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tv   News  RT  March 18, 2018 10:00pm-10:30pm EDT

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the relationship with the western countries russia he's still ready to negotiate still ready to cooperate that the door is still open so to speak so this has been his message also he's talked a little bit about the nominations about the cabinet he said he has hasn't really given it a thought to because he obviously waited for the results of the election but he's promised to announce all the nominations and all the potential shifts in the russian cabinet in the russian government only after the inauguration of course now also he was asked whether or not he's expected to run in the next presidential election which is of course that to happen only six years time so a bit of a. bit of. a look in the future so to speak you can hear the crowd chanting victory literally just beside media so obviously the mood is very festive but now answering the question about these potential run in the next election.
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responded with a question over his own saying do you expect me to stay in power until a hundred years old so whatever it is is it a hint that he's not going to run voice this is to make any predictions really but this was his message now of course the mood is here very festive people celebrating the victory we talked to some of the crude in ages of the campaign and they've told us off camera that their goal so to speak was the intrigue for them was whether or not flattery putin would get past the seventy percent mark and the preliminary results are of course showing that they have done their job well now the obviously always said for the victory now in terms of the voter turnout it has been it hasn't been the largest in the history of russian election but it has been closer to the top mark. not only the whole of russia. of course all the eleven time zones but
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also we've seen huge crowds all over the world in italy in the czech republic in thailand in other countries in the other countries and of course even the cosmonauts in space in orbit of the eyes says had a chance to vote so right now it looks there's no such force that would stop flatterer putin from becoming the next president of russia of getting the next six year tenure so we'll see how he leaves russia in those six years. when don't live your life or look at her the six years is enough talking about twelve to retire and some point really to put a figure with some point thanks for you. just looking back at the turn. back in two thousand and twelve it was about the same as it is now sixty five point two seven percent then she won about sixty four bit earlier but. then of course he's an independent kind of the he was from the united russia but the. end result the final
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result was sixty three point six percent certainly done almost looking like ten percent better this time around we're going to be all as you can hear delighted in that count so how many of those votes just disappeared fifty seven percent of the votes are now counted taking. place in with seventy five point two percent that we have have a great deed in from the communist party in fact in place with bare feet point two percent and first places like the way she ran off the from the democratic party which make the point the effects are pretty short history to just state this thing yeah much as predicted the one that's done in war so i guess saying is the opening old she was hoping to be something a lot more than love but the pundits are saying around about two percent maybe between two or three percent she's not really when it comes to those she's very unhappy the caller is saying they're not public already. you said it was unfair we
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can see why it was he's come in around about forty percent just as they kind of thought he would. have been delighted if they get seventy percent of the look so they got more than seventy percent but a lot of people turned out tonight bearing in mind the chilly old as we know minus sixteen is for the more light minus twenty and the wind chill but it didn't stop the party over the thousands of people the hundreds of people. a lot of people over the over the carpark in from the kremlin earlier on earlier rogers more ghastly have caught up with the dim of putin's campaign chief who told him that the election of a good man expect to boost point britain yeah very interesting he said it was the reaction to the script how poisoning case but it actually boosted putin's popularity i guess you have to say in this election let's take a listen. now percent higher than we expected thanks to great britain now the time they didn't take into account the russian mentality we want fresh air
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it became time. every time russia indiscriminately unfounded legal aims the one thing russians did is unite around. that's why thanks to britain it contributed to turnout it was didn't even dream. of joining us live now to discuss how the election has been covered over in the u.k. is r.t. polyploid colleague it just be you tell us a lot about what they've been what it's been like over there. what that assessment from the administration's campaign manager appears to ring true could be the case in london as well because the turnout the people voting at the russian embassy in london has been incredibly high today there were accused people waiting for up to an hour to cast their vote around two to three hundred people according to some estimates out on the pavement on the streets of london just waiting to get in to the end. see and cast their ballots and that enthusiasm to vote could be explained
