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tv   Cross Talk  RT  March 16, 2018 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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every single letter of the u.s. constitution and they expect more the threats not going to go where the russians are but out that's a long time and i fully expect they'll continue to be at it do you have concerns that they might try and interfere in the u.s. midterms which are coming of course good thing the cia is on and watch putin now expect to taste his own medicine a little of uncle sam's own meddling warring been happening for years you'd never believe how obvious they are about it the us government's own broadcasting board of governors its cold war offspring voice of america radio liberty current cetera these guys will apparently go pretty far to sow mistrust among russians who cool presidential campaign isn't going and people are saying some stuff today is valentine's day in russia it should probably be celebrated as
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a full fledged member when people try to organize a demonstration or something against putin they tend to get arrested crazy stuff and magine if someone n r t was this unprofessional it might be fair to say this would be considered acceptable by the western establishment remember how they accused russia of favoring a political candidates during the us election you'd think they'd never do that themselves. yesh and that's just over the course of one day but come on that's not fair now valmy isn't running what do they have to say about the other candidates will eight of them. have work of western food if there were none at all not even the. he sure
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didn't can do that some mini me of was a line you know what he's ticked off globally and come out on top with a wooden leg one can sit again above would in the mood not you one is the. war rather than flee the movement i mean. with current time we get the message washington's preferred guys aren't on the ballot but this could be considered subtle compared to what's next called the sea of the german international broadcast. these guys literally have instructions on how to boycott or protest the elections in russia bonus easy to read and very simple you serious foreignness state funded news media instructing russians on how to ruin the elections can you imagine what they would do to our see if we ran anything of what you just saw even if we had wanted to some i'd say the double standard is
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fully alive and kicking for foreign meddling in russia's internal affairs that's been around for decades ever since russia actually established itself as a state for due to which it will and should not be what. has been so he quotes from his agreements. what. i see a slime bucket you could elicit cheers from and you should will do you still going toe to toe to toe the line you could use totally of. almost all three candidates in this weekend's russian presidential election are walk you would call political veterans have their share of. overtime. the two thousands are officially over the two thousand and thirteen roll in with the biggest protests russia seen since the fall of the so. bad
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but as much eric massa new mary while. watching. madam. send you a subject it. is among those voices that alleged election fraud there's some in the crowd known. that these days you won't see at the ip parties mingling with showbiz celebs she's attending rallies alongside prominent opposition figures like alexina found. that when you put your stuff like that like nothing to live your life. if. the emergence of the protest movement drew is another opposition figure back into politics yavlinsky he returns to the helm of this party and joins the ranks of the protests now from the motley crew the liberals communists nationalists and what
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they are all united in wanting to change the system if not in our prisons his vision. after you. pal you sat in the studio. some. of the looks to. me as you're an old school firebrand populist leader of the l.d.p. is also. the limits of style an anti government bookkeeper sits in two thousand and twelve he gives that high screams to the crowd. me to put up with the president in march two thousand and twelve glad to be a putin wins russia's presidential election with a reduced share of votes and what will be his third term. and see putin demonstrations peak turning ugly on the eve of his inauguration and firing the starting gun on what will arguably be his most eventful time in office
