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bazemore you plan. to. keep them in the past. a little. while this is of course not the worst numbers we have the number of candidates who have scored less and still early days because as far as i understand from the words samia has been telling journalists here the cities and the results from the cities they are counting on are cities with a population of more than one million people and the capital moscow force russia's second biggest city st petersburg for now the candidate is not here she can not talk to us but instead we have you gave the last of those the head the same you subtract campaign and hopefully we can get some insight about the results right now hello sir thank you so much for agreeing to talk to was everybody so. we are hearing that forty percent of the ballots have been counted and the result is
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slightly less than one and a half percent what do you think about it. well is this complaint has never been about percentages here hard to believe so serious armchair change. my name porter and seeing swisher can be counted because they're poorly actually school different language i mean really different languages are candidates you speak whole so we had to speak. here very soon rolf which has never have never been encouraged. to force a force across few years. osuna should demonstrate to someone who previously again that their way. presidential candidates. should never give off. so i believe the chief wants to want to submit. you know the.
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political future point right right one of the exact things are you talking about the political future but how will we campaign and the results now affect the policies that are being undertaken by the government in moscow and the political situation in the country in general well it depends on you know each route to pounds shoes number for a staff. number soon so it's impressive but i feel sure sure made choices where we should be taken into account because she actually her of her. second son. which. was the war why is it really going to happen here very. serious why she can make you and your you should career for meigs newspeople for her and i'm saying
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sure we'll do you think she was not her in this particular case but this segment of the population well it continued to be ignored after this or now this is the chance to speak maybe with a louder voice well listen of course i would like to believe that thinks his chance to speak was of the wars that was unfortunately recent history starting from may. the eleven twelve it. tells me differently so i am afraid said he that we are facing. correction. and we're going to reach old rule for various summers the darkest moments of the so called for action historians and the story in this case. whiteness of mr harris. so unfortunately i do not believe this or share success that goes into a success your call. the success you're saying produce not necessarily the success
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of course should change the second thing however it was the fourth mr most like a very briefly just one quick question saying inhouse been saying that one of her chief mints is the fact that there are now less violations than in the past even though she's speaking about the published would you agree with that. i am not sure async it was the search for most of them and searches they want to believe can be basically so was it was lean or no known jumo going to just dump a complaint was not so terribly clean disgrace for example awful bites of criminals want to. quote to be careful of a tooth fairy and see where it. says swartz so i don't think that we make argues that it was a disorder just coke aeration a. mr you getting all shank of the head you're getting more sensible as my funds
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are meager more stronger but since knowing i'm really sorry is your motorcycle go ahead of said use of charts campaign live in order to keep some. i'm sure really charm yourself on the little folks no worries thanks for the update from the soldier. i want to k. here's how i think some of them over until yesterday came to look at those numbers that almost half way now with forty eight percent of the votes counted in first place not about parity with seventy four hundred seventy percent that in fact in place we've got to have a great dating from the communist party with thirteen point seven percent and in place his plan a major assault against the liberal democratic party i don't think the point was that now in one hundred forty five countries all around the globe russians were able to vote to look at the speech and call him to let them look he's just some people who patiently waited for how best they invest and action and some boats seem capable worldwide. actually i got one russian cosmonaut in all but didn't want to
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miss a thing to select a person by this ballot safe to say that one hundred percent from the russian side up on the international space station of the also if you want to expected voters aside from. i. feel. for the feel the feeling.