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by this. could be explained as being in connection to the way that this spy scandal has played out here in the u.k. the heightened tensions and the diplomatic standoff now between the u.k. and russia that's been weighing heavily on the minds of members of the russian community here in the run up to the election and it may have galvanized more people to go out and vote there was also a protest outside the embassy today it was the russian exiled businessmen you've. affairs putin critic here in around thirty other people with that protesting against vladimir putin becoming the next president as people were finding in to the embassy to vote the newspaper coverage here in the u.k. has been quite interesting in the run up to the election it's certainly conveyed the message that the election of putin is pretty much
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a foregone conclusion if you have a look at some of the headlines they've got him talking about the russian state mobilizing to ensure a huge win for putin talking about the state voters to the polls and also it's not a big story putin's re-election as president is inevitable it says there are also been other stories now up online as the vote as the polls have closed talking about the pressure that people were on and the fact that the government in russia needed a high turnout in order for this election to be seen as legitimate but really in terms of the run up to the election there weren't many column inches dedicated to the vote itself most of it was talking about the fallout of the the spy story the spy poisoning the case and the perceived threats coming from russia you'll see some of the caricature. of large unmanned putin coming up on your screen and this
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story really has been really much bigger as the standoff between the u.k. and russia diplomatically and that could be the very reason that so many people here in london have chosen well the russians living in london and chosen to come out and cast their vote. yes thanks for the view from under the holy russia central election commission says its web site. was attacked by hackers apparently from fifteen countries on sunday pop selection goes without some form of meddling or these days. picks up on that side of the headlines and. goodness there's this russia story keep going you go by what they say on t.v. russia has now meddled in to fit within the corrupted practically every single letter of the us constitution and they expect more the threats not going to go
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where the russians are but out that's a long time and i fully expect though continue to be out to have concerns that they might try and interfere in the u.s. midterms which are coming of course good thing the cia is ordered watch putin now expect to taste his own medicine a little of uncle sam's own meddling warring been happening for years you'd never believe how obvious they are about it the us government's own broadcasting board of governors its cold war offspring voice of america radio liberty current time etc these guys will apparently go pretty far to sow mistrust among russians so cool presidential campaign isn't going and people are saying some stuff today is valentine's day in russia it should probably be celebrated as more for vladimir putin than when people try to organize
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a demonstration or something against putin they tend to get arrested crazy stuff and magine if someone on our team was this unprofessional it might be fair to say this would be considered a septa bull by the western establishment remember how they accused russia of favoring a bullet. candidates during the u.s. election you'd think that never do that themselves. yesh and that's just over the course of one day but come on that's not fair the valley isn't running what do they have to say about the other candidates will eight of them. walk of western food if she or that will either win he sure didn't can do that some meaning of words alone you know what he's ticked off going to come out of
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a hospital in a. ciggy above good in the leg not whom one is ill or presently is a little bit i mean a sympathy. with current time we get the message washington's preferred guys aren't on the ballot but this could be considered subtle compared to what's next court to see of the german international broadcast to do each of these guys literally have instructions on how to boycott or protest the elections in russia bonus easy to read and very simple you serious foreignness state funded news media instructing russians on how to ruin the elections can you imagine what they would do to our see if we ran anything of what you just saw even if we had wanted to some might say the double standard is fully alive and kicking for foreign meddling in russia's internal affairs that's been around for decades ever since
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russia actually established itself as a state for due to which it will surely be hard. to read some of the news about society because it's remembering. what was a police officer is listening. slime bucket and you could do. more than you should will do you still in toto talk talk talk. and i was just under three hours polling stations close as let's take a look at those all important numbers the south we now sixty percent of the votes have been counted the first place at the bottom a period same with seventy five point five the president said that we have probably deviated from the current minutes on the second of course and thirteen percent and inside place is not the measure would also be from the liberal democratic party is on the stakes a point to that election season so how did some polling booths go all out to get
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russians to cost the votes of course there are some of the lights are in the most bizarre moments of the race to the kremlin tonight. it's easy. to get so much. money out of it for you to shut. up.
