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you know the priest is thought to have abused four children. finally in the top left hand corner of vital piece of information the name of the town where the priest is believed to be hiding in france a small town in the book loos where there's a monastery belonging to his community. so we catch the train to strasbourg. that's right because in the meantime we've got hold of some internal documents from his community the father revoir has been transferred several times. after obviously in canada he didn't stay in who is presumed by the canadian police he apparently with next to two of time nearly all and that's what we lost track of . but after several months of inquiries during a phone call a priest from a priori were father of war had stayed unwittingly gave us a new lead. which is to see the priest wanted by the canadian
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police for one thousand years for sexually abusing four children seemingly lives here in strasbourg among his religious community. from now on. will film with a hidden camera. no. want to show he was motioning to and. shoot it was. all our information was correct. yet all. the priest is here at the end of the corridor. no show you know who can measure the thought of article on the new power almost as well it will be good only to then used a vow never to work a screw up on like the best and that's the only the story told in all wasted on
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a new every time submissive walk i was just off on from body to ruin it i wanted to fit there is was extra. in the movie live out of out of the i need to get through the school so before she had on a day to distribute the full body. slip and another number of months more that it's going to it's going on do not use good so that you could push was a. trick or over him skip it ok here should be him. so this was a long history with this was. we sure the photo of the young into it mari is totally commercial just confirmed. in the winters is a number of us innocent insist she said yes i also got national to say about this is you did those you don't feel the same maybe i thought it was a six year kiss you really didn't want to disappear for good so he says there is room. to be getting answers or. they said. from the
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minute you said it was it's written there then i have them on a diet and you know it was it's no use at all to falsely nasiri these communities he was near the rush just exactly the same just replace some serious food. was a bit out of his it shimmers off surely bunk off let me papa our school is a comical prison for saying that a very they were not able or the grace is a possibility with me for. how can a priest accused of the sexual abuse of minors change countries and homes and stay out of the. such as are the police and justice for almost twenty years. and is it an isolated chance. one man may have an explanation. back in the united states to meet a former american priest patrick wall. since the one nine hundred ninety s.
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has been a close up witness of pedophile scandal. of . the far right in britain isn't just on the march it's taking violent moderates action like. i see those organizations which are usually splintered which we formed which take different names how do you view that . complex web of british fashion show.
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joined the monastery as a very idealistic twenty year old and thought i was going to be a monk a priest and unfortunately it didn't work out that way because so many sex abuse cases came forward that i ended up actually being ordained early to go work on and follow sex abusers who were being withdrawn and at that point at the age of thirty two i had to make a moral decision am i going to support this institution you know in my part of this or do i have to find a different path and that's when i chose to take it take a different path and to help surviving well you know since then patrick was become a whistleblower an expert called on to testify in over two thousand cases of priests accused of sexual abuse. according to him the catholic church has developed
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a system to exfiltrate pedophile priests. that's the same pattern we've seen in australia it's the same pattern we've seen in the united states it's the same pattern we've seen in canada it's the same pattern in ireland in england in italy it's honestly it's in the d.n.a. of the roman catholic system and i like to call this the geographic solution so what the bishop needs to do that he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator and then at that point he simply moves him to a different spot where the previous scandal is not known and it is not enough to move him outside the country that's. the geographic solution you can move in from continent to continent as long as he can speak the language that is needed it looks legitimate as well he's going to be accepted without question that's where the
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danger comes. an anonymous source will provide us with proof of the geographical solution described by patrick wall. one evening we received dozens of internal documents from the community of st john five hundred brothers present throughout the world. this french community is highly controversial. it has the highest number of priests found guilty of pedophilia in recent years three since two thousand and twelve. and there are thought to have been more cases of sexual abuse it's all there in black and white. as we turn the pages we get a strange feeling the community seems to have become a master in the dark of the international displacement of priests suspected of sexually abusing children.
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among the pile of documents from the commune. city of st john one recent letter draws our attention. and sends us rushing to the airport. here's the letter signed by a high ranking church official this archbishop from cameroon. he wrote to the head of the community of st john having decided to exclude from the jusice several st john priests he explained himself. reverend brother some brothers of st john got themselves into situations of extreme gravity the brothers in question were about to be hauled in front of the courts at a risk of dirtying the damage of our church i used all my weight to make sure this did not happen. what have these french priest done to incur the wrath of an archbishop. in
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cameroon a mostly catholic country the community of st john is an institution. the brothers run one of the biggest high schools in your own day the capital. but invert to uk and east of the country the brothers of state john have left town. until two thousand and fourteen they oversaw this cathedral the biggest in the region. and. we go to see the archbishop the one who asked the same john priest to leave. months and you're a tango one of the african representatives of the vatican. tells you that. many will say no in an internet solution about those who are now on them is what i came to know about it through the. sit in you know this
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just underneath and he did it. michel. because it is what up on the train it wanted to be no he's going to die and then he mustn't think he's visited to pop up on i find an excuse and they seem to guess she. fought back look he's forgotten her really mad because i don't was an occasional if a new yankee was in the cashier he said he's a part of what you do. in this one point and it wanted to be a new look at my. artistic let him come and let me direct. and etc we try to dig deeper but not always in. geneva yesterday did reality see a lot of your commodity buttons it was out of your dick going to want it back and this christmas it comes a. moment to see if you want to go to the river but i was at the lead she doesn't. understand you let go of it ourselves oh. yes thanks for your precious
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comments are great but they weren't exactly helpful. at the cathedral but two i will discover the reasons why the st john brothers hurriedly left town another alleged case of pedophilia. the sexual abuse of a number of boys. for three days we try to find these presumed victims. this city where the catholic church is omnipresent it's hard to broach the subject. finally we find one of the kids who supposedly abused by the priest. today he's fifteen. percent yes. syrian the cheerleaders. she says but this is.