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as well just could not have just a quick twitter and some of the headlines as well. as just two minutes ago talking to the information center. for fifteen countries. now we've got with us so hopefully guests lined up throughout the coming hours does it give you more reaction to the. big vote this happened today for the presidency in russia because. the president of capital investment company with a low thanks for braving the elements to come out tonight do you expect any changes . with foreign investment into your company now this is a new seems to be that president putin has been given a mandate to head into the next six years looks like he's got above seventy percent what do you think about your company you know well this is all surprise for the market they were expecting this this why were you. look what happened last week
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when the russian was attracting foreign capital on the markets in london all the russian issues were oversubscribed gas from the russian federation international bond so that means that the foreign investors don't expect anything bad will happen and the russians are guilty of the worst ability people are giving long term money i think it was maturing into for the in the year forty seven one of the issues it was oversubscribed three times by the international investors so money is flowing in they like was going to russia russia is the least leveraged country but if we look at other countries in the world we have only eighteen percent of g.d.p. but all the foreign country said at least five times more than bad does the investment climate depend on who wins an election well if somebody like the communists will of course there will be like nationalization people will start losing their property this is not good but when we see that. he remains in power and he really did a lot of good things for the russian the common core inflation this record loads
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two point between percent it's even less than the be in the u.s. so with our reserves are over four hundred billion dollars that this makes russia reject the producers of foreign capital flows. apparently we're going to we're going to would you mind just staying with us just for a couple more billion so those big chilean he who are come by to get some more of your financial thoughts on what's going to mean for businesses here in russia going to move on to our next little chunk and then we'll come back she first ok all right now not all voters approved or able to cast their ballots in ukraine russian nationals are blocked from voting by local police said russian councils in several ukrainian cities there are also protests against russia's presidential election has crossed ukraine we contacted several international organizations asking for comment about that i have to say i didn't get much by the organization for security and cooperation in europe to get a reply but not much of one simply said that it's a matter of bilateral relations between two countries i don't want one hundred forty hp. thousand of that mess have been steering that ballots are cast without
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any problem and that the voting procedures darkened that it properly and the fifteen hundred at the observers are arness which is they're ready for the presidential election in russia. the vast majority of polls are set up with cameras to stream everything online of course to check out the security really talked to a number of foreign observers especially from europe to my. using these cameras now this latest electronic means with the latest but you know utilize them to monitor any possible violations you see the video here showing members of the electoral commission stuffing ballot boxes indeed so that did his job in this case but it still took place in a city near moscow the central election commission has fired those employees involved and said the ballots cast an up tick the box will not be counted obviously because cusp of election observers whether they witnessed any violations this is rick of what we have chatted about earlier on. the right to say that they didn't
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see any violation maybe i was too short a time there but i don't i don't think that the integration. we wanted to to see how it works we were particularly interested very much in the transmission lines which you saw i see here although a very high level we. were introduced to the system so this was it was it was worth what we were very much interested in we have some team in moscow in cologne. right stuff and. the return is everything was normal everything was normal we discussed about the process in the putting station and everything is neat little bit like in france for example even maybe more because for example i saw in many places some care out to control we don't have that in france and. if you if you can accept. some private impression i never saw so many. young she. and for the for
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many who are voting no. on it's clear a clear entry and votes in my opinion. have a good team in the candidate pool of the russian communist contributions to the both of us. me is currently second place they could in the strawberry kind. of us will be from families are very huge wouldn't just to. find out more now from on t.v. . and i'm going to need to make politics is the best time is running for president he's second in the face of the moment and he gave a media conference that he's heard more about what he said. well yes we did hear from the communist candidate in the aftermath of preliminary results and he seemed somewhat disappointed when he spoke to the media however he made clear that he hoped that russia's president vladimir putin heard the message of those who voted for the communist party and. in essence were voting for the campaign's message of
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more social programs and reform of the political and economic system this is what he said about the election. yes it was for it's obvious that the vote counts and the whole election procedure was not. when all the votes will be counted we'll make a decision one thing is clear despite all the that's being thrown a pounce we parse this election with dignity i want to thank all the people who voted for our program i hope that the person who when will make the relevant conclusions we need to change the economic and political situation in our country and turn to the left there within groups that should us now and this was the first time that gruden in ran as the communist candidate previously it had been a long time communist party leader is you've got enough now when when good done in was named as the candidate it was noted he was an interesting choice now he is the head of the lenin farm co-operative which is a cooperative farm that produces strawberries among other products and it provides
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a much higher standard of living in wages for the workers in it and furthermore it provides health care and education for the children of those who work at the lenin cooperative farm now as we wait the final count it is interesting to note that gruden did promise that if you did not receive a solid fifteen percent of the vote that he would actually shave his moustache his iconic mustache a key part of his image he would shave it off if he didn't get a full solid fifteen percent so i'm sure that his supporters are anticipating the final results and seeing if that solid fifteen percent will come in or not so all eyes are on the final count but it looks like the communist party did get a solid second place in the election. yeah call it was expected but the race is a dog that he's going to regret like and not little. account as well as we'll
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have to see so i guess the legs crossed but it. sort of let's go back to what extent of prospect. present the white stuff happened the best one probably so did he wait around there we had to go and check it with other things really keen to talk to you about sanctions of course you can't ignore them. but we go to president putin a party thank you for your patience because just a few minutes ago i addressed the people in the square and i talk to members of my complain i'd like to. reiterate some of the things of course there are trends there are a certain obviously very clear that without your direct professional and sincere support the results would have been there a different so once again i would like to think all of you think all the voters in fact everybody who voted for me pushes. said something on the square and i would like to repeat it once again here but to me this is
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a sign that we were able to achieve a lot in recent years despite difficult circumstances so people appreciate what we've done which number to this result indicates that they trust us. and third. they have hope. it's important to bring all the people together. regardless of who they voted for. because we have a very difficult problems facing us. we have not just to resolve them but like i said in my state of the nation address we need a breakthrough. and we can do that we have every reason to believe that. they do this and it's important for us. to know.