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shut up shut for the little you know little chance little. you. didn't. run didn't see so much wind because. he's getting a bit older now talking about is going but president putin. well if you read britain's goes you're always bit would. you just pass the age sixty five you would but he had a question earlier on talk about jumping the gun we have the sort of the next six years but one of the correspondents just now asked would you consider changing the constitution to run again for another term just come of look i mean because don't forget at the end of this time will be seventy one i think he has said before but it's time for him so put a time to retire after doing i think everything he's done for us what is that was do you still expect me to be the president at age one hundred yeah well you never know yes and maybe you should know that you know some of these very unhappy said
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news subcellar t.v. star. girl she was unhappy when she came on camera to a solution right nice she was looking to shake things up wasn't she went right on that campaign slogan that implies if i had it would be if i was against everyone else today up to the disaffected the younger people are the problem and i think you never lose in total to be a silly post it did quite well in that it didn't come out to the polls for here for trying carries out her election but he's taking the pulse and there's a bit of a cold pulse really earlier on when she spoke when really great mood and really. guys hello i don't know if you can hear me well i can tell you that as the ballots are counted the number is four thirty six year old child are growing but only slightly and the result remains disappointing about one point five percent she is
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counting on big cities like moscow and st petersburg where the votes haven't been counted just yet and perhaps that was being backed up by the exit poll which i talked about a little earlier which said that it was going to be about two point five percent but so far the official numbers. after almost sixty percent of the ballots have been counted are not backing that up at all and when you saw made her first appearance at the h.q. in this last i tried to ask her what she thinks about the numbers she was quite confident but you could see it on her face that she is unhappy. but i. was more to life. than that. however as we've heard from same. pain manager her side is still trying to look for positive things in this campaign and also
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something very important that we heard from the compay manager was that they believed the actual vote was clean and fair because very often we hear from the people who lose the vote that something went wrong there were violations and so on and so forth well let's take a listen to the good. wife talk to lot of just a little bit earlier. believe we're not going to go to the other come to us instead but. really up to get maybe her road votes will improve just a little bit. because of course the it's not all in a yet there's still about forty percent of the votes still to be counted but will google check it out but she'd like to but it doesn't look it's going to move an awful lot there's a lot of young ladies and she is one of the youngest kind of the youngest candidates study that's sixty years old and this is her first election to make sure no skin on the other hand he's the oldest the first time the seventy one year old
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to run for president it was actually back in one thousand nine hundred ninety one during this study and yeah i mean it only hasn't missed a thing i want to say well let's take a look at the two thousand and eighteen said what they want to have the past two decades. into thousands russia you no longer go to the outdoor markets they're gone and so ninety's instead you go to one of the many mega-mall springing up like mushrooms these prune years between two thousand and three to two thousand and seven the oil price triples russia's g.d.p. salaries and pensions are all growing as are the approval ratings of flatter me to tim who wins his second election in two thousand and four with a landslide seventy one percent. with russia now recovering after years of economic decline putin moves to restore the country's
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international clout he pulls no punches as he speaks at the munich security conference in two thousand and seven and also should say that you meet up with sheets of your ship and station does that mean knowing that napoleon there must be well she knew was in washington back at home stability is the buzzword russia was even left relatively unscathed by the global financial meltdown two thousand and eight. that's the year putin goes back to being prime minister that he still holds the limelight in two thousand and nine his tough guy image is complete and see these shirtless snaps taken during a summer holiday in siberia it's an image the world just can't forget now riding a horse short let's be during our of prime protest nacho image of a shirtless pussy that amir putin could ride a horse without his shirt off so what are the other two thousand one hundred
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candidates to be up to. jack is enjoying the two thousand to the max she's rich she's famous starring in ads. if they're quick to punch the usual dose of. the sound and music videos on you look at them you think he'd go by that. toasting the country's most popular and scandalous reality show to. happen inspired by her glamorous lifestyle subject becomes an also writing books with titles such as how to marry a millionaire while subject focuses exclusively on show business and not on politics yet another two thousand and eighteen presidential candidate. manages to do both the nationalist l d p r leader comes third in the two thousand and eight election race and what was his third attempt at the russian presidency at the time you can still see him at the state duma glamorous red carpet events the norm vodka
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bottles and of course t.v. shows of all genres and relevant is the ground oh yeah that was me about your family history about one of. grigori yavlinsky meanwhile steps away from big politics giving up the leadership of this democratic republican party these days he's more into economic research and teaching students. if you see the ship that you told her she finished the movie. and where do we find the surprise two thousand and eighteen can travel through dinner at the end of the decade he quits the ruling united russia party and gravitated towards the communists which only seems logical given that he's running a farm stemming from soviet times called lenin soft cause. so hello and welcome to our continuing special election coverage program live from
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red square of it ship was largely because of one morning but for the most part i was sure that's not go there ok so you're there to make my election days actually go on here in moscow where red are going to another day but of course the big count still continues great studio here in red square a great vantage point of our correspondents right above me got a lot of reaction from various experts and and. some of the people oversaw the vote as well over the coming hours right next to the kremlin here our coverage comes from the seat of russian looks to be holding within its walls. for another six years looks like at the moment i don't think it is going to shake the looks of it all polling stations have closed across russia because think close ties the election hasn't it spans eleven time zones across the seventeen million square kilometers of territory incredible more than half of votes have already been counted no those polls closed three hours ago. sixty percent of being counted. sixty you hear of the political arena results the bearing in mind just over half