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we show him one of the community's internal documents that we managed to procure the mug shots of all the st john brothers across the globe five hundred eight off. reel. in new jersey this priest had indeed been posted importune. yabbies in the room and then for his into a. safe place is going to do more in many. cases. and it is a new form is a c.p.a. the only. base that is down to the us and back in the internet it dear. compactness you know it's. after a few weeks the boy finally admitted everything to his parents they immediately
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went together to the bar to a law courts to file a complaint. but here nobody touches the church wasn't this a nice if you know the full could do a lot of things up as if you know even in this o.c.d. just so she did you had to get the deal is that. she sees some of your own. illegal about to see that simple sensibility could go see a sink full of simple pentacle and only got to eat. in virtue of the justice of man seems to serve men of god. we have an appointment with a civil servant inside the ministry of justice. we film discreetly. she confirms the closeness between the church and one of the top judges. in the letters mother to admit it what are they going to. let you do that but don't call us to expose them i just ask you to get out of there as you. just got it doesn't mean
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they're going to do that that they've got to go then that's probably. the no question that should. come to them but you know. i'm a little middle of brazil you know my oh my where will all be. a civil servant gives us an excerpt from the victim's testimony. the name of father emmanuel appears nowhere instead he's really doesn't need it as the planet the priest. all together to bring about the market. well good not on our part but what you want to. have a very good thing. before leaving for two are we need another presumed victim. he too picks out father emanuel from the mug shots.
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where his father emanuel now the french priest accused of sexually abusing at least two points. among the communities internal documents other postings made in two thousand and sixteen. since being expelled from her to join cameroon father emmanuel appears to be in bologna in italy when. it comes. to cincinnati six percent. of them we wait for the father outside the priory. after a few hours mostly because he finally shows up. we filmed discreetly . damietta most. you know there was
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a. well over the top of the tour on f.a.q. and it's available over to the tories on the east and other but there's a false as false don't kill all the little un just what i see. here volcanism by me to differ that if muslims will commit else when i press or. to look for show interest in all schools of aussies because it fitted all guys could organise is if you know. a little sickle but before you just took it to a couple to put it. on effects of bessie micro. fault for going to reach for. a good one there was unusual in the months you. in the city in the city it was official to fix the example. but sixty six said it's a poor. comments to just that it's a no you've got
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a little justice is there to do that for the good of the india was if i'm not of them. if you will cause it is one upon the to the white people know what he's going to done there's really more use surely but she proceeded to more vocal than i but i was at the should make the good day was actually it looked as able to suppose i was just woke up of a disease fig one. see this is rooted in a very subtle indeed children are manipulated by the archbishop but father emanuel offers another explanation. for. her. and. obviously scheming.
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american five human rights is a corrupt notion day the example of yemen you see the. genocide there were there going on then just look was supporting whom american and british and a number of other. you group in countries they are a very generous knew then do support to the our gross so what kind of human blood is in which to live a million children a woman does not trump. the far right and britain isn't just on the march it's taking violent my daughter's action i know what i need to hit at his inaugural i see these organizations which
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will usually split into which we feel different names how do you view that. complex web of richard fascism. american mess one is the melting pot and the second is the alger mess of of a strapping of anyone can see that america works are so this is a whole group of people all generation and america is saying that there is no melting pot we're not being assimilated there's no opportunities we can't live up so their response especially is to go into conflict and this is a major cause. it's
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. going to be. a key twenty four hours for russian and wove politics as bloody myth lucena set for a full stop and a landslide victory in the twenty eight thousand presidential election. pass an election night rally instead. moscow pushing calls from national unity to move the country forward. we speak exclusively to opposition candidate to send you a sort of check you finish off the failing to challenge the established political heavyweights. is the most important value of my program educational russian people of telling them truths about the situation believing.