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that all political forces should not follow their short term. interests. we should think about the whole nation yes we can has different approaches but i would like everybody to have a sincere desire to achieve good results in difficult circumstances that will have been lean and for that it's really important to me and intact to our whole team i think it's very important to continue working together like we did of course each one of us will be working in his own circumstances he's or her own circumstances but this doesn't matter whether we are fishel a member of this institution and not what really matters is that we should be aware of the great challenges facing us today and we have to overcome those challenges we
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have to accomplish what our country needs today and i really hope that we will keep working together you know when i was on the square critical a few minutes ago somebody showed it in the crowd saying we are your team and i was very pleased i said i'm also a member of our team and i would like to preserve these team in the years to come i want us to work together for russia for our country thank you very much i see us thank you thank you once again i would like to think all of you have. the best of luck to all of you thank you i see thank you very much. yes we are. i. said hey that's that may pick a bad thing abhay the head campaign head. it is in central moscow that clearly
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a very good night and. time when we had lately just to get you know actually the east up to a round about seventy five percent of the vote the preliminary vote it's still not officially been signed off on from yet because only about fifty percent of the votes be counted yet but yeah but keep you posted there of course we're interrupted by the president's current go into the next six years as well by the looks of it in a bit of a show that examined crossfire and cokie very patiently very much present to the white house couple investment company thanks for being with us we're forgotten sanctions sanctions we're talking about those sanctions there are a huge story there's a lot of strong feeling about the financial sanctions against russia how much of a headache is that for companies like yours investment company they may cause trouble if there are sanctions it holds to the russian debt instruments that were we heard the talks late last year about that this could hurt because more than thirty percent of the holders of the russian that are foreigners and if there are sanctions imposed they will have to sell their holdings and this will make the
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russian cost of funding rise we don't see this realistically happening this year for we've nothing bad go and nothing bad happens but the current sessions don't really hurt us we can see things are going to leave it on. was given a press conference. here let's go back to support we have got to say let's go straight back. there was the situation with sergei scoobie poisoning of sergei st paul. during the aris so what do you think about russia e.u. relations well as regards to this tragedy that you mentioned i learned about it from the media and the first thing that came to my mind that if this was a military grade substance. they would have died straight away you have to understand that the second russia doesn't have chemical weapons so we've.
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but you disposed of all our chemical weapons observed by international monitors like some of our international partners who promised to do the same but unfortunately failed to deliver on their promises so that we are ready to cooperate and we said. as much straight away we are ready to participate in the investigation but in order for us to do that the other side has to show some interest as well. and we still are open to work together on this matter and i think everybody understands that it is nonsense and it's absurd to claim that iraq can do something like that immediately before the presidential election and the world cup it's just unthinkable still despite all these difficulties because we are really we are ready to work together. we are ready to discuss any matters and overcome any difficulties. you know.
