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stand about millennialist is that they're more conservative than what people think they have seen two thousand and eight happen they've seen their parents' portfolios decimated in some cases they've seen what some of the larger financial services institutions have done and so they've become more conservative fifty percent of more portfolios are in cash and this this generation millennial or next gen are the most educated that we've ever had but they're also hold the most debt so that's another important aspect at investment community and financial advisors need to really understand about them but the most important thing is that millennial value transparency authenticity and they want to be not a number they want to be seen as people and not a portfolio well that brings up you know whether or not they sort of look at things differently with regard to where they put that money but you say they're holding
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april i mean are they more concerned about you know policy issues than perhaps profits the old school profits did that today have these you know values pure profit values are those a thing that doesn't concern them as much as perhaps what the policies might be. that's a great question that really gets at the heart of the matter so millennial is are not nearly as concerned with investment returns as their boomer parents and as financial advisors which we can touch on a little bit later they're much more socially conscious they're environmentally conscious they're community conscious they're conscious of everything really around them and less conscious and of their investment returns so they know they need to and they want to work with people who are again more transparent and authentic and they really have personal connections rather than just being a number or just being a portfolio so that is a cute difference from their boomer parents so that gets to what you. you are the
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sort of forecasted for the conversation the investment advisors and not the investment advisors or all all old white dude there at least fairly represented so how did he look at investment advisors did they need people that don't don't look like i don't know me or other folks do they need people that are sort of catering to them boast both in terms of connecting with them april and in terms of the sorts of financial products that are being offered to millennial. yeah so there's a lot to unpack there part first of all the average age of a financial advisor is fifty five in the u.s. and they are many of them are old you know white guys for the most part only fifteen percent of financial advisors are female for example i don't have the exact numbers on what percentage of financial advisors are millennial is but it certainly is a growing and a really important field. for millennial is even to go into themselves as you see
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you know financial advisors going out into the sunset you see portfolios being drawn down you can see what's going to be happening in the future so that's really important into lloyd has for a cast something like up to twenty four trillion dollars being held by millennial zx by two thousand and twenty and we shouldn't be surprised by that because about fifty percent of millennial is are also entrepreneurs they're much more entrepreneurial than their boomer parents they don't want to work for a company again they don't want to be a number so they have a completely different complection and that's the gap that exists is the difference between financial advisors that are touting and pushing their enterprise brands and their financial returns as being there the way that they're used to marketing selling and onboarding clients and the disconnect happens because millennial are looking for a connection. not looking for investment returns but looking for products to play
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to their passions whether it's socially conscious environmentally conscious or just more about them and then transparent they don't want something that is a derivative or something they're not going to really be able to understand they want to know more about their investment and what that vehicle is in them what they're actually investing in well one of the things that i know they want to invest in but a lot of financial advisors do not offer these as products and those are crypto currencies are more and more advisors looking at those in order to attract millennial as potential investors slash customers. so crypto is of course an interesting question and you know a larger question at that you know because it's digital and because it's new i think it attracts a lot of interest among a lot of the l's in terms of learning about it and that's sort of a flashy penny if you will. i think millennial is are a little bit hesitant because it's not as transparent as what they like it to be i
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think we're seeing now more and more products coming to market and thinking about crypto currencies as an asset class rather than you know an actual currency so we're seeing more products and vehicles coming to market like fun. you know that are created around crypto so i think those are going to be really products of the future. that millennial is will be more interested in rather than you know investing in let's say as a currency super interesting people rooting founder and c.e.o. of the root group we hope you'll come back to really great information thanks so much for joining us april thanks part. time now for a quick break but hang in here because when we return we talked with alex mahela bichon then with john campbell it's a journal tell us about what he thinks is his prognosis for the future plus we consider the life of stephen hawking and as we go to break here are the numbers at the closing bell oil is the only greener on the board today.
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in the heart of the swiss alps this is a place probably more secretive than the pentagon momus stereo system the cia and pentagon did the. swiss customs i hear opponents place well all the science is controlled by them and they impose the opening time so it will go up was it was a do you sums up the procedures in place. the strictest in all europe must to pieces by artists like picasso and modigliani camps boards and sold in the side this warehouse that's where the report comes in it covers up deals with jar naturally discreet commercially discreet step but also discreet cigars they concern fraud. some of those paintings are linked to dog secret sq nobody knows how many of
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these secrets a kept inside the geneva free pool it's such a pleasure that you'll never obtain an inventory of all the works in the freeport who knows how many there are three hundred three thousand three hundred thousand is it a matter of confidentiality only is it the world's black box of the art business. what politicians do. they put themselves on the line and they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. or some want to press. you to do like to be press that's what before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. this should.