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thank you for watching the news headlines here at r.t. international broadcasting live on a key night in moscow i'm kate partridge. and voting has wrapped up in russia's presidential election with nearly ninety eight percent of the votes counted preliminary results show vladimir putin has won a false term in the kremlin his kevin owen and nicky aaron with aspects will coverage from red square in the heart of. hello and welcome to our special studio almost goes iconic red square right next to the crimea as you can see the seat of russian yeah it's been a supersized election spanning eleven time zones across the seventeen million square kilometers off parents carry the headlines that is the blood they were
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approaching has secured a for the russian president by a huge margin public routine and from a cold one is spotty a second and in. general no ski from the liberal democratic party before heading over to his h.q. to address the crowd as the poll says that last minute pretending to speak to five point six one says was looking for years it didn't surprise me as we had a patient with russia correspondent up to the village that march eighteenth of course is an important day for a number of reasons here in russia today of course is the presidential election but it's also the anniversary of the reunification with the premier it was four years ago today that the treaty was signed green card mia back under the umbrella of the russian federation and this concert was organized in commemoration of that just a stone's throw from red square star after star came on stage and sing a famous songs with everyone singing along and dancing but of course the main event was president hu himself he came out just after it was announced that he had
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officially one and this is the first time he spoke after that announcement the crowd was truly excited to see him and you first came on surprising with a huge smile on his face but you have a very good message for those who are here talking about unifying russia even coming together with the you may have voted for other candidates he also talked about the the work that needs to be done going forward for now and he also thinks everyone for coming out despite the colts night but nobody really seems to mind among the dancing the singing and drinking hot tea that's being sold around the kids square and the square has been packed tonight i can't see you both as but there are thousands of people packed in the square and join. the concert yes huge turnout for it to say this is not snowy but chilly but the weather's been alright previn a came of voting today at least here in moscow following the celebrations putin handed over to his age cuban to get in central moscow three get to ask him of course about the challenges he's now going to face in his next six years as our
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t.v. goes down off explain lattimer putin has made an appearance here at he's headquarters and then held a short press conference and the first question he was asked was about the screwball case about the poisoning of a former russian double agent in great britain and the blame for the poisoning is being widely pinned on russia and even on putin personally his power of lattimer putin responded to those allegations if you wish to but who would rule the first thing that comes to my mind is that had this been a military poison the people affected would have died immediately this is obvious the second thing is that there are no such substances in russia we destroyed all our chemical weapons as monitored by international inspectors and we did this first unlike some of our partners who promised to do the same but didn't fulfill their promise we are ready for cooperation and general i think anyone with common sense understands that it's nonsensical for russia to do such
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a thing before the election and the world cup it's just crazy another announcement that came rather unexpected from vladimir putin was when he was asking a question whether or not whether he will be planning to run in the six years from now when the next presidential election what lattimer putin did he hinted that this could be his final term as the leader of russia but. at the moment i'm not planning any constitutional changes with this case because i was more than just do you think you will be in the presidential seeds until twenty thirty or so of course if you change the constitution because. this mission which i think what you're saying is less. i'm not going to stay there until i turn one hundred he also talked about he's cabinet appointments about the potential shifts in the russian government he said that all of those will be announced after the inauguration in terms of voter turnout the these elections have been spectacular not only the whole of russia
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voted for the you will cross all eleven time zones but also we've seen huge human shields people abroad because their vote which the grabbed of course so a big turnout not the largest in russia's history but certainly closer to the top mark and right now we doesn't look like there is a force that can still play them or putin from spending the next six years as russia's president all of the presidential candidates have cast that ballot today here are some of the highlights from that by saying.
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thank you thank you. very much because. in one hundred forty five countries all around the globe russians were able to vote in local embassies and consulates but one long queues from paypal to patiently waiting to have that day and since that votes were just on terra firma they came from out of our heads as well one russian cosmonaut in orbit alone didn't want to miss out a thing to select the push you back on if there is to cut off the ballot so to say that a hundred percent of the. all the international space station yesterday as it was no. one expected vote aside from october to check this out.
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for. the. mean time the main opposition candidate extend your subject titles to challenge the established political heavyweights she's finished school we speak exclusively to her. liberal opposition candidate thirty six year old showed up at her own h.q. just minutes after the last polling station in russia closed but really there was nothing to celebrate back then it was already clear that she was going to come
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forth but with less than two percent well regardless of that. as we've heard many times today likes to portray herself as the new prominent opposition figure in this country and perhaps that explains the heat and the debate she had a little earlier with a like saint of ali who is one of the most fierce critics of a lot of our protein in russia but as we remember he hadn't been allowed to take part in this election under a law that bans people who were charged criminally from running for president. you know it's. so if i look on the bar leaves just little yes we can see that but it's the mean movie star with the words you know it's been in war zones. who knows not when you might store we could see you. in the
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over the top here because you're from left and you were possible among. the floor not for the room. as a small employer why you would assume that if you ask any politician any presidential candidate around the world if he or she would be happy with that kind of disappointing result you'd expect the answered no in a vast majority of cases but saying a sub jack told me in an exclusive live interview a few hours ago she doesn't see it that way course it's not the result i would dream about but my campaign was not about results my campaign was about talking truth on the propagandistic channels of federal t.v. in russia this result is higher than of any other liberal candidate and that makes the platform for readmission if we take your result the result of good.


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