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yet. the reunification with crimea in two thousand and fourteen is met with both jesus and condemnation the ensuing game of sanctions to for tap the west puts russia's economy but there's a silver lining a boom domestic production in two thousand and fifty russian launches a campaign against islamic states in syria and plays a key role in rooting out the terrorists. relations with the us if not all time low when russia is accused of meddling in america's two thousand and sixteen elections to the pretty girl who better to split with a student of losing interest as russia adopts an increasingly asserts a role in the international stage but also becomes the targets of more accusations so much so that that's russians did it becomes me and putin becomes the mainstream media's arch villain. talking like he enjoys
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a high approval rating. one of the candidates continues up against in two thousand and eighteen used to work for him as a campaign nearly two decades ago but since two thousand and eleven travelled routine it has become a member of the communist comes a successful businessman running a strong before he's earned himself the label of red capitalist he's got a lot to lose in the two thousand and eighteen election he's best as most stuff when you think back to bush that's him but he's now facing the right to mention that matter doesn't go away. bigger but it's. well fast forwarding to present day for a closer look at one of those hope faults today it's the turn of grigori linsky is the leader of the social liberal yup look at party a veteran of russian politics he's sixty five his campaign strengthened centers on strengthening protecting private property rights also among his promises is an
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increase in the minimum wage his twenty eight dean campaign slogan is road to the future is where he stands on the big issues in his own words. but that we need the kind of state the faces its people and doesn't turn its back to a state that gives them land builds roads but opens bank accounts we need the kind of state that has as its primary goal the protection of a life well each and every citizen reason that's what we need our states are deal like. russia's economy remains in the same state it's in now then our country will never have a strong army aboard or be capable of defending its extensive borders with the most unpredictable regions in the world. the love of the. country's main foreign policy goal should be to make its people
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rich and safe our foreign policy should be aimed at improving our quality of life i'm loosing economic growth the country says in its it should be the ones benefiting from our foreign policy was recently in this regard the last decade foreign policy elites led by putin and love wrote them so it has been an absolute disaster. yar business lorna zealot i would definitely work to make sure our citizens can travel across the world without needing visas now do everything to the russian people feel safe in all of the world's countries iraq and most importantly i will make sure the russian citizens are not sacrificing their lives in the interests of others while on subtly special election coverage kicks off in red square and continues all through polling day as the results reactions come in. right the biggest evacuation of civilians since series eastern through to fell into
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militant homes is on the way we'll off if you're not right off this. combination of ocean pings very artful policy. where he used to step out of great relationship with food and drink you know a little miracle mistakes or a few you lose which kind of live this relationship between russia and china to become. quite a longing can be quite tricky and would be very difficult to undermine. you need the good and the bad you need capitalism to work both winners and losers you can't bail out every single bank that gets into trouble you can't bail out every single capital is the nice free money you got to let the system weed out the losers otherwise you end up with you know a state controlled state maintained price fixing regime by the state that resembles
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all failed such experiments in the past why not just let the free market be the free market. i. come back to our two international russia's foreign minister is calling on the united nations to help civilians fleeing syria's enclave of eastern good to you can see live pictures in the corner of your screen the car door of a news briefing in catholic's the. said russia was hoping the international coalition would stop making excuses for the militants that control the district in the past two days more than thirteen thousand people to escape using russia's
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sponsored humanitarian corridors it's the largest number to have been evacuated from the embattled area so far the first movement of people is mainly comprised of children women and elderly people according to the russian defense ministry but it's been tough to get to this stage as maisha said to expect. at first it was only a trickle of civilians fleeing syria's rebel held territory of eastern gaita it's now become a flood thousands have been given safe passage out of the embattled and play. more. than. one woman. look you know. what.
