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it was clear from the remarks that were made by pat benches across the whole of this house on monday that there is a consensus across the thought that this house. that the consensus does not go as far as the rush on the bill. could have taken the opportunity as the u.k. government to condemn the culprit in the seat of. the prime minister the overwhelming body of the house of commons will have a model of the government or the foreign office what available to be interviewed on this program wish instead to stand on the words from the house of commons itself when the time have we lost domestic and international commentate those about their reading of the crisis.
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because it will become. as. it was. at its official line.
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welcome back to the summit statement on the measures to be taken against russia on the chemical poisoning of the scruples received overwhelming and cross party support in the commons and i welcome the prime minister's statement her conclusion about the culpability of the russian state is an immensely serious one and that in addition to the breaches of international law or of the use of chemical weapons but also there's a cult continue disregard for the rule of law and for human rights must be met with unequivocal condemnation here as the prime minister has stated the attack couldn't miss a script and his daughter was an unlawful use of force by the russian state against the united kingdom and i say that i and my party fully support the prime minister of state immediately great clear that almost unanimously across the house there is
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support for my right shoulder my friends proportionate and right response to this crisis nearly unanimous support for the prime minister's position in the house of commons our some commentators they're not of the same degree of certainty to look further into the market world of espionage i'm joined from brussels by an emotional a former m i five officer at the national welcome to the alex salmond show thank you on the national when it was determined that it was the soviet developed now know the chalk that was a sponsible for the poisoning of mr screen and these dr was in the prime minister entitled to think it was a slam dunk there was russia who did it. i think it's clear from her very carefully worded statement in parliament that she did not immediately say it was russia as a state power she said either is russia as a state power or that they had not protected their nerve agent sources adequately
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and it might have fallen into the wrong hands and i think that's certainly an avenue that we need to look at but russia of course have the means and some would argue have the right record of the sort of thing isn't there for a reasonable conclusion that they would be suspect number one of course they're going to be suspect number one it doesn't mean that they are suspect number one or they should be convicted by public opinion and the media which is what has been going on for over a week now there needs to be an ever chain evidential chain built up by the police and they do need to cooperate with our russian colleagues to try and get to the bottom of this case does any organization really have the capability of conducting such an operation most key point in this investigation in my opinion is to find out exactly what scripture has been involved in over the last eight years since he was relocated to the u.k. so we have a situation where a man betrayed his country for ten years he was working as m i six agent he was
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caught he was tried he was convicted and he was sent to prison in russia for that treachery and then he was pardoned by the russian state and released in the spy swap of two thousand and ten with the american sleeper agents including a chapman and then he was sent to the u.k. and was given a pension by an i six and has been living notionally under their protection ever since so in terms of an intelligent asset this guy was rinsed clean by both sides before he got to the u.k. so i can't see that it would necessarily be related to his spy work in the past so i think the motive is probably going to be found in what he's been involved in since he's been working with. his contacts are so i would assume that the intelligence agencies have acquired a warrant from the home secretary they've gone and collected his computers his phones and their trolling through all his records to try and build up a picture of what his current life has been because that is where i think the indication the motive for this type of attack will be. well the police
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investigation is ongoing what international bodies of those who can assist with those investigations and bring about an international consensus on who was responsible well it's very much down to the police and intelligence agencies of the u.k. to try to salvage what happened to one of their spies who is living under their protection in the u.k. what happened to him yes they can call upon expert bodies around the world yes they can try and bring in experts in chemical warfare particularly but of course they have porton down the british chemical warfare center only about six miles down the road from salisbury and we've seen as well from reports until the forensic case has been made until we can find the motive for why this attack happened i think it's very dangerous in this diplomatically fragile times to point the finger at another state actor when bear in mind this agent's novacek was developed in the eighty's by soviet russia and appears to be news new tack in the u.k. in twenty eighteen now you could say it's russia therefore seems
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a little bit disingenuous for example the brother of kim jung un the head of the north korean state was assassinated last year in kuala lumpur met malaysia with the use of a nerve gas called the x. now this was developed by the brits important down in the one nine hundred fifty s. does that automatically mean it's the brits assassinated this guy i don't think so i mean marshall thank you so much for joining us from brussels today. though joined by many of the jet ski the right of a broadcaster who has substantial experience of these matters including three years as a foreign correspondent the moscow welcome to the examiner showed me a look at the exchanges in the commons the prime minister seems pretty sure of our ground has taken the vast majority of the commons of the stronger her words the stronger the action the greater the support is going to be and i think one of the reasons for this is because people remember the alexander litvinenko killing