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there's been a lot of this turned out it was quite high but unfortunately neighbors ukrainians did not allow russians to vote in ukraine what do you think about that and in russia respond oh it's awful it's a violation of all international norms you know russia will not respond in any way to us ukraine in the ukrainian people there are rather is. so so we want to respond with an interest expense on the contrary we will do everything we can. and that ukrainians feel at home in russia. yesterday you congratulated chairman she didn't mean. are you confident that the bilateral relations between russia and china will prosper. chairman
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sees that you said some misses goals for china he wants to develop his country and we wish the best of luck to the chinese and chinese leadership in the the people of china. there are some. good. ideas like this. and the economic component of the silk road and i don't want to talk about this specific so our cooperation but we think that this initiative has quite compatible with our projects in that we want to build the eurasian economic the union we want to develop a eurasian coppery in an expanded sense of the terms and our interests coincide they converge and we have a lot of things on which we could work together and we'll do that china is i was thirteen partner the level of relations between russia and china he is unprecedentedly high you we're proud of it and we treasure these relations so we
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congratulate chairman see on being really acted and we are confident that china led by him and russia will do everything they can to further develop russia turn out cooperation. that's news agency when will you. nominate new members of your cabinet before inauguration day or after. well the standard practice is. the president appoints the new government near the new cabinet after he answers office so i will have to consider a few things first i think all the appointments will take place after you know gratian day. i would like to clarify. do you have somebody in
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mind for a prime minister or will it be for somebody else and are you going to launch a constitutional reform during your new term. but you know. at this point no constitutional reform is on the table yes for prime minister and the cabinet in general i'm thinking about candidates but. i'll start thinking specific quote. from today because i had to wait for the results but all announcements will be made after inauguration day. again a lot of that is going to take it. should us what about the united states in latin america that. the united states has stated the moral doctrine in latin american. history
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we know the history of political career. unlike an american countries but i really hope it. doesn't make us and ministration they have a chance and i hope that they will take advantage of it they will. be able to renew their relations with latin american countries. based on equality and mutual respect and we want all continents countries and all continents to. develop their relation. in a positive way and the last question. do you think it would be possible for you to return. there's a president in twenty thirty few change the constitution and you can succeed. this is ridiculous what you're saying let's just do the math do you expect me to
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stay here until i'm hundred years old of course no no. do you have any plans to meet with other candidates yes i do i don't know when you. see my staff will contact them and i will make and i will invite them all of them yes all of them. what will happen in the next six years will be a new. or the old. you know everything changes the time thinking of. we all change. ok vladimir putin there speaking yet again fielding questions from so the correspondent said she could one of the end say would you change the constitution to be empowered twenty thirty that's looking to have a long way any brushing it off but it does it will still be a cap in there probably. but as it stands at the moment does if look the course very strongly almost dead is dead so that it would go through to the next. six
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years just look at the gulf today reporting it. across twitter and some news feed the gulf today for instance just two minutes ago saying you know seventy five point zero one percent of the vote as it stands at the moment it's going to go down a bit in the russian presidential election after fifty percent of the votes counted so all the broadcasters as you'd expect are talking about putin his power in the central moscow ego is down off base down there is that where president put it was just speaking to take it actually isn't it because he was yes my nationalism. beyond us a minute ago was moved from quite quickly with you yes yes kevin he'd made an appearance just literally a few dozen metres away from here and then he moved along to give a press conference where he said journalists from all over the world on the most pressing matters of geopolitics of geo political agenda you know so with the first question i think or at least one of the first questions he was asked was about the
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script case the poisoning in london of a former double agent and he of course said that russia is still eager and ready to call to cooperate to collaborate with the u.k. with great britain in investigating the deaths now just a quick reminder that the double agent was poisoned a couple of weeks ago in the city of seoul spring great britain with a nerve agent with the military nerve agent or at least this is what the british side is telling us and they are accusing russia they are saying russia is highly likely quote highly likely complicit to the death knell of lattimer putin as of course denied all allegations he said that this is absolute nonsense that this is rubbish that russia would allow something like that. just literally days before the presidential election and ds also said that despite all the difficulties that are currently present in the in the relationship with the western countries russia is
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still ready to negotiate still ready to cooperate that the door is still open so to speak so this has been his message also he's still got a little bit about the nominations about the cabinet he said that he has hasn't really given it a thought because he obviously waited for the results of the election but he's promised to announce all the nominations and all the potential shifts in the russian cabinet in the russian government only after the inauguration of course now also he was asked. whether or not he's expected to run in the next presidential election which is of course. a bit of a. look in the future so to speak and you can hear the crowd chanting victory literally just beside me obviously the mood is very festive but now answering the question about these.


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