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i'm good. alive but what i do not quarrel for will not budge. what i'm going to. do you know what. and it was a struggle initially some of the militants were reportedly threatening to punish those trying to leave and shouting the path to safety there are even accounts of insurgents hiding in civilian houses taking people hostage and using them as human shields. and him when we left eastern ghouta it was so difficult that when we tried to leave earlier we were not allowed as it was controlled by terrorists. terrorists used people as human shields they wouldn't let us fully they hid behind our backs we wanted to leave a year and a half ago but they wouldn't let us so there were militants from. which is all kind of there they killed everyone who spoke against them the took them and killed
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them they killed my cousin and his two sons the push by russia on syria to establish this humanitarian corridor however with snubbed out first russia has called for these jokes like humanitarian corridors russia needs to just do what the united nations had agreed to and voted on and that is a countrywide cease fire the russian military says the situation in parts of eastern ghouta has significantly stabilized over the past few days but that is far from over. as long as people keep leaving the area we will keep on working and stay here until we see the last person leave or more yeah. but it's a bargaining game at times the syrian government and russia have had to agree to allow safe passage to rebel fighters in order to get the civilians out it's hopes that the rebels crumbling grip on power in the region along with
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a deliveries of i.q. ations will soon bring to a close one of the most brutal chapters in the syrian conflicts or right you know getting aid into eastern kuta is proving as difficult as getting residence out. mortar rounds hit near red crescent trucks as volunteers on the road fresh food parcels on bikes of flour the delivery was resumed shortly afterwards thursday's joint aid convoy brought ascensions to almost thirty thousand people in the syrian town of duma the president of the red cross was there also to witness the conditions residents are living in. but look talk to many people here sorry for them two years council members said you know order to have an impression was that the difficulties are sort of people living here in sort of cold and the needle for almost everything quite impressive. also to see that at the end of the day what
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these nike's. dross. i mean the parties to become make. also the consideration of real needs of the civilian population which is really suffering in which next every. american is central command has admitted it doesn't know how resources it gives to the saudi led coalition are being used in the conflict with yemen does sit com track the purpose of the missions that it is refueling what targets it strikes and the results of the mission sounder we do not ok reuters recently reported on a saudi coalition air strike in late february that killed five civilians is sent home able to tell whether a u.s. fuel or u.s. munitions were used as part of that strike. so no i don't believe we are
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ok last month a group of u.s. senators introduced a joint resolution on human it aims to limit the president's power to wage war without authorization from congress it also proposes to cut america's support for saudi arabia and disentangle it from saudi involvement in the yemeni civil war the vote on the resolution is to be held soon when twenty seventeen the u.s. and saudi arabia signed an arms deal with almost one hundred ten billion dollars it was described as one of the largest arms seals in american history this is the aftermath of the saudi led coalition's late history of strikes in yemen a dozen rates were carried out against the report destroying most of the planes war broke out in yemen three years ago with the saudi led coalition bombing campaign against the rebels claiming it's of civilian lives the u.n. describes the situation as the worst made humanitarian crisis in modern history.
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if. there are crying. crying wolf war crimes for gives you money driving for. being committed to war on the amount and the u.n. is really not in this case the u.s. footboard of this coalition. for the u.s. to admit that yes we know what is happening i would choose. more likely thing it is
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. it has consequently legal consequences in addition to this there is a u.s. law that prevents the recipient countries of u.s. weaponry to use it except in self-defense. committing war crimes and crimes against humanity have been self-defense so there are legal liability both internally and internationally. in stepping into the ring in the fight against fake news but it's choice of sparring partner has drawn a barrage of criticism. you tube conspiracy videos. so inspections of people who don't understand that watching science fiction you face a strong criticism after it spread conspiracy theories in the aftermath of the deadly school shooting in florida begin to turn down the video but this isn't the first time they have been unable or unwilling to stop the spread of conspiracy
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theories. and for me to be shelley i'm here i'm going to be out of. touch. thank. you. thank you thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you.
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thank you. thank you. thank. you thank you. i think it's an interesting decision by you tube to link to wikipedia i imagine part of the reason is that whatever the criticisms of wiccan pedia because it's donation funded there's no advertising that no one really would would question that it has any doubts here. the motive. what makes this whole thing sort of fascinating and problematic of course is that you know who's to decide what is misinformation you know in two thousand and three before the invasion of iraq as far as the establishment was concerned it was a conspiracy theory to say that there were actually no weapons of mass destruction
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and that the invasion of iraq was was you know based on a bogus pretext cooked up beforehand by bush and his cronies what we've said what we saw in the years afterwards is that that previously conspiracy theory was absolutely true and certainly the powerful of the world to conspire a lot of the time to try and make sure that they're interested in what happens in the world so this is an inherently complicated and messy area i would say. up next as promised russia's u.k. ambassador talks to us exclusively about the new low in relations with britain this is art to international.