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and one of the ways they remember it which i think is not actually accurate but one of the ways they remember it is that the british were soft on the russians and this is used as an explanation to say why the russians tried it again surely the russians are the very least the number one suspects and they have top of the top of the list of the the there is a distinction between something which is ordered from the very top from the kremlin with full authorization and something that happens either by sort of rogue operators or by say a cabal or small group inside part of the security services yes you know that doesn't say much about the authority of law to me a port that maybe people can do this freelancing is a possible given everything we were told to be approved saw a guy who owes people feel and says well i think this is one of the things that has been got so wrong in much of western reporting about russia which is the idea that
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put in concert in the kremlin and snap his fingers and lo and behold something happens all over russia one of the things that i think has been so frustrating to putin right through the time that he's been in power in russia is the fact that there are institutions and there are individuals and there are parts of the country which are simply out of central control which it very. difficult to make all of russia do what you want it to do and that could include bits of the intelligence services no the macabre asked for more evidence they got pretty short shrift from the prime minister and the did from his own backbenches both jeremy corbin's call for more evidence and the russians call for more evidence. in a way has i think forced to resume his hunt that this is actually going to international institutions but of course that is not such
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a nice simple argument to present in the commons as saying our evidence is that russia did it and we're expelling twenty three diplomats presumably to recruit solid support from friends and allies. where you think we stand with that at the present moment it's not so easy for britain to gather that support that it was always so used to and i think this may be the shape of things to come clearly the government drew back from any suggestion of withdrawing links football team as opposed to royalty and government ministers and going to going to russia to a finger on the pulse at all of the public are making of all this my feeling is that there's much more questioning among the public at large as saying well you know maybe there's a hole in this argument maybe it's not quite as cut and dried as people think it is or as it's being presented to us and i think one of the origins for this is the enormous amount of mistrust that you have munger public for the political
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establishment you know we've seen it over the last ten years or so. that people simply do not trust the people who are governing them what's the likely response what's going to come from vladimir putin to the measures announced by the reason why yes that well we saw in the last set of well publicized expulsions when president obama expelled russian diplomats just before he left office pool. turned round and refused to retaliate which donald trump of course said was a smart move. and as it were set the tone for what putin and probably trump both hoped was going to be improved relations now there is no such calculation to be made here relations between britain and russia are i mean it's hard it's hardly possible to say they're worse than they have been before because relations have been so bad for most of the last twenty years so i don't think there's anything in it for putin to be seen as being soft on the u.k.
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so i rather suspect we're in for one for one television movie j.f.k. one thing is for appearing on the family unit titled to a quick oh yeah. which is gallic for a loving cup the whiskey and the quick and then you administer the first among your friends and ok all your close friends and all the scotch whisky ok thank you so much as we're ok thank you i host this independently produced television show which is broadcast on the international one the broadcasting laws which normally put in this country i can say what i like about any issue and so can anyone of my interview guess of included government heads of state and government as well as past prime ministers and presidents m.p.'s from different party biomass is lords and knights of the realm not a single one of them has complained about being silenced because not a single one of them has been i hold no brief for the kremlin nor am i required to
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have no one has tried to influence the content of the show in any way shape or form whatsoever by definition after years not being a propaganda station because it's regulated under u.k. license by off go yes it's had breaches of the of concorde but so have sky i.t.v. and the b.b.c. for some however independent regulation is not enough. newspapers who objected to even the mildest statutory regulation of the oil industry know think that independent regulation is somehow an adequate for broadcasting and should be replaced by effective state censorship the chemical poisoning and souls but he was a heinous crime and should be universally condemned the best way to deal with crime is to take the suspects when identified through the courts domestic and international the u.k. government is totally convinced that the russian state is involved another effort entitle to take a range of additional measures diplomatic and economic of course it's much more
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effective to operate in concert with friends and allies to succeed the evidence has to be overwhelming in the case cast iron as the leader of the opposition correctly pointed out to the prime minister he didn't get much support for making that point the house of commons but that does not make him wrong pursuing the case internationally is essential and you're unlikely to succeed at the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons all of the united nations for the production of such conclusive evidence when the u.k. government produces an evidence then the russian government will have no alternative but to answer meanwhile unilateral domestic measures which could still have a real impact are those which follow the money but it's the magnitsky act or something even more ridiculous and far reaching which tackles the ill gotten gains of the few instead of the gentle sanctions which are the many but don't shut down t.v.