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way through in first place vladimir putin with an astonishing this be said seventy five point six percent it's been going up but it could come down again of course small of the votes in moscow supporters where the big cities are. the very places that tonight tar balls has been in from a communist party is second to twelve point nine percent he's got a record to say he's not pleased he said the vote was unfair but didn't say why he will comment on that in the coming hours. democratic party the veteran politician often very colorful loves the spotlight on him six point two percent he's garnered in the big national voter list the biggest country in the world that's a little update for you now president putin was speaking earlier. very celebrity very happy very excited that the amount of secure and he's just that that he plans
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no constitutional reforms so far for the next six years. for means because he was asked this question by a news journalist. and when you get in when he takes up another six years would you change the constitution to go for another one hundred sixty five years. hold up the most obvious prime but if seventy one surely at some point you want to talk well that's exactly what he said you said look i don't know be doing this job you never know can change be said only do this job one in one hundred so that was good looks like been knocked out of the house and suddenly he said i was well this looks like it will be his last to the home here in this country and before heading over to his h.q. to address the crowd of supporters that vladimir putin gave a speech at home said mocking a full year to describe me as if we had a few days it was yesterday was the anniversary of the name isn't of much to ask right now she's talking because that was in the crowd can take a listen to what she had to say. march eighteenth of course is an important day for
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a number of reasons here in russia say of course is the presidential election but it's also the anniversary of the reunification with mia it was four years ago today that the treaty was signed crimea back under the umbrella of the russian federation and this concert was organized in commemoration of that just a stone's throw from red square star after star came on stage and saying i famous songs with everyone singing along and dancing but of course the main event was president hu himself he came out just after it was announced that he had officially one and this is the first time he spoke after that announcement the crowd was extremely excited to see him and he of course came out on surprising with a huge smile on his face but he had a very good message for those who are here talking about unifying russia even coming together with those who may have voted for other candidates he also talked about the the work that needs to be done going forward for now and he also thinks everyone for coming out despite the cold night but nobody really seems to mind
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among the dancing the singing and drinking hot tea that's being sold around the kids square and the square has been packed tonight i can't see you both as but there are thousands of people packed in the square enjoying the concert. yeah a huge role when when president. yet on the stage there you hear these cries of british area that is russia russia well let's go to the putin h.q. our t.v. goes down office there to follow developments from inside quarters in the center and although we didn't particularly look extatic because this is pretty much as exotic as burma putin can look considering he's got more than i think that can hope for the up over seventy percent but it looks like some around some to five percent maybe this morning there will. have been latin or putin has just made an appearance here at his headquarters and then held a short press conference and the first question he was asked was about the scripts
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case about the poisoning of a russian over a former russian double agent in. great britain nearly near not far from london and the blame for the poisoning is being widely pinned on russia and even on putin personally his power flatterer putin responded to those allegations. the first thing that comes to my mind is that have this been a military poisoning the people affected would have died immediately this is obvious the second thing is that there are no such substances in russia we destroyed all our chemical weapons as monitored by international inspectors and we did this first unlike some of our partners who promised to do the same shit didn't fulfill their promise we're ready for corporation in general i think anyone with common sense understands that it's nonsensical for russia to do such a thing before the election and the world cup it's just crazy another announcement
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that came rather unexpected from vladimir putin was so when he was asking a question whether or not he will be planning to run six years from now in the next presidential election well it's a long long time from now of course but what lattimer putin did he hinted that this could be his final term as the leader of russia. have a listen. but there you could at the moment i'm not planning any constitutional changes were produced going to say i was more than this do you think you will be in the presidential seat until twenty thirty that of course if you change the constitution it's going to have to. do it i think what you're saying is laughable i'm not going to stay there until i turn one hundred so there you go he also talked about he's cabinet appointments about the potential shifts in the russian government he said that all of those will be announced after the inauguration now in general the mood here remains festive of course and we talked to some of the
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complaint coordinators and off camera they told us that sort of they've been aiming at the victory from the outset but the intrigue and the challenge for them was to have lattimer putin pass the seventy percent support mark and judging by the results we have right now they succeeded it was a job well done on their part now also of course in terms of voter turnout the these elections have been spectacular not only the whole of russia voted to the all across all eleven time zones but also we've seen huge queues of people abroad in italy the czech republic thailand and many many other countries around the world to even cosmonauts at the said there you have their chance to cast their vote which the grabbed of course so a big turnout not the largest in russia's history but certainly closer to the top mark and right now it doesn't look like there is a force that can still play them or putin from spending the next six years as
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russia's president. certainly does look bad way a thank you for that day to ego standoff there at a lot of input in headquarters now as you're just saying more than sixty percent of the votes have already been counted let's take a look at those numbers shall wait right limit that's a new day saturday. five point five percent is going on but it will go up or down a little bit is the votes continue to be counted flowing through the now run percent to sixty five percent of those ballots counted will go down in from the common his party's in second place with thirty percent. of the better than from the party with six point two percent not all of the presidential candidates have passed that ballots today let's take a look at some of the highlights from that voting.


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