured on to the
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u.k.'s terrorism act i got a knock on the door from the kent u.k. police who handed me this form and that's when things kind of went sideways it's the schedule seven terrorism act and they said you need to read this you are being brought in to be questioned under the terrorism act. right wing activists have been barred for britain from so for similar reasons let's go through what we know this month austria's martin seller a murray can commentator brittany pettibone were detained for three days before being deported soner had been scheduled to speak at a free speech conference in london's hyde park. last week and from entering the u.k. for various reason for me it was because i wanted to give a speech about freedom of speech on speakers corner and for me i am an american
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conservative commentator and i simply wanted to enter the u.k. of course i was going to watch martin speak but i was primarily going in to do some interviews i wanted to interview tommy robinson who is outspoken against islam and they essentially labeled him a far right leader who incites racial hatred and that's why they didn't want me to enter to interview him so it was very interesting why they suddenly are deciding to crackdown it seems like a court unaided attack on conservative media that's what it really seems like to me that it's a huge crackdown of censorship but not only you know them banning us but also on the internet right now as we're seeing on platforms like you to been twitter well the bones of course going or in some quarters with supporters saying that while the right wing activists are being rather kill islamic preachers have been allowed to speak freely a known terrorist suspects are allowed entry into britain. a bit ridiculous if you look at us that both of us are as i called i'm acceptable characters for you
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katie if you pose a threat to the court again piece of the local communities wired to same the very same country lets radical muslim extremists just freely enter the country they have all these muslim woman gangs but still we are the main threat and we are kept out of the country i think is just ridiculous yes we are the ones that they target. on his first visit to california since taking office donald trump has inspected prototypes for one of his most controversial campaign promises a wall along the us mexico border the president was met with both protesters and supporters of the plan well there is friction between trump and authorities in california he did the state governor for instance for being soft on crime and illegal immigration while the justice department is even suing california over its laws hundreds of demonstrators against rome gathered in beverly hills rallies were
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held as well in sunday ago on the mexican border city of tijuana. because of this well he's making it more humane he's separating families. shot at heart and now. with the price. tag. we don't. want your racist mama to california. i love it. there's going to be a lot. they can try and stop it all they want it's a federal issue california can't do squat about it. all right next hour as we countdown toward sunday's presidential election here in russia we're introducing you to some of the voters choosing who they want in the kremlin and the candidates vying for their support today we spoke to members of russia's vast cultural industry to hear what farmers want for the future.
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telecoms to accommodate his little. north to me i still struck into the. spirit or the cultural spiritual was that one cause i was forced. to start since to use that suggested to new strategy to toss into new nashton panache that's.
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so the thought of. someone you. know you received it was all about you privately. was the only thing. for both of. them you thought. they were there. yes they're. not but my to. the thoughts of some russian farmers and entrepreneurs while the candidates where profiling today is hoping to secure his fourth term in charge incumbent president lot amir putin is
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running as an independent this time on a platform aimed at boosting russia's economic growth with three terms under his belt he has a lot of experience but critics accuse him of not being tough enough on corruption here are some excerpts from recent interviews and speeches on where he stands on the biggest issues facing russia and the wider world. we want to make our country bright moving forward into the future because our ancestors really actually what you really have here our kids are living here and our children and grandchildren will live there we'll do everything for them we'll be happy. when i see you sleeping so we have our own principles we do not let anyone interfere in our internal affairs and don't interfere ourselves that's our
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principle should treat your partners with respect and then you will be respected it's a qualm. when you can get they don't have a program of development for our country what i appreciate about them is they talk about the problems as indeed a good thing and that should be done but there's not enough for the positive developments of the country to concentrate only on problems can even be dangerous because that might lead to destruction we need construction at the invest at each. but i see that in the russian not only has to secure a place in the top five biggest economies in the world but also to boost g.d.p. per capita one and a half times by the middle of the next decade that's a hard task but i'm sure we can do it. but i will work as hard as i can if of course the voters give me a chance to serve one term while we are profiling all the presidential election
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candidates here on our to international and we'll bring you more of those over the next few days as well as hearing from russians nationwide about what will win them over come polling day. this. is a. church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not the highest ranks of the catholic
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church help conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of that's known as the end and then i think you'll hear that it just is out in . this. case both. the.
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hello and welcome to cross talk or all things considered i'm peter lavelle it appears and highly likely these are the words used by u.k. prime minister to resume pinning blame on russia for the poison attack on a former russian intelligence officer turned british claims are made and threats of course without evidence. crosstalk in the poison attack in britain i'm joined by my guest alexander macarius in london he is a writer on legal affairs as well as editor in chief of the duran dot com also in london we have charles shoe bridge he is a security analyst and a former u.k. army and counterterrorism intelligence officer and in brussels we cross to any much shown she is a former british intelligence officer and writer or across time pros in effect that means he can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate alexander macarius i'd like to go to an article that you just recently wrote and the title is very telling to resume net.


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