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stations because your standpoint is so uncertain that you must exclude other perspectives between monday and yesterday the the prime minister sensibly do but from that proposal but nor should this be attempted by indirect pressure on an independent regulator to censure would make it traversed the of the concept of nation speaking on to a nation a mockery a freedom of speech that would put an image of a country lost in self doubt it would also straight if it all bargain. liberal democracies don't succeed in international confrontations by sacrificing the dearest held values of freedom of speech until next week i hope. goodbye from.
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there's nobody that's keeping goober is asian economy we're all working for minimum wage at the end of the day if you factor in the ecological devastation of the dancing chicken effect and all the cruelty prone eggs who escapes this nightmare we call post-industrial is post ironic post. fantasy is a sion and infantile ization narcissistic cause i reale. the far right didn't britain isn't just on the march it's taking violent mongers action i know what i need to clean against a dog and i soon these organizations will usually split into which we feel different names how do you view that.
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complex web of approaches fascism. everybody i'm stephen both on the task hollywood guy usual suspects every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and our v.m. to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru is a little bit different i'm not a. good one of the oh no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country i'm shooting the brood have some fun meet everyday americans of all. hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american people.
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are not ones out. on the flimsy often i don't want to have snakes on the definitions and i'm by any. one seeking any south. and. taking the equal to the south yes. dr dan and then yes when you bring up how we think i'm. young movie right now i think. i'm going to know what that beach. sounds our. next guest feeling if one means a leftist i know the deep better learn to face them tokyo find it he's going to keep going. to like. his look was because did it because he didn't seem quite
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a cultural critic from the premise of. this hour's headlines stories britain the us a curious russia breaching the chemical weapons convention of an emergency un security council session over the poisoning of a former spy on his daughter the u.k. government concluded that it was highly likely that russia was responsible for this reckless and we haven't seen anything but highly likely as of yet the british prime minister revealed. so expelling twenty three russian diplomats even though police are yet to announce any specific suspects. in the program more claims that the underworld in berlin is undermining the city's police force with criminal clubs infiltrating its ranks. a final frontier of front line for the u.s.
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military donald trump suggests a space force. warm welcome to our to international o'neill ok we will get to those headline stories in just a moment but first i want to bring you to the russian foreign ministry in moscow where spokeswoman marie as the heart of giving an update on the diplomatic crisis between the u.k. and russia let's listen in. international community have made the conclusion through guardian fear a level of trust with the official london we call once again the poll the united kingdom to provide all materials at its disposal regarding the safe incident of three colored regard in three spread of chemical weapons on the british soil let's now go over to our the issue of not only get off of the global agenda we're not
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just about what was responsible but we receive fair regular and says with requests to comment on things that he isn't in the army or we do it in the regular basis let me now get back to read to him closely follow through three years in the republic of myanmar if leadership takes effort to ensure the peaceful choices within the country and get your lives in some beyond the regions and difficulties and remains that aren't caring about media conference by maria's or her of just breaching into other issues as she said herself other global op dates from that conference if we do hear any more though on that situation in the u.k. regarding russia we will return to it ok for now though let's bring up all that because what we know is that the u.k. government has accused russia of breaching the international chemical weapons convention the statement came out an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council called by london over the poisoning of russian double agent surrogate his daughter in britain last week. the u.k.
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government concluded that it was highly likely that russia was responsible for this reckless act we haven't seen anything but highly likely as of yet we have concluded that mr scruby pro and his daughter were poisoned with a shock a military grade nerve agent of a type developed by russia. if britain is so confident that it was not a truck gassed then that means they have the chemical formula samples and the ability to produce it the united states believes that russia is responsible for the attack on two people and the united kingdom using a military grade nerve agent. we demand that material proof be provided before making any accusations against us in this high profile case. we requested the russian government to provide an explanation by the end of tuesday the thirteenth of march on how this russian produce nerve agent could have been deployed in salzburg. they provided no credible explanation goodwood we are ready for open and
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constructive cooperation within the framework of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons we don't speak the language of ultimatums and we won't allow anyone to speak to us this way moscow sais that britain also blocked a russia drafted statement at the u.n. security council urge for a more thorough investigation and explains now how events unfolded at the united nations. bashir is in serious breach of a chemical weapons convention through its failure to declare even though the short program now the u.k. representative who called the emergency meeting was then followed up by the u.s. representative nikki haley now nikki haley not only made reference to allegations against russia about the recent incident but she further fit it into a wider narrative a growing concern and all of this dangerous and destabilizing activity is russia. russia failed to ensure syria destroyed its chemical weapons program russia killed
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the joint investigative mechanism when it found the side liable for chemical attacks the credibility of this council will not survive if we fail to hold russia accountable in response to the heated words from the united states and the united kingdom we heard from the russian ambassador pointed out that russia has actually given up its chemical weapons and that the o.p.c. w. has confirmed that russia no longer possesses chemical weapons from there he invoked the memory of when calling powell representing united states in dressed that very body the u.n. security council holding the vials of powder that he said were chemical weapons from iraq he reminded the council and that there seems to be a history of rather unsubstantiated allegations against different countries regarding chemical weapons and weapons of mass destruction from the united states and the u.k. . we are living in a very special time in front of our eyes incredible things are happening the
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process of replacing the presumption of innocence with the presumption of guilt has taken place with this criminal law principles being transferred into international relations and void as an experienced chemist has talked about crimes committed by russia we've known for years that for you in order to determine the guilty party no investigation is needed today the best kind of proof is suspicion it's no longer necessary to show to the council. cubes with an unknown white substance in it it's enough to send a letter displaying an egregious attitude to real to sovereign state. from there on the russian ambassador went on to call for a thorough investigation of the incident and determine exactly who is to blame of what happened that he called for this to be done through the existing international mechanisms to find out who is absolutely responsible and he reassure the security council that russia was more than happy to cooperate with this proper investigation to determine who is responsible for the attack well according to the rules of the
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international organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons or o.p.c. w. if any state believes that another country might have used chemical weapons it is to provide all the necessary evidence within ten days through the rue quest while experts we spoke to believe it's not russia but rather the u.k. which has broken the rules. the o.p.c. w.'s got set procedures in place that need to be followed through with and those are not being followed. those procedures investigation and formal steps are not being followed and from my understanding russia has offered to jointly cooperate but but they would like a formal request and they would like samples in order to do the analysis which makes complete sense to me and why wouldn't you want to cooperate together sometimes if you're trying to hide something or to shift the narrative in certain direction and maybe you don't want to cooperate it's unfortunate but i i do not think this looks very professional of the u.k.
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and yeah they're not following the conventions you've got set procedures in place and they're just not being followed or kind of a complete disregard to international law a rule of law or rule of agreements that are in place well the u.n. security council meeting comes after allegations from britain's prime minster trees in may on russia's alleged involvement in the poisoning of former spy surrogate screwball and his daughter make claims that a soviet era nerve agent was used in the it's not a surprise the moves against moscow the include the expulsion of twenty three diplomats suspension of all high level contacts revoking an invitation for the russian foreign minister to visit britain trees in may also a nun's then updated sunshines bill against moscow and that m.p.'s members of the royal family will not attend the football world cup to be held in russia this summer. mr speaker it was right to offer russia the opportunity to provide an explanation but their response has demonstrated complete disdain for the gravity of
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these events. they have provided no credible explanation that they that could suggest they don't control the then earth agent no explanation as to how this agent came to be used in the united kingdom no explanation as to why russia has an undeclared chemical weapons program in contravention of international law or in response moscow's called the u.k.'s measures a crude provocation stuff there would be counter measures the u.k. no sees it has dumbing evidence of russia's guilt and will submit it to the o.p.c. w. the investigation into the attack on the former russian intelligence agent and his daughter is still ongoing and there are still many unanswered questions as artie's duniya hawkins looks into. and i attack by the kremlin on u.k. soil for downing street it seems the case is all but closed russia is the culprit no questions or other. as the prime minister taken the
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necessary steps to make a formal request for evidence from the russian government given the gravity of the accusations at official request seemed like a reasonable loss but law school though says no such requests were forthcoming we haven't received any official request from london we've told britain we're ready to respond if they file the request instead of filing the official request the u.k. continues to pull political stunt moscow also said it would cooperate in a joint investigation within o.p.c. w. parameters it seems this offer was unacceptable to the u.k. government. has high resolution trace analysis been run on a sample of the nerve agent no answers from to reason may on that but the prime minister believes there's already enough evidence to make it highly likely this was an attack ordered by the russian state.


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