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secret indeed of the priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it is it true they like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot where the previous dandle is. the highest ranks of the catholic church conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of that's known as the i intend. to do is this out and. welcome back to the mart is looking to enter the grocery delivery industry under
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this new program wal-mart will start delivering groceries and more than one hundred cities by the end of this year companies like hoover and belive inc are already delivering groceries and more than six cities the idea also includes using jet the online retailer wal-mart purchased in two thousand and sixteen and order to compete with amazon's same day delivery service other companies like costco and kroger already delivering to shoppers thanks to companies like insta cart amazon has also ramped up its food delivery options after acquiring whole foods last year amazon has recently begun delivering food in major metro areas like dallas and virginia beach. and volkswagen eiji has thrown down the gauntlet valley to overtake within five years c.e.o. mathias. mueller said that the company which also owns audi porsche and lamborghini
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will roll out a new electric vehicle almost every month starting in twenty nineteen the company has also secured their battery supply from china and south korea unlike tesla which only has a few production factories volkswagen has more than one hundred factories world rock wide ready to start producing vehicles soon this shift comes after volkswagen by the way has pled guilty in two thousand and sixteen to cheating a mission's test in the millions of diesel powered cars. castro family legacy is ending in cuba for the first time in nearly six decades a castro will not be president of the country and the new leader is bound to face numerous challenges including economic reforms artie's alex mahela bitches and toronto with more alex thanks for joining us president raul castro is stepping down
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next month allowing a new generation of politicians to take the reins what do you think we can expect and see with the change in leadership. well the process has already started last sunday cubans went to the polls to choose a new national assembly april nineteenth and that national assembly assembly will be choosing a new president and as it stands it looks like the favorite going in is fifty seven year old vice president the country right now it seems big al diaz can now he is not a castro which is something very new for the nation and which could be a bit to mulch was and still yet to see wow that's actually going to go down with the public about you know some sort of that we've heard of too much outside of cuba but obviously the man is entrenched in that nation and he has a number of challenges in front of him as you mentioned economic being one of the biggest concerns cuba the growth rates but i will just over two percent for the past few years so we're not seeing too much growth in that nation and of course he has to take that home and focus strongly on what's going on there foreign
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investments going to be one of the big things he needs to look into we know the way things stand right now the relationship is quite sour with the united states donald trump came in so big changes from that respect you'll have to go to different countries to get that kind of investment manufacturing another big aspect of what cuba needs to do they need to up their manufacturing most of what they have they're what they consume are actually imports so creating jobs creating factories creating basically their own goods that they can consume is very big on the list as well as a new sector that's growing there small businesses when it comes to small businesses the laws that are in fact right now in cuba don't really address the growth of small business and so they're looking at changing some of the legalities so that this sector can grow but if you think for one second that rule castro is gone and over with he is not he will still be there as the all powerful communist party chief in cuba and that's going to last until at least two thousand and twenty one he's also written the book until two thousand and thirty so the country has
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a path to follow for the next decade or so alex i know that you listed a bunch of challenges there i don't know if there's more that seems like a full boat right there but internationally talk about how you think this administration may be impacting the future relationship with cuba. you know this is the issue of improv president trump has made it very clear the way he feels about cuba as a nation and this is the time if you're going to interfere in somebody who's country this is the time to do it when the something the big change like this happens changes like this can be dramatic for a nation we saw it with venezuela when about hugo chavez passed away we saw in the former yugoslavia when tito died the country crumbled so this is one of those situations that you have an icon or a conic family that has led this nation this guy does not have the historical clout the new president didn't wasn't even around during the revolution so he was too young or wasn't even born to fight in that revolution so you know you this is the
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whole thing this man does not have the same clout as that castro name so he has to prove himself domestically and domestically that some of the the big hurdles he has are of course there's a to get this a two currency system that's in cuba right now as a traveler as a tourist in cuba we use one currency the locals use another that has changed over the years to the point that that currency is what divides the wealthy from the poor for example a cab driver can get this for a currency that foreigners years while doctors were under the government paycheck can't so these are things that this president's going to have to put together things that he's going to have to change and the way to stabilize the country will be the economy moving forward hopefully he'll be able to do it it's a lovely nation i've visited many times and you know you don't want to see things go bad especially when you have a neighbor so close to the united states arctic correspondents alec mahela which we thank you so much for your expertise to chime in on this one alex thank you thank
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you. and with us now to add more texture and policy expertise to the specifics and what's going on down there in cuba is john cavalier president of the u.s. juba trade neck anomic council john thank you for being with us again we sure appreciate it so tell us what you think's going on leading up to the the change down there it is going to be a transition it is going to be a succession you still have the combined ages of the elders nearing two hundred so. there are optically there's a lot that's changing and that's good vice president canal it will be the first non castro and that's going to play an important role unfortunately the relationship with the united states more now we've missed hasta sized and it's not moving expansively it's not moving can strip.


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