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peace everybody i'm stephen bach task hollywood guy the suspect every proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v.'s to say this is my buddy max famous financial guru and we're just a little bit different on this day. no one knows up with all the drama happening in our country and the brood have some fun every day americans. and hopefully start to bridge the gap this is the great american pill which.
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the firing of rex tillerson at the state department surprised a few tillerson was often described as bland and on numerous occasions out of step with his boss donald trump the nomination of mike come pail to replace him is anything but playing. legal warhawks selling you on the idea that dropping bombs brings police to the chicken hawks forcing you to fight the battles they don't believe the new socks credits tell you that celebrity gossip and tabloids are files a little more loosely they. muck about as he tells me you are not cool enough and let's not fight their products little. things are the hawks that we along with our audience loves watching legal.
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ambassador thank you very much for joining us at this obviously extremely busy time for you i'd like to get started with your reaction to the measures that theresa may announced did you see them too much given the situation where they proportionate what did you think when you heard the list that she's announced of measures to be to first of all i want to see the rethink what was announced by the british government and personally by prime minister to resume. isn't acceptable and justify it and this really is the russian british relations of course the measures are very strong because we're talking about the expulsion of the twenty three russian diplomats this is forty percent of the diplomatic stuff for the embassy and of course it will definitely make the beauty of the embassy quite difficult but this is the new reality is all these people have to leave by the twenty first
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of march they go to only one week. and this is life and the embassy will function as usual but of course in the in the reduced stuff what did you make of comments we heard u.k. defense secretary gavin williamson speaking and he used quite unusual i would say language for diplomacy where he talked about russia needing to go away and as he put it shot what do you think this is conducive to the situation or is this kind of how things will be from now on was difficult to see but i have some reservations about the political culture and the way whole discussion is going on and of course the way how the minister of defense is putting. he's views. will quite. surprising for us but this is the new reality a new political culture in the united kingdom but we hear this kind of statements you know all the time in the parliament from the british. those for the russian
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either it's the europe we need to promote in the world it's a little bit shocking but when you leave you're in london you know for for a while you know you can get used to this when you first learned of this story because it this is only going on for just over a week now and it seems to have snowballed so much and events unravel so quickly when you first heard of you know the story with the double agent and his daughter did you expect this to this or this come to this kind of breaking point that situation when it was said that there's a connection to russia did you first see that it would come to this kind of crescendo once we got the information from the media about that accident with the poisoning of the russian citizens. we needed to request it the foreign office to you was details. what happened you know with the investigation stands you
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know what are the reports of the police. but almost you know less than twelve hours we heard the statement. foreign secretary boris johnson. who said that this is russia for everything what's happened in seoul's bery and for us that that's you know this really you know surprised me because you know the investigation is just that it and the members of the the government is blaming the other states it's quite a serious. blame without any evidence and i was really surprised then i had the meeting with the with the boris johnson and i was summoned to the foreign office and. so i got the i mean my country got the will to mount them. and this is first and the second of course we were blamed that everything could happen there this is and this is the christmas. beauty of russia
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so the argument there was very simple you know twenty four hours and we have to answer basically two questions the first question is we have to confirm or deny that the that the substance and there's boris johnson put it this is the under the british because if occasion this is a two three four so basically this is based on their calculations this is the name of that substance because we don't have any access to this substance that's why we have to trust the police because of the over the british so boris johnson said we have to either confirm or deny that this somehow we mismanaged this kind of substance the stockpiles in the second one that was the question whether were if if the first answer will be in the negative the second question is we have to acknowledge that this is the russian aggression you know this is the russian would
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do that next day we gave an official we send the official note and there were two points there the first one of course we're not ready to discuss all these things in a way of the ultimate them and of course you know russia is not the country which is. ready to talk this way this is first second we pointed out to the british counterparts that. if they have any questions or let's say any information they have to do you in accordance with the international law russia and the u.k. other members of the organization will provision of the chemical weapons and the raw under article nine there are going to represent us in case you have any suspicions you